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Krypton Anonymous Browser
Kr36 LLC
Krypton Anonymous is the most private web browser *. It comesbundled with Tor, mitigates common fingerprinting techniques, anduses HTTPS Everywhere. Krypton Anonymous never saves data about youor your browsing habits. It’s a locked-down experience for when youwant to be sure of your privacy.- Private: History, cookies and site data are never stored ondisk, and never transmitted.- Secure: Each tab is isolated in a separate OS process. Every tabis treated as a distinct instance, with its own memory storage andstate.- Anonymous: Enable Tor with a single tap to hide your IP, avoidsurveillance, and circumvent censorship. Includes HTTPS Everywhere,and mitigates common fingerprinting techniques.- Beautifully simple: Built with love and careful design. Everydetail has been thoughtfully considered.- Open source: We’ve open sourced our core library so everyone cancritique and build on our work.Krypton Anonymous is for those moments you want to be completelyanonymous online. If you're looking for a private, secure, but morelightweight browser, try out the sister app, Krypton Browser.*Krypton Anonymous is beta software! We fully expect that thereare improvements to be made, and will be continually improving theapp experience, especially with your help.
Alex Free
Alex is your own personal assistant for yourphone. Alex can chat to you, perform tasks for you and update yoursocial profiles.Alex 2 has been totally redesigned & comes with a much cleanerinterface and easier use.Alex ChatBot feature is in Beta and we were constantly working toimprove it's feature. We have the feature for fun and not to getany user information and store it. Thank youSome examples of what to say to Alex:"Call John","Text Claire saying 'Hi there!'","Update facebook status","Tweet 'I love Alex'","Read messages","Turn on light""Find me a pizza shop near me","What is weather","'Fenton' in YouTube","'Books' in Amazon""'Iron Man 3' movie"Search Google for 'Gas stations near Manchester'" or Search for'Restaurants near New York'""Show me directions from Manchester to London" or "Directions fromLos Angel to Las Vegas""Set alarm for quarter past 6" or "Set alarm for 8:30","Remind me to pick up the shopping tomorrow at 6 o'clock","Who is Michael Jackson?","What is 12 times 6","What is the weather in London?","Open Camera","Play a song from music library""Switch on WiFi"New Features in current version!1. Now Alex will remember your name, date of birth and address. Itis very cool right :)2. New improved UI look and feel with improved design includingbubbles around the chat3. New features added in UI including Keyboard to add/edit the textand Setting tabs4. Added FAQ menu under setting tabs5. New features to add new replies and commands.6. Added new conversation mode to chat continuously withouttouching the circle7. Added multiple language support and conversations8. Translation features is been added. Currently 30 + Languages issupported including French, Spanish, Italian, Russian,Chinese,Vietnamese,German,Hindi,Indonesian, Tamil, Swedish and more9. Various bug fixes and crashes reported by our users around theworld!!!Alex Pro will works in 30 + languages!!!There is a pro, donation version of Alex which has no adverts,allows you to chat in multiple languages and will learn customcommands.
【特徴】●スレッド(会話形式)表示とフォルダ表示の切り替え可能。●デコレメールや絵文字の送受信に対応●迷惑メール対策として、アドレス帳未登録の差出人からのメールを、専用のフォルダ/スレッドに自動振り分け可能●最大送受信サイズ 2MB●Y!mobile携帯電話では、メール(MMS)を、「***」のメールアドレスでご利用いただけます。【対応機種・プラットフォームと対応アプリ最新バージョン】・SoftBankスマートフォン(SHARP機種は2013年発売モデルまで非対応、富士通機種は201F/202Fのみ非対応、京セラ機種は201Kのみ非対応)・Y!mobileスマートフォン(STREAM S、Nexus 5、Nexus 6、Media Pad M18.0と、Y!mobileサービス提供開始以前に発売された機種は非対応。)・Androidプラットフォーム2.2以上推奨  -Androidプラットフォーム2.x=最新アプリバージョンVer2.8  -Androidプラットフォーム4.x以上=最新アプリバージョンVer6.3.3【ご注意】●アンインストールを行うと、送受信メールを含め本アプリが削除されます※SoftBankメールのアプリを再インストールしても、削除されたメールは復元されませんので、ご注意ください●必ず、下記デベロッパーウェブページにて、SoftBankメールアプリソフトウェア使用許諾契約書をご確認いただきご利用ください●広告表示は「設定」→「共通設定」→「広告表示設定」より、OFFにご変更いただけます。●Y!mobileスマートフォンをご利用のお客様はY!mobileの使用許諾契約書をご確認いただきご利用ください。【Characteristic】● thread (conversational) display and folder display can beswitched.● supports the transmission and reception of Graphic Mail andpictograms● as spam, the e-mail from the address book unregistered sender,automatic sorting possible in a dedicated folder / thread● maximum receive size 2MB● The Y! Mobile cellular phone, the e-mail (MMS), available at thee-mail address of "*** @".[Corresponding model and platform with the corresponding app latestversion]· SoftBank smartphone (SHARP models non-compliant until releasedmodel 2013, Fujitsu models 201F / 202F only non-compliant, Kyoceramodels 201K only not supported)· Y! Mobile smartphone (STREAM S, the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Media PadM1 8.0, Y! Mobile service was released model to provide before thestart of the non-compliant.)· Android platform 2.2 or more is recommended.-Android platform 2.x = latest app version Ver2.8-Android platform 4.x or = latest app version Ver6.3.3【please note】● When you do uninstall, this application, including the incomingand outgoing mail will be deleted※ be re-install the SoftBank Mail app, has been deleted e-mail willnot be restored, please note● Always, at the following developers web page, SoftBank mailapplication software using the license agreement check me pleaseuse● advertising display than the "Settings" → "Common Settings" →"Ads Preferences", offers change to OFF.● Y! Customers using mobile smartphone Y! Please confirm you willfind the license agreement of mobile.
