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You can open text/image/zip/PDF/epub files of yours containingimages or texts like a book. ※ We don't supply contents filesbasically. 1. Text Reader - various file extensions : txt, csv,smi, sub, srt - support epub (text and image) - open compressedtext files without decompressing (zip, rar, 7z) - embedded fontsand support custom font - adjusting text size/line space/borderwith intuitive UI - auto-detecting charset encoding - fixed orcustom text/background color with intuitive UI - various paging way: arrow button, tapping, dragging, volume button - variousanimation of paging - various way of fast seek : seek-bar, dialing,page number - add/sort/manage bookmark - support text-to-speak(TTS): language/speed option ※ the commercial version (named ARAR)support background mode of TTS - support text slideshow - textsearching : one by one or all at once - text editing - support 3type of text alignment, 2 column in landscape - support alignmentof sentences and splitting text file. 2. Image/PDF Viewer - variousfile extensions : jpg, png, gif, bmp, zip, rar, 7z, cbz, cbr, cb7,pdf - open compressed image files without decompressing (zip, rar,7z) ※ can open double compressed image files - selecting whichleft/right side of image to see : left first, right first, two fileat once - enlargement/magnification - various paging way : arrowbutton, tapping, dragging, volume button - various animation ofpaging ※ webtoon scrolling is best suitable to very long images -various way of fast seek : seek-bar, dialing, page number -add/sort/manage bookmark - support slideshow : idle time option -support keeping the ratio of enlargement - support animated-gif 3.File Management - file coloring about history : red(most recentopen), green(read partially), blue(read all) - image preview mode :tile(big,small), detail - selecting file extension for display -sorting file : by name/size/date - deleting file - renaming file -searching by name/content(text)/image(preview) 4. Other Features -support FTP(file transport protocol) - support SFTP(secure filetransport protocol) - support SMB(server message block) - supportGoogle Drive - support Dropbox - support MS OneDrive - supportlocking with pin number - support backup/restore of settings -support samsung remote spen(paging, pause) - support headsetbutton's pause - support management of applications' shortcut
Stories Time
Stories Time App is a offline app. It is dedicated to the wonderfulworld of the short story. Moral stories in this app are focused forall age peoples.This App is mainly focused to nurture good thoughtsin childrens.Stories Time is completely a free app, noadvertisements. Users can also send stories to us for adding inthis app.If User needed Image Mode can be activated which willdisplay picture related to story.Night Mode is available forreaders to enjoy reading in low light. This will be a wonderful appfor telling stories to your kid. Bed time stories are available indifferentsection.Categories:-----------------------------------------------------------------BirbalStoriesThennali StoriesVikramathithan StoriesMulla StoriesMoralStoriesIndian MythologyLove StoriesFun Stories ZenTalesPanchatantra StoriesFairy TalesGreek MythologyThere will befrequent updates and addition of new stories.Contains more than780+ stories
Magic Sword
Introducing a new story “Magic Sword” Ladies! Are you ready to setout on an adventurous journey with brave and handsomeknights?1.Story introductionThis story is all about, you wereassigned to look after the Excalibur sword, the sword has beenaround for decades, passed down from generations to generationsuntil it was the legendary King Arthur with hismysterious behavior. You vow to get it back. Now you (player) alsoa fighter and three brave knights set out on a journey to get thesword back. It's a journey full of thrilling adventure, battles,humorous and not to forget romances. Experience the stunningbeautiful story and the handsome knights like never before. Findout how this journey changes you.2.CharactersEthan: Ethan is one ofthe three men traveling with us in search of the sword. A bornleader that keep us all together. He is kind, and strongly guidedby his own conscience, has a keen feeling of what is right andwrong.One thing he wouldn't let me fight along with him. That'sbecause...Ray: Ray is one of the three men travelling with us.He isa very gifted magician, come and go as he likes, withouttelling.Cool and collected. He can be quite selfish sometimes. Heteases me when he is in good mood. While at times, he has thisserious face on, and I find him mysterious. Estel: Estel is one ofthe three men travelling with us to get the sword back.Known forhis gracious fighting style and stunning look. This man whotreasures nature like his life.When we are first introduced helooks familiar to me, like we even met before. Why does he keptstaring at me? Was it a sign of...or just amisunderstanding?3.FEATURES1)A new fantasy story based on thelegendary King Arthur2)Multiple endings are there for eachcharacter, and the ending can be changed depending on what youchoose to act or react in the episodes.3)Many fine illustrations ofJapanese comic, anime, or manga arts! (Don’t forget to LIKE us ifyou enjoy our game!) USThank youvery much for your interests and downloads of our games! NTTSolmare is a game company especially focusing to bring Japanesevisual novels and Otome games to the world! We sincerely hopeenjoying our games and give us feedback!
