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Hermie Crabson is a happy little hermit crabwho lives on a beach,When one day all of a suddendecided he would be their lunch!ButHermie cannot be so easily deafeated, with your helptapping thosepesky seagulls away, you can protect himfrom the horde of gulls.

App Information Appening Rhondda: Seagull Warfare

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    Appening Rhondda: Seagull Warfare
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    October 30, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Candlhat Studios
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The Brio App supports parents and carers of people with regularseizures to monitor heart rates and receive alerts that a seizureis occurring. The app integrates with your Telecare24 Wristmonitoring device. In an effort to continually provide the verylatest technology for our clients, we have developed Brio - the newsensor which has been designed to assist patients and theirfamilies who have been diagnosed with Epilepsy, Type1 Diabetes anda range of other long term medical conditions. If your consultanthas raised the issue and you or a family member is considered atrisk then the Brio sensor could prove invaluable. Epilepsy We havedeveloped Brio to detect the possible start of a seizure, primarilyclients who have ictal tachycardia (the increase in heart rateduring a seizure) or ictal bradycardia (the reduction of heart rateduring a seizure). This is specifically important if they are atrisk of having a seizure when asleep or if they have been advisedthat they are at risk of cardiac arrest or SUDEP. How does Briowork? Brio has two elements: a wrist pulse monitor that permanentlycommunicates with the Brio app via a mobile device of yourchoosing. The lightweight heart monitoring sensor can becomfortably worn on either the wrist or ankle and does notinterfere with the user’s sleep. The sensor constantly monitors thewearer’s pulse and sends data to the Brio app located in the sameroom. The app processes this constant data flow and will raise analert if the user’s pulse-rate falls outside the normal parametersthat can be individually programmed. The Brio app stores all therelevant data which can be analysed or sent to a healthcareprofessional if required. Brio is suitable for all ages, even youngchildren
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SitFit lets you exercise from the comfort of your own chair. If youare unable to stand for very long, these short exercises are foryou. SitFit gives you a free preview of the Team Pink armchairexercise DVD.Not everybody can do sit ups, bench presses, weightlifting, etc. Thankfully, with the help of Team Pink, there is nowa way to work out via a simple, easy to perform, 3 step exerciseprogramme. These routines are designed to allow people who can'tstand up for long or may have difficulty with full body workoutssuch as the elderly. You can work at your own pace, and in yourarmchair (or kitchen chair, we don't mind).Even if you can do fullbody workouts, there may be times where you're stuck at an officedesk, or on a long plane journey, these videos allow you to getyour triceps and biceps warmed up. You can comfortably work out andkeep your body healthy and fit no matter where you are.This appgives you a preview of the routine video created by Team Pink,which was helped made possible by sponsors and partners like ComicRelief, The National Lottery, Community Voice and the People andWork Unit.As a bonus for showing an interest in the app, we haveprovided a video that shows what led to the idea of the exerciseprogramme, and how it can help get more people to get some exercisedone.The app was created as part of the Appening Rhondda project,which helps young people learn how to create applications and usetools such as Unity.
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A community radio station for Cardiff, serving the capital of Waleswith a diverse range of features.We have a terrestrial frequency of98.7 FM and stream online via TuneIn. The station commencedbroadcasting in October 2007 and has continuously developed overthe past 9 years. Radio Cardiff broadcasts content that is popularand relevant to a local and specific audience which can often beoverlooked. We play music that reflects the rich and multi-culturalheritage of the city. Cardiff has one of the oldest BME communitiesin the UK and the cultural heritage of these communities isreflected in our station music policy.Thisincludes:reggaesoulfunkjazzbluessocacalypsobhangrahip-hopR&Bhousemusicrock, anddrum & bass. We also include songs from the UKand American Charts.As well as a wide variety of music, ourtalk-based shows cover a variety of different topics from art andfilm to sports and science.