Calls Blacklist - Call Blocker
Vlad Lee
"Calls Blacklist" is both a call blocker andan SMS blocker. It can easily block calls and messages fromunwanted, private (hidden, anonymous) or unknown numbers.If you are tired of annoying calls or messages: telemarketing, spamand robocalls, then "Calls Blacklist" is your solution. It is veryeasy and lightweight, yet powerful call blocker.✔️ Block calls and SMS using blacklist.✔️ Block unknown numbers.✔️ Block private/hidden numbers.✔️ Block a range of numbers using the "Begins with" option.✔️ Block SMS from alphanumeric numbers.✔️ Block all numbers.✔️ Use "Whitelist" to prevent block of certain people.✔️ Icon in the status bar can be turned off.✔️ Get notifications of blocking or turn them off.✔️ "Schedule": specify time to block calls or messages.✔️ "Log" of blocking.✔️ Save/load blacklist.✔️ Turn on/off blacklist.✔️ Robust call blocker and SMS blocker.If you have any questions about the app, please let us know bye-mail:
Virtual Phone Line
Virtual Phone Line is a call forwardingservice provider company from Super Technologies, that enables youto receive calls anywhere in the world through our service withreliability, On the platform such as Cellphone, Skype, Google Talk,IAX2, MSN, SIP etc, through a unique geographical number providedto you after you sign-up on Virtual Phone Line.
Opera Mini browser beta
Download Opera Mini beta for Android.Preview our latest browser features and save data while browsingthe internet. Get your favorite online content faster.** Get a glimpse of the upcoming features of Opera Mini, our bestbrowser for Android versions 2.3 and up, on both phones andtablets. Opera Mini is fast, free and beautifully designed. This isa beta, and we want your feedback to create a better browser foryou.Opera Mini has been designed with a native look and made moreintuitive to use. With less clutter, less hassle and a sneak peekat our upcoming features, Opera Mini gives you a superior browsingexperience. Keep in mind that this is a beta app.Download the Opera Mini beta to enjoy one of the fastest browsersfor Android. It’s always free to install and use. So, test thequicker way to browse and enjoy the web on your device.Note: Opera Mini may show ads from Facebook. To learn more, see you for testing the Opera Mini beta.If you’re looking for our stable, public version of Opera Mini, youcan download it here: us know how we can improve Opera Mini. Visit us and give usfeedback at questions or need help? Visit the latest news about Opera Software:Twitter – – User Terms:By downloading and/or using this product, you acknowledge and agreeto the end user license agreement at and Privacy Statement at
Simtalk (free chat)
Free real-time region for the first time inKorea in anticipation of random chat simtalk.Now close friends of the opposite sex can be just meet andchat.Your chat history is among us simtalk not leave.★ one region in free chat (Android, iPhone surpassed 200 millionmembers)★ nation's first regional development random chat★ wired and wireless interworking service open url =   (Simtok also available at the web.)One local chat - location-based services in your area, as well asother areas, you can chat with users.2 except tokbang (group chat) and chat with more people want? Enjoytokbang only! Currently, more and more features to be added.3 Community - Forums galleries around the game board Flick boredservices and a variety of events each month pototingprogress.4 Meeting - Join in anytime and anyplace Message functionMay oil, you can enjoy wireless linkage to chat anytime andanyplace.-----------Developers Contact:
IP Messenger
This application is a network based on Wi-Fi LAN messagecommunication and file transfer tools.Can with the IP Messenger of PC version messages between thecommunication and file transfer.Supports the files resume transfer.IP Messenger of PC version for details, please refer to:
David Simmons
Valence turns your Android phone or tabletinto a remote keyboard and mouse for any computer running a VNCserver.Note: I rely on your feedback about bugs and issues you mayencounter with Valence. Please drop me an email if you have anyproblems, and let me know which VNC server software you are using.Mentioning problems in reviews is not sufficient, since I can'trespond or ask more questions about the problem.The inspiration for Valence was a need to control a home theaterPC from the couch, but it can be useful in any situation where acomputer doesn't have a keyboard and mouse handy. Your computermust be reachable over the network from your Android device, and berunning a VNC server.Valence now supports right-clicking (by tapping with two fingersat the same time) and scrolling (by swiping two fingers up anddown).For more information about using Valence and configuring a VNCserver on your computer, follow the website link below or view theonline help (Menu->Help).
