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We are taking our long history of serving great tasting burgers toCanadians forward by providing you with our new mobile app. Ourrecipes have stayed the same and delicious as ever, but now we giveyou a convenient way to stay connected with Harvey's, our mobileapp!You can still get your burger made the way you want it, but nowyou have the convenience of receiving our frequent discounts andcoupon incentives through the Harvey's mobile app. Now that istruly a beautiful thing.
1С-Рарус: Мобильный ТСД v8.3
1C-Rarus Ltd.
"1С-Рарус: Мобильный терминал сбора данныхv8.3" - приложение, реализованное на мобильной версии платформы1С:Предприятие 8.Приложение является альтернативой терминалу сбора данных."1С-Рарус: Мобильный ТСД" предназначен для автоматизации действийсотрудников магазина и позволяет выполнять различные операции посбору и обработке информации о товарах. Приложение взаимодействуетс типовыми отраслевыми решениями на базе "1С:Розница 8" попротоколу обмена данных SOAP.Приложение позволяет:• работать в Off-line, On-line и смешанном режимах;• принимать товар на склад;• работать в торговом зале, осуществляя проверку ценников;• проводить инвентаризацию в магазине;• разгрузить очередь перед кассой, оформив заказ покупателя;• вводить штрихкоды вручную;• выбирать товары из списка;• просматривать информацию о товарах: наименование, характеристики,количество, цены;• редактировать данные;• синхронизировать данные через Интернет соединение;• осуществлять работу приложения в демо-режиме, загрузивдемо-данные.Приложение взаимодействует со следующими программнымипродуктами:• "1С:Розница 8. Аптека"• "1С:Розница 8. Книжный магазин"• "1С:Розница 8. Магазин автозапчастей"• "1С:Розница 8. Магазин бытовой техники и средств связи"• "1С:Розница 8. Магазин одежды и обуви"• "1С:Розница 8. Магазин строительных и отделочныхматериалов"• "1С:Розница 8. Салон оптики"• "1С:Розница 8. Ювелирный магазин"Внимание!Для работы приложения требуется коробочное или облачное решениеодного из отраслевых программных продуктов на базе "1С:Розница 8"редакции не ниже 2.1 и соединение с Интернет.Интерфейс приложения оптимизирован для смартфонов ипланшетов."1C-Rarus: Mobile dataterminal v8.3" - application implemented on the mobile version of1C: Enterprise 8.The application is an alternative data collection terminal."1C-Rarus: Mobile TSD" is designed to automate store employees andallows you to perform various operations on the collection andprocessing of information about products. Application interactswith standard industry solutions based on "1C: Retail 8" dataexchange protocol SOAP.You can:• work in Off-line, On-line and mixed mode;• to accept the goods at the warehouse;• work on the trading floor, carrying out checks price tags;• Conduct an inventory of the store;• unload queue before the cash register, make an order for thebuyer;• enter barcodes manually;• Select items from the list;• view information about the product: name, description, quantity,price;• edit the data;• synchronize data over the Internet connection;• implement the application in demo mode by downloading the demodata.Application interacts with the following software products:• "1C: Retail 8. Drugstore"• "1C: Retail 8. Bookstore"• "1C: Retail 8. Parts store"• "1C: Retail 8. Shop home appliances and communication"• "1C: Retail 8. Shop clothes and footwear"• "1C: Retail 8. Shop building materials"• "1C: Retail 8. Salon Optics"• "1C: Retail 8. Jewelry Store"Attention!Application uses packaged cloud solution or one of the softwareindustry based on "1C: Retail 8" edition 2.1 or later and Internetconnection.The application interface is optimized for smartphones andtablets.
MagicBricks Property Search
MagicBricks, one of the best property apps inIndia, puts all complex parameters of property search in a simpleand intuitive interface. Whether you are looking to buy property orrent it out, MagicBricks can help you save both time andmoney.Why switch to MagicBricks?Smart integration: Not sure of the area or just want a property buyin the neighborhood? MagicBricks can use GPS, find out the exactlocation, and browse amongst the finest properties in India.Multiple view options: Explore the shortlisted apartments withnumerous photos and videos, or get a sneak peak with Google mapview.Intelligent filters: Instead of messy drop down menus, we have ascreen of options dedicated to intelligent filters that helps youget the most relevant properties.Detailed Descriptions: Whether you want to find flats, houses orany other real estate our app gives you detailed descriptions ofthe property and the amenities. The app also tells you about keyfacilities located close to the real estate.Key Features● Contact the owner/agent by one tap.● Our property finder helps you find home from over half a millionproperties.● Find apartment by number of bedrooms, locality, budget etc.● List up your flats for sale, flats for rent, or any otherproperty sale, property rent among 1.5 million buyers.● Create alerts: For Property Sale, property for rent and othertasks through this property app. An apartment finder that you cantrust with your property chores.● Search Flats, commercial real estate by projects, budget,etc.● Real estate app that puts all real estate India on your palm –Lets you message and check responses of listings – all through theapp.● Find out latest property India trends and search flats to getmaximum returns● Check out ongoing real estate projects and use trends to buyproperty.● Select listings from brokers/owners or both.● This Search flats app allows you to save listings and revisitthem, thereby cutting down a lot of property search time.That’s not everything; there are many subtle features thatMagicBricks app has. MagicBricks is Apartment app, rent app, flatapp, and house app all put together! MagicBricks allows you to sortthe listings which make real estate search easy and efficient. Ifyou want a property on rent without a broker, you can simplydeselect broker. MagicBricks search flat app has everything foryou.All Major Cities CoveredMagicBricks covers all major cities in India, property in Mumbai,rental flats in Mumbai, flats for rent in Delhi, flats for rent inBangalore, flats for rent in Chennai, and numerous other propertysolutions in cities like Kolkata, Hyderabad etc. Whether it is aProperty for sale or for a buy, MagicBricks has complete realestate solutions for you.Design and simplicityWe distinguish various fields differently so that you only spendtime on doing what you want. Our system and its effectiveness isunparalleled and that helps you Buy and sell property with ease!The interface is sleek and gets you going with property search onthe go.MagicBricks makes your flat search easier by mapping real estateproperty effectively. Moreover, you get an advantage of browsingfrom the highest number of property listings among property searchapps.Also, if you are a property owner, you get the advantage ofshowcasing your flats on rent to millions of users.Everything you need to know about the LocalityKnow everything about locality – whether it is safe for your familyand your child. Whether you want to get an apartment for buy, or anapartment for rent, having access to key information as it arms youwith formidable information.Millions are using MagicBricks to get flats on rent, buy and sell,so tune in and take advantage of the GenNext Property searchutility today!
