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Office Phone Ringtones HD
RCP Tones
The basic tones your Android device ismissing. Classic rings; elegant notification tones; professionalsounding beeps, alerts, and alarms. None of the pop songs or rudesound effects. Designed and mastered for your smartphone by RCP.100% AD FREE!Business Ringtones lets you preview, manage, and save 85 of themost office-appropriate tones from our library. You can assign yourringtones and notifications from the app or simply save all of thetones to your phone's memory or SD Card to use with the systemsettings.In short:· Professional business ringtones· Unique tones for text alerts· Interesting beeps, sequences, and chiming effects· No ads, popups, or malware· Full featured app with customer supportGUARANTEEProfessional ringtone design and dedicated customer service. Goodtones and smart apps. No ads or other annoyances! We never chargehidden or recurring fees or share your information. We do not spamor scam. If you ever have any problems, we want to help you!About Permissions: The use of permissions in this app is strictlyrelated to setting and saving ringtones. We guarantee the privacyof your personal information.SUPPORTWe pride ourselves on offering quick and helpful support to all ofour customers. If you have any trouble installing the ringtones,please contact our support team and we will help you get the tonesinstalled as quickly and easily as possible.Audio previews, support, and more are available©2015 RCP Ringtones
ViewEasyV2是一款通过P2P连接IPC和DVR视频录像机,在世界各处可实现即插即用的软件。ViewEasyV2通过设备UID连接视频,您无需做端口映射;设置IP等繁琐的工作。功能:1、支持无线wifi或3G网络观看视频2、支持多窗口播放视频3、支持用户添加编辑设备4、支持抓拍和查看视频截图5、支持录像和查看视频录像6、支持现云台控制7、支持横竖屏模式切换8、支持双向语音对讲9、支持数码变焦10、支持扫描二维码添加设备11、支持局域网添加设备ViewEasyV2 is aconnection IPC and DVR video recorder via P2P, in the entire worldcan plug and play software. ViewEasyV2 via device UID video, youneed to do port mapping; tedious work settings such as IP.Features:1, wireless wifi or 3G network to watch video2, support for multi-window play video3, support for users to add editing equipment4, support for video capture and view screenshots5, support for video recording and viewing video6, support PTZ control now7, support for horizontal and vertical screen mode switch8, support for two-way voice intercom9, digital zoom10, scan the QR code to add support equipment11, add the device supports LAN
Free Advertising Network
Free Advertising Network offers 100% free advertising online foryour business. The most efficient way to advertise online - all100% free.Simply create your ad, and instantly it will be displayed on ournetwork of hundreds of web sites, mobile applications, desktopapplications and even emails.Unlimited free advertising.Free ads include:- Free Text Ads- Free Horizontal Banner Ads- Free Vertical Banner Ads- Free Desktop Software Ads- Free Email Ads- Free Email MarketingFree SEO Software also available for download on ourwebsite.Happy Advertising!
Repsly Classic
Repsly, Inc.
What is Repsly?A Mobile CRM solution that simplifies processes for field teams andtheir managers, Repsly is changing the way people work around theglobe.Repsly was designed with the end-user in mind. Unlike othermobile CRM apps, Repsly makes mobile data collection, managingcustomer information, and scheduling visits simple and intuitive.Repsly is a virtual swiss-army knife for users in the field,offering incredible features such as appointment scheduling, custommobile form creation, and order taking capabilities.Features•Simple CRMRepsly's simple CRM features allow you to manage all of the datathat is important to your customer relationships. Track andorganize your customers using an unlimited number of custom fields,statuses and tags, all of which you manage yourself using ourintuitive and simple Mobile CRM interface.•Mobile Forms & Mobile Data CollectionBuild and modify your own mobile forms in Repsly. Control mobiledata collection in the field and organize it as you see fit.Repsly’s mobile forms are completely customizable, and allow for avariety of fields including photos, rich-text, and date.•GPS Location TrackingRepsly allows you to add Location and Time tags to every action youtake, enabling you to analyze how efficiently you are working, andhow well your territory is being covered. Gain complete visibilityinto your activities throughout the day and develop insights aroundwhere specific actions are or are not taking place.•Photo CaptureRepsly's photo capture software automatically geo-tags &organizes pictures that you take, so you can analyze and share themimmediately. Manage an unlimited number of photos that areautomatically tagged with time, location & customer.•Appointment Scheduling SoftwareAppointment scheduling software allows you to manage your calendarand to set appointments directly from your mobile device. Replaceyour clunky appointment scheduling app with a sleek andsynchronized alternative. View your calendar and add or edit visitsto ensure that your time is being used efficiently.•Order ManagementRepsly's order management system lets you create accurate orders inthe field that are automatically connected to the right customerand sent back to the web app in real-time.•Electronic SignatureUsing the Repsly electronic signature feature, you can gatherelectronic signatures from your clients on forms and orders. Thisproof of service feature allows clients to authorize billing orconfirm that a task has been completed, and enables you to getsigned confirmation that they approved of work completed.•Time Tracker & Mileage TrackerRepsly's time tracker feature automatically records the time youspend on every client visit, and exactly when you complete everyactivity. With the mileage tracker feature enabled, you can reportyour start and end of day odometer readings easily. If you needmore detail, you can easily capture that information with Repslymobile forms!Who uses Repsly Mobile CRM?Repsly is ideal for users that visit a set of existing customers ona recurring basis to perform some sort of function, such as takingreplenishment orders, merchandising products on retail shelves,marketing for referrals, or performing regular maintenance. Thissolution enables users to improve the efficiency of their fieldwork, and greatly simplifies the collection and analysis of fielddata. As a result, Repsly’s solution helps users create a tightconnection between the field and back-office operations.Get started using Repsly free today. Start using the mobile CRMsolution that users around the world have chosen to help them withappointment scheduling, mobile data collection, and more!