نكت مغربية مضحكة (بدون انترنت)
تطبيق رائع للنكت المغربية الجديدة لهدا العام2016 بدون انترنت يتميز, هدا التطبيق بتصنفات من النكت الطريفة مثلنكت عن الحب , نكت عن البخلاء, نكت عن الكلاخ .....و المزيد منهافسارعو في تحميلها ومشاركتها عبر جميع وسائل التواصل الإجتماعي للقضاءعلى الملل.للمزيدا من العطاء ما عليكم سوى التصويت لهدا التطبيق بخمسة نجوموشكراالاحداث الاخير 2016A wonderful applicationof Moroccan jokes new for this year 2016 without Internet features,Hedda application Ptsnvat jokes funny like jokes about love, jokesabout stingy, jokes about Alclakh ..... and more of them Fassaraoto upload and share them across all social media to eliminate theboredom .For more tender, you will only vote for the five-star Heddaapplication and thank youRecent events in 2016
نكت جريئة - للكبار فقط +18
مجموعة من النكت المضحكة والجريئة للكبار فقط+18 تنتظركم في هذا التطبيق ويتميز بالعديد من المميزات التي ستجعلهالأفضل بين التكبيقات الأخرى كسهولة نشر أي نكت للأصدقاء عبر وسائلالتواصل الإجتماعيSet of funny jokes andbold for adults only +18 await you in this application and ischaracterized by many features that make it the best among otherAltkpiqat Xholh publish any jokes to friends via social media
Ô Long Viện
Ô Long Viện là bộ sách từng gây cơn sốt cho nhiều bạn đọc thíchtruyện tranh… Câu chyện kể về 4 thầy trò tài giỏi tu tập võ nghệvà hô phong hoán vũ trên gian hồ. Các thầy trò vui nhộn sẽ đem đếnnhững trận cười nghiêng ngả và cũng rất mực thâm thuý.bạn đọc sẽ cười từ đầu đến cuối truyện (như tôi là 1 trong số đó).Nào, cùng đọc Ô Long Viện để cười thật sảng khoái bạn nhé (cẩn thậnsái quai hàm).Từ khóa: O long vien, olongvien, ptit
Cartoons on your WALL...
**This application sets the picture aswallpaper with/without resizing.****Select a picture from the gallery, ==>>>tap on<<<== it and set it as wallpaper.****Select the picture in the gallery and "share" it with Mess viabluetooth/WiFi.****Hight resolutin pictures!*****All your faverite "Cartoons on your WALL..." wallpaperpictures for reaching your childhood ******You can set as wallpaper, share or send to a friend.******Hight resolutin pictures!******Play with your screen via enjoy free time ***
Meme Maker
Abhisoft Tech
Meme Maker is the most easy to use Meme Generator App. Make Memesand Troll the Internet. An Internet meme is an idea, style oraction which spreads, often as mimicry, from person to person viathe Internet.Features* Comes with 70 Memes (Lolcatz, Doge, TronGuyand Many More)* Camera - Take Image Directly from your Camera toGenerate Memes* Gallery - Pick Images from your Album to GenerateMemes* Font Options - Customize the Text with Dark and Light Font*Share - Easily Share your Memes* Easy to UseCopyright Note - Mostimages used in this app are freely available but If you are aoriginal meme creator and would like to remove your Meme/Image fromthis App, then simply send me an email and i will do that. Thanks.
Pletoon - Funny Daily Comics
Nothing can let you down because Pletoon ishere to cheer you up everyday. Pletoon gives you funny daily comicsthat you can read directly from your smartphone.Be in the adventure alongside your favorite Pletoon’s comiccharacter and don’t miss their stories.Check out more cool features from Pletoon:☆ Scheduled stories for your daily amusement.☆ Choose comics based on published day.☆ Give comments and love to your favorite funny episode.☆ Add your most favorite stories to FAVORITES under yourprofile.☆ SIMPLE INTERFACE, to maximize your reading experience.☆ Easy share button to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and othersocial networks.