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The Politically Correct App serves as an engagement tool and helpsexplain where the laws, which affect all our lives, are made.Before we can challenge our governments and elected representativesto deliver the services we feel are important, we need to know whothese people are and what they have influence over. The PoliticallyCorrect App aims to outline whom is responsible for the laws thatgovern our lives and point you in the right direction to make sureyour voice is heard by the people making those decisions. The appwas developed to support the ‘Not’ the Usual Suspects project.‘Not’the Usual SuspectsThe project, delivered by the Boys and GirlsClubs of Wales, aims to involve young people who areunderrepresented in traditional forums in structured dialogue withpoliticians from the five tiers of decision-making. These tiersinclude local politics (Community and Town Councillors), City andCounty politics (County Councillors), Regional politics (WelshAssembly Members - AM’s), UK politics (Members of Parliament –MP’s) and European politics (Members of the European Parliament –MEP’s). Through learning about the different levels of decisionmaking the group will then aim to educate others about theirlearning through modern strategies such as social media and peerled forums. The project links with digital democracy and considershow young people are involved in the political process. The projecthas four key objectives:• Engage young people into the politicalprocesses that affect their lives• Create an awareness about thepolitical processes and how the voice of young people should andcould be heard• Produce a campaign using modern technologies toencourage young people to exercise their right to vote • Create a‘Manifesto’ of young peoples views produced by young people andsent to politicians at all levels
New Pathways - SURE 1.2 APK
New Pathways was established in Merthyr Tydfil in 1993 as ahelpline for female victims of rape. At the time it was operationalfor only a few hours each week and it was run entirely byvolunteers. Over the years New Pathways has grown and diversifiedand we now offer a range of counselling, advocacy and supportservices for women, men, children and young people. We work inpartnership with numerous statutory and voluntary agencies and weare now widely regarded throughout the UK as a leading organisationin our field. To deliver our services we have a dedicated team ofmore than 100 staff and volunteers. Each year our various projectsreceive more than 2,000 referrals for people of all ages.
Brush It - Kids Dental Care 1.1 APK
Daily tooth brushing with fluoride toothpaste is an effective meansof helping to prevent tooth decay, but for many children cleaningtheir teeth or having their teeth cleaned does not form part oftheir daily routine. The students of Ferndale Community School havedeveloped the Brush It App to help children practice the properteeth brushing technique. We should all be brushing our teeth for 2minutes at least twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste.Developedin partnership with Little Ferns;Little Ferns is a preschoolprovision managed by The Fern Partnership. All children areprovided with quality development and learning opportunities andexperiences on a daily basis. The provision allows children toreach their full potential in line with child's age and stage ofdevelopment. Little Ferns childcare prepares children and theirfamilies for statutory school and long term life.‘The FernPartnership’. The aims of the charity are to advance the educationand experiences of pupils and the community in which we serve. Ourmulti award winning charity is seeking to develop our model furtherwhich will benefit and enhance the lives of further individuals andfamilies within Rhondda Cynon Taff and beyond following the TackingPoverty agenda. Further information can be found atwww.fernpartnership.com
Rhondda Remembers WWI 1.0 APK
The Rhondda Remembers World War 1 app is an immersive experienceexploring the sights and sounds of life in the Rhondda during WW1.Discover Rhondda heroes.Explore the struggles of daily life. Andremember those who sacrificed everything.The app was developed byTonypandy Community College.Based in the heart of the RhonddaValley, Tonypandy Community College is recognised as an outstandingcentre of learning for more than 800 students. “Learning TogetherTo Achieve Success” is the mission statement of the College whichrelies on maintaining collaborative partnerships to enable thestudents to reach their potential.The College has workedextensively with outside partners on specific projects to developideas, gain expertise, access funding and provide opportunities forthe students to access extended learning in innovativeways.Tonypandy Community College was privileged to gain a HLF YoungRoots Grant for their Rhondda Remembers World War I project.TheHeritage Lottery Fund – Young Roots AwardThe Heritage Lottery Fund(HLF) awards money from The National Lottery to preserve andtransform the heritage of the UK through innovative projects thatwill make a lasting impact on people and places, while bringingheritage to life for future generations.HLF are enthusiastic aboutengaging young people with heritage through their Young Rootsgrant. Getting young people involved helps them develop new skillsand interests, connect with their communities and have fun whilstthey bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm to projects.The app wasdeveloped in partnership with Appening RhonddaAppening Rhondda is acollaborative approach between schools, charities and privatebusinesses to foster IT development skills in Rhondda youngpeople.It was created from the partnership working of StrongerRhondda, an initiative to bring people and groups in the RhonddaValleys together to answer local needs. The project was establishedto address the growing concern that many students are not beingchallenged in technology development. The projects allows youngpeople with naturally developed skills in coding and design lackedto explore those interests before moving on to the world of work.
Appening Rhondda: Seagull Warfare 1.2 APK
Hermie Crabson is a happy little hermit crabwho lives on a beach,When one day all of a suddendecided he would be their lunch!ButHermie cannot be so easily deafeated, with your helptapping thosepesky seagulls away, you can protect himfrom the horde of gulls.