Поиск работы на hh. Вакансии рядом с домом
Вы в поиске работы мечты? Мобильное приложениеHeadHunter поможет вам найти объявления о работе и подходящиевакансии⭐️!Не важно, в каком городе или области вы находитесь — в приложении собраны вакансии от проверенных работодателей со всей России,Беларуси и Казахстана.Более 700 000 проверенных работодателей на «Хэдхантер»предлагают работу по всей России и в странах СНГ.Подработка в Москве, полная ставка в Санкт-Петербурге или работакурьером в Сочи — вакансии доступны во многих городах и ихобластях: Новосибирске, Красноярске, Екатеринбурге, Краснодаре,Нижнем Новгороде, Архангельске, Астрахани, Барнауле, Владивостоке,Волгограде, Воронеже, Иваново, Ижевске, Иркутске, Казани,Калининграде, Кемерово, Кургане, Москве и Московской области, вНабережных Челнах, Нижневартовске, Нижнем Тагиле, Новокузнецке,Омске, Оренбурге, Санкт-Петербурге, Пензе, Перми, Ростове-на-Дону,Самаре, Саратове, Сочи, Сургуте, Тольятти, Томске, Тюмени,Ульяновске, Уфе, Хабаровске, Челябинске, Ярославле!Вы можете выбрать любой график работы: вахта, по сменам,подработка, удаленная работа онлайн, временная работа, гибкийграфик, фриланс.Работодатели ищут не только офисных работников, но и размещаютобъявления о работе для охранников, кассиров, продавцов, водителей(также работа в такси и подработка на авто), поваров, грузчиков,уборщиц, то есть для всех готовых работать и зарабатыватьденьги.HeadHunter уже 17 лет помогает соискателям найти работу, аработодателям — сотрудников в свою команду профессионалов. В 99%случаев в нашем сервисе предлагается работа без вложений, дляполучения которой требуются только ваши навыки и желание.Что вы можете сделать с помощью приложения hh:— ⭐️Найти работу рядом с домом: введите свой адрес ипосмотрите вакансии поблизости. Работа близко к дому или в часеезды — личное дело каждого. Но согласитесь, обидно упуститьподходящую работу, до которой от дома 10 минут пешком. Поищитеработу рядом с домом, пока она не досталась вашему соседу!— ⭐️Выбрать подходящий вариант, если вы студент без опытаработы. Работа для подростка или школьника также встречаетсясреди наших вакансий. Главное — это мотивация и желание проявитьсебя. В случае, если вы уже проходили стажировки — обязательно обэтом напишите. Работа без опыта даст вам возможность начать своюкарьеру, расти и развиваться.— ⭐️Узнать, что такое работа на дому. Существует множествовариантов: подработка в интернете, фриланс, работа няней и многоедругое. Часто бывает, что семья или другие дела не позволяютработать в офисе. Работа дома может стать хорошей альтернативой длязаработка, учитывая, что в последние годы работа в интернете сталанастолько популярной.— ⭐️Создать резюме: расскажите о своих достижениях, опытеработы, своем образовании и профессиональных навыках. Обо всем, чтовы считаете нужным и важным, укажите в своем резюме!— ⭐️Найти вакансии: укажите в расширенном поиске вакансийнеобходимые критерии — должность, зарплату, профессиональнуюобласть, график работы. Мечтаете работать удаленно? Ищите толькоудаленную работу или проектную с возможностью работать издома!— ⭐️Общаться с работодателями: в некоторых вакансиях HRуказывает свои контакты для оперативной связи. Если указан номертелефона, не стесняйтесь, звоните работодателю и договаривайтесь особеседовании!— ⭐️Читать советы и подсказки: как правильно составитьидеальное резюме, общаться с работодателями на собеседованиях,следить за подборками вакансий с высокими зарплатами. HeadHunterвсегда подбирает только актуальную информацию, которая не один разуже помогла соискателям в поиске желаемой работы!— ⭐️Откликаться и отправлять свое резюме на вакансию своеймечты: не забудьте написать сопроводительное письмо иливоспользоваться его шаблоном!Работа и подработка, которую вы уже давно искали ждет вас наHeadHunter. Желаем успехов!Команда HeadHunterAre you in search ofdream job? HeadHunter mobile app will help you to find joblistings and suitable vacancies ⭐️!No matter which city or region you are - in the applicationcompiled jobs from trusted employers from all over Russia,Belarus and Kazakhstan.More than 700,000 employers checked to "hedhanterov» Job all overRussia and CIS countries .Jobs in Moscow, the full rate in St. Petersburg or work courier inSochi - vacancies are available in many cities and regions:Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, NizhnyNovgorod, Arkhangelsk, Astrakhan, Barnaul, Vladivostok, Volgograd,Voronezh, Ivanovo, Izhevsk, Irkutsk, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Kemerovo,Kurgan, Moscow and the Moscow region, in Naberezhnye Chelny,Nizhnevartovsk, Nizhny Tagil, Novokuznetsk, Omsk, Orenburg, St.Petersburg, Penza, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Saratov, Sochi,Surgut Tolyatti, Tomsk, Tyumen, Ulyanovsk, Ufa, Khabarovsk,Chelyabinsk, Yaroslavl!You can choose any schedule: watch, shift work, part-time, distantwork online, temporary work, flexible hours, freelancing .Employers are looking for not only office workers, but ads areplaced on the work of security guards, cashiers, salespeople,drivers (also a taxi and the part on the car), cooks, porters,cleaners, that is all ready to work and earn money .HeadHunter for 17 years helping job seekers find work and employers- employees in their team of professionals. In 99% of cases in ourservice offered jobs without investment, for which requires onlyyour skills and desire. What you can do with the help of applications hh: - ⭐️ Find a job close to home : Enter your address and seenearby jobs. Work close to home or within an hour's drive away - aprivate matter. But you must admit, it is insulting to miss asuitable job, to which the house 10 minutes. Look for a job closeto home, until she went to your neighbor! - ⭐️ Select the appropriate option if you are a student withno work experience . Work for a teenager or student is also foundamongst our vacancies. The main thing - is the motivation and thedesire to prove himself. If you have already passed the internship- always write about it. no work experience will give you theopportunity to start your career, grow and develop. - ⭐️ Learn what work at home . There are many options: part-time onthe Internet, freelance work as a nanny, and more. Often, family