Você está entediado e quer passar o tempo e se divertir comcharadas?Que tal baixar este aplicativo Charadas?São várias piadasà sua disposição!!!!Falando nisso...- Qual o lugar em que todospodem sentar, menos você?- Tem coroa mas não é rei, tem raiz masnão é planta?Ficou curioso???Então descubra as resposta à todasessas charadas baixando este aplicativo.Para ler as respostas decharada, aperte no botão "Ler Resposta" e para voltar à pergunta,pressione novamente o mesmo botão.Você gostou da charada e gostariade compartilhar com seus amigos???Basta clicar em "Compartilhar" eescolher a melhor forma de compartilhar.Você pode compartilhar viae-mail ou twitter, desde que o seu dispositivo Android possuasuporte à esses aplicativos.******** Nota Importante ******** Nomomento não é mais possível compartilhar a mensagem no Facebookdevido à restrições de segurança imposta pelo site do Facebook.Desculpe-nos pelo transtorno. Assim que for possível contornar esteproblema, iremos fazer a atualização noaplicativo.*********************************Não perca tempo e baixejá o aplicativo Charadas!Atenção:Se você não tem senso de humor enão curte charadas, nem baixe este você curtecharadas...Então baixe este aplicativo, pois foi feitoespecialmente para você!!!! :DPor favor, não esqueça avaliar e darnota no Android Market. :)Todas as sugestões serão bem vindas.Youare bored and want to spend time and have fun with riddles?Howabout downloading this application Riddles?There are several jokesat your disposal !!!!Speaking of which ...- What is the place whereeveryone can sit, the less you?- Has crown but is not king, takesroot but not plant?Was curious ???So find the answer to all theseriddles downloading this application.To read the riddle answers,press the "Read Answer" button to return to the question, press thesame button again.Did you like the riddle and would like to sharewith your friends ???Just click "Share" and choose the best way toshare.You can share via email or twitter, provided their Androiddevice has support for these applications.******** ********Important NoteAt the moment you can no longer share the message onFacebook due to security restrictions imposed by the Facebookwebsite.Sorry for the inconvenience. As soon as possible to workaround this problem, we will upgrade theapplication.*********************************Do not waste time andalready download the application Riddles!Heads Up:If you have nosense of humor and does not like riddles, or download thisapplication.Now ... if you enjoy puzzles ...Then download thisapplication because it was made especially for you !!!! : DPleasedo not forget assess and note the Android Market. :)All suggestionsare welcome.
Identificador de Corno - Piada
Aplicativo muito engraçado , um detector diferente, detector dechifrudos e cornos, você vai rir muito com os resultados, esseaplicativo é uma comédia muito engraçado, são diversos tipos decornos, mas chifre não existe é só uma coisa que colocaram em suacabeça, divulgue compartilheAtenção: Este app não é um detector deverdade é uma brincadeira, os resultados não são reais.Applicationvery funny, a different detector, horned detector and horns, youwill laugh a lot with the results, this application is a very funnycomedy, there are several types of horns, horn but there is justsomething put in his head, disclose shareWarning: This app is not areal detector is a joke, the results are not real.
Sensor de Piriguete
Under Games
Já pensou poder saber qual sua porcentagem depiriguete? O Sensor de Piriguete faz isso para você! è só colocarseu dedo no scanner e esperar a mágica acontecer. É possível atémedir a porcentagem de piriguete das invejosas, porém cuidado parao seu sensor de piriguete não explodir!A unidade de medida que o aplicativo usa é o micro Piriguete, jáque 1 piriguete é uma medida muito alta e quase inalcançável.Sua opinião é bem-vinda, então fale o que pode ser melhorado quefarei o mais rápido o possível!Essa aplicação é uma clara referência à música (funk) "Beijinho noombro-Valesca, porém nenhum treixo de áudio da música foiutilizado(Esse aplicativo é uma brincadeira/piada! Não é um simulador real.É impossível medir a porcentagem de piriguete em uma pessoa, masseus amigos não precisam saber disso).Ever thought can knowwhat their percentage of piriguete? The sensor Piriguete does itfor you! You just put your finger on the scanner and wait for themagic to happen. It is possible to measure the percentage ofpiriguete envious, but care for your sensor piriguete notexplode!The unit of measure that the application uses is the microPiriguete since 1 piriguete is a very high and almost unattainablemeasure.Your opinion is welcome, so tell what can be improved, I will makethe fastest possible!This application is a clear reference to music (funk) "Kissyshoulder-Valesca, but no audio treixo music was used(This application is a prank / joke! There is a real simulator.'sImpossible to measure the percentage of piriguete in a person, butyour friends do not need to know this).
