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English Lessons - Gymglish
Gymglish delivers short, personalized and fun English lessons. Ourgoal: your motivation, participation and progress. Test Gymglishfor free and get a level assessment and a personalized pedagogicalreport! "Brilliant!" — ELLE "Participation and pleasureguaranteed." — 24 Heures "A professional and pleasant method tokeep you motivated." — Marie Claire "A major step in languagelearning." — 20Minutes "Smart and practical." — Challenges "Ourfavorite! The episodes are designed like a soap opera, and thecharacters come to life as the lessons evolve." — Vocable ........... ...... ✓ More than 4,000,000 users around the world ✓Long-term results ✓ A personalized approach ✓ Modern, businessEnglish ..... ...... ...... Each morning, you receive a lesson inEnglish with a variety of written and audio exercises. Gymglishlessons take 10 minutes to complete, and include a story from theDelavigne Corporation, dialogues to listen to, questions to answer,'mini-lessons', humour, business English, varied accents, and apersonalised revision program. Once you have sent your answers, youwill receive a correction with your score for the day's lesson,personalised explanations, the English vocabulary that interestsyou, scripts for the audio files, etc. You can try Gymglish for 7days free of charge. This test is limited to the first seven daysof the program, and is absolutely free and non-binding. Under nocircumstances will you be registered for the full, paying versionof our English lessons without your explicit consent. We guaranteethe confidentiality of your personal details. The Gymglish programis designed, edited and developed in its entirety by A9 SAS.
General Knowledge Quiz : World GK Quiz App
Knowledge is Power. Power excels you to this world. This GeneralKnowledge Quiz: World GK Quiz App helps you to do the same. Thisfree gk quiz app or quiz of knowledge app improves one’s generalknowledge about India as well as the world. This general knowledgeapp helps you to be sharp-witted in gk and to be fast in world gklearning, in order to be successful in this competitive world. Thisquiz app helps you to do the same. You may avail much generalknowledge but this gk apps helps you to improve your generalknowledge easily and fastly. This user-friendly quiz helps you toanswer all gk questions, as the GK quiz answers are given directly.If you want to be a brilliant person in the general knowledge quiz,you can go for the practice section of this gk quiz in English appwhich helps you to practice each question with four options whichmakes your brain acute. The main reasons why g.k questions andanswers is important in the lives of people are: This gk made easyapp to make conversations easier with others and helps you todevelop better decision-making skills. This general knowledge appnot only helps you to enhance your personality but also it helpsyou to get more marks in school, college and in competitiveexaminations. This gk games contain a variety of questions based onvarious topics like India general knowledge, World generalknowledge, India static current affairs and from various topicslike Agriculture, History, Geography etc, Features of thisknowledge app: This g.k quiz app contains 30+ streams of generalknowledge questions A wide range of general knowledge questions totest your knowledge around the world You can take the test freelyto refresh your gk via this gk questions and answers You can attendthe Quiz in the form of online test, test and daily gk test toimprove your knowledge You can practice quiz questions and answersin offline mode In this question answer app, you can share each gkquestions with your friends You can download quize app at free ofcost You can share this General Knowledge app with your friends viasocial media You can play this gk test app in offline mode Thiskids quiz app is a completely free app This gk quiz app has auser-friendly interface GK questions covered in this kids gk appare: ☀ Agriculture Quiz ☀ Animals Quiz ☀ Books and Authors Quiz ☀Capitals and Countries Quiz ☀ Chemistry Quiz ☀ Computer KnowledgeQuiz ☀ Electrical Quiz ☀ Environment Quiz ☀ First In World Quiz ☀Food and Drinks Quiz ☀ General Awareness ☀ General Knowledge ☀General Questions ☀ General knowledge Quiz ☀ World Geography ☀Historical Places ☀ Invention and Inventors Quiz ☀ National Symbol☀ Personalities Quiz ☀ Physical Education Quiz ☀ Physics Quiz ☀Plants Quiz ☀ General Science Quiz ☀ Sports And Games ☀ Cups AndTrophies ☀ Technical General Knowledge ☀ Trade and Industry Quiz ☀Historic Personalities ☀ Historical Places ☀ National Animals ☀National Birds ☀ National Emblem and flag ☀ National Flowers andTrees ☀ World Organisation ☀ World General Knowledge Quiz ☀ WorldEconomy Practicing with this huge collection of basic gk in thisquiz apps helps you to crack the competitive exams easily. You canavail this gk quiz and awareness app anywhere, anytime for free.Our future updates are separate categories for English and Hindi gkquiz for India, and many more GK Bank and GK questions categories.