orother things do not work in the office. Working from home can be agood alternative for earnings, given that the work on the Internethas become so popular in recent years. - ⭐️ Create a Resume : tell us about your achievements, workexperience, your education and skills. Everything that you think isnecessary and important, point in your resume! - ⭐️ Find jobs : specify in the Advanced Job Search jobrequired criteria - the position, salary, professional field, workschedule. You dream to work remotely? Look for only remote work ordesign with the ability to work from home! - ⭐️ Communicate with employers : some vacancies HR indicatestheir contacts for operational communications. If you specify aphone number, do not hesitate to call the employer and make aninterview! - ⭐️ Read the tips : how to make a perfect job, communicatewith employers for interviews, follow the collections jobs withhigh salaries. HeadHunter always picks up only relevantinformation, which more than once has helped job seekers to findthe desired job!- ⭐️ to respond and send your resume to the job of your dreams : donot forget to write a cover letter template, or use it! Work and part you have been looking for is waiting for you atHeadHunter. We wish you success! Team HeadHunter
Superuser X Free [Root]
Superuser X is a simple and alternative wayto grant superuser or supersu rights to rooted apps*************Developer Note***************"And I am no longer a slave..."Hi guys, I have been banging my head since 4 days thinking how tothank you guys for all your love. It has been a crazy 5 years. Iwas stuck in a job I hated, doing things I didn't like. I alwayshad this urge to create, work on something which I can leave downas a legacy. Developing apps was just the right instrument to givea physical form to that urge (to create).Started as a 20 year old college student, studying electronics, whojust wanted to experiment and learn, these apps have become mybread and butter now. Everyday I wake up feeling grateful,realising I am doing exactly what I wanted to do. Support from youguys motivates me to push harder and make better apps.I promise you, you can expect the highest quality when you downloadmy apps and I would never leave you hanging, email me anytime for any queries and I would reply within 24hrs. Also, If you feel a little generous, please buy the proversions, to fund my late nights of work.The only thing I want, is for you to have a great experience whenyou use my apps. I won't lie, It really feels great when you guysshare your love in reviews. You guys are like my extended family,love you! P.S : You can always reach out to me if you can't affordpro versions, I would be happy to share a promocode with you.**********************************************+ Simple and straight forward design - press Install button onceand forget+ Once installed it will give permanent Superuser or supersu accessto all apps without any notification+ Use with caution with untrusted apps which may misuse root+ Works with with devices up to NougatADDITIONAL FEATURES- Get Root Check results- Verify Busybox installation- Check if any other superuser app like SuperSU, SuperUser orKingroot is installed- Find su binary location- Find busybox binary location- Find SELinux statusNoticePlease don't install cracked or pirated version of this app,hackers can manipulate cracked versions so its incredibly unsafesince the app uses root permission. It's for your own safety. Ifyou can't afford it just message me, I will send you a promocodefor pro version.Twitter : : : kshark.apps@gmail.comCredits: God and The Free and Open Source Community for their greatand hard workAttention: You need a rooted Android Device to use the app, ifyou are not rooted please don't leave bad reviews, I have put myblood and sweat in this. Please drop me an email, I will try tohelp you root your device
Goh Hak-Su
Goh Hak Su Colon & Rectal Centre is aspecialist clinic in Singapore for the treatment and the managementof colorectal diseases. The wide range of conditions range fromcolorectal cancer, polyps, diverticular disease, inflammatory boweldisease, to perianal conditions like piles, fistula and fissure,and functional disorders like constipation, faecal incontinence,rectocele and rectal prolapse.
Snagajob - Jobs Hiring Now
Snagajob is a free, easy job finder and careerbuilder app. Use the #1 job search app to find part time jobs, makejob applications easier, get great career advice and more.Search full time careers or part time jobs hiring in your area.Find jobs based on compatibility and personality, or find work withflexible hours for students and teens. Your next job is waiting onSnagajob.Snagajob features:Career Search & Job Finder• Search for jobs you’ve always wanted with targeted search yourlocation, keywords and more• Find jobs hiring in your area, search for a career that fits youand get professional career advice• Search entry-level and part time jobs perfect for students andteensSearch Part Time Jobs• Save your search and get email updates when new jobs are postedthat match your search• Make job finding easy for restaurant jobs, retail, customerservice, security, administrative, seasonal jobs, company jobs andmore• Search for local job openings and have Daily Job Matches sentdirectly to your phone• Find jobs hiring that fit your busy schedule with search filtersincluding distance, availability and job typeJob Application Tools• Apply to jobs with just one click by using your Snagajobprofile• View job application status updates on jobs that you’ve appliedto• Find jobs hiring now and save them in the job search so you canapply laterEmployee Personality Quizzes• Let employers know your strengths with our personality quizzes toget matched with jobs that are right for you• Impress employers and show off your personality with a profilevideo• Find jobs that match your personality to help build yourcareerUse Snagajob to find local jobs hiring near you. Easily search parttime and entry-level jobs for students and teens. Find jobs if youneed to earn a little extra money, or if you're searching for yournext full-time career. Build a career with Snagajob and find jobshiring near you.Need help? Have a question? Email!