نكت مضحكة جدا : اجمل النكت
- تضبيق " نكت مضحكة جدا " على اندرويد!- نكات مضحكة بالالف لجميع الفئات العمرية والجنسية والعرقية انه افضلتضبيق نكات على صعيد المغرب العربي " نكت مضحكة جدا".- يمكن لك التضبيق ارسال النكات عبر SMS او مشاركتها على تويتر اوفيسبوك- أضف تعليقك مضحك بك على النكات .- في هذا التطبيق المجاني اضمن لك ايجاد نكت مضحكة لنشرها علىالفيسبوك وتعبير على حالتك أو إرسالها كارسالة نصية .! عليك ان تصفعة نفسك على جبهتك لعدم تحميل هذا التطبيق في وقت سابق!هذا هو واحد من التطبيقات المجانية الأكثر شعبية في السوق الاندرويدالنكتة اضحك من قلبك مع تطبيق " نكت مضحكة جدا " ، فرفش وانسىهمومك.- بين يديكم الكثير من النكت بجميع الاشكال بخط واضح وسهل للقرائه!جربه الآن وسترى كيف هو مضحك.- انه امر رائع عندما أشعر بالملل، تم اشغل تضبيق لكي انسى همومي واحسبسعادة لا متيل لها"."التطبيق رائعة للترفيه عن النفس"أنا أحب هذا تطبيقات" نكت مضحكة جدا "وشكرا ومع متمنياتي لكم بالتوفيق.تابعونا لمزيد من التطبيقات: Tillik"very funny jokes" on Android!- Thousand funny jokes for all age groups, sexual and ethnic jokesTillik he is the best at the level of the Maghreb "very funnyjokes."- Can you Altillik Send jokes via SMS or share them on Twitter orFacebook- Add your comment on your funny jokes.- In this free application guarantee you find funny jokes forposting on Facebook, the expression on your status or send a textKarsalh. ! You said yourself on your forehead slap in the face to notdownload this application earlier! This is one of the most popularfree apps in the market Alandroed humor Laugh your heart with theapplication of "very funny jokes," Verwh and forget yourworries.- Between your hands a lot of jokes of all shapes handwriting isclear and easy to read! Try it now and you'll see how it isfunny.- It is great when I'm bored, Engage Tillik been so forget Hmomciand felt happily do not tend to them. ""Fantastic app to entertain self"I love this application "very funny jokes"Thank you However Mtmaniati luck.Follow us for more applications:
Amazing Spider-Man 2 Keyboard
Download the custom keyboard skin featuring Spider-Man as seen inthe blockbuster movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2!This unique skinfeatures Spider-Man in a dynamic pose under the letters and symbolsof your device’s keyboard. So team up with your favoriteweb-slinging hero from Marvel Comics, and download The AmazingSpider-Man 2 Keyboard today!NOTE: Please follow these instructionsto set the keyboard skin:1. Go into 'Settings'2. Go into 'Languageand Input'3. Select ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Keyboard'4. Go to anoption that utilizes the keyboard and select the text field - Youwill see a keyboard icon display in your notification section5.Press 'Select Input Method'6. Switch it to ‘The Amazing Spider-Man2 Keyboard'Optimized for devices and tablets.Terms &Conditions: Policy:
Talking Baby Babsy At The Zoo
Talk and play with the talking baby Babsy during her visit at thezoo! She and her animal friends will answer with their funny voicesand respond to what you say or your touch. There are many talkinganimals like the talking giraffe etc. And the app contains alsomany cool games! Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with the funnyfree virtual pet / virtual baby app! Features: - High quality 3Dgraphics - Talking Baby Babsy - Talking Animals - Cool voiceinteraction - Piano with singing Babsy - Cool drums - Manydifferent animations Have fun!
