11.0 / December 5, 2014
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Version 10.0 -------------------------- New Theme - With bettercolours. Version 6.0 -------------------------- Name changed from2048 Plus to Power 2048. Version 3.1 --------------------------Better Visualisations and smoother game flow. Enjoy!!

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    AppAsia Power 2048
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    December 5, 2014
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    AppAsia Tech
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    E-10-4, Tingkat 10, Megan Avenue 1, No. 189, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur
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Super Brain Training Game 1.1 APK
AppAsia Tech
Super Brain Training Game is an highly addictive memory game appfor leisure or fun. It is an innovative solution to train andregain your mental power in the form of number memory. With enoughpractice, it should help you to improve your memory yourself and aswell as a trainer if you are in a training profession. Best of all,you can play at any level of challenge without following anysequence once the level is unlocked Sound interesting ? The SuperBrain Training Game consist of numerous level of numbers appear innicely designed frame and layout. The colorful numbers are placedin boxes of different shapes randomly. Your challenge is toremember the location of the number and move them back to theirrespective boxes after the numbers are erased from the screen.Start to train your brain with this Super Brain Training Game appand make your mind stronger and think faster. After severalpractices and training, you can build a powerful memory and be atrainer for your love ones or even show off to your friends. ***Key Features of Super Brain Training Game app :- *** - Ready toplay 1st level of challenge is unlocked by default - up to 30levels of number placement - time clock/meter is displayed forcompletion - Time duration is set for different level of challengeto meet benchmark Tips to Super Brain Training Game level :- - Readthe numbers appear on the screen - Decide a sequence to rememberthe location of the number - when the numbers disappeared, move therespective number according to the sequence you memorized them tothe respective box fast. - Complete the sequence of the numberswithin the time clock - If there is any error, correct it after youhave completely filled up all the numbers. Take up the challengetoday! Be the Master of your Mind! You can find this Super BrainTraining Game app works like magic for your mental training.Surprise your friends & family with your improved memory then!Download this memory app now and be a trainer of yourself today!Get it while it is still FREE!
Seven ate Nine (789) Math Game 1.2 APK
AppAsia Tech
An alien has crashed and he needs your help! Feed him fruits byusing by solving a number puzzle. Seven ate Nine is a play on thenumber sequence “789” and the running joke of why 9 is so afraid of7. If you love math puzzles and love cute aliens even more, be sureto give this number game a go. Seven ate Nine (789) is an endlesschallenge which you can play for a long time. The levels arerandom, for a brand new experience each time It’s a great way tokill some time and train your brain at the same time. Add thenumbers by dragging the fruits together into the correct sum on thetop. If you are a slow and careful player, you can try to makelonger connections which will give bonuses to the score. If you arequick and responsive, you can try to make combos for more bonuses.If you are smart and good at both, the combos and the longconnections stack up. See how far you can go. There are multiplegame modes for different styles of play. The math and the numberpuzzle still remains the same but with varied gameplay. The MOVESmode provides you with limited moves. Try to get the high scorewith the given number of moves. The TIMER mode gives you a timelimit. Every addition will add to your timer. Last as long aspossible in this mode. Combos will also give you power ups in theform of the gold fruit, which act as a zero. This can help rank uplonger combos without adding new numbers. This game is only asdifficult and challenging as you want it to be. The longconnections and moves are suitable for slower players like kids orthe mathematically challenged. Combos and the timer mode are moresuitable for the mental math wizs that can find and make quickadditions. Seven ate Nine is completely free to play, with only onemore unlockable level which also remove ads. This level is anEndless mode, suitable for practicing, adding numbers till you aresatisfied. Features: ● An easy game suitable for all ages ● Add thenumbers horizontally or vertically ● Different challenges indifferent modes ● Unlock power ups by performing combos ● Cutecharacters and animation ● A new game mode that also removes adsDownload this math puzzle game while it is still free !