Yomiwa - Japanese Dictionary and OCR
Yomiwa is a modern offline Japanese dictionary, including numerousfeatures to help you read and learn Japanese. Yomiwa's dictionaryhas been built up from diverse sources in order to provide you withthe one of the most complete Japanese dictionary app on the PlayStore. The powerful search function lets you input words in anykind of alphabet (Kanjis, Hiraganas, Katakanas, Romajis). You caneven input whole sentences. Yomiwa also features powerful, fast andoffline Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Yomiwa canrecognize more than 4000 Japanese characters in your pictures orwith your device camera. Japanese text is detected, recognized andparsed into words in a fraction of a second. Yomiwa's OCR modeshave been designed to help you read with ease all your favoritereading materials, such as mangas, newspapers, books or restaurantmenus and signs. Yomiwa also comes with a built-in HandwritingRecognition engine which recognizes Japanese characters from yourtouch-screen. Extensive Dictionary: • Complete information aboutJapanese words and Kanjis such as on-yomi, kun-yomi, meaning,stroke order, compounds etc. • Many target languages available:English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hungarian,Dutch, Slovene, Swedish and Hungarian • More than 200K exemplessentences • Handwriting Recognition • Input characters by Drawing /Radical search / Keyboard • Look up conjugated forms, even if theyare incomplete • Search definitions in any kind of alphabet: Kanjis/ Hiraganas / Katakanas / Romajis. • You can search from Japanesewords or from foreign words • Build vocabulary lists of Japanesewords, Kanjis or Sentences (which you can share as files or text inmany ways) • Export your vocabulary lists to Anki • A proper namesdatabase (such as people names, places, locations...) • Listen tothe Japanese pronunciation of words and example sentences throughthe "Speak" function Optical Character Recognition (OCR): (one-timepaid feature after a three-days free trial) • A powerful OpticalCharacter Recognition (OCR) engine which lets you translateJapanese characters in images • Yomiwa can recognize more that 4000Japanese characters • Recognize Japanese text with your Live Cameraor on Still Pictures (from your gallery) • Read either horizontalor vertical Japanese text Text Analyzer: • Paste some text, orimport it from the OCR modes, into the text analyzer to getdefinitions of each word in the text • Furiganas are also displayedautomatically • Listen to the Japanese text with the "Speak"function Web browser with furiganas displayed automatically: •Yomiwa includes a web browser which lets you read Japanese websiteswith ease Daily Word Lists extracted from Japanese news articles: •Keywords appearing in the daily news are displayed in the appeveryday. You can open the source news article and add Furiganas inorder to read it with ease Yomiwa Wall: • Get help from the usercommunity by sharing pictures on the Yomiwa Wall Yomiwa is perfectfor: • Upgrading your reading skills to the next level by readingany Japanese text with Yomiwa OCR technology • Using as youreveryday Japanese dictionary • Increasing your vocabulary bybuilding your own word lists • Learning and study Japanese Kanjis •Improving your Japanese skills! \We are very responsive to yourfeedback and suggestions: Facebook: Japanese , English , dictionary , character , kanji ,character recognition , OCR , kanji recognizer , writing , drawing, reading , phonetic , hiragana , English translation , translate ,translator , electronic dictionary, Japanese-English , translation, meaning , words , camera , translation , image , processing ,handwriting , katakana , manga , learn , recognizer , rikaichan ,reader , imiwa , picture , text , recognition
Learn Languages with Memrise - Spanish, French
Download Memrise and learn Mexican Spanish, Spanish, French,German, Japanese (Kanji), Italian, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese,Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Turkish, Danishor even English. Join over 50 million people. Have fun. Learn yourfave language and impress the hell out of yourself with what youcan achieve. Let real native speakers teach you their language fromthe streets of their home town through our Learn with Locals videoclips. Give us a try – your first lesson's on the house. Here's whywe're different: We've got killer learning science behind thescenes. It speeds up your learning and helps you remember your newwords, as if your mind keeps hitting the save button. Not thatyou'd notice. You're too busy watching fun video clips, seeing reallocals in bucket-list destinations and playing little quiz-typegames. The opposite of textbook learning.Wherever you Memrise,you're a million miles from the classroom. Then the good