Wifi Password Pro
Recupera tus claves para las redes Wifi Pass.¡Con esta herramienta la obtendrás rápido y facil!Soporta las siguientes redes:WLAN_XXXX, JAZZTEL_XXXX, Megared-XXXX,AXTEL-XXXX, InterCableXXXX, INFINITUMXXXX, MAXCOMXXXX, ...Solo para aquellas contraseñas por defecto, soporta multiples tipode escriptación.Gratis para Android.Recoverkeys to your Wifi networks Pass.With this tool you'll get it fast and easy!Supports the following networks: WLAN_XXXX, JAZZTEL_XXXX,Megared-XXXX-XXXX AXTEL, InterCableXXXX, INFINITUMXXXX, MAXCOMXXXX...Only for those default passwords, supports multiple types ofescriptación.Free for Android.
Planet Clementoni
Planet Clementoni is an application which allows you to remainconnected with your children and their Clempad* at all times.Download the app onto your mobile device and you can connect toyour child’s Clempad. For each existing profile you will be ableto:- Allow or block website and online games which your childrencan access, making sure they stay safe online- Monitor you children’s activity on the tablet: on apps, theinternet, or video- Manage and limit usage time on the device by setting playingtimes- Observe progress in 5 separate educational areas designed to forma cohesive whole- Chat safely to your child from your mobile device at anytime- Monitor the history of exchanges between two Clempad 4.4 tabletslinked to the same Planet Clementoni accountThe Planet Clementoni App will also allow people who don't yethave an account to create one and report problems by contactingCustomer Services direct.* Planet Clementoni is compatible with all Clempad 2014models.We are always delighted to hear from our customers. Pleasecontact us at:clempad@clementoni.itor on twitter: ClementoniToys
Mein mobilcom-debitel
„Mein mobilcom-debitel“ – Kostencheck,Rechnungsübersicht, Kundenservice. Alles in einer App!Die App, die man als mobilcom-debitel Privatkunde einfach habenmuss! Denn damit können Sie von überall aus auf "Meinmobilcom-debitel" zugreifen: Vertrag, Verbrauch und Kundendateneinsehen, Rechnungen checken, Tarif wechseln, wertvolle Tippserhalten und vieles mehr. Und - nur als User der App - Gutschriftenauf Ihre Einkäufe erhalten.Sie können damit im Einzelnen:• Ihre Rechnungen einsehen• Ihren Verbrauch prüfen (Kostencheck)• Ihren Vertrag einsehen und verlängern• günstige Zusatzoptionen buchen• Ihren Tarif wechseln• Händler in Ihrer Nähe finden (mit direkter Routenplanung)• Goodies erhalten (z.B. Shop-Gutscheine)• von Tipps profitierenFeedback:Wir freuen uns über jegliches Feedback und Anregungen undentwickeln „Mein mobilcom-debitel“ stetig weiter. Wir bitten Sie,Fehler oder Anmerkungen direkt über die Kontaktmöglichkeiten auf anzugeben, bevor Sie uns eineschlechte Bewertung geben. Wir melden uns dann schnellstmöglichzurück und bemühen uns um eine schnelle Lösung. Besten Dank!Support:Bei Fragen, Anregungen oder Kritik zur „Mein mobilcom-debitel“Kostencheck und Kundenservice App steht unser Support-Team Ihnengerne zur Verfügung. Sie erreichen uns über dieKontaktmöglichkeiten auf oder ganzeinfach bei facebook.Folgen Sie uns bei facebook und erhalten Sie stets aktuelle Newszur „Mein mobilcom-debitel“• Die App steht nur mobilcom-debitel-Privatkunden mit einemLaufzeitvertrag zur Verfügung.