КонсультантПлюс: основные документы«КонсультантПлюс: основные документы» - некоммерческий проекткомпании «КонсультантПлюс».В приложении в любое время доступна наиболее востребованнаяправовая информация: Конституция РФ, кодексы РФ, основные правовыеакты федерального законодательства, обзоры новых документов исправочные материалы.Кроме этого в выходные и праздничные дни, а также в вечернее времяпо будням для пользователей сняты ограничения на доступ красширенной базе документов, а это:• федеральное законодательство РФ;• законодательство Москвы и Санкт-Петербурга;• судебная практика;• финансовые консультации;• законопроекты, международные правовые акты и другиедокументы.Для работы без доступа в интернет можно заранее поставить закладкина любой документ или его часть, так что нужный кодекс или законвсегда будут под рукой. Документы с закладками сохраняются вразделе «Избранное».Приложение содержит полезные сведения по многим вопросам:• защита прав потребителей;• как заплатить налог, налоговые льготы и вычеты;• защита трудовых прав, трудовой договор;• право собственности, оформление и защита имущественныхправ;• штрафы за административные правонарушения, в том числе штрафы занарушение ПДД;• право на получение материнского капитала и др.Профессиональный бухгалтер, юрист или кадровик, а такжеруководители найдут в приложении необходимую справочную информацию(календарь бухгалтера, производственный календарь, правовойкалендарь, ставки налогов, курсы валют). Вся информация ежедневнообновляется. Изменения сохраненных на устройство документовзагружаются автоматически.Информацию легко найти с помощью Быстрого поиска. Достаточноуказать название документа, например: «конституция РФ», «44 ФЗ»,«закон о полиции», «бюджетный», «семейный», «гражданский» или«земельный кодекс». Поиск понимает разговорные слова и общепринятыесокращения (коап, гпк, гк рф 2017, ук, нк, упк, ндс). Например,можно набрать «тк» вместо «трудовой кодекс» или «ндфл» вместо«налог на доходы физических лиц». Кратко опишите ситуацию, как винтернет-поисковике, и начните изучать её (например, «обязательныйаудит малых предприятий»). Использовать сокращения можно и припоиске конкретной части документа, например, «ст 158 ук рф» или «ст77 тк рф».Расширенный поиск поможет найти документы по известным реквизитам(дата принятия НПА, принявший орган, вид документа: закон, проект,постановление и пр.). Доступны тексты в любой редакции, даже cизменениями, не вступившими в силу. При помощи кнопки i на поляхможно получить разъяснения (дополнительные документы) к абзацу илистатье документа.Ориентироваться в больших документах (таких как гражданский,налоговый или уголовный кодексы) поможет оглавление и поиск потексту документа. Из справки к документу можно уточнить особенностии порядок его применения, период действия текущей редакции.Приложение создано компанией «КонсультантПлюс» – разработчикомсамой популярной справочной правовой системы КонсультантПлюс(согласно исследованию ВЦИОМ 2016 г.).Подробнее о приложении -Присоединяйтесь к КонсультантПлюс в социальных сетях• Facebook -• ВКонтакте -• Одноклассники - keydocuments"Consultant: basic documents" - a non-profit project of"Consultant".The application is available at any time of the most demanded legalinformation: The Constitution of the Russian Federation, theRussian codes, basic provisions of the federal legislation, reviewsof new documents and reference materials.In addition to weekends and holidays, as well as in the evening onweekdays for users taken on the basis of the expanded access todocuments limitations, and this:• Federal law of the Russian Federation;• Moscow Law and St. Petersburg;• arbitrage practice;• financial advice;• laws, international instruments and other documents.To work without Internet access can be pre-set bookmarks on anydocument or part of it, so that the correct code or the law willalways be on hand. The documents with bookmarks are saved in the"Favorites" section.The app contains useful information on many issues:• consumer rights Protection;• How to pay tax, tax benefits and deductions;• protection of labor rights, the labor contract;• the ownership, registration and protection of propertyrights;• fines for administrative violations, including penalties forviolation of traffic rules;• the right to receive maternity capital, and others.A professional accountant, lawyer or hiring manager, and executiveswill find in annex the necessary background information (accountantcalendar, calendar production, calendar legal, tax rates, currencyexchange rates). All information is updated daily. Changes in thedocuments stored on the device are automatically loaded.The information is easy to find with a quick search. It is enoughto specify the name of the document, such as "the constitution ofthe Russian Federation", "44 Law", "Law on Police", "budget","family", "civil" or "Land Code". Search understand spoken wordsand common abbreviations (the Administrative Code, Code of CivilProcedure, 2017 of the Civil Code, the Criminal Code, the Tax Code,the Criminal Procedure Code, VAT). For example, you can type"maybe" instead of "labor law" or "PIT" instead of "tax on personalincome." Briefly describe the situation as the online searchengine, and start studying it (for example, "the statutory audit ofsmall enterprises"). Use reduction is possible and the search forspecific parts of the document, for example, "Article 158 of theCriminal Code" or "Article 77 of the Labour Code."Advanced Search helps you find documents on known details (date ofthe PPA who took the body of the document: the law, the draftdecree and so forth.). Available texts in any version, even cchanges do not take effect. Using the i button on the explanationcan be obtained fields (additional documents) to a paragraph orsection of a document.To be guided in large documents (such as the civil, tax or criminalcodes) to help table of contents and search the text of thedocument. From the reference to the document, you can specify thefeatures and the procedure for its application, the actions of thecurrent revision period.The app is created by "Consultant" - the developer of the mostpopular reference legal system Consultant (according to a survey byVTsIOM 2016).More details about the application - Consultant in social networks• Facebook -• VKontakte -• Classmates -
Cellica Database WiFi MS Access,SQLServer form