AppAsia Power 2048 11.0 APK
AppAsia Tech
Version 10.0 -------------------------- New Theme - With bettercolours. Version 6.0 -------------------------- Name changed from2048 Plus to Power 2048. Version 3.1 --------------------------Better Visualisations and smoother game flow. Enjoy!!
Apple Escape 4.0 APK
AppAsia Tech
Apple Escape is an addictive game that challenges you to drop anapple through a series of uneven floors with doors at the exits.Watch out the red apple which may be roll over to a wrong path andyou need to take action to redirect it in order to complete thegame stages. Your task is to escape from the wrong door and takeaction to click on the right block. Apple Escape lets you start atfirst stage when with ease. Once it is escape (completed) you needto take action to unlock another stage. Each stage has its owndifficulties and obstacles to unlock. Upon completion at respectivestage, it will unlock the next stage until you reach stage 99 tocomplete the game play. How to play the Apple Escape Game? - Oncethe game is downloaded and installed, click on the right arrow iconlocated at the bottom right of the start page. - You have a limitof 3 clicks to drop the apple until it reaches the bottom. - Asingle or multiple path are designed as the way to let the redapple to escape to the bottom level. - Each path has opening but sblocked by boxes. It act like a door to each path. - You need toremove the box which blocks the door by clicking on it. - Once thedoor is open, the red apple will flow through it until it reach thebottom. - Remember you are limited to 3 clicks in each stage of thegame. Any click is not reversible. Key features of Apple Escapegame are as follows :- - The game has a start page consist of nicecustomised graphics with Red Apple and Blocks. - A start arrow iconis at the bottom right of the start page. - A stage menu is includeto show the number of stages you have completed. Those incompletestate are locked. - The opening page of the game is easy tounderstand instruction to show you “how To Play” the game - Whenyou are ready, click on the circular arrow icon to start anytime -Release the red apple until it escapes through all the stages. It'sfun! Never before you ever get a chance to play this easy yetinteresting Apple Escape game. Download it now while it is stillfree !
Roda Ceria Indonesia 1.0 APK
AppAsia Tech
Seberapa tahu kamu tenting Indonesia ? Mainkan aplikasi gratis iniuntuk menerima tantangan dalam Roda Fantasi - Kuis keberuntungandalam Kata & Ungkapan yang impian ! Mudah until memainkan RodaFantasi - Kuis keberuntungan dalam Kata & Ungkapan di Indonesiadan negara yang berbahasa. Kuis ini hadir untuk melatihdunkecerdasan dan melatih kekuatan otak kamu dan kejadi impian. RodaFantasi dalam kata & ungkapan kuis keberuntungan sangatmengiurkan dan game seru dengan banyak kategori pilihanmu securagratis. Kamu bisa putar roda untuk mendapatkan urutan huruf yangbenar, supaya kamu bisa mendapatkan keberuntungan koin dalam bentukmaya impian. Tetapi jika kamu tidak beruntung, kamu akan kehilangangiliran ataupun bangkrut tergantung dimana jarum panah berhenti.Ayo uji kekuatan otak kamu dan silahkan bersenang-senang. Kamuboleh memainkannya sendiri, dengan orang yang kamu cintai ataupunteman kamu. Kamu bisa mengharapkan kebahagiaan, senang menghabiskanwaktu bersama keluarga, anak, teman, dan juga rekan. Ini juga cocokuntuk mencairkan suasana atau sesi pembentukan team! Kuiskeberuntungan Roda Fantasi dalam Kata & Ungkapan di designdengan grafik yang bagus yang merefleksi budaya Indonesia, Sejarahdan komuniti yang umum. Kamu bisa membuka kategori yang lain untukmeluasi pilihan Kata & ungkapan, hingga membuat game lebih serudan menantang. Total 15 kategori di dalam aplikasi gamepertualangan Indonesia sebagai berikut :- 1. Binatang 2. Buah 3.Alat Tulis 4. Pekerjaan 5. Negara 6. Tumbuhan 7. Orang 8. Merek 9.Isi Rumah 10. Frasa 11. Film 12. Lagu 13. Festival 14. Peribahasa15. Tempat Bagaimana cara memainkan Kuis keberuntungan Roda Fantasidalam Kata & Ungkapan : 1 Unduh dan pasang aplikasinya 2 Tekandi aplikasi ikon untuk memulai kuis roda 3 Pilih untuk masuksebagai guest atau akun facebook 4 Pilih kategori yang mau kamumainkan di kuis Kata & Ungkapan 5 Dari dasarnya, dua kategorisudah terbuka gratis untuk dimainkan 6 Coba untuk mengungkapkuisnya dengan Kata ataupun Ungkapan. Jika kamu beruntung, kamuakan pendapatkan 5000 koin ketika kamu bisa mengungkap kuisnya. 