bithappens. You're in the moment, a local wants to talk. Do you freezeup? No. Not on our watch. You recall the key phrases you learned.You speak naturally. Not perfect but it's still good banter. Youaren't worried. You're just going for it. You're balls-outconfident. You did it. Mic drop. Download Memrise to: - Learn withlocals: we took real native speakers and shrunk them into the app.Your miniature friends help you learn fun, conversational phrases.A few swear words too. - Practice games: our science doesone-to-one coaching with your mind, while you have fun with SpeedReview, Listening Skills, Difficult Words and Classic Review. -Improve your pronunciation: so when you say 'beaucoup' (a lot) younever accidentally say it 'beau cul' (nice ass). Record yourselfand our smart tech will tell you if you got it right or need to tryagain. - Learn anywhere: download your course to learn in placesthat don't have signal and seem to be stuck in the 80s. - Build anentertaining habit: learn as much or as little as you want. Youonly need 5 minutes a day to improve. Perfect for making your loobreak a lot more fun. Memrise, the best language learning app for:Mexican Spanish, Spanish, French, German, Japanese (Kanji),Italian, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Dutch,Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Turkish, Danish or even English.----------------------- PLEASE NOTE: You need a Memrisesubscription to access all courses and features. But the coursesand features that are available vary depending on the language ofyour device. Once purchased, subscriptions will automatically renewunless cancelled before the end of the current payment period.Subscriptions can be managed or cancelled in your Google Play Storeaccount. ----------------------- In-app Permissions - To enablesome of the features of the Memrise app we may need to ask for yourpermission. For example, we'll ask to access your microphone ifyou'd like to practice your pronunciation skills. You can changepermissions at any time in your settings. -----------------------Follow us on social media for inspiration on your foray into thelanguage learning world: * Facebook: * Twitter: * Instagram: Privacy Policy: Terms of Use: Memrise: for language learners whowant to learn Mexican Spanish, French, German, Japanese (Kanji),Italian, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Dutch,Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, Turkish, Danish or even English.
Todait - Smart study planner
Todait Inc.
Todait is an authentic study planner to help you utilize 100% ofyour time and ace your exams. Todait is especially useful forstudents who need help with productivity and effective timemanagement. Use it to prepare for the ACTs, AP Exams, ASVAB,PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, SHSAT, GED, DAT, LSAT, MCAT, PCAT, Bar exam,COMLEX-USA, NAPLEX, NBDE, PANCE/PANRE, NCLEX, BMAT, UKCAT, and Alevels. We strongly recommend this app for anyone who: - has amassive amount of material to cover and has no idea where to startstudying - is preparing for a big exam, such as the LSATs, APs,etc. - wants to make a habit of routine studying - wants to beproductive and efficiently manage their time Todait automaticallyplans and divides your study materials over a specific period oftime while providing detailed feedback. All you have to do is enterhow much you’d like to study for each subject as well how manyhours you’d like to spend per week. Todait’s Unique Functions: -Emphasizes studying rather than planning - Automatic Distributiontells you how much you should study each day to achieve your goalswithin a chosen period of time - Automatic Plan Adjustmentredistributes your study material based on whether you’re ahead ofor behind schedule - The stopwatch allows you to measure and managehow long you study for each subject - The widget allows you tostart studying right from your home-screen without running the appitself - Gives feedback on your study habits that you can’t get onyour own - The Study Trend Graph shows your weekly progress andaverage study times - The time-table shows your study times foreach day - The calendar keeps track of your monthly performance -An alarm reminds you to start studying at whatever time you set -The Study Diary allows you to reflect upon your daily performancefor each task - Lock-out Mode prevents you from getting distractingnotifications or using other apps while the stopwatch is running -Can view all your tasks in a simple check-list layout - Allows youto check and manage your study times on other devices - Gives morefeedback from Todait based on your progress and data - The timelinemotivates you to study by comparing your study times with yourfriends’ (not updated yet) Todait Inc. 🐝Preparing tutorials! : 💊Please direct your questions andfeedback to !