Use MS Access, MS SQL Server, My SQL, Oracle,MS Excel databases on your android.Carrying the databases from your Server/PC on the SmartPhone isnever been so easy.- With Cellica Database, read & write to any desktop sidedatabase Wirelessly with your Android Phone/Tablet(using localWiFi, VPN or USB/WiFi Tethering).- Synchronize the changes on device and in desktop database,wirelessly and instantly.- You will always have the most current information at yourfingertips.Download & install desktop software on windows based PC fromthe following link. our clients says:• No changes require in existing database design for syncingdirectly with database, which helps it be the easiest, mostuser-friendly solution available.• View and update data on device, which will reflect to Serverdatabase immediately while in network.• Supports offline access to data and Changes will be synchronizedlater once network is available.• Synchronize Table/View or Stored Procedure of yourdatabase.• Only the changed data is synchronized in compressed and encryptedformat, resulting in reduced wireless data traffic and improvesbattery life of the devices.• “Change Detection Logic” searches only updated data in desktopdatabase and device to synchronize it.• No record or size limit. It depends on space available ondevice’s internal memory(/SD card).• Use SQL Select queries, Filters and Sorts to refine specific dataset.• Supported Databases: Microsoft Access(*.mdb,*.accdb)(97 andonwards), Microsoft Excel(*.xls,*.xlsx)(97 & onwards), Oracle,SQLServer, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FoxPro, dBase, R:BASE,Sybase,FileMaker Pro, Firebird & any ODBC Compliant RelationalDatabase.• Password protection for Profiles/Forms(SOHO/Enterprise Edition)& Application.• Make a phone call for the selected field's numericcontents.• Find and Find again option to search a record.• Data is secured as 128 bit AES use for Encryption.• Support Unicode language database such asJapanese/Chinese/German/ Russian etc.• Transfer data to SD Card or Main memory.• Supports Multi Record and Single Record View as default views forDatabase Profile on device.• Supports Form: Design Custom user interface using simple and easyto use form builder interface.• Design form on desktop with Label, TextBox, Button, Checkbox,Radio button, Combobox, DateTime, Page, Container, Location andShape controls.• Design a master/detail form or a parent/child form using subformcontrol.• Synchronize Image/Signature/PDF data with desktop database.• Supports Time/Stamp feature to find when user update particularrecord.• Supports Barcode Scan using inbuilt camera/External BarcodeScanner.• Use Print functionality on forms.• Create form in Portrait/Landscape modeExtra Features for SOHO/Enterprise Edition• Set permissions for each users like Add/Edit/Delete records foreach “Database Profile” and Sync Permissions to specify one waysync or both way sync to Control device side records updatescapabilities for individual users.• NFC Scan.• Macro Programming feature.• Graphs(Pie, Bar,Cluster,Stack,Area,Line).User Guide: side is free to download. User needs to purchase desktopsoftware after 10 days evaluation period. Cost of desktop softwareis $44.99Purchase the full version software from the following link. steps for initial synchronization setting between desktop anddevice. you have a Firewall on your computer,open a port in Firewallusing following steps.- Open Control Panel-> Windows Firewall->Exceptions(Tab)-> "Add Port" -> "Add a port" dialog.- Select the "TCP" option.- Name this port information in "Name" Textbox and Add "8585" in"Port number" textbox.
원콜에서 제공하는 차주를 위한 업무지원 프로그램입니다.콜센터에서 등록한 화물정보를 차주가 안드로이드폰으로 실시간 정보를 조회해 볼 수 있기 때문에 차주는 화물정보에 대한 보다빠르고 정확한 실시간 정보를 제공받을 수 있고, 원하는 화물을 직접 선택하여 배정받아 운송할 수 있는 장점이있습니다.The business supportprogram for borrowers provided by wonkol.Because the borrower cargo information registered in the callcenter to query real-time information available on Android phonesborrowers can receive fast, accurate, real-time information aboutthe cargo information, receive assignments by selecting the desiredgoods can be transported directly benefits There is.
VMware Boxer
VMware Boxer is the most innovative email,calendar and contacts app available on Android! Here’s what peopleare saying about our award-winning app:The Webby Awards Nominated Boxer for Best Mobile Productivity Appof the Year! ****** "This mail client is fast and efficient, and very smartlydesigned." - Dave Johnson, CBS Moneywatch ****** “The quick replies are pretty fantastic.” -Mat Honan, WIRED****** "Boxer has a whole set of tools for dealing with emails. You caneasily archive with a swipe, send instant auto responses, addemails to a to-do list, and ‘like’ incoming messages so people knowyou saw it without requiring an actual response." -ThorinKlosowski, Lifehacker *****Support available for Gmail, Outlook, Exchange (2007 and up),Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, & IMAP accounts.Boxer is a true email client and connects directly to your emailand never stores your email content or passwords on ourservers.Work Smarter• Boxer helps you work smarter and faster with features like bulkedit and quick replies, and with built-in calendar and contacts.Some other features we think you’ll love:• Combined Inbox: add multiple email accounts• Smart Folders: Boxer remembers where you like to file things forquick organization• Send Availability: Select and send your calendar availabilitywith just a few taps• Email Likes: Use “Like” to quickly acknowledge the sender’smessage• Files: View and manage downloaded attachments from allaccountsCustomize the ExperienceBoxer allows you to build your own experience with the ability tochoose your favorite account colors, turn features on/off such asconversation threading and much more. Some of our favoritesinclude:• Customized Swipes: Specify your swipe gestures to delete,archive, spam + 9 other options to choose from• Profile Pictures: See who your email is from and even personalizeyour contact pictures• Quick Replies: Write your own canned responses for the fastestresponse when on the goStay ConnectedIn the office or on the go, stay connected with features likeconference call dialing and setting Out of Office, marking favoritecontacts, and integrating with your favorite productivity appsright inside your inbox.• Evernote Integration: Send emails to Evernote with just atap• Calendar Integration: Swipe to accept/decline meetinginvites• Cloud Attachments: AirWatch Content Locker, Dropbox, Box, GoogleDrive support & moreProtect Your DataBoxer ensures your conversations, calendar invites and contactdetails are always secure.• Passcode and PIN: Secure your email with a passcode or PIN toensure data is secure and encrypted
Секреты Успешной Жизни
Жизнь имеет свои секреты. Эти секреты иопределяют наше качество жизни, счастье и успех. Каждый рождён бытьсчастливым и успешным, но не каждый знает, как этого достичь. Этоприложение откроет луч света на самые важные вопросы способныеперевернуть вашу жизнь, сделать её более яркой и продуктивной,добиться поставленных целей и найти “Что же такое счастье”.На страницах этого приложения вы найдёте советы от всемирноизвестных людей, воплотивших свои мечты в реальность. А такжеключевые ответы на вопросы в таких направлениях, как: Саморазвитие,Успешность, Продуктивность, Тайм Менеджмент, Бизнес,Взаимоотношение и ещё множество других полезных техник и практик вразличных сферах нашей жизни.Life has its own secrets.These secrets and determine our quality of life, happiness andsuccess. Everyone is born to be happy and successful, but noteveryone knows how to do it. This application opens a ray of lighton the most important issues can turn your life, to make itbrighter and more productive, achieve their goals and find the"What is happiness".On the pages of this application you will find tips from renownedpeople to realize their dreams into reality. And the answers to thekey questions in areas such as: Personal development, success,productivity, time management, business, relationships and manyother useful techniques and practices in different areas of ourlives.