MobileIron's Mobile@Work securely connectsyour Android device to your company network so that you can easilyaccess email and other work resources.Best Technology☆ Purpose-built for Mobile IT with millions of users globally☆ Complete separation of corporate and personal data☆ 500+ of Global 2000 customers☆ More than 97% customer support satisfaction rateWith just a few quick steps, Mobile@Work makes getting access tocorporate resources easy on your Android device:► PRIVACY: Visual Privacy capabilities provide transparency toemployees by allowing them to view exactly which data their companycan see and which actions their company can take on thedevice.► FAST ACCESS: Immediate access to corporate email, calendar andcontacts.► AUTOMATED: Connect automatically to corporate Wi-Fi and VPNnetworks.► EASY: Discover and install work related applications on yourdevice wherever you are.► SECURE: Automated compliance with corporate securitypolicies.► FIND MY PHONE: Locate lost or stolen devices and remotely managethem.Note: Mobile@Work works in conjunction with MobileIron Coredeployed by your company’s IT organization. Please follow theinstructions from your IT organization to use this app. Mobile@Workis required to access corporate resources and therefore should notbe removed without first consulting your IT organization. VisualPrivacy allows your organization to see device details such asmodel name, OS version, roaming status, and company apps. However,IT cannot see personal information such as personal email, personalcontacts, photos, videos and voicemail.Learn about Mobile Device Management: about Mobile Security: about BYOD: about Visual Privacy: us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on G+: more about MobileIron:
With over 230,000+ employers across Singapore,Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam in our database, youcan search, apply to and get notified on your dream job openinganytime, anywhere!Key features:• Never miss better career opportunities- Get ahead of your competition on new job openings with LiNa JobMatches’ mobile notification- Stay updated with the latest job recommendations even whileon-the-go- Attract the right employers through Talent Search• Find jobs that match your preferred location and salary• Apply to the job vacancy you want instantly• Stay updated with your job applications- Get notified when employers start reviewing yourapplication- Respond to interview invites quickly• Create and update your profile easily
Vault-Hide SMS,Pics & Videos,App Lock,Cloud backup
Vault is a mobile app designed to hideprivate pictures, videos, sms, call logs and contacts on yourphone. Currently there are more than 100 million users worldwideusing Vault to protect their mobile privacy while enjoying AppLock, Private Bookmark, Incognito Browser, Cloud Backup and manyother helpful features for completely free! Join themnow!Top Features☆ Hide and Protect Photos & videos: Photos and videosimported into phone can only be viewed or played after the correctpassword is entered. These photos and videos can also be backed upto Cloud Space for better protection.☆ Hide and Protect SMS: You can easily hide your SMS andread, back up or restore them anytime you want.☆ Contacts/Call logs Protection: Set your contacts asprivate and all call logs and SMS with them will be hidden.☆Call Reminder: Whenever there is an incoming call, you willbe informed of whether it's from a telemarketer, package deliveryor simply a spam call.☆ App Lock (Privacy Protection): Use App Lock to protectyour social, photo, call logs and telephone apps to prevent privacyleak.☆ Private Browser: With Private browser, your internet surfwill leave no traces behind. There is also Private Bookmarkfeature.☆ Cloud Backup: Back up your SMS, contacts and call logs,photos and videos to Cloud so they never get lost.☆ Data Transfer:With Cloud Backup feature, you can easilytransfer your data to a new phone.☆ Password recovery: Worried about forgetting your password?Set a security email in Vault so you can retrieve it.Advanced Features► Multiple Vault & Fake VaultCreate multiple vaults with different passwords for storing photos,videos or private contacts respectively. And one of them can be afake vault.► Stealth ModeMake Vault icon disappear from your home screen and it can only befound again with the correct password, so no one knows itexists.► Break-in AlertsSecretly snaps a picture of any one who attempts to access with awrong password. Vault captures a photo, the time stamp and PIN codeentered by all intruders.Support:► Q&A:1. What if I forgot my password?If you have a security Email set up before, you should be able tosee a "Forgot Password" en-trance once you input the wrongpassword. Tap on the entrance and follow the instructions to resetyour password.If you do not have a security Email but you had backed up your datato cloud space, then the data can be recovered from the cloud byreinstalling Vault app.2. How do I enter vault in stealth mode?In stealth mode, you can enter Vault by opening the phone's dialpad, inputting "##your Vault password" (for example, input ##123 ifyour password is "123" ), then clicking Send (or Call)button.If Vault is currently not running in the background (when it hasbeen force stopped by Android system or another app), ##Passwordwill not work. Now you can:1. Put Vault back to the phone’s home screen by adding Vaultwidget, once it appears on home screen, tap on it, and then inputyour password to enter, or,2. Download "NQ calculator" in Google Play, open it, and inputcorrect password then tap "=".3. Why are my photos/videos lost?Some cleaning or free storage apps may automatically delete Vault’sdata folder used to store pictures and videos. So, as a bestpractice, please do not choose to delete Vault’s data folder andsubfolders (mnt/sdcard/SystemAndroid) when you use such apps.You can also backup your sms, pictures and videos to cloud by using"Cloud Backup" feature in the premium page of Vault.For more questions or comments,Email:► Facebook Page & Messager:Vault – hide pics&videos, sms, lock app @nqvaultappThis app uses the Device Administrator permission.
Jobs - Job Search - Careers
All your job ads in one click!Careerjet provides access to all the job advertisements from theinternet in one simple search.Job hunting couldn’t be easier and faster with Careerjet’s simpleand easy interface, giving you access to all of Careerjet’sservices such as uploading your CV/resume, saving your favoritesearches and customizing your email job alerts.Use Careerjet to:- Search job ads by key words, location, company name- View the job description without leaving the application- Apply for jobs directly from your device- Create email alerts to receive daily job ads matching yourcriteria- Send jobs by email – to yourself or to friends- Save your favorite searchesThe Careerjet application is free and there is no need to registerto use it.This mobile version of Careerjet’s job search engine is availableto you -anywhere and anytime. Your dream job won’t be able toescape from you this time!