Angielski-Ucz się i rozmawiaj
New InfoTech
Program do skutecznego porozumiewania się w języku angielskim.Przeznaczony jest zarówno dla osób początkujących, jak i tych,którzy pragną wzbogacić zasób słownictwa. Szczególną uwagę zwróconow nim na najważniejszą sprawność językową - umiejętność prowadzeniaswobodnych rozmów w języku angielskim. Zastosowana w programieinnowacyjna metoda komunikacji pozwala szybko pozbyć się bariery wmówieniu i sprawnie wyrażać w codziennych sytuacjach.Programprzeznaczony jest przede wszystkim dla osób zainteresowanychczynnym opanowaniem języka angielskiego. Wszystkie słowa, zwroty idialogi nagrane zostały przez profesjonalnych lektorów angielskich.Logiczny podział na 127 tematów i kategorii wraz z szybkim systememwyszukiwania pozwala błyskawicznie odnaleźć każde potrzebne słowolub zwrot.Program doskonale sprawdza się również w rolielektronicznego, mówiącego tłumacza podczas wyjazdów za granicę.Dzięki niemu z łatwością porozumiesz się we wszystkich typowychsytuacjach - w sklepie, w banku, w hotelu, na lotnisku... Bezproblemu kupisz bilet w kasie, złożysz zamówienie w restauracji,zapytasz o drogę lub też umówisz się na spotkanie.Program stanowidoskonałą propozycję dla osób przygotowujących się do egzaminówustnych z języka angielskiego oraz wyjeżdżających za granicę wcelach turystycznych, do pracy lub na studia.W programie międzyinnymi:- nagrania z udziałem rodowitych Brytyjczyków- 127 gruptematycznych i kategorii - praktyczne rozmówki, konwersacje idialogi - słownik angielsko-polski, polsko-angielski - naukaprawidłowej wymowy - tworzenie własnych dialogów i sceneksytuacyjnych- innowacyjny system zapamiętywania wyrażeń - szybkiewyszukiwanie słów i zwrotów - uproszczony zapis wymowy - przykładyużycia słów w zdaniach- kurs konwersacyjny języka angielskiego -zintegrowany odtwarzacz słów i zwrotówDIALOGI:Na granicy, Odprawapasażerów, Podróż pociągiem, U lekarza, W recepcji hotelowej, Wrestauracji, Zwiedzanie, W mieście, Pierwsze rozmowy, W sklepie,Dojazd do centrum, Poza miastem, Wymiana walut, Na poczcie,Szukanie pracy, Pytanie o czas, Wypadek samochodowy, Informacjaturystyczna, Wynajem samochodu.GRUPY TEMATCZNE:Zakwaterowanie,Pytanie o drogę, Gastronomia, Zdrowie, Zakupy, Czas wolny, Pierwszespotkania, Podróż, Liczby/Czas, Miejsca publiczne, Praca/Nauka,Środowisko. Kategoria ogólnaBezpłatna wersja programu zawiera 800słów i zwrotów, natomiast w pełnej wersji dostępnych jest ponad4000 słów, zwrotów i zdań.A program to communicate effectively inEnglish. It is designed for beginners and those who want to enrichvocabulary. Particular attention was paid to him on the mostimportant language skills - the ability to conduct casualconversations in English. Our innovative method of communicationallows you to quickly get rid of the barriers in speaking and ableto express in everyday situations.The program is designed primarilyfor those interested in an active mastery of the English language.All words, phrases and dialogues have been recorded by nativespeakers of English. The logical division of the 127 subjects andcategories with a quick search system allows you to instantly findany word or phrase you need.The Programme was also works as anelectronic talking translator during trips abroad. It allows easycommunication among all typical situations - in a store, a bank, ahotel, airport ... No problem you buy your ticket at the counter,you order at a restaurant, ask for directions, or you go out to ameeting.The program is an excellent choice for those preparing forthe oral tests of English and traveling abroad as a tourist, towork or to study.The program includes:- Recordings with nativeBritons- 127 focus groups and categories- Practical phrases andconversations and dialogues- English-Polish, Polish-English-Learn the correct pronunciation- Create your own situationaldialogues and scenes- An innovative system for memorizing phrases-Quick search words and phrases- Simplified record speech- Examplesof the use of words in sentences- Funcionality- Integrated DVDwords and phrasesAsking for:At the border, check passengers bytrain, At the doctor's, the hotel reception, the restaurant,walking in the city, first talks, in the shop, Journey to thecenter, out of town, Currency Exchange, at post offices, Finding aJob question of time A car accident, Tourist information, Rent aCar.GROUP TEMATCZNE:Accommodation, asking for directions,Restaurants, Health, Shopping, Leisure, First Encounters, Travel,Numbers / Time, Public Spaces, Work / Science, Environment. GeneralCategoryFree version contains 800 words and phrases, while the fullversion includes more than 4000 words, phrases and sentences.