Policy Tracker
Policy Tracker is a very useful and fast wayto use most common LIC tools used by LIC Professionals.Main Features:* Policy Status* Policy Loan* Policy Surrender* Policy Revival* Policy Statement* ULIP Policy Surrender* Doctor Locator* Branch Locator* Bank Details* PAN Card Status* Agent Portal Services* D.O. Portal Services* CLIA Portal Services* Offline Premium Calculator
Работа в интернете без вложений
RDW Media
Effective job search with the officialapplication of the portal Work ru ( Thanks to theapplication, you can quickly find work in Moscow, St. Petersburg,Nizhny Novgorod and other cities of Russia. About 140 thousandoffers from employers on the screen of your smartphone!Using the Work app ( you will be able to:- respond to the suggestions you like;- View responses from direct employers;- update the publication date of the resume;- create subscriptions for interesting vacancies;- to receive useful information on employment in the section"Tips", where the articles of the portal are collected;Ask yourself, "Are I looking for a job there"? In our updatedapplication for you there is any work, and a convenient system offilters will allow you to perform a job search, with an acceptablesalary, in different regions of Russia: St. Petersburg (SPB),Nizhny Novgorod, Lipetsk, Kazan, Surgut.
BS Forklifts
BS Forklifts Online inventory management app:this app shows actual items in stock and provides instant access todetailed information on the item, like photo, age, condition, andcapacity.The app will automatically indicate updates in out inventory bydisplaying a notification with the number of new items.BS Forklifts has over twenty years experience buying and sellingboth new and used materials handling equipment with businesscontacts all over the world.
Webgate Inc.
# About WebEye: WebEye, WEBGATE mobile application, allows all valued users tomonitor and control all WEBGATE products, under mobile deviceenvironment, at anywhere and anytime.New features in version 3.12.1. Live UI features have been integrated.2. N1080 camera settings features added.3. Other issues are fixed.What's New in Version 3.101. The P2P functionality has been improved.2. Support for third-party IP cameras connected to the DVR.3. Other problems have been fixed.#Additional major functions in V3.6Minor Bugs are resolved#Additional major functions in V3.41. Playback Calendar is added2. Playback' UI has changed3. N1080PT-IR-Z20B can be seen4. Audio function is added to Live/Playback (Hi-Silicon deviceonly)5. Stream Names have changed to"High-resolution/Low-resolution"6. High-Resolution is default stream in Live#Additional major functions in V3.2a.Support unit with P2P functionb.Support HS, HSC model seriesi.New model HS1600F-D, HSC1601F-D, HSC801F-Dc.Bug fixed and improved stability#Additional major functions in V3.0a. The way of choosing DVR’s channel is changed.i. DVR's whole channels are shown in one screen.b. Playback function is newly addedi. You can get to the playback mode from live monitoring modeii. You can get to the playback mode from event logsiii. Playback is provided with 2 streams (High/Medium) according tothe DVR modelc. You can also see the logs of DVRs which are registered toWinRDS.#Additional major functions in V2.21. In case multiple IPs are assigned, they can be registeredrepeatedly in one device2. When adding new unit, registration is enabled with no need tofill out all unit’s information.3. Search and Access function of HDC401M is enabled.4. Image broken/close issues in unit search through WRS areresolved.# v2.0 Updated Major Features1. Streaming service :Video streaming is supported. But its performance totally dependson each -own network environment.(Max CIF at 30fps, Half at 16fps, D1 at 10fps, 720p at 2fps, 1080pat 2fps (HD works under Client Pulling mode) ,2. Streaming Selection : In single channel view, user can selectstream type.,3. Support WinRDS(TM)4. D-Zoom(x4) : Pinch to zoom and thumbnail view box forD-zoom5. Event log search by time : user can search event log by timebase.6. Multi language support - 8 countries in total.(English/French/Italian/Spanish/Russian/Japanese/Chinese/Korean)7. Fixed all minor bugs.# Supported Android Product- All Android ModelsBut it is tested only on Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, GalaxyNote2, Galaxy Note 10.1Optimus 3D, Optimus LTE2# Supported Android version- Android 2.3 or Upper# Supported eDVR productsMH1600H/MH1600M/MH3200M (Touch Series) F/W v3.0.24 or UpperMH1600H F/W v2.16.2 or UpperEH1600L/EH800M/400H (H.264 Series) F/W v2.16.2 or UpperLH1600C/LH800L (H.264 Series) F/W v2.16.2 or UpperMD1600H/MD1600M/MD3200M - F/W v2.6.9 or UpperHD400H /HD800H - F/W v3.14.7 or UpperHD1600M/HDC400M - F/W v3.18.0 or UpperHDC400M - F/W v4.0.0 or UpperWinRDS v1.0 or Upper
** This app is free to download, forsubscribed users of **TimeDock keeps you up to date with real-time job timesheets,forcing your team leaders into the habit of clocking staff in atthe point of doing work.Stop chasing timesheets last minute before payday, and compile yourlabor positioning reports at the click of a button at (Premium Account or Trial required to use thisapp).Suitable for...Remote team-based workforceEach employee carries an ID card with a Barcode or NFC tag thenthey approach the designated person when they start work who clocksthem in. Then, at the end of the day, they present their ID card toclock out. Great for construction crews, agriculture, service teamsand other wage-based organisations with designated personsresponsible for tracking hours worked.Fixed-premisesInstall a modular wall-mounted Wifi time clock that uses the sameID cards as our mobile app. Or optionally install your own tabletto the wall with this app set to front-facing camera forself-service check-in as employees arrive.Repeatable laborCleaners, healthcare workers, security staff and others whoregularly visit set locations can check-in by scanning a fixed tagat each location to create a new jobsheet entry with their hoursassigned. Review in job-sheet format with total hours per repeatedjob.Top reasons to choose• Scales from 1 to 1000's, without diminishing workflow.