HP Managed Services
Previously known as HP Touchpoint Manager. HPManaged Services is a powerful cloud-based app that helps companiesshort on IT resources simplify everyday IT management tasks acrossdifferent devices, brands and operating systems.Installing the HP Managed Services app gives your IT administratorthe ability to manage your device from the HP Managed Services Webportal. Device management capabilities include the abilityto:• Get real-time insights and alerts for proactivetroubleshooting• Remotely find, lock and wipe a device*• Enforce security policies• Detect and respond to threats more quicklyA HP Managed Services account and an active internet connection isrequired in order to enroll and manage your devices. To sign up, goto* Pro package purchase is required
Mobisystems Quick PDF Scanner + OCR FREE
Whether you're sending receipts to youremployer from the field or saving a magazine article for later,Quick PDF Scanner will help you scan and digitize your paperdocuments with ease.The latest Quick PDF Scanner introduces a completely overhauledinterface, much faster image processing to make capturing yourdocuments swifter than ever and intelligent real-time edgedetection.KEY ADVANTAGES • Flexible and modern user interface to suit your needs • Real-time tracking of your document frame providing the quickestand most accurate edge detection available for Android • Advanced camera configuration and full customization of theresulting PDF file • Optical Character Recognition for swift photo to textconversions in 49 languagesADVANCED SCANNING - Portable document scanning with a widerange of advanced camera features. • Streamlined interface to make faster scans • Real-time tracking of your document frame • Batch scanning for multipage documents • Ability to readjust scanned pages with new zoom and croplevels • Custom scene and focus modes • Image capture in portrait and landscape orientation • Configurable color effects including white balance and exposurecompensation along with custom contrast in brighten thresholdmodeINTELLIGENT IMPORT OF EXTERNAL IMAGES - Import images andadd them to your PDF documents. • Advanced integration with File Commander for easier imageimporting • Save scanned documents as images • Supports BMP, GIF, PNG, WEBP, and JPEG image formats • Work with external/internal device storage and create PDFs fromexisting image files • Import from connected cloud storage accounts such as Dropbox,Google Drive and morePDF EXPORT AND CONFIGURATION - Configure your PDFs to getthe best possible accuracy and quality • Multi-page Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for easydocument digitization • Automatic Backup and Restore to a connected Google Driveaccount • Custom page size - from the commonly used A4 and letter formatsto any user-defined size • Cover page creator - for a document to be shown as a thumbnailin the documents list • Delete, add, copy, and move pages in custom documents • Save individual pages as images • Specify page formats, margins, quality, and resolution • Advanced PDF configuration can be applied to the whole documentor just a single pageEASY PDF MANAGEMENT AND SHARING - Browse, manage, store, andshare your created PDFs. • Print to networked and cloud-connected printers • Favorites and Recent folders for easy access to createdPDFs • Sort documents by their name, number of pages, and time ofcreation • Search by document name • Share via email, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, social networks, andcloud storage accounts** This version of Quick PDF Scanner lets you create your first 10scans FREE! *** Add-ons for Xperia camera
SA Contacts Lite
SA Contacts is the best way to transfercontacts to and from your phone! No other app lets you so easilycontrol your phone's most valuable data:1. Update, modify and maintain your contacts easily andconveniently on your computer using Excel, OpenOffice or any otherExcel-compatible application.2. Sends all of your contacts to you from your phone in aconvenient zip file by email, SD card, Dropbox, Google Drive orBox! Contact photos are sent, too!3. You don’t need to share your contacts with Yahoo or otherwebsites in order to have a backup. The export file contains ALL ofyour contacts in a convenient, easy format.4. Restoring or changing contacts from the spreadsheet is as simpleas uploading the file to your phone via USB, email, Dropbox, GoogleDrive or Box. It couldn't be easier.5. You can print a hardcopy of your phone contacts.6. You can now export phone contacts to an Excel file which canthen be imported to Outlook Contacts directly.7. You can also import contacts from an Excel file that has beenexported from Outlook to your phone.8. You can now export/import phone contacts to/from a GmailCSV-format file(UTF-8 encoded or Unicode encoded).9. All Contact fields except Ringtones can beexported/imported.10. You can organise your contacts into groups easily on aspreadsheet and also assign a contact to multiple groups.11. You can remove all phone contacts or groups before importingyour organized contacts.12. Support 10,000+ contact entries.13. All column headers and labels in the Excel file arelocalized.14. Export an Excel file with all photos included - this makes thecontacts in your spreadsheet look better.15. You can password protect your export file.16. Export/Import contacts to/from a VCF file.17. Schedule backup. The app can backup all contacts to SD card,Dropbox, Google Drive and Box automatically.Tutorial videos on youtube is now available (KEYWORD:“samyuapp”).Twitter:
Pasor Parsel Sorgu Programı
Türkiye Geneli Kadastro Parseli Sorgulaması(Ada Parsel Sorgulaması)Turkey General ofCadastral Parcel Questionnaire (Parcel Enquiry)
SureFox Kiosk Browser Lockdown
SureFox uses Android Device Administratorpermission for advanced lockdown features.SureFox is a lockdown browser you can use for controlling what websites your users can browse on Android tablets and smartphones.This can be very useful if you want to deploy Android tablets inpublic areas such as restaurants, cabs, trade shows, conferences,libraries, schools, hospital waiting lounges, field force etc andyou want to ensure that the users can only access allowed websiteand nothing else on the tablets.Now remotely manage SureFox settings on large number of devicesusing remote device management Features:* Kiosk mode secure browser for Android Tablets andSmartphones* Restrict users to browse only selected websites* Private Browsing Option (session, cookies, cache data are notstored)* Enable/Disable Zoom feature* Show/Hide Title bar* Reload page on user inactivity or idle timeout* Option to disable auto suspend feature (Keep device alwayspowered ON)* Schedule device sleep and wakeup (Saves power and screen)* Custom Error Pages* Lock screen orientation to Landscape, Portrait or othermodes* Tabbed browsing* Configurable context or shortcut menu with browser commands* Extended JavaScript APIs offered by SureFox* Rapidly deploy or modify SureFox configuration on large number ofdevices over the air using http url, cloud service or SureMDM(* Built-in File download manager* Create Categories of URLs on home page for easiernavigation* Hide Bottom bar and notification panel on Samsung devices 4.2.2and rooted devices with Android 3.0 and above.* Password protected access to browser settings* Browse local web pages on the device* Fullscreen mode* HTML5 Support* Screensaver (Display image or system wallpaper asscreensaver)* Flash Support till Android 4.3* Complete device Lockdown preventing users from accessing anyother apps or settings (Pro Version)SureFox Licensing OptionsSureFox Basic license: Enables feature to allow users to accessonly whitelisted websites. But the user can also access and launchother apps on the device. This license is useful when used inconjunction with our SureLock product.SureFox Pro License: Enables full lockdown of the device so thatthe users can access only whitelisted websites and nothing else onthe device. Access to other apps is completely blocked (KioskMode). User cannot quit SureFox. Even rebooting the device does notquit SureFox. It starts automatically after the reboot.Note: Free version has some limitations but you can try bothBasic and Pro version features. Purchase a Basic or Pro license toactivate full version functionality. In case of any questions orissues please contact us at more about SureFox at out online documentation at with usLinkedin: queries write to us at
With 1Channel, you gain complete visibilityinto your field operations. The app helps you to collect all typesof information from field including daily attendance, secondary andtertiary sales, stock availability, visual merchandising deploymentimages, store signage tracking, campaign execution etc. Thisinformation is validated through geo-location and time-stamp. Theweb interface is primarily used to set up the configurationoptions, to manage master data and to view real-time actionablereports and charts generated by in-built analytics platform.Some of the retail execution activities supported by 1Channelare:In store salesStock availabilityChannel salesVisual merchandisingCampaign executionMarket working for supervisorsActionable in-app reports
Groupon Merchants
Groupon, Inc.