FinApp for CA CPT IPCC Final
FinApp provides Simple and Fast updates to theStudents of CA CPT, IPCC and Final. Notes Available. CA CPTstudents can also take Mock Test to test their knowledge as Exampreparation. The Self Assessment Test will have over 1,000Questions covering all previous exams. There are separate tests forCA CPT Accounts, CA CPT Mercantile Law and CA CPT Economics. ICAIRegular updates and latest amendments.Visit our official website at: IPCC and CA Final students can also use the app to resolve theirqueries.Exam tips will be provided for CA IPCC and CA Final students.CA IPCC Related Content. CA Final Notes. CA Final books. CA CPTExam Preparation and Mock Test for Free.
Madhya pradesh Gk in hindi
Covers each and every topic of Madhya Pradesh like its History,Geography, Economy etc.Application provides knowledge for students preparing for MPPSC,UPSC, And National level Exams.The Concept is described in simple language.This application is absolutely Free!This app is offline so you do not need to have internetconnection.You will not find any better Application than this anywhere.
Cisco Packet Tracer Mobile
Cisco Packet Tracer Mobile is an innovative network simulation andvisualization tool. Use Packet Tracer on your mobile device to:prepare for a certification exam, practice what you learn innetworking courses, sharpen your networking skills for a jobinterview, and build Internet of Things simulations. This versionis currently compatible with Cisco Packet Tracer 7. For full accessto the app, go to Cisco Networking Academy ( ) and sign up for PacketTracer Mobile 101 (English), a 1.5-hour self-paced tutorial. YourNetAcad login can be used to sign in to Packet Tracer Mobile.Packet Tracer Mobile requires Android 4.2 or later on ARMv7 CPUtablets and is optimized for screens with a minimum size of 7inches. Some devices with x86 CPUs contain binary translation whichwill allow this application to run at a reduced speed. CiscoNetworking Academy is an IT skills and career building program forlearning institutions and individuals worldwide. Millions of peoplehave joined the Networking Academy and become a force for change inthe global economy since 1997.
Daily Current Affairs & GK
2020 Daily GK Current Affairs: Weekly GK, Monthly Gk Digest inEnglish and Hindi (off line ) to know how to prepare, improve GKfor various exams, even get monthly and yearly GK notes andquestions. Now play GK, current affairs quiz and win paytm cashback money. 2020 GK One-liners One Liners, Banking GK, Speed testsSSC CGL 1, SBI, IBPS update in English-Hindi. Section wise currentaffairs Previous papers PDF, Exam pattern, Mock, Speed testsSyllabus, Short tricks, Study Notes, Video Lectures New Jobs,vacancies notification Current Affairs Mock Speed Sample TestSeries English essay, letter writing practice in feedback andcorrection to score better in descriptive section of SBI,insurance, Discussion Forum Video Notes, topic wise short tricksclass tutorial lectures 2020 Hindi, English Daily GK, BankingAwareness questions, English, Static GK - history, geography,Computer as sample paper, based on previous papers, Revise offlinein the app. Exam Covered: 1. IBPS - PO, Clerk, RRB 2. SBI PO -Clerk 3. SSC CGL 1, 2 , CHSL 4. CTET, Insurance, LIC, NICL 5. CSAT,CLAT, BBA 6. Railways 7. Current Affairs in Hindi Subjects Section:Daily Current Affairs All material - short notes, daily questions,video lectures, puzzles, D.I Maths, reasoning questions withshortcut explanation, tricks. Questions are good for SSC CGL Tier 1and UPSC. As GK general studies is also an integral part of CLAT,AAO, which means we cover all the main events of the day which makeinto the daily news are simply ideal for those exams as well andits result is a tells you about your preparation. Now regularlyproviding English questions, covering topics like synonyms andantonyms, para jumbles, spotting errors, sentence improvements, newpattern questions and short learning tricks for vocabulary. Sports,economy, state news, national, international politics and take oldpapers, 10 years and previous exam pattern into consideration.Besides a majority of questions some are especially of business GKand economics. As we understand that Banking terms knowledge is animportant aspect of Bank PO and specialist officers' exam. Alsohelpful for state officers bank exams like cooperative bank, SIDBIand SEBI. App is also for NDA, CDS, LAW, Delhi Police SI, DataEntry operators or LDC. As the name of the App says, daily currentaffairs, questions are daily with latest pattern. You will findsome of the best and important questions for your exam preparation.Which means that each day you will get latest daily currentaffairs. The language of questions is for Hindi medium and now alot of questions and study notes are available in Hindi. 1.Questions are daily in the form of mock quiz based on latest 2020exam syllabus. 2. Model paper questions answer for online examsmock test. 3. Check your performance, rank in All India Free MockTests. 4. Questions and answer in the multiple choice format, as itappears in previous year competitive exams like RRB 5 Take freesection test to improve your speed in reasoning, maths English,static Gk and computer knowledge. Daily GK app gives CA questioneach day, English, maths, reasoning, computer knowledge, banking.3000 GK questions and these questions will help you in any onlineexam of bank specialist, DMRC CRA or SI and ASI CPO and even CISF.Now questions are for railways exam. It is a perfect e-learningcompetitive education app for your online study. Attemptfull-length IBPS CWE GA sample paper, mock sample paper questionsas per new pattern of Static GK, history, geography, scienceconstitution, science. * Speed test and Free All India Test for allexams AIR for English, Reasoning, maths banking awareness, computerawareness. Now Canidates play quiz and earn paytm cash daily.