• Zur Nutzung der App melden Sie sich mit Rufnummer/Benutzernameund Ihrem Passwort an, das Sie auch auf der Spaß mit der App!Tags: mobilcom-debitel, mobilcom, debitel, md, kostencheck,kostenkontrolle, shopsuche, handyrechnung, datenverbrauch, mobicom,moblcom, mobilcomdebitel"My mobilcom-debitel" -cost check, invoice list, customer service. All in one app!The app, which must be as mobilcom-debitel retail client have! Forthat you can access from anywhere "My mobilcom-debitel": contract,consumption and customer data, see, check invoices, change deal,get valuable tips and much more. And - only as a user of the app -receive credit on your purchases.You can use it as follows:• Consult your invoices• Check your consumption (cost check)• view and renew your contract• favorable Additional Options Book• Change your tariff• Dealer near you (with a direct route planning)• Goodies obtained (e.g. Store Coupons)• Advice of benefitFeedback:We appreciate any feedback and suggestions and develop "Mymobilcom-debitel" continuously. We ask you to indicate the fault orcomments directly via the contact details on before you give us a bad review.We will contact you back as soon as possible and try to find aquick solution. Thank You Very Much!Support:For questions, suggestions or comments on "My mobilcom-debitel"Cost and Customer Service Check our app support team is happy toassist you. You can contact us via the contact information on or simply on facebook.Follow us on facebook and get the latest news always on "Mymobilcom-debitel" Notes:• The app is only mobilcom debitel private clients with a termcontract available.• To use the app, sign in with Caller ID / username and passwordthat you use on the fun with the app!Tags: mobilcom debitel, mobilcom, debitel, md, free check, costcontrol, shop search, cell phone bill, data usage, Mobicom,moblcom, mobilcomdebitel
BomBom : Free SMS to all Phone
Unlimited SMS to all phones (no App installedrequire).BomBom users can SMS, Text, Chatting, Call, send photo and videoover Wifi or 3G for free.* Bom Direct SMS: Free SMS to all phones (include none BomBomusers) by Cellular network.* Bom Text : Free SMS to BomBom users.Free with no costs or hidden charge.
O'zbekcha Turkcha Lug'at
Sözlük ilova-dasturi O'zbek va Turk tilini o'rganuvchilar uchunmo'ljallangan. So'zlar bazasi Berdak Yusufning "Turkcha-O'zbekchava O'zbekcha-Turkcha Lug'at(1993)" kitobidan olingan bo'lib, 6mingdan ortiq turkcha va 9 mingdan ortiq o'zbekcha so'zlardaniborat. Shuningdek, qo'shimcha sifatida dasturga so'zlashuvda ko'pishlatiladigan iboralar va so'zlar ham kiritilgan.
BisPhone (Old Version)
BisPhone is an Iranian collaboration andcommunication application for your smart phones! BisPhone is easyto use and optimized and convenient for everyday use. With BisPhoneyou can:- Enjoy UNLIMITED and FREE messaging, groups, calls and multimediawith your friends and family.- No need to add your friends, your contacts who use BisPhone arein your friend list!- Get the latest news and trends about your favorites usingBisPhone Channels.- Easily invite your friends to join you on BisPhone.- Leave offline messages, BisPhone will deliver your messages whenyour friends get online.- Have fun with the large collection of stickers available!