The new GrouponMerchant app lets merchantsmanage their Groupon campaign directly from their smartphone. Usethe GrouponMerchant app to:Scan and redeem Groupons using your phone’s cameraView customer feedback and share rave reviews on your social mediapagesTo get started, download the app and sign in with your merchantcredentials.
TwinLogix srl
CassaNova is a cutting-edge App, for Androidand iPad, that will enable you to replace your bulky and obsoletecash registers with a tablet, handy, easy to use and highlyperformant.All the traditional features of your old cash register will beavailable on CassaNova but, moreover, you will benefit fromadditional advantages such as: handiness, operating speed, chanceto work in mobility and so much more.CassaNova fits any business due to its high configurationcapabilities and customization. Intuitive and user-friendly, userswill meet a completely new way of working with cash registers,easier and more functioning!CassaNova lets you track your inventory, including quantities andpricing. You can update your stocks level and set the relatedwarning thresholds by tapping or using a barcode scanner. Inputtingyour inventory and setting up your cash register has never beeneasier!Furthermore you will be able to track and analyze live sale datausing a wide array of complete and clear reports.Cassanova takes into account of those operators who work in closeconnection with electronic scales, so with the new release it willbe possible to connect Cassanova with scales of different brands incheckout mode.Cassanova will help you to increase the productivity of your pointof sale. With a simple download you will benefit from a cashregister equipped with all the necessary features for your store’ssuccess!
Cool Note Notepad & Emoji Font
Cool apps
A simple, classic notepad with emoji, fonts,color customization as you like!*Features*★ Funcy emoji symbols★ Funcy fonts, typefaces★ Organize notes by color★ Organize notes in folders★ Supports online back up and sync★ Sticky note widget on your home (2x2, 4x4)★ Backup notes to sd storage★ Reminder for TO DO LIST★ Send note shortcut to home★ Share notes via SMS, email, facebook, twitter etc.Cool Notes Notepad is based on open source app "MIUI Notes".Find more information: me if you have problems!
What is AVTECH EagleEyes(Lite)?AVTECH EagleEyes(Lite) is a free application for all valuedcustomer of AVTECH Corporation only.EagleEyes(Lite) is very easy and convenient to use, a powerfulfeature with user-friendly interface design.**********************************************Note: this version only support 4 devices.**********************************************Function description:1. Real-time live video streaming remote monitor IP-Camera andDVR/NVR Device(AVTECH product only).2. Support DVR/NVR single, Multi-channel monitor switching.3. Support TCP/IP protocol.4. Auto Re-login function after disconnect.5. Support video type such as MPEG4, H.264, H.265 forDVR/NVR/IPCAM.6. Support PTZ Control ( Normal / Pelco-D / Pelco-P ).7. Display Video Loss / Cover channel.8. Support Push Video.Touch panel function description :1. One touch to switch the channel.2. One touch to control PTZ Hot-Point.3. Double click to Max Zoom In/Out.4. Two finger pinch to PTZ Zoom In/Out.About AVTECH Corporation:To provide the most competitive products is the best accomplishmentAVTECH Corporation achieved these years,it also enabled AVTECH Corporation to be the winner in themarket.AVTECH Corporation will continue to combine the distributionexperience of a semiconductor component and the leading supplieradvantages of security surveillance.With these advantages, AVTECH Corporation insists its technologydeveloping and keep promoting its digitalization, integration, andnetworking products.AVTECH will provide worldwide customers the best price, bestfunctions, and best service.
Duo Mobile
Duo Mobile works with Duo Security'stwo-factor authentication service to make logins more secure. Theapplication generates passcodes for login and can receive pushnotifications for easy, one-tap authentication.Additionally, you can use Duo Mobile to manage two-factorauthentication for other application and web services that make useof passcodes.Note: For Duo accounts, Duo Mobile needs to be activated and linkedto your account before it will work. You will receive an activationlink as part of Duo's enrollment process. You may add third-partyaccounts at any time.Additionally, we will request access to use your camera for thesole purpose of scanning QR codes when activating accounts.Accounts can be activated by other methods if you choose not to doso.License agreements for third-party Open Source libraries used inDuo Mobile can be found at the latest Terms and Conditions see
Oilfield Lease Locator LSD NTS
Developed in Alberta for the Alberta oil patchand neighboring provinces.- Easy to use - shows you the map right as you enter alocation- Remembers every search in history, so you can quickly find pastlocations- Lat/Long coordinates (worldwide)- LSD coordinates (Alberta + Saskatchewan)- NTS coordinates ( BC British Columbia)- UWI & UTM coordinates- Get DRIVING DIRECTIONS - Google based turn by turn navigation,allows you to choose routes,Your only true solution! Made for the Oil & Gas industry, thisLease Locator / LSD Finder will get you to site!