7Putar rodanya untuk mencoba keberuntunganmu mendapatkan koin. 8Buka kategori lainnya dengan koin yang sudah kamu kumpulkan 9 AdaVirtual Player yang akan bermain di balik layar bersama dengan kamuCocok untuk segala usia! Meskipun bila kamu sudah meneyelesaikankategori tertentu, kamu tetap bisa mengulang ketegori yang samauntuk melatih daya ingat kamu. Segera Unduh Kuis keberuntungan RodaFantasi dalam Kata & Ungkapan secara gratis dan nikmatikeseruannya.
Squishing Squid : Match Colors 1 APK
AppAsia Tech
Those pesky squids are swimming away and it’s up to you to stopthem. An arcade game where you switch the colors of the fork tomatch the squid and tap to squish as many as you can. The squidsare endless, with more and more coming in wave after wave. This isa game where speed don’t matter, only precision and concentration.Hard to master, how many squids can you squish and how many wavescan you go. Matching colors will be hard in the different modes.Try the color blind mode where the level will blind you from seeingthe squid. Experience night mode where the squids are your onlysource of light. Test your limits in crazy mode where both colorand night mode happens at the same time Features: ● Over 36costumes and 7 aquariums to unlock ● A maximum of 8 colors to playwith ● 4 different modes to choose from
Alien Air Attack 2.0 APK
AppAsia Tech
Alien Air Attack is a simple and interesting action shooting freegame app. Alien Air Attack has multi level play for you to achieveas a skillful air spacecraft fighter. Essentially is to fight thealiens an exciting yet fun way. Expect more exciting moment as youbroke into higher level play. To gain into higher level, you needto shoot the aliens to death while avoiding their attacks bymissile and gun. Shoot them to disappear before they come down toattack you . Tips to play Alien Air Attack : - aim and shoot thealien before they capture your space - avoid the missile and gunfire from the aliens - Clear all the aliens before it reaches yourplanet Download this simple game of Alien Air Attack Now!
Trapped By Trivia 1 APK
AppAsia Tech
★ Thousands of questions over 16 levels. ★ 3 game modes to choose ★7 kinds of traps for a unique quiz experience ★ 9 power ups thatacts as your lifeline The next evolution in trivia games, Trappedby Trivia introduces questions that not only tests your knowledge,but in recognizing how it is trying to beat you. Test how well youfare when the quiz starts to fight back. A simple question andanswer game, where knowing what the correct or wrong answer is notenough. POWER UPS! You are also given power ups that acts as alifeline to counter specific traps or to gain an advantage or tonegate the disadvantage given to you by the traps. Before everystage you are given the choice of available power ups. Replenishyour supply by using the points gained through your playthrough.TRAPS! Some questions have built in traps that messes up yourtimer, your score, and some might even obstruct the answers.Discover how each one of them works and beat the system. Don’t gettrapped more than once, this is how the quiz fights back. Some area mere nuisance, while others are unforgiving. MULTIPLE GAME MODES!Play the CAMPAIGN to unlock more challenges, power ups andencounter new traps! Unravel the story of a malevolent computervirus, trying to absorb all information while you beat it byanswering it’s trap laddended trivia questions. Unlock the ENDLESSmode and test how far can you go by answering as many questions aspossible while making as little mistake as possible. Unlock theTIME ATTACK mode and answer as many questions as possible whilebeating a fixed timer.