• Lets you react to labor fluctuation and project overrun before ithappens.• Gives you real-time labor costing for key businessdecisions.• Eliminates the hassle of chasing timesheets and resolvingtimesheet errors.• Forces point-in-time workflow and actively fights timesheetlateness and consistency issues.• Modular architecture lets you integrate as many mobile devicesand wall-mounted punch clocks as you need, across many locationswith differing internet connectivity.• Works seamlessly online and offline.How this app works:1. Download the app and connect to a TimeDock account as atime-tracking device.2. Optionally pre-select a job code or activity code (configured bythe admin through the online web portal).3. Use the in-app camera to scan staff ID's as they arrive, or wavetheir NFC badges next to the NFC sensor, to clock into work. Repeatsteps 2-3 for switching jobs, then clock out at the end of theyday.What you'll get from the online web dashboard:• Instant timesheets for each employee and job. Plus timesheetoverview.• Positioning reports and analytics for configurable cost codes,activity types, tasks.• Manually adjust or enter hours missed.• Configurable CSV exports for sending time data directly topayroll applications.TimeDock's card-based interface is highly scalable, allowing theissue of thousands of ID cards and eliminating the need for manualinteraction at the point of recording time.Designed for payroll administrators, TimeDock gives you instantonline access to timesheets in real-time. Time can also be appliedto jobs on a job-sheet, allowing you to monitor in real-time totalhours worked on a specific job or location.Install any number of attendance clocks on any number of devicesand they all work together as employee time clock devices,collecting timesheet information for your central TimeDock account.Unlike your traditional punch clock, employees can check in fromone device and out another.* TimeDock software subscription required to use thisapplication.
CareerBuilder Job Search
Make job seeking easier withCareerBuilder’s job finder app. Search and apply for the mostup-to-date job postings from anywhere at your fingertips and beginyour career path.For over 20 years, CareerBuilder has put America to work, helpingmillions of people out of unemployment and find jobs without thehelp of a headhunter. Hundreds of thousands of employers find thetalent they need to succeed.No need to login to see the variety of positions available acrossthe country or local jobs nearby. Quickly apply to job listingsfrom your phone and manage your job search anytime, anywhere andyou might even find a job today!Customize Your Job Search:• Quickly and simply search jobs based on job title, location, orkeywords from our exhaustive list of available employmentopportunities• Find the nearest local job openings that best suit you fromcompanies hiring now or online jobs where you can work fromhome• We have jobs for all kinds of job seeker - part time jobs, remotejobs, jobs nearby and more• Filter results by salary, education, qualifications, experienceor the terms that matter the most to you and make the money youdeserveCreate an Account to Use our Job Tracker• Get the most out of your job search process and create aprofile• Let CareerBuilder recommend job openings that may be right foryou and create a job alert• See similar jobs to the ones you applied for and apply tomultiple jobs at onceUpload a Resume or Curriculum Vitae• Add a resume or CV to your profile with Dropbox, Google Drive,etc.• Let employers and companies bring their opportunities toyou• One tap Quick Apply instantly from within the appManage Your Job Applications• Track the jobs you’ve applied for and saved as favorites• View your job application history• Save jobs to view and apply later• Prepare for that upcoming interview and review the jobdescription details by pulling up your job applicationhistoryCareerBuilder’s Job Search app is the easiest way to find thejobs you want, send job applications, and manage your career searchfrom anywhere at any time The search starts today!
Linkry Professional Networking
Linkry is a professional networking app, Where Tinder meetsLinkedIn. It can be used on a day to day basis to discover relevantprofessionals near you or at events to optimize your networkingexperience. On Linkry, you’ll meet founders, engineers, designers,investors, advisers, marketers, mentors, and more. You might evenmake your next hire, find your next job, or close your nextbusiness deal on Linkry.
MonotaRO Calendar
You can view MonotaRO Desk Calendar with easy operation.Besides Category Sales Information, this apps allows you to checkour Daily Sales Information.--------------------Useful Functions--------------------- Category Sales Calendar.A Sales Calendar can be displayed both portrait andlandscape.Able to change the displayed month by flipping thescreen(portrait)- Daily Sales CalendarYou can tap the Category Titles to show Daily SalesInformation.- Special InformationYou can see our recommendations.* Network access will be required.You can quickly jump to web site by tapping Category or ProductName.(Calendar will be automatically updated if the network becomesaccessible)
Square Point of Sale - POS
Square, Inc.