Advisors2Go: MSI Global
Advisors2Go is the directory app of MSI GlobalAlliance (MSI). If you are looking for expert guidance to help youachieve your international goals, MSI member firms can provide allthe support you need, wherever you choose to do business. This appenables you to quickly find and contact accountants, auditors, taxadvisors and lawyers of MSI member firms worldwide.The app does NOT require a WIFI or 3G/4G connection to work andwill allow you to browse and search our international directory bycountry, city and by the type of firm you are looking for (law,accounting, tax, audit, specialist, or offshore).About MSIMSI is one of the world's leading international associations ofindependent legal and accounting firms with over 250 carefullyselected member firms in more than 100 countries. MSI was formed in1990 in response to the growing need for cross-border co-operationbetween professional services firms.We recognise that a wide range of professional advice is oftenneeded when conducting business overseas. This is why we bringtogether member firms with knowledge and experience in a wide rangeof disciplines. MSI member firms provide local expertise and globalreach to a wide variety of clients in many differentindustries.We carefully select a single MSI full-service legal and accountingmember firm in each jurisdiction. Our member firms work closelytogether to provide integrated, multidisciplinary services to meeteach client's legal and regulatory obligations and growthambitions. MSI employs a meticulous selection and due diligenceprocess to ensure that our member firms include only the highestquality, full-service firms. Membership isBENEFITS* Search to quickly find the member firms in 105 countries* View over 250+ firm profiles* Email or phone MSI members directly* Zoom into office locations using maps* Easily share and add MSI contacts to Outlook or your iPhoneaddress book* Most features do not require web access
Epson TM Utility
This app enables you to setup wirelessconnection, configure printer settings and print sample receiptsfrom your Android phone or tablet to the Epson receiptprinter.Features-Print sample receipt-Print customized receipt-Observe printer status-Configure printer settings-Easy print by NFC/QR code-Setup wizard (Wireless LAN / Bluetooth)-Firmware updateSupported Printers-TM-H6000V-TM-m10-TM-m30-TM-P20-TM-P60-TM-P60II-TM-P80-TM-T20II-TM-T20II-m-TM-T70II-TM-T88V-TM-T88VI-TM-T88VI-iHUB-TM-U220 Wi-FiSupported Customer Displays-DM-D30Interface-Wireless LAN-BluetoothRevision HistoryVer.3.7.0- Added the support printer. (TM-H6000V)- Fixed bugs.Ver.3.6.0- Support Android 8.Ver.3.5.0- Added the Privacy Policy link.Ver.3.4.0- Added the support printer. (TM-T88VI-iHUB)- Support Android 7.0.Ver.3.3.0- Support Korean.Ver.3.2.0- Added the support language.- Added the firmware update function.- Support the setting of 'Pre-feed before next print' for TM-m10and TM-m30.Ver.3.1.1- Support Android 6.0.Ver.3.1.0- No changes in function. Added the support printer in Japan.Ver.3.0.0- Added the support printer. (TM-m10 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, TM-m30)- Added the support customer display. (DM-D30)- Added the support language.Ver.2.6.0- Added the support printer. (TM-m10 Ethernet).Ver.2.5.0- Support settings of Automatic Reduction of Paper.Ver.2.4.0- Support Android 5.1.- Fully supported TM-U220 Wi-Fi (including Printer Settings).Ver.2.3.0- Support Android 5.0.- Added the support printer. (TM-U220 Wi-Fi , except for PrinterSetting)- Add 'Compress the image' option in Custom Receipt.- Fix the problem that cannot download to the tablet device withoutback camera (e.g., Nexus 7(2012), Acer B1-710).Ver2.2.0- Added the support printer. (TM-T20II-m)Ver2.1.0- Added the function to guide the connection with wireless LAN andBluetooth by easy wizard.- Added the function to select printer and print by NFC/QRcode.- Added the support printer. (TM-P20)Ver2.0.0- Added the function to configure printer settings.
스마트택배 - 모든 택배조회, 쇼핑관리, 스미싱 차단