上万部各类题材漫画实时连载国内外漫画资源全方位覆盖,漫画更新速度紧随官网脚步,让你先睹为快!专为下载阅读研发的极速下载功能和新型压缩技术,在观看高清漫画的同时更有效地为你节省手机空间,让你观漫无止境。漫画岛,致力为沉迷二次元漫画的你带来丰富的精神食粮!畅心阅读,一点都布卡。软件特色:1. 收录6W+本漫画库,追新神速上万部国内外漫画,各类题材(热血,搞笑,魔幻等)全方位覆盖;资源内容每日更新,紧贴网络进度,实时更新提醒,让你追漫0等待;2. 在线+脱机阅读,清晰画质在线+脱机阅读,从此告别蜗牛速,没有网络也能想看就看;独特的图片处理技术,节省更多空间,高清晰低内存的高清漫画,带给你别具一格的阅读体验;3. 个性分类,智慧搜索分类涵盖题材,精选和作者3种方式,个性化推荐满足漫迷们的挑剔口味;特有的智能搜索引擎,海量关键词汇搜索引导,不再让好漫画轻易从指尖错过!4. 接口清新,操作人性化软件风格简约时尚,重点突出,上手容易,让你轻松进入漫画世界!新版书架更能让您轻松管理喜爱的书籍,阅读和追新不再繁琐。The ten thousand variousthemes comic serial real-time resource covering all domestic andforeign comics, comic update rate followed the footsteps of theofficial website, let you preview! Developed specifically forreading download speed and download new compression technology,high-definition viewing comics but also effectively save you spaceon your phone, so you Concept interminable. Comics island, we arecommitted to the second element addicted comic bring you a richspiritual food! Chang heart reading, not at all burqa.Software features:1. included 6W + comic library, new rapid chase ten thousanddomestic and foreign cartoons on all kinds of subjects (blood,comedy, magic, etc.) full coverage; resource content updated daily,close to the network schedule, updated in real time reminders, sothat you 0 Man chasing wait;2. Online + Offline reading, clear picture quality online + offlinereading, breaking away from snail speed, no network can also wantto see; a unique image processing technology, save more space, lowmemory, high-definition HD comics, bring you a unique readingexperience;3. personality classification, search Category wisdom covers thesubject matter, author and featured three ways, personalizedrecommendation Manmi meet their discerning taste; uniqueintelligent search engine, massive search key words boot, no longermake good comics easily from the finger tip miss!4. Interface fresh, user-friendly software operation simple fashionstyle, focused and easy to get started, let you easily enter theworld of comics! The new shelves and allow you to easily manageyour favorite books, read, and no longer chase the newcomplex.
Angel or Devil
“Angel or Devil” is now available.An unprecedented story of your 7days with an angel, devil and reaper. 1.Story introductionIt wassupposed to be a typical day...When I opened my eyes, I foundmyself in bed at the hospital - I had been involved in a caraccident. All of a sudden, three strange men appeared in front ofme - Latis, an angel with shining wings; Diaval, a demon with deepblack wings who was smirking; Ruvel, a reaper with a scythe in hishand whose eyes were cold.They asked for my soul because I had onlya few days left to live.Is it true I’m going to die?My last 7 dayswith these men… What will it be like? I will go to heaven or hellor...?2.CharactersLATIS: To Latis, discipline is everything. Butsometimes his sharp tongue reveals his darker side when he is noton duty. In this story, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect youfrom a demon and the grim reaper that is after your soul. Youwonder why he goes all the way to help you, but you soon find outthat he knows all about your past. DIAVAL: His goal is to enslaveand take human souls. Though he admits that he is a hedonist, hetakes good care of those under him. If he likes you he is takingevery chance to have you all to himself. Are you ready for the factthat he’ll do whatever it takes to seduce you? How do you overcomehis temptation?RUVEL: Ruvel is a grim reaper with an icy face, whois also an avid collector of souls.He has been captured by yourbeauty and decides to spend your 7 days together in the humanworld. He usually hides his emotions with a hood over his eyes.Nobody knows what he is thinking. Maybe you can melt his frozenheart and free him. FEYRIL: Feyril is an angel. A decent type to beexact, who always puts human first. He is just like an angel we’vealways dream of. He follows orders and disciplines and takes pridein this job. Recently, something changed