1.0.2 / December 24, 2011
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The setting of APN is exported, and import andthe batch can be deleted.
It is recommended in the person who is using two or more people andterminals that replace SIM and use it.

Export Import file path is the location below.

By the way, the icon is a hedgehog.
It is neither a hamster nor a porcupine.

App Information ApnManager

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    December 24, 2011
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    Android 1.5 and up
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    50,000 - 100,000
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  • 1.0.2 (3) - Latest Version
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    Publish Date: 2016 /3/25
    Requires Android: Android 1.5+ (Cupcake, API: 3)
    File Size: 136.8 kB
    Tested on: Android 1.5 (Cupcake, API: 3)
    File Sha1: d0b430f6ce9b49c009aa41c68320697d134d6091
    APK Signature: f625395d33172e7223f6e81ec15123b197e44889

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ApnManager 1.0.2 APK
The setting of APN is exported, and import andthe batch can be deleted.It is recommended in the person who is using two or more people andterminals that replace SIM and use it.Export Import file path is the location below./sdcard/ApnManager/apnlist.xmlBy the way, the icon is a hedgehog.It is neither a hamster nor a porcupine.
SokobanTAG 1.2.8 APK
SokobanTAG is a puzzle game to which the rule of normal Sokoban isenhanced. SokobanEx of the former work greatly improved power inall and it came back. If all boxes are carried to the destination,it becomes a clear stage.The box cannot be pulled though can push.You can choise a favorite stage at any time!== Feature ==1. Tagmode that switches two playersThe maximum feature of this game isthis tag mode. The box is carried to the destination by cooperatingswitching the two players in the tag mode, though the one player isoperated in normal Sokoban. As a result, the variation of the stagehas increased greatly compared with normal Sokoban. The switch ofthe player is done the stage part in the tap or comes to push a redplayer switch button. The number is prepared for the tag mode stageby 50 stages in all. 2. Single mode the same as usualThe stage ofSokobanEx of the former work is wholly collected as a single mode.Because the content of the stage has not changed at all, it isespecially recommended not to play the former work. It is a pointhow to capture the floor of the slipping ice when getting on up.Externals of the player character change if the player is switchedin a single mode. The number is prepared for the single mode stageby 50 stages in all. 3. Edit mode and download playThe stage of thefavor can be freely made for youeself besides the stage prepared bythe standard. In the edit mode, both the stage for the tag mode andsingle mode can be made. The made stage can be shared with otherpeople by contributing to the network. In the download play, thestage that everyone contributed can be played. The stage downloadedonce can be played even by off-line at any time. As for the one tocontribute the difficult stage, and contribute the stage whereexternals are interesting, the play of the stage that other peoplecontributed single-mindedly, and keep the challenge to a highscore, the how to make things enjoyable and exciting is free!4.Graphic that greatly improves power from the former workIt wasgreatly improved from graphic of the former work, and it becameconsiderably cool. Moreover, you can enjoy playing a game byexternals of the favor because it changes the skin and thebackground color. 5. Improvement of operativenessThe sense that thebutton had pushed became comprehensible because it had applied thefunction that vibrated changed to the design that pushed the buttoneasily, and furthermore when touching. The vibration can beswitched ON / OFF. 6. Convenient function to reduce stress of gameplayThe stress of starting over from scratch due to a little errorin operation never builds up because a convenient function likeundo, redo, and reset, etc. has adhered. When it is cramped wherethe goal is, it is possible to see by pushing the seeing throughbutton through the players and the boxes. Moreover, it is possibleto boast that the stage was cleared to others at any time becausethe stage cleared once can see replay at any time. 7. Demonstrationmode that can learn knack of playThe demonstration mode to whichthe players automatically move about starts when leaving it for awhile on the title screen. Please an indispensable technique thisgame is played in the demonstration mode must be demonstrated, andacquire by all means and refer to the stage capture. The number isprepared for the demonstration mode stage by 5 stages in all. ==Hint ==1. Do not join the box to the wall as much as possible. 2.Let's borrow the help of other boxes and another players fromstopping on ice. 3. Process the goal of ice as ahead of time aspossible. 4. When coming to a standstill, let's try the switch ofthe player.
SokobanEx 1.3.0 APK
** Important information **New SokobanTAG was released. SokobanTAGis greatly improved in all compared with SokobanEx. Because allstages of SokobanEx are collected as it is, we will recommendtransferring. Of course, because SokobanTAG is a free game withoutthe advertisement permanently, you can enjoy being relieved.market://details?id=jp.fores.android.soukobantag--------------------BecauseEx, the floor of the slipping ice was added to a usual Sokoban. Ifall boxes are carried to the destination, it becomes a clearstage.Of course, a convenient function of undo, redo, and resetstage, too. The number of stages has 50.