SimpleChat for Facebook (ads)
SimpleChat ver 3.8.4allows you to use the Facebook chatfrom your Android device.Facebook's permits required for best use of this applicationare:1) Go to Facebook chat -> this course to be able to use thechat (Required)2) Access to messages in your inbox -> To download theconversations from Facebook,this is a new feature chat3) Manage your notifications -> to display notificationsfacebook4) Friends' Birthdays -> To see the birthday icon5) Status Updates shared with you -> To view the status of thecontact in the listIf you do not accept the last two chat can work howeverbut will not have access to all the features.Features:- Access by facebook account;- Notification of messages;- Notification LED, vibrate, sound;- Notification action settlement;- Emoticons;- View Group;- Display the grid;- View birthday;- View user status;- Visualisation device's icon used;- View Alphabetical List Contact;- View offline presence *- Favorites Friends;- Open conversations;- Cache conversationes;- App widget for Home;- Photo, video, audio sharing in conversations (capture and photogallery);- Shared position;- View avatar in conversations;- Notifications of Facebook (click header);- Download conversation of Facebook;- Displayed in your Facebook (Application) profile (on long clickitem);- Automatic reconnection;- Custom size, type and style font;- Custom background;- Custom balloon.Tags: Chat facebook, facebook messenger, notificationfacebook
NO ICON or launcher icon will appear after theinstallation of the app.   From Today all your projects or your most intimates secrets aresafe !   ... You can hide all your thoughts, notes,passwords or all your most important documents, pictures, photos,video clip, mp3 ... all you want ! and you can be sure ... Only you know that the app is installed on  thephone.  So, for START the application :    1 Make a fake call to telephone number:1111    2 Insert the pin code 0000    3 End    4 Reboot the mobile phone after first start. (the iconwill disappears)    5 (Optional): change the pin code.   How to manage the app:    1 - dial the fake number 1111 (the app isstarting)    2 - and ...  it's all !  You can now textingin peace and hide all your files  ... now you aresafe (all files hidden will be crypted)  Don't worry even the most trusted person that you could not denynothing, your wife,your husband,your girlfriend or boyfriend,all those persons or friends that  you can't say: "No,I can't give you the password " can read the pages ofyour secrets or can see your personal files because these aretotally hidden in the phone!   Do not appear anywhere!  Why this application is different from others?  Because no icon appears in the list of applications in your phone,so it is totally hidden.   This application is completely hidden from prying eyes and can onlybe activated by dialing a special access number and after insertinga pin code authentication!  So, Protect your privacy from people around you! We all have secrets!;-)   About "Hide files" feature: It is important to read all the condition of use that you can findin the app. Protect your privacy !  If you want to help me to translate in your language please writeme !  Are only a few words !    I will be grateful and will put your name in the acknowledgments ofthe app. Thanks.  Warning: Don't lost pin code or dial number.  Unfortunately, the password or the pin are no longer recoverable....   Very Soon it will be ready our page on facebook, stay tuned !   Follow me on twitter:!/androidreamapps  Stay tuned! This is my new channel for communicate with you! FAQ: the permission about the connection to internet is only for thelink to advertising banner mail Mail App - A Truly MobileEmail ExperienceSpeed, convenience, protection and power. Now you can bring all thegreat benefits of your webmail account to your Androiddevice with our official mail app. Enjoy 24/7 access to your inboxwherever you are—view your entire list of contacts, check yourmails and reply to messages all from the comfort of yoursmartphone. Experience real email mobility with the freemail app for Android.Features overview of the mail app:- Available on all Android devices- Powerful protection thanks to encryption security technology(TLS, SSL)- Full screen mode, pinch to zoom, and many more convenientfunctions- Send multiple attachments in all your mails- Stay focused with the new quiet mode feature- Fingerprint lock security (Android 6 only)Once you download the mail app you’ll have all these greatfeatures at your fingertips. That’s why we always say that our appis more than a digital inbox—it’s the easiest and fastest way foryou to liberate yourself from your desktop PC and finally discovera better way to mail on the move.Stay in the loopWith just one click you can access your address book, inbox andfolders. Activate the battery-friendly ‘Push email’ function andyour device will fetch your mails automatically throughout theday—you’ll receive an instant notification on your home screen whennew mail arrives in your inbox. When it comes to email, everythingyou need to know is never more than a glance away thanks to mail app.Personalize to your heart’s contentThe app is flexible by design, meaning you can tweak itsmany functions to suit your needs and lifestyle. Set a custom alerttone to notify yourself of a new mail, or if you prefer a quietermobile mail experience, activate the silent vibration notificationtab. You can also change the way your mail list appears—simply hitthe ‘Compact Mail List’ tab to get a simplified view. isan email client that puts its customers first—so download our freemail app today.100% at your convenienceOur app is packed full of clever, handy features that simply makelife easier. Clean up your inbox at lightning speed with the ‘EmptyTrash’ and ‘Empty Spam’ buttons, and access the most importantareas of your mails instantly with the Floating Action Button: Thepen icon presents you with a blank mail in the blink of