★국내 택배조회 앱 다운로드 1위,★사용자 리뷰 평점 1위 : 4.7★ 2013, 2014 연속 구글 Play 최고의 앱 BEST 선정 (국내 유일 2년 연속 선정)★ 2014 2월 구글플레이 인기개발자 선정★- 구글 플레이 인기개발자는 구글이 선정한 우수한 앱에게만 부여되는 뱃지입니다.★ 2013 구글 Play 앱 어워즈 선정 ★- 스마트택배가 구글플레이에서 빛난 올해의 앱으로 선정되었습니다.★ 2013. 10, 11월 구글 Play 추천앱 선정★ 제3회 코리아 모바일 어워드 베스트앱 공모전 우수상 수상 (SK플래닛상)★ 제1회 글로벌 아틀라스앱 상 수상 (중소기업청)★ 투썬 투자기업 선발대회 우수상 수상 (투썬인베스트먼트)★ 우수청년창업사례 선정 (중소기업청)★ 2013년 으뜸기업 선정(중소기업진흥공단)★ Google Play Store 생활 편의 앱 특집 선정!!!★스마트택배의 인기를 사칭한 스미싱이 극성을 부리고 있습니다. 꼭 여기!! 구글플레이에서 다운받으셔야 합니다.◎ 국내 최대 32개 택배사 지원!!!!◎ 택배 SMS, LMS 자동 인식, 송장등록, 배송추적 (LMS 인식은 일부 기기 제외)◎ 세계 최초 택배 자동 배송추적&푸시알림 서비스!!◎ 제휴업체는 송장등록에서 배송추적 전 과정이 자동화!!◎ 여러 쇼핑몰의 구매정보를 모아보는 쇼핑다이어리 기능 제공!!◎ 갤럭시 기어S 노티피케이션 추가 Gear_Rich_Notifications==================================★☆ 스마트택배의 특징 ★☆1. "택배가 어디까지 왔는지 자동 추적하여 푸시메시지로 알려드립니다."택배 어디 있나 궁금해서 앱을 들낙날락 하는 번거로움..이젠 스마트택배가 “종결”시켜드립니다.배송조회가 지원되는 32개 택배사의 목록은 아래와 같습니다.국내에서 서비스되는 모든 택배사 조회 가능(조회 안 되는 택배사가 있으면 연락주세요..)2."더 놀라운 기능!! 운송장번호 완전 자동등록"- 택배 배송정보가 담긴 SMS, LMS를 수신하는 경우, 운송장 자동 등록- 택배 SMS, LMS가 오지 않는 경우에도 자동 등록"제휴된" 택배사나 쇼핑몰인 경우에는 전화번호로 검색해서 운송장 자동등록(제휴 택배사 및 쇼핑몰은 점점 늘어나고 있으니 공지사항을 참고하세요.)3. "쇼핑 다이어리" 기능쇼핑몰의 아이디와 패스워드를 직접 입력해서 배송정보를 스마트택배로 가져와 관리할 수 있습니다.배송 정보 뿐만 아니라 상품 내역도 일목요연하게 관리할 수 있습니다.여기 저기 쇼핑한 내역을 한자리에 모아서 보는 혁신적인 쇼핑 다이어리 기능입니다.4. “택배 예약" 기능편의점/우체국에 무거운 짐을 들고 방문할 필요 없이 편리하게 집에서 택배를 보낼 수 있습니다.앱에서 간편하게 접수하고 방문기사님께서 오시면 상품을 보내시면 됩니다.전국 어디서나 4,000원 균일가로 배송이 가능합니다.(140cm, 20kg이하, 선불 4,000원)★☆ 설치 방법 ★☆1. 스마트택배를 정상적으로 이용하기 위해서는 설치 과정에서 쇼핑몰(혹은 택배사)에 등록된 휴대폰 전화번호를 정확하게기재하시고, SMS 인증절차를 거쳐야 합니다.제휴사인 경우 스마트택배는 고객님께서 등록하신 전화번호를 바탕으로 고객님의 택배정보를 검색하기 때문입니다.2. 고객님께서 제공한 휴대폰 전화번호는 개인정보취급방침에 의해 엄격하게 보안이 유지되며, 고객의 사전동의 없이는 어떠한경우라도 광고 등에 이용되지 않습니다.★☆ 참고 사항 ★☆▷ 서비스의 정확도- 본 서비스는 택배사 및 쇼핑몰에서 제공하는 배송정보에 기반하여 제공되므로, 상기 정보의 정확성에 대해서는 해당택배사나 쇼핑몰에 문의 하셔야 합니다.- 택배 배송정보 갱신이 너무 잦은 경우, 빈번한 푸시메시지 발송으로 오히려 고객을 귀찮게 할 수도 있기 때문에 주요배송 정보만 푸시메시지로 발송될 수 있습니다.- 이상과 같은 이유로 스마트택배의 푸시메시지는 택배 배송 과정의 모든 단계마다 발송되지 않을 수도 있습니다.- 택배사에서는 통상 고객에게 물건이 배송된 이후 배송완료로 정보를 업데이트하므로, 완료 메시지는 택배를 받은 이후에수신되는 것이 일반적입니다. (저녁 이후에 일괄 업데이트되는 경우가 많습니다.)- 따라서, 택배 배송완료로 푸시메시지를 받았는데도 물건을 받지 못한 경우에는 택배사나 담당 배송원에게 문의하시기바랍니다. (이렇게 하시면 분실의 위험을 크게 감소시킬 수 있습니다.)▷ 푸시메시지의 도달율- 푸시메시지는 통신 트래픽이 많은 서비스이므로 통신사, 택배사, 혹은 쇼핑몰의 사정에 의해서 일부 배송정보만 전달될수도 있습니다.- 푸시메시지는 구글과 통신사의 사정에 의해서 메시지 수신이 지연될 수도 있습니다.▷ 안심번호 관련- 현재, 050 안심번호를 이용하는 고객님께는 핸드폰 기기를 식별할 수 없으므로 본 배송조회 푸시서비스가 제공되지않습니다. 향후, 이 문제가 해결되면 추가 공지하겠습니다.★☆ 앱 접근 권한 안내 ★☆정보통신망 이용촉진 및 정보보호 등에 관한 법률 제 22조의2에 따라 ‘앱 접근 권한’ 에 대한 동의를 받고 있으며스마트택배 앱에서 요청하는 권한 중 선택적 접근권한은 동의하지 않아도 서비스 이용이 가능합니다.[필수적 접근 권한]1. SMS : 이용자의 문자함에 택배사명 및 송장번호가 있는지 확인하여 배송목록을 제공하기 위해 사용하는권한입니다.2. 저장공간 : 이용자 이력 데이터의 저장 및 백업을 통해 지속적인 서비스를 제공하기 위해 사용하는권한입니다.3. 전화 : 택배사를 통한 배송조회시 이용자의 택배가 맞는지 확인하는 용도로 사용하는 권한입니다.[선택적 접근 권한]1. 사진 : 이용자가 앱을 통해 1:1 문의 시 정확한 문의접수를 위해 사진 첨부 기능을 이용하기 위해 사용하는권한입니다.2. 주소록 : 구글 계정을 통한 데이터의 백업/복원에 이용하거나, 1:1 문의 시 사용하는 권한입니다.----개발자 연락처 :02-704-1301서울특별시중구 퇴계로 18(남대문로5가)대우재단빌딩 9층
Business Dictionary
BusinessDictionary is a free easy-to-use FREEbusiness glossary with over 30,000 definitions that span acrosscritical business-related topics including entrepreneurship,management, small business, economics, human resources, recruiting,and corporate strategy. It's concise, clear, andcomprehensive.- Learn about related definitions, popular business definitions,and how to use business dictionary terms in a sentence- Access definition offline and on-the-go- Create and share flashcards to brush up on your businessvocabulary
Office Phone Ringtones HD
RCP Tones
The basic tones your Android device ismissing. Classic rings; elegant notification tones; professionalsounding beeps, alerts, and alarms. None of the pop songs or rudesound effects. Designed and mastered for your smartphone by RCP.100% AD FREE!Business Ringtones lets you preview, manage, and save 85 of themost office-appropriate tones from our library. You can assign yourringtones and notifications from the app or simply save all of thetones to your phone's memory or SD Card to use with the systemsettings.In short:· Professional business ringtones· Unique tones for text alerts· Interesting beeps, sequences, and chiming effects· No ads, popups, or malware· Full featured app with customer supportGUARANTEEProfessional ringtone design and dedicated customer service. Goodtones and smart apps. No ads or other annoyances! We never chargehidden or recurring fees or share your information. We do not spamor scam. If you ever have any problems, we want to help you!About Permissions: The use of permissions in this app is strictlyrelated to setting and saving ringtones. We guarantee the privacyof your personal information.SUPPORTWe pride ourselves on offering quick and helpful support to all ofour customers. If you have any trouble installing the ringtones,please contact our support team and we will help you get the tonesinstalled as quickly and easily as possible.Audio previews, support, and more are available©2015 RCP Ringtones