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App Lock is the most secured applockappwhich is working as a privacy guard for your apps and data.Forprivacy from public access of your personal information, justusethis app lock which has enhanced your phone look when you useit tosecure your app. Secure your privacy and keep yourapplication safewith pattern lock, PIN lock, tap lock, gesturelock, applockfingerprint and password lock.

Applock provides a variety of latest lock style of 2017 and youcanchoose one of them to lock apps. Moon app lock contains abeautifuland high quality theme to lock and secure any applicationlikeFacebook, Whatsapp, Gmail, Gallery, SMS, Contact,Settingsetc…

★ Features of Moon App lock :-

Pattern Lock : Mostly used pattern lock by users. Youjustneed to draw pattern on 3x3 box to secure your app.
PIN Lock : More safety than patterns. With PIN lock,yourapps are overall protected and only can be accessedbyyourself.
Password Lock : Set any password to unlock apps.
Tap Lock : You can set tapping points to tap withreferenceof background wallpaper to unlock apps.
Gesture Lock : draw any random pattern on screen to setandunlock the app. Also to show off the technology, just setyoursignature to unlock the app.

Fingerprint Lock:-

Fingerprint lock is in the trend. This fingerprint sensor scansyourfinger and calculates value if it is correct then your appunlock.Secure applock fingerprint and password
will help you to hide photos, videos from the gallery.

App lock security with funny style:-

In this real Moon AppLock, we also added some pranks for funwithsecurity. With simulation of some dummy screens, a mask coverthelock screen which is hides the lock screen. There arevariousPranks like : fingerprint lock prank, brokendevicescreen, Transparent screen app crashed screen etc.Inthe fingerprint prank, the intruder will try to scantheirfingerprint on screen to make someone fool how want to openyourdevice lock to use any app.

In Fool the snooper, intruder will be shocked to see thebrokenscreen when he will try the multiple wrong attempts. And alsowhenintruder will make multiple wrong unlock attempts, he will seethehome screen with a transparent layer over it makingeverytimeun-clickable.

Both Broken screen and Transparent screen just for prank. Itwilltake you to the home screen of your mobile with a fake screenoverit. You can dismiss the fake screen by pressing backbutton.

★ With Moon Applock, don’t worry about :-
Reads your private data from public access.
Your personal memories shows when friend access your phone.
It’s totally protect your phone when kids play games onyourphone

★ FAQs

Q: How can I unlock my apps again?
Ans: Yes, you can easily lock and unlock any app at any time.

Q: What should I do if i forget the applock password?
Ans: Password recovery option is available. If you set your emailorsecurity QnA, so you can easily initialize password whenyouforget.

Q: How do I change my applock setting?
Ans: Open applock → Settings → Choose lock type

Q: Does your app locker work when restart my device?
Ans: Yes, applock app automatically starts up and protectsyourlocks apps on restart your device.

Q: How do I enable applock fingerprint andpasswordunlock?
Ans: If you have a device with supported hardware, afingerprinticon will automatically appear under PIN code lockscreen. Then allyou have to do is to touch the fingerprintsensor.

Q: How to stop uninstall applock by other?
Ans: Enable advanced Setting in applock, so nobody canuninstallapplock without password. You can also disable wheneveryou don’twant it.

App Information App Lock

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