an eye, andthe magnifying glass icon lets you search your messages for whenyou need to find an old mail without having to comb through yourentire inbox. Recording important information is also a breeze withthe screenshot function.Our free mail app features are not only there to save you time,they also give you peace of mind. If you have an Android 6smartphone you can activate the fingerprint lock function for addedsecurity; for all other Android devices you can create a PIN codeto protect access to your mails and account. And finally,take advantage of the customizable ‘Quiet Time’ feature—it lets youdetermine set times throughout the day so that our mail app won’tnotify you with ringtones or a vibration alert of incoming mails.The free mail app: 100% at your convenience.We’re happy to hear from youGot an idea or comment regarding our email client service? We loveto hear from our community and value your input. Simply click the‘Feedback’ tab in the ‘Settings’ area of the app to enteryour thoughts or questions and hit send. Enjoy your free mail appcourtesy of
TELES MobileControl
TELES MobileControl enables service providersto extend their existing IP centrex, Residential or businesstrunking offerings by adding mobility to attract new customers,profit more from existing clients or move mobile minutes to theirnetwork. Mobile communication is becoming more and more critical inbusiness so enterprises are asking for• seamless single-point communications• no expensive hardware procurement or implementations• real cuts in operational costsTELES MobileControl combines all of this while keeping services assimple as possible, thus avoiding the need for extensive usertraining. The application is designed to be robust, easy to supportand for real life deployments.*****************************************************************Note: TELES MobileControl works in conjunction with a validuseraccount only. Please contact your service provider fordetails.*****************************************************************Highlights:• Enables One Number Services+ Callers can dial one number to reach you+ Increases communication efficiency and productivity• Supports Call Back/Callthrough/VoIP Service+ Callback to mobile phone, office phone or custom phonenumber+ Calltrough via IP and GSM (additional license)+ VoIP Softphone (additional license)+ No need to show your mobile number+ Optimizes call charges+ Deflect call: transfer incoming call to voice mail or reject withmessage• Android dialer integration+ calls placed through Android dialer will be done byMobileControl• GSM Transfer (additional license)+ transfer a GSM call to another party• Handover (additional license)+ Move a call on your business phone to your mobile phone bypressing the "Get call from office phone" button.+ Handover a WiFi call to GSM and vice versa+ Convenient handover• Unified Address Book+ Automatically streams the C5 phonebook to the mobile phone+ No need to sync company contacts+ Adds additional information (e.g. job position,department,…)+ Click2Dial enabled+ Smart dialing (enter contact names or numbers and select frommatching contacts)• Presence (additional license)+ Show Rich Presence+ Show Line status (Talking/Free)• Call logNever miss a call again. Access to your PBX call log forincoming/outgoing/missed calls.• Call recording+ Record calls and synchronize recording list with server+ Listen to any recorded calls• Feature Control Panel+ Configure your reachability according to your needs+ via GSM network only connectivity (additional license)• Call queues+ Login or logout your agent from any call queue in theserver• Visual UMS box (additional license)+ Voicemail/Faxmail• Extension dialingSupported with data connectivity even in GSM network only,using Callback, Callthrough and Direct Call modus.• Always access your phone booksAccess all your C5 server-side business contacts even there isnodata connectivity after one time synchronization over IPnetwork.• Contact pictures+ Shows uploaded picture for a contact in the phone book+ Upload your own picture to the server• Do Not DisturbActivate your DND (subscriber mode)• Favorites+ Add contacts to your favorite list+ Sync favorites with all your devices• Send SMSDirectly send SMS from contact details• Supported OSAndroid 4.0 and higher
Number Identification
Tired of getting the message "You have onemissed call from +1234567890" and not knowing to whom this phonenumber belongs?Or getting a text saying "You have a new voice mail from+1234567890" and not knowing who left the message?Is it too annoying to copy the unknown caller's phone number to theclipboard and search for it in your Contacts app?With Number Identification, you can now easily find out to whom anytelephone number belongs! Simply click on the number, choose"Number Identification" and you will instantly see who the calleris!*** Remarks: ***- If you don't get the option to open Number Identification afterclicking on a number (a different app is opened), then you may needto reset the default app. Number Identification has aTroubleshooting Wizard that can help you here.- You can click on telephone numbers in many different apps and wewill show you the number's owner. However, if you don't want NumberIdentification to work for a certain app, simply select a differentapp after clicking the number, and choose "Always". The next time,the app selection dialog will not appear.- Clicking on a number only works if the number is underlined(refer to screenshot). This depends on the app that is displayingthe number.- On some devices, the manufacturer replaces the original AndroidSMS Messaging application with his own proprietary SMS application.Some of these proprietary SMS applications do not allow us toidentify a number. In this case, you can use alternative SMSapplications like Hangouts or Handcent SMS.- Number Identification will only work for numbers that you havesaved in your address book. We do not search any online telephonebooks.