Square Point of Sale (formerly Register) isthe free Android point-of-sale app that gives you everything youneed to take payments and run your business. Accept card paymentswith a Square Reader or Square Stand. Funds are deposited fast—seemoney in your bank account in one to two business days. UseSquare’s Android POS app to keep track of sales and inventory inreal time, manage items and employees, and view analytics aboutyour business. There are no long-term contracts, no commitments,and no surprise fees.FEATURESSquare Point of Sale (formerly Register) has everything you need tostart, run, and grow your business from your Android point-of-saledevice. Get the latest processing features for your merchantterminal with regular app updates.- Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express- Customers pay, tip, and sign right on your device- Record cash, gift cards, and other forms of tender- Send and track invoices from your device- Customize your products with photos, names, and prices- Send receipts via email or text message- Apply discounts and issue refunds- Access real-time sales data and complete sales history- Track inventory in real time- Use with Square Reader, the card reader for Android- Connect a receipt printer, kitchen ticket printer, bar codescanner, and cash drawerSQUARE DASHBOARDSign in to your web dashboard and view live sales data from yourAndroid POS app in seconds. You can access powerful analytics andeasy tools to help you track and improve your business.-----------------------------2.75% PER SWIPE IN THE U.SCharge $100, see $97.25 in your bank account. Accept Visa,MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards all at the samerate.NEXT-DAY DEPOSITSGet your money fast. Square deposits payments taken with theAndroid POS app into your bank account in one to two businessdays.FREE MOBILE CREDIT CARD READER FOR ANDROIDRequest your free Square card reader for Android at sign-up. Creditcard information is encrypted from start to finish.FREE POINT OF SALE FOR ANDROIDDownload Square Point of Sale free and seamlessly take paymentswith Square Reader, the cube-shaped card reader you can useanywhere.
mAsset fixed asset inventory
KCT Data
We have developed a mobile application, by using just the standardfunctions of today’s smart phones, to help you with the timeconsuming part of the physical asset check. It is, of course, fullyintegrated with mAsset ERP; this means the download of the assetlist and a continuous synchronization with the SAP system. Thecamera of the phone or tablet is being used as a bar code or QRscanner. You don’t have to buy expensive mobile devices withintegrated bar code readers, simply because you can use your owncompany smart phones or just purchase them for a relatively lowprice. This is because the application mAsset Mobile offers muchmore than just an easy and effective fixed asset check. You can,for example, create photo documentation or start using GPScoordinates (for property and inventory). All of this additionaldata is being continuously recorded in SAP together with otherresults of the physical asset check. This brings you even more time& cost savings (the property damage committee does not have tovisit location on site etc.)
LinkedIn Connected
The new LinkedIn Connected app is a fast, easy, and smarter way tostrengthen your professional relationships. Why is that important?Because most opportunities come from the people you already know,and fostering genuine relationships can help you be moresuccessful. Connected gives you relevant updates about the peopleyou know, so you can reach out when it matters most.So invest in your connections today for opportunitiestomorrow.• Know when to reach out. Get notified about jobs changes,birthdays, work anniversaries, & more.• Focus on the people who matter with relevant, timelyupdates.• Make a great impression and start better conversations withpre-meeting intelligence.• Build stronger relationships in just a few minutes a day.
Amazon Register
Effective October 30, 2015, we are no longeraccepting new customers. Existing customers can continue to useAmazon Register until February 1, 2016. We regret any inconveniencethat this may cause.You can find additional details in our FAQ:
Atlas Web Browser
NextApp, Inc.
Atlas is a web browser that lets you taketotal control of your mobile web browsing experience:* Use AdBlockPlus (EasyList) filters to remove web annoyances,advertising, and tracking. Filtering reduces data usage anddramatically improves performance and battery life whenbrowsing.* Use the “Control Panel” slide-out to control site behavior:quickly toggle between desktop and mobile views. Switch between"HI-FI" (full) and "LO-FI" (JavaScript-free) browsingexperiences.* Optional Plus add-on lets you save content filtering, experience,desktop/mobile settings and more on a per-website basis.* Free, Ad-free, and Invasion-of-privacy-free: NextApp will makemoney only on the *optional* paid add-on. Atlas DOES NOT collectinformation on your browsing habits or attempt to direct you topartner sites.* Material Design-based user interface.By removing undesired content and letting you take complete controlover your web experience, Atlas uses less data, lowering CPU usageand preserving battery life. Sites load more quickly as largeamounts of often poorly-written and inefficient JavaScript coderelated to advertising and tracking can be discarded.Additional features:* Dual-view mode (with paid Atlas+ add-on) adds the ability to viewtwo sites at once.* Content-centric UI: No UI is visible when browsing, all availablescreen is used for displaying site content.Privacy features:* Sandboxed Private Browsing: Private browsing runs in a separateprocess without any access to your cookies. This prevents thecookie leakage into private sessions that is common among otherthird-party browsers under Android KitKat.* Automatic search and suggestions from the location bar can bedisabled (or only enabled when you preface a query with a slash(“/”).Atlas follows NextApp's standard free/paid model: a well-featuredand ad-free free version with an optional paid add-on that offersmore capabilities. The paid "Plus" version adds:* Support for more than four tabs open at a time.* Dual-View mode to view two web sites at the same time.* The ability to remember your preferences on a per-site basis,such that specific web sites are retrieved in desktop/mobile modesor with or without content filtering enabled.The Plus license key may be downloaded here:
My Verizon Enterprise
Verizon - VZ
Access your Verizon account with ease, even when you’re on themove. The mobile version of Verizon Enterprise Center and MyBusiness lets you connect from your smartphone, making it easierfor you to manage your account from virtually anywhere, at anytime. Log on directly from your mobile device to:• Create, view, and update trouble tickets• View your managed network services inventory• Track order status milestones• Create and view bill inquiries• View wireless usage• Suspend and resume a wireless number• Reset wireless voicemail password• Change wireless user information and billing addressPlease Note: Access to online functions will vary based on yourassigned user role and customer type. Accessing Verizon EnterpriseCenter from a mobile device or tablet will not provide the sameoptions as the desktop version.