inside him; neither devilnor the grim reaper knows what happened to Feyril. What made himchange his mind? Was it, you?Raug: Human lives mean nothing toRaug. He is the type of devil that goes out all his way to pleasehis boss, the Devil King. To him, the end justifies the means. Andhe is good at it. One day, the upper-class devil has come for yoursoul by order. Ever since he met you in the human world, his cruelnature seems to change for the better?!Reiner: Unlike Ruvel, whilethe upper-class reaper, Reiner has a very different personality.Reiner is bright and positive. That you wouldn’t ever believe he isa reaper that takes human souls. He can melt your heart with hissweet words. But there’s something significant hidden in his smile,no one seems to know what it is. What’s his true identity? Will youstill love and accept him after you find out the truth?3.FEATURES1)will you fall in love with? An angel spreading his beautiful wings;a demon with a demonic grin with a pair of black wings on his back?Or even a grim reaper always seen with a pair of ice-cold eyes whois carrying a scythe in this hand?This is a story of your last 7days in the human world. Can your soul be saved by one of thesethree men?2)Multiple endings are there for each character, and theending can be changed depending on what you choose to act or reactin the episodes.3)Many fine illustrations of Japanese comic, anime,or manga arts!4.FOLLOW (Don’tforget to LIKE us if you enjoy ourgame!) USThank you very much foryour interests and downloads of our games! NTT Solmare is a gamecompany especially focusing to bring Japanese visual novels andOtome games to the world! We sincerely hope enjoying our games andgive us feedback!
قصص جحا - بدون انترنت
Solution Tab
استمتع مع افضل النكت في قصص جحا
Rage Comic Maker
Rage Comic Maker is a comic creator tool thatlet you create comics on your android supported devicesFeatures- Save and share created comic (PNG iimage file)- Support custom image integration- Provided 300+ built-in images- Text manipulation (Insert, Edit, Adjust size, Change style, Textcolor)- Free Hand Paint Tool (Brush size, Brush color)Disclaimer :: We are not owner of all images using in thisapplication.Please kindly email to us, If you want to remove your images fromthis application.We will remove it within one or two days. Thanks you, all imageowners
نكت إيكو - nokat eko
يضم هذا التطبيق " نكت إيكو - nokat eko " أضخمالنكت المغربية المضحكة، الضحك والنشاط ينتظركم في هذا التطبيق، خصوصاالالنكت المراكشية الخطيرة إضافة إلى مجموعة من النكت المغربيةبالدارجة المغربية، ويعتبر إيكو نكايتي مشهور مثل كبور والشعيبية وحسن الفد وعبد القادر سكتور المشهور بالنكت الجزائرية ومجموعة منالكوميدين المغاربة والجزائرين ، أتمنى أن ينال إعجابكمFeaturing thisapplication "jokes Echo - nokat eko" the largest Moroccan jokesfunny, laughter and activity awaits you in this application,especially Alalinkt serious Marrakchi addition to the group ofMoroccan jokes mixed Moroccan, ICO Nkata famous is like Kebbour andShuaiba and good Alfd and Abdul Qadir Sctor famous jokes Algerianand a group of Moroccans and Algerians comedy, I hope you like itto obtain
Afandi Latifalari
Сиз кутган янгилик. Афанди латифалари янги форматда ва янгичадизайнда. Ўқинг кайфиятингизни кўтаринг ва мароқли дам олинг. EndiAfandi latifalari ilovalar korinishida sizning androidtelefoningizda. Yangilanishlarni kuzatib boring! Keywords:latifalar, latifa, afandi, Nasriddin, xuja, xo'ja, mulla, латифа,латифалар, хужа, хўжа, Насриддин, мулла, анекдоты, узбекский,анекдот, на узбекским языке, ходжа Насреддин, мулла насреддин,насретдин,
Hikmatlar hazinasi
Ushbu ilova yozuvchi Muhammad Sobir to‘plagan va tarjima qilganHIKMATLI LATIFALAR VA NISHONGA URILGAN SO‘ZLAR kitobi asosidatayyorlandi. Muallifga bu hikmatlar javohiri uchun o‘z nomimizdanva siz aziz kitobxonlar nomidan minnaddorchilik bildiramiz. Buto‘plam yangi ko‘rinishda sizga yoqdi deb umid qilamiz.Marxamatko‘chirib oling, foydalaning va bizni qo‘llab quvvatlang.