تماس از کجاست؟ رایگان
Dolphin Group
●●● مژده مژده ●●● تماس از کجاست؟● نمایش مکان شماره در تمام تماسهای ورودی وخروجی● با تنظیم پاسخ خودکار می توانید با استفاده از لرزاندنگوشی تماس را پاسخ دهید.●با استفاده از این برنامه شما می تونید بفهمید که مکانشماره که با شما تماس گرفته کجاست● قابلیت تنظیم تم با رنگ های دلخواه شما با گرافیک بسیارعالیاین برنامه پیام ورودی، مکان شماره رو نمایش میدهدتمام نمایش ها در قسمت Notification دستگاه شما هم ظاهر میشوندشما بسته به دلخواه می توانید امکانات را غیر فعالنمایید.تم برنامه هم با استفاده از رنگهای پایین قابل تغییر میباشداین برنامه مکان شماره های زیر را نمایش نمی دهد:ایرانسل همه شماره هاهمراه اول 919 و 910و بعضی شماره های پراکنده ...توجه:تعداد نمایش های نسخه آزمایشی 11 تا می باشد و با خرید نسخه اصلیمحدودیت نمایش مکان شماره تماس گیرنده حذف شده و بدون هیچ محدودیتینمایش می دهد.توجه توجهبا حمایت 5 ستاره از برنامه ردیابی شماره های موبایل های همراه نیزاضافه می شود●●● ¤ ¤ ●●● from where?● Display Number locations for all incoming and outgoingcalls● Set Auto-Reply you can use the shake the phone toanswer a call.● With this program you can find out the location of thenumber you have dialed is● Adjust the colors of your theme with greatgraphicsThe program input message, the location numbers willshow upView all your devices appear in theNotificationDepending on your preference, you can disablefeatures.The program also uses Theme colors can be adjusteddownThis site does not display numbers below:MTN all the numbersMCI 919 and 910And some scattered numbers ...Note:View the demo version will be 11 to buy original place restrictionson caller ID display will show deleted without anyrestrictions.Taking NoteWith the support of 5 stars trace mobile phone numbers have beenadded
Remote Desktop Client
Xtralogic, Inc.
**ON SALE for $9.99 (regular price:$14.95)!**Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client for Android enables you to connectto your Windows computers across the Internet from a mobile devicepowered by Google Android platform. Once connected, it gives youmouse and keyboard control over your computer while showing youeverything that's happening on the screen. You can leave yourcomputer without losing access to your files, applications, ande-mail. Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client can connect using MicrosoftRemote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or VNC protocol. For RDP protocol allthe necessary server components are already part of most versionsof the Windows operating system (except Home varieties).Features:•RemoteFX graphics support•VNC protocol support•Support for Windows 8 Multi-Touch remoting (a.k.a. Metro)•Simple Connect (eliminates the need for configuring portforwarding on a network router)•Custom screen resolutions, including an option to automaticallyfit to the device screen•Secure network communication protected by SSL/TLS•Network Level Authentication (NLA) with CredSSP•Microsoft Remote Desktop Gateway(RD Gateway) support•RemoteApp programs support•On-screen keyboard for keys missing on the device (functionalkeys, etc.)•Server address book•Master password to secure server password storage•Audio redirection to the client from a remote computer•Microphone redirection from the client to a remote computer•File transfer between SD card and remote computer•Copy/paste text between client and server•Display zoom in/zoom out•Pinch-to-zoom•Support for Microsoft Remote Assistance•RDP data compression and caching to save bandwidth•Android home screen shortcuts•Automatic activation of a software keyboard in text fields•Support for international keyboard layouts•Support for multitasking: switch to other apps withoutdisconnecting•Support for a physical keyboard (a keyboard connected overBluetooth or USB)•Physical mouse support: drag and drop with a single mouse click,mouse wheel, all three mouse buttons are supported (some featuresrequire Ice Cream Sandwich)•Export/import the server address book and app settings to/from SDcard•Support for importing server settings from .rdp and XMLfiles•Multi-touch gestures for scrolling, mouse buttons emulation•API for third party apps to establish RDP connection
GO SMS Pro Slayer ThemeEX
This is a premium theme but free to download. you may1.Pay with IAP ( In app purchase )2.Get it for free with Getjar Gold❤How to use this theme:1. After downloading and installing this theme, go to ApplicationCenter -> Theme Store -> Installed -> choose your theme-> Apply2. Choose pay with Google Checkout or Free with Getjar Gold.3. If you choose Getjar Gold, there will be several apps listed,just download some apps to earn gold and then purchase with GetjarGold4. After purchase, select Installed -> choose the theme ->Apply5. Enjoy your theme and pay attention to our productsCopyright 2004-2012 All Rights Reserved
Auto Answer Incoming Call
Do you want your phone to answer the incoming callsautomatically?Sometimes,your hands are full and you couldn't empty one hand toanswer the call.Don't worry.This app Auto Answer To Call could help you alot!How to Use:First step is to enable the app which is also the mostimportant.After activating this application,it could worknormally.Then,you could make some personal settings.It includes:---Answer which calls.You could select to answer whose callautomatically.This app enables you to select all callers, contactsor only starred.---Delay Before Answer.Set the delay time as you wish.---Allow you to force speakerphone or not.---You could also only use BT Headset.---If you are in call,you could also select not to answer.Main Features:1.Free2.For Android and tablets3.Easy to control4.Bring convenience to life5.Some personalized settingIf you like it,please share it with your friends and family.Waiting for your 5 stars!