Demander - Força de venda
Atenção: Esta é uma versão de demonstração doproduto, apenas a versão de demonstração é gratuita.Caso queira testar o Demander com os dados reais de sua empresa,entre em contato conosco pelo e-mail outelefone: (51) 3714-7050 - (11) 4300-1049.O objetivo do Demander é melhorar o desempenho de sua equipe devendas, através da automatização do processo. Com ele, a suaempresa agiliza o processo de forma segura e incrementa a sualucratividade.O Demander é muito mais do que apenas um aplicativo de Força deVendas Mobile, ele é uma plataforma de vendas com integração comERP, sistema Web e Android.Principais funcionalidades do Demander Android:• Lista de Clientes com possibilidade de cadastro e edição;• Consulta de títulos do Cliente;• Controle de Rotas do Vendedor;• Ver roteiro completo no mapa;• 'Como chegar' monta no mapa o caminho mais curto até ocliente;• Positivação e Visita Sem Venda (Não venda);• Suporte a múltiplas listas de preço;• Cadastro de Promoções;• Sugere preço para o cliente pelo preço da última compra;• Controle de preços pré-fixados;• Emissão de Pedidos;• Duplicar pedido;• Consulta ao histórico de pedidos;• Impressão de pedido (Impressora Leopardo e Datecs);• Envio de PDF do pedido por email;• Limite de desconto máximo por Produto;• Limite de desconto máximo pelo total do pedido;• Limite de desconto máximo por faixa de valor do pedido;• Quantidade Mínima por Produto;• Listagem de produtos com imagens;• Catálogo de Produtos com imagens integradas ao pedido;• Controle de Metas do Vendedor (com visualização gráfica);• Módulo para gerente de vendas com possibilidade de acompanhar odesempenho de cada vendedor;• Logotipo da sua empresa na tela principal;• Não precisa de conexão com internet para emissão de pedidos,apenas para a transmissão;• Controle de saldo flex;• Ações de venda;• Mix de produtos;• Controle de comissões;• Controle de grade;• Contagem de estoque do cliente;• Controle de quantidade por embalagem;• Controle de produtos vencendo;• Controle de lote de produto;• Loja virual ( integrado;Vantagens:• Fazemos a integração com qualquer sistema ERP de forma muitoágil;• Você não precisa ter ou comprar um servidor;• Oferecemos um sistema Web 'Painel do gestor' onde você podeconsultar dados de clientes, produtos e pedidos e acompanhar oandamento das vendas através de gráficos e relatórios;• Transmite credibilidade e segurança a seus clientes;• Agilidade na transmissão dos Pedidos;• Elimina a utilização de talões de pedidos;• Redução de gastos com telefone;• Redução de gastos com catálogos e folders impressos;• Você pode utilizar o Demander mesmo sem ter um sistema ERP;• Sem custo de licença de aquisição;Acompanhe as novidades da versão pelo link abaixo: utilizar a versão de demonstração, entre na opção sincronizare clique no botão no topo da tela de sincronização.Warning: This is a demoversion of the product, only the demo version is free.If you want to test the Demander with the actual data of yourcompany, please contact us by phone or e-mail:(51) 3714-7050 - (11) 4300-1049.The goal of the Demander is to improve the performance of yoursales team, through process automation. With it, your companystreamlines the process safely and increases profitability.The Demander is much more than just a Mobile Sales Forceapplication, it is a sales platform with integration with ERP, Weband Android system.Key features of Android Demander:• Guest list with the possibility of registration andediting;• Customer Consultation titles;• Seller Route Control;• View full script on the map;• 'Directions' rides on the map the shortest route to thecustomer;• assertiveness and Visit No Sale (not sale);• Support for multiple price lists;• Promotions Registration;• suggested price for the customer by the last purchaseprice;• Fixed-price control;• Order Issue;• Duplicate request;• Query order history;• request for printing (Printer Leopard and DATECS);• PDF send request by email;• maximum rebate limit per product;• maximum discount limit the total order;• maximum rebate limit per request value range;• Minimum Order by Product;• Listing of products with images;• Product Catalog with the application embedded images;• Seller Targets Control (with graphic display);• Module for Sales Manager with the possibility to track theperformance of each vendor;• Logo of your company on the main screen;• Do not need internet connection to issue requests, only fortransmission;• flex balance control;• sale of Shares;• Mix products;• commissions Control;• Grid Control;• Customer inventory count;• amount of control for packaging;• Control of winning products;• Product batch control;• Shop Virual ( integrated;Advantages:• We integrate with any ERP system very agile;• You do not need to have or buy a server;• We offer a Web system 'manager Panel enabling you to checkcustomer data, products and applications and track the progress ofsales through charts and reports;• Send credibility and security to its customers;• Agility in the transmission of orders;• Eliminate the use of beads requests;• Reduce telephone expenses;• Reduce spending on printed catalogs and brochures;• You can use Demander even without an ERP system;• No license cost of acquisition;Follow the news of the release link below: use the demo version, including the option to synchronize andclick the button at the top of the timing screen.