每日背單字 - 常用英文單字TOEIC/TOEFL
每天可以獲得5個新的單字,並有發音以及測驗。好玩又實用的英文單字學習APP,背單字不再只是死背,讓你一用就上手。收錄了超過4000個常用的詞彙。透過本程式,你可以無壓力的學習。無論你在何時何地,你將會發現學習英語原來是如此簡單的。特點•收錄常用的英語短語和詞彙 • 提供完整的發音 • 測驗功能讓你加速學習 • 支援離線使用You can get five newwords a day, and pronunciation, and quizzes. Fun and practicallearning English words APP, not just memorize words back, let youuse to get started.A collection of over 4000 commonly usedwords.Through this program, you can learn without pressure.Whetheryou when and where you will find learning English original is sosimple.Feature• collection of common English phrases andvocabulary• Provide complete pronunciation• Test feature allows youto accelerate learning• Support for offline use
Bangla eBook+
"Read various Bangla novels and stories from famous writers fromboth sides of Bengal i.e. from both Bangladesh and West Bengal inPDF format with style! Keep in touch with Bangla novels and storiesfrom your favorite writers on your devices wherever you go!!Thanksto our application which will allow you to read your most favoriteBangla novel and story eBooks easily, conveniently and effortlesslyon your devices.Some of the features include:- Stylish way ofreading book
- Easily zoom in while reading the book for a closerview- Split view of all the pages in a document- Quick pagebrowsing- Select single page or continuous scroll modes- Scrollingnavigation- Quickly navigate through large files using thumbnails-Page flipping navigation- Email books documents as attachmentsGetall these exciting features and hundreds of free eBooks absolutelyfor free!!!Copyright & Disclaimer RelatedInformation:—————————————————————All of the contents provided inthis app are free PDF documents gathered from the internet. No PDFdocuments are created or produced by us. Our job here is to providesimple hyperlinks and easy guidance for users to find free BanglaeBooks. We do not create any documents here or anywhere! We do nottake any liabilities for any kind of copyright violations by theusers.If you think that any free document provided and shared inthis app is infringing some copyright issues, then contact therespective publisher and owner. We are just sharing links. We shallnot be held responsible for any consequences. If you have any legalissues please contact appropriate media file owners/hosts.