Instantly reach the people in your life—for free. HelloApp is justlike texting, but you don't have to pay for every message (it workswith your data plan).Not just for Facebook friends: Message people in your phone bookand just enter a phone number to add a new contact.Group chats: Create groups for the people you message most. Namethem, set group photos and keep them all in one place.Photos and videos: Shoot videos and snap selfies or other photosright from the app and send them with one tap.Chat heads: Keep the conversation going while you use other apps.
Curriculum vitae free, Jobs
My resume Free, is a simple and powerfulapplication generator resumes in PDF. With a simple and intuitiveinterface, facilitating fills the information to create thecurriculum vitae (CV).Features:Create CV in PDF;Send Curriculum Vitae (CV) by email; (Available in Curriculumversion PRO )Edit Topics of the curriculum;Create Resume with picture; (Available in version Curriculum PRO)1 Model Curriculum;
Tablet Talk: SMS & Texting App
Tablet Talk
Tablet Talk is a tablet SMS texting app thatlets you text from a tablet and even make voice calls, while yourphone stays in your pocket! It works with all Android tablets,including Nexus, Galaxy, Note, and Kindle Fire tablets. Unlikeother apps, Tablet Talk doesn't force you to use a new phonenumber... your friends, coworkers, and family can contact you withyour existing Android phone number. In addition, Tablet Talk doesnot require an Internet connection, does not store your data, anddoes not eat your battery!Our customers love Tablet Talk! Here's what some of them have tosay:★ "By far my most-used app. When I'm home my phone stays hidden onmy desk."★ "Officially the coolest app I have... Works great with the Nexus7 and the HTC Thunderbolt phone."★ "This is one of the most useful apps on Google Play."★ "Love it! I've tried almost all of the tablet texting apps and Ilike this one the best! Most important to me is that It's privateand secure - it doesn't use some third party company/website wheremy conversations are stored, all my texts are between the recipientand myself like they should be. I love the look, the layout, andthe optional themes."★ "I am a General Contractor and Tablet Talk is one of the mostused apps on my Android phone and tablet. I will never be withoutit."How does it work? Tablet Talk pairs your Android phone to anAndroid tablet over Bluetooth or WiFi (sorry, iPads, iPhones,Windows Phone, and BlackBerry are not supported). Incoming textmessages on your phone instantly appear on your tablet. Starttexting from a tablet on the larger keyboard, without having toreach for your phone! You can even make tablet phone calls(Bluetooth headset required).Features include:★ Privacy. Unlike other Android texting apps, Tablet Talk directlysyncs SMS/MMS messages between the tablet and Android phone. Nouploading or saving on company servers.★ Speed. Tablet SMS notifications are almost instant. The tabletrings in real-time when you have a call!★ Flexibility. Text anywhere, anytime, with or without Internetaccess. No mobile data is used to sync SMS. Easily switch betweenBluetooth and WiFi. You can even link your tablet over your Androidphone’s Wi-Fi hotspot, or over Bluetooth when Bluetoothtethering!★ Quick Reply Popups and rich expandable Notifications.★ Caller ID. Do you use a Bluetooth headset with your phone?Combined with Tablet Talk, you can dial and answer calls on thetablet, including a full call log. The phone stays in your pocket,or in its charger!★ Android support: Tablet Talk works with newer versions ofAndroid, including Android 4.3 Jelly Bean (used on the new N7tablet).★ There's more: MMS & group MMS support, custom themes,DashClock Extensions, Android SMS delivery reports,emoticons/smilies, backup and restore tablet SMS to phone … thelist goes on!Installation instructions:Install Tablet Talk on both your tablet and Android phone, but onlypay for it once. After you buy the app on your tablet, it will bemade free for your phone on the Play Store. Here’s how to completethe installation:1. Open the Play Store on your phone.2. Press menu and select Settings-> Accounts. Select the accountused to get the app on your tablet.3. Press the menu button again and select “My apps.” Tablet Talkshould be listed and available to install.Tablet Talk works with all popular Android SMS apps, and does notreplace how you text on your phone. If you use Go SMS, Handcent, orMIUI please see the FAQ in Tablet Talk or the Tablet Talk websitefor a quick and easy fix if messages do not automatically sync tothe tablet.If you would like to try Tablet Talk we use a 48 hour refundpolicy. Just send us an email anytime after the Play Store15-minute period.Visit the Tablet Talk website at to seethe FAQ and get other tips!