SignEasy | Sign and Fill PDF and other Documents
Glykka LLC
The simplest and fastest way to sign orgetting documents signed from your Android phone & tablet.Trusted and loved by over 4 million users for eSignature and tosign documents on the go• Featured among the Best of 2016 apps on Google Play.• Among the top 3 eSignature solutions for SMBs, Mid-Market &Enterprise companies on G2 CrowdGet started for FREE with a 7-day free trial and• Sign, fill and send any document format - PDF, Word, Excel, Text,JPG, PNG etc.• Send documents to others for signing• Simplify document signing for your customers by adding fields tothe document.• Enable signers to sign documents one by one (Sequential Workflow)or all at once (Parallel Workflow).• Seamlessly sign documents from Email, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box,OneDrive and Evernote• Access all documents in one place by using your SignEasy accountfrom your Android phone, tablet or WebSignEasy is perfect to sign and fill documents such as NDAs, Taxforms, Real estate contracts, Lease agreements, Invoices, Purchaseorders, Financial agreements, Job offers, Permission slips and Workorders.KEY FEATURES(including both free and paid features)Self-signing, In-person signing and Remote signing• Sign documents yourself, with finger or stylus• Collect signatures in person from customers• Send documents for signature to colleagues, customers,partners• Simplify document signing for your customers by adding fields tothe document such as signature, initials, text, date,checkbox.• Track document status, receive signature notifications and sendreminders.• Add a cc recipient as a part of the workflow – enabling them toreceive a copy of the final signed document.• Enable signers to sign documents one by one in a specified order(Sequential Workflow) or all at once (Parallel Workflow).• Use Freestyle feature to allow unlimited signers on adocument• Offline Signing: Fill paperwork even when you are disconnectedfrom the internet• Add date, text, checkboxes, logos, images and more• Save signature and initials for reuse• Save templates for reuse• Save in-progress documents as drafts• Set frequently used information as Custom FieldsWorks with email and your favorite apps• Connect with popular cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox,Box, Evernote to easily import and save files• Import files from other apps using “Open In” functionalityLEGALLY BINDING AND SECURE• Full audit-trail for legal evidence, including signer email ID,device IP, signature timestamp and more• Compliant with the ESIGN Act and eIDAS and recognizedglobally• Documents send and stored using SSL encryption• Extra protection with passcode and Nexus Imprint to preventunauthorized accessFREE AND PAID PLANSSign up for a 7-day free trial. Refer to get more freecredits.• The SignEasy annual subscriptions start at $9.99/month, billedannually and lets you sign unlimited documents, send documents forsignature, add document fields, collect signatures in-person amongother benefits.• You can also purchase the Pay As You Go plan which gives you 10document credits for $4.99 and use the document credits wheneveryou want.Subscriptions are charged to Google Play at confirmation ofpurchase. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew isturned off at least 24h before the end of the current period.Account will be charged for renewal within 24h prior to the end ofthe current period. Subscriptions may be managed by the user andauto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's accountsettings after purchase.No cancellation of the current subscriptionduring active period.Access to external storage is used to save and edit documents tosign. Use of your account list is needed to simplify the sign upprocess by pre-filling your email ID. Access to your contacts isrequested when sending documents to remote parties forsignature.For questions, feedback, bugs: support@getsigneasy.comLearn more:
TouchPo Point of Sale Cash POS
Reliable cashier software with intuitiveuse. TouchPo is an affordable cashier system for gastronomicenterprises, hotels and service providers. Together with ourdurable touch displays, printers and other equipment, the TouchPorepresents a complex cashier, warehouse and records system.Try its full version ** FREE OF CHARGE FOR 30 DAYS **.★ Convenient for restaurants, cafes, confectionaries, fast-foodkiosks, ice-cream kiosks, hotels, bed-and-breakfasts and variousguest service providers.★ It also reliably works off-line without the need of internetconnection.★ Keep count of your operations, stock, cash flow andemployees.★ TouchPo is a complex cashier system for the Androidplatform.MAIN BENEFITS:★ Unlimited amount of items, bills and employees.★ Easy installation and putting into operation with the help of adetailed handbook.★ Simple, well-arranged and intuitive control and use.★ Inventory checks, warehouse management and accountingoutputs.★ Remote control, analyses and reporting.★ Technical and users’ support.★ Regular updates including legislative changes.FUNCTIONS FOR RESTAURANTS AND CAFES:★ Map of tables and possibilities for separate billing.★ Saving to open accounts.★ Acceptance of bonus, guest and discount cards.★ Elaboration of recipes, monitoring the consumption of stock andtheir records.★ Warehouse stock use, warehouse management and partial inventorychecks.★ Voucher print for kitchens and bars, print of receipts as well astax documents.★ Surveys based on selected periods.★ Automatic distribution of daily summaries via e-mail.FUNCTIONS FOR STORES AND SERVICE PROVIDERS:★ Print of receipts and tax documents★ Surveys based on selected periods★ Connecting with a bar code and magnetic card reader★ Acceptance of bonus, guest and discount cards.★ Warehouse stock use, warehouse management and partial inventorychecks.★ Returned and unsold goods★ Possibility to connect with various other equipment including thescalesINTEGRATION AND CONNECTION:★ CSV data exports for e-shop★ Google Drive for back-ups and exports★ Remote access and control via a web interface
Страхование Nomad Insurance
С помощью данного приложения Вы можетезастраховать свой автомобиль, недвижимость и здоровье в СК NomadInsurance. Также вы можете получать актуальную информацию об акцияхи новостях компании.Если вы попали в ДТП или наступил любой другой страховой случай,приложение поможет Вам максимально быстро связаться с сотрудникамиNomad и получить квалифицированную помощь и инструкции.В качестве дополнительных функций приложение позволяет находитьближайшие объекты:- Шиномонтаж- Автомойки- СТО- Запчасти- Офисы Nomad Insurance.With this application,you can insure your car, real estate and health in the UK NomadInsurance. Also, you can receive up to date information aboutpromotions and news.If you are involved in an accident or come any other insured event,the application will help you to quickly contact the Nomad and getprofessional help and instructions.As additional functions of the application allows you to find thenearest objects:- Tire- Carwash- STO- Spare parts- Offices Nomad Insurance.
Zoho Creator
Zoho Creator for Android offers mobile accessto your applications available on the web. It lets you take yourZoho Creator applications with you, be that on the field or evenaway from your laptop.App Features:* Access to Personal Apps, Shared Apps and Workspace Apps in ZohoCreator* Access Forms and add records* All deluge events are supported* Access Reports and Pages to view records* Search, Filter, Group and Sort the records* Edit, Delete, and Bulk Edit records* Apply Custom Actions on recordsFor further questions, please email us