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Apple Shooter 2 Player brings you to a world full of realtimemultiplayer shooting adventures. Equip any one of your bestguns topoint and shoot at the Apples. Do not miss out shots on anyonefruit. Be wary of the obstacles in the way, if you miss any oneyoumay fail this guns game. Join in with Facebook to bring allyourfriends in this multiplayer game. Limited bullets to hitthespecific target, avoid hitting others. Be careful, if youdon'tcomplete the level in time you will fail the games.Wanna havefunand shoot apples off someone’s head? Then this is thebestaddicting games for you. Campaign through many levelsandexperience the real environments. Easy & user friendlycontrolsto play. Unlock various achievements after completing themissions.Reach the TOP of Leader board to compete with friends.Test yourgun slinging ability by downloading this game for FREE.Playanytime, anywhere! The difficulty of levels increases as youmoveto next level. Complete each mission to win coins. How far canyoushoot? Let us find out!Apple Shooter 2 Player Features : 1.Realfun and easy to play.2. Realistic archery simulation withcoolsounds.3. Immersive 3D worlds with various themes.4. Cool3Danimation effects and amazing 3D graphics.5. 30 intensegunshooting challenges.6. Simplistic Touch Controls

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    Apple Shooter 2 Player
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    May 31, 2018
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Free Games - 2018
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Do you love train Games ? You will enjoy 3DEURO TRAIN STATION 2018 - A realistic train simulator game withmany HD environments and physics. Be on time at the station andpickup passenger and drop them on time. This simulation gives youthe opportunity to become a professional driver and transportpassengers and tourists all around the world.Featuring an intuitive, easy to use interface, the game lets usersplay each level and unlock new trains and routes. Animatedpassengers, from all walks of life, waiting at the station.Featuring Camera angles like: Indoor, Overhead, Reverse and SignalCamera Angle. Detailed maps, amazing trains, wonderful featureswill make you feel like driving a real express! Drive and controlyour "3D Euro Train Station 2018" perfectly with modern and newgraphics.Complete all the routes on time, by driving freight or passengerexpress! Slow the rail speed when you are about to reach theplatform. Wait for all the passenger to get in, and then get todrive the fast rail in impossible tracks. Enjoy your ride aroundthe vast city with realistic rail physics. Download this 3d EuroTrain simulation game for free and enjoy the drive.3D Euro Train Station 2018 Game Features:1. Explore 30 Challenge Driving levels.2. Tracks changing and fully functional signalling system.3. Multiple weather and exclusive night mode.4. Change the camera view as per your comfort.5. 10 exciting upgrades.6. Realistic station and passengers simulator.
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Mountain Train Simulator 2018 the latest in train simulation games.Love driving games? his one will allow you to become the best traindriver. It has the most realistic gameplay with wonderful 3dEnvironment and real physic simulation. Become a real train driverand control huge train with multiple coaches, mountain trainsimulator 2018 brings the real fun of train driving for trainlovers and kids who love playing train games. Pickup passengersfrom mountain hill and transfer them save to their destination,every passenger will give you money. Through which you can upgradeyour train. Choose from your favorite historical or modern trains,all created in complete 3D. Change camera angles to adjust yourview and feel the fast moving train experience. Train driving is adifferent experience in its class, controlling the big train,climbing mountains, driving on hill will make you go crazy withfun. The game starts with easy levels and get challenging slowly.Once you know the basics you will love to drive the train again andagain. Play the best simulator game of 2018 now. - Free to Play!-Amazing 3D Graphics.- 25 Best Train Models.- 20 Realistic Tracks.-Different themes and environment- Kids friendly.- Smooth and EasyControls.- Different Camera Angles. - Lots of Fun to play.If youface any problems while installation or while playing the game,please report to us. We will resolve it at the earliest.
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Indian Train Transporter Sim : Be a cargo rail Driver and steer thebig wheel on different tracks!In this Train Driving Simulator, youhave to complete your transporting duty by operating the IndianTrains. First, you need to load the luxury vehicles like car,trucks, logs and other goods on the cargo rails. Drive carefullythe loaded locomotive on the different environments to transportthe goods to their destination and keep your locomotive running onthe time between railway stations. Pick the speed, apply brakes anddrove past beautiful 3D realistic sceneries. Stop the rail beforeyou enter the danger zone!There are various types of cargo trainengines, you can select one of them and play the best railtransportation game of 2018. Change the camera mode and view thetrains from different camera angles. Accelerate the rail, applybrakes, steer across junctions and drive through the realisticsceneries. Your goal is to drive this heavy "Indian TrainTransporter Simulator" to its destinations, where you are assignedas a transport vehicle like buses, tanks, jeeps and other combatvehicles. Drive on the railroads with heavy loads on the train, youneed to be very active and carefully. While performing transporterduty you will always keep an eye on the speed limits, or otherwise,you will clash with other vehicles and trains. Change the cameramode and view the trains from different camera angles. You have toprove that you are an expert rails driver. Complete eachtransportation challenge on impossible tracks. The game also bringsa realistic railroad experience. So, what are waiting for downloadthis Locomotive simulator to enjoy the delivery of cargotrains?Game Features:- Fun to Play- Best Indian Train SimulatorGame- Very smooth controls and game sounds.- Perfect 3D graphicsand well-detailed environment.- Challenging level with the timelimit.- Realistic 3d station environment- 30 exciting levels.
Indian Local Train Simulator 1.4 APK
Explore the Indian Local Train Simulator being a rail driver,transport passengers from one station to another station. Its thecorrect time to show your skills on realistic tracks. Drive throughthe beautiful sceneries and control the speed by accelerating andalways keep an eye on the maximum speed. Get on board and drivethrough different locations and operate the trains, follow theinstructions carefully to reach the finish line before the time'sup. Press and hold the brake to stop the trains right at thestation. You need to be very careful with the timings because eachstation has got limited time to board and board the passengers.This game will allow you to play across many environments likecities, country roads, mountains etc. And also you will also behaving different views like a driver view or a front view, and aside view where you can switch during the game play. Beautifulgraphics with realistic scenarios will make the game an addictiveone for all those who love to drive an Indian Local Train.Realistic maps, incredible rails, wonderful interiors will make youfeel like driving real trains. This game will let you enjoypassenger express driving like never before. If you accept thischallenge, then you need to clear all the levels successfully. Soget ready for a crazy fast drive and become the best prodriver.Game Feature :- Best Indian train simulator game- DetailedMaps- 25 Realistic Trains.- 15 Levels- Real controls and Easy tohandle- Animated people- Locations: city, mountain, desert andsnow- Stunning sound effects- Amazing scenes- 3D graphics andwell-detailed environmentMany levels with different drivingscenarios are waiting for you. Are you able to drive these electriclocomotives! Then Download INDIAN LOCAL TRAIN SIMULATOR and explorebeautiful views of India and have fun!