Супер Анекдоты
Наше приложение – это сборник лучших свежих и очень смешныханекдотов, которые доведут Вас до слез. Ждете автобус? Сидите наскучной лекции? Или быть может стоите в длинной очереди? Теперь этосовсем не проблема! Просто используйте это приложение, чтобыподнять себе настроение и заставить друзей смеяться! Соберите своюсобственную неповторимую коллекцию в избранном! Поделитесь ею сдрузьями через социальные сети! Особенности приложения: • Простой иудобный интерфейс • Не требует подключения к интернету •Возможность добавить в избранное • Выделение всех прочитанныханекдотов • Возможность поделиться в социальных сетях Для тогочтобы поднять себе настроение достаточно просто скачать приложение!Our application - a collection of the best fresh and very funnyjokes, which will bring you to tears. Waiting for the bus? Sittingin a boring lecture? Or perhaps you stand in long queues? Now thisis not a problem! Just use this app to cheer yourself up and makefriends laugh! Collect your own unique collection of favorite!Share it with your friends via social networks! Features of theapp: • User-friendly interface • Does not require an internetconnection • Ability to add to favorites • Mark all read anecdotes• Ability to share on social networks To cheer myself up justenough to download the app!
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Johnny Test
How to be a John-i Knight Motion ComicDark Vegan attempts tocookify the meat planet Sirloin! The Rib-eye knights summon thechosen one, Johnny Test, and trains him in the ways of the Rib-eye.Find out if Johnny will learn in time to save theday!------------------------------------------------NEW!!! JohnnyTest Comic Book QuizGame------------------------------------------------All animatedpanels still FREE!!!More updates and enhancements coming soon, soplease keep your app installed.Help us improve the app by leaving acomment. Tell us what else you want us to include in the nextupdate. Thanks!(Note: Upon installation and you see a blank screen,try turning your phone around to portrait or landscape orientationuntil the main screen shows up.Thanks!)------------------------------------------------- newSeason 2 and 3 Full Episode videos!(Toons)------------------------------------------------A new JohnnyTest game has been added! Play as Johnny and navigate through thedebris. Defeat the monster to save Porkbelly!(Other characters canbe unlocked by collecting all Season 1 cards or unlocking theapp)*************************************************************************************AboutAnimanga PLUSFrom static print to dynamic moving pictures, AnimangaPLUS brings you an engaging animated and interactive versions ofyour favorite Johnny Test stories as a comic book app for yourmobile device. In Reader View, read the story as it was intendedfor print just flip page by page, while in Animated View, see thestories come to life as they are animated panel perpanel.Features:- Reader + Animated Views: Use reader mode to readthe comic book or switch to Animated mode and watch the comic cometo life!- Motion characters- Move to the next panel with a flip ofyour finger- Narration mode for easyreading--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Fora Johnny Test comic book app, this app is full of great images andfully animated to help to bring the story to life. With 2 modes toenjoy the Johnny Test app and the sound effects and narrationoptions that are included, the developers have gone above andbeyond with this Johnny Test app making it not only easy to use,but fun too. Comic book lovers all around are going to love thisapp for sure."- Best Apps For Kids't forget to rate us, and leave a comment so we can improve theapp further.Thanks!*************************************************************************************Don'tforget to check out our other apps:DoodleJump: Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to receiveupdates:!
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نكت مضحكة_للكبار فقط_
تطبيق النكت الجميلة و الجريئة يحمل لكم اروع و اجمل النكت حسبالتصنيفات المختلفة و المتنوعةيمكنكم في اي لحظة ارسال النكتة عبر و سائل التواصل الاجتماعي و ايضايمكنكم حفظها في المفضلة للرجوع اليهاالتطبيق قابل للتجديد مع اضافة نكت جديدةاتمنى ان ينال اعجابكملاتنسو التقييم بخمسة نجوم وشكرااااApplication of Fine jokes and bold carries you the finest and mostbeautiful jokes by various and diverse classificationsYou can at any moment send through humor and social networkingmedia and you can also save favorite for referenceThe application subject to renewal with the addition of newjokesI hope that diminish AjabkmRating for Atnso five-star Hkuraaaa
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