Learn French Conversation :AR
Learn French Conversation With everything you need in everyday lifeMost of the phrases you need to speak the native language perfectlyThe correct pronunciation of each phrase in the French languageConversation in the following cases: meet people and welcome themessential phrases Telling the Time Age and birthdays smokingTalking to agents Traffic dates university Love and marriage Petsreligion Sport time Phrases in public places Ask someone what it isor was Ask for details of a phone call Ask how someone is Asksomeone what they will do the car Symptoms of disease Good food theweather Family and relationships the work Flirt and givecompliments The school the tryst music The hobbies and interestsThe time and date Lifestyles emergencies Ask a tryst Doctor home atthe gas station Signs Mechanical problems Make understanding andfriendship saying goodbye opportunities feelings Language andcommunication The thanks and sorry Seek and express the opinionAbout the work Frequently Asked Questions call what's new ? and in1 September we added a new subject to this app : travelconversation app included and inside it the following : Most of thephrases you will need to travel Here are some phrases that you willneed when you travel, whether by land, air or sea, some of theregulations that you will see at the airport, if you want to rent acar Or reserve a hotel or if you go to the bank or you need to usethe automatic exchange machine, these are some English expressionsthat will have to be used. About a thousand sentence in each of thefollowing positions: Rent a car Hotel accommodation Talk to peopleShopping Hotel booking in Travel by bus and train Travel by boatAir travel Travel Question for directions Food and drink Hotels andaccommodation Museums and galleries Departure Fast food Passportsand customs Buy tickets Phrases you may see in the market Phrasesyou might see at the airport Phrases may deem Phrases you may seeat the train station On board In the hotel In the bank In thetourist information office In the Office of Travel A practicalexample in the hotel
Pepi Bath
Pepi Play
PEPI BATH is an award winning, pretend play & self-care gamefor kids. Children learn about hygiene and bathroom routines in afun way. Play together with your kids and help them understand theimportance of hygiene while developing daily bathroom routines andhealthy habits. The app has 4 different situations in which cutecharacter PEPI – a boy or a girl – appears: at the sink, washingclothes, going to a toilet and taking a bath. Every scene offersnice and simple interactions that will help to develop daily bathroutines. Characters have a wide range of animated emotions, toreact to player actions, so they will frown if something goes notto their liking. This design choice allowed us to create an appwithout any spoken language, making it widely accessible foraudiences all around the world, regardless of spoken language orage. PEPI BATH can be played both as a set process of cleaning orwithout any pre-set sequence, thus little players are free tochoose what they want to do. Cleanliness is fun, however, afterwashing PEPI’s hands or brushing teeth, kids can pop soap bubblesor play with colorful sprayers, rubber ducks and other items andtoys. PEPI BATH was created as a premium app to be experienced byparents and kids of ages 2 to 6. As such, this app contains nothird-party advertising.
C++ Pattern Programs Free
C++ Pattern Programs Free: An app for the programming beginners.This app is full of pattern and other C++ programs. In addition tothis, there is a lot of study stuff related to C++ programming aswell. Programs to print the numbers or symbols in differentpatterns (e.g. ASCII art -pyramid, waves etc.), are one of thefrequently asked interview/examination programs mostly forFreshers. This is so because these programs test the logicalability and coding skills which are essential for any softwareengineer. This app is very helpful for understanding how loops canbe used to generate these different ASCII art patterns & alsofor other basic concepts of C++ with the help of programs. CoreFeatures : > Pattern printing programs including : ⦁ Symbolpatterns ⦁ Number patterns ⦁ Character patterns ⦁ Series patterns ⦁Spiral patterns ⦁ Wave-style patterns > Other useful C++programs including : ⦁ General utility programs ⦁ Conversion(binary to decimal etc.) programs ⦁ Matrix programs ⦁ Sorting &Searching programs ⦁ Data Structure & Algorithms programs ⦁Basic programs ⦁ Pointer programs ⦁ Inheritance programs ⦁ Operatoroverloading ⦁ File Handling programs ⦁ Exception Handling ⦁Template classes and functions ⦁ Trick programs > Study stuff ⦁Short introduction to C++ language. ⦁ Comparison of C++ with otherlanguages. ⦁ One liner definitions: general programming terms. ⦁Operator precedence table ⦁ C++ Keywords ⦁ ASCII table OtherFeatures : ⦁ Pattern category filter. ⦁ Program search ⦁ Quicksearch ⦁ Change text size ⦁ Video explanation (in Hindi): Tounderstand the logic that works behind the ASCII pattern programs.
Learning Salat
This Learning Salat App is about a FilmAnimation to learn the obligatory Salat. It is easy to understand,appropriate for your children and it makes your children be easierto memorize what they have to say during their worship.It is hope that this learning salat app will be useful foryou.* This free application contains ads
Perfect Ear - Music Theory, Ear & Rhythm Training
Learn chords, scales, intervals, learn to identify melodies by earand how to sight read music. Learn how to sing notes and intervals!Learn essential music theory and bootstrap your musicianship. It'slike a music school, but totally fun and free! Perfect Ear providesyou with high quality, unique ear training, rhythm training,solfège lessons, music theory and note reading lessons. It doesn’tmatter if you are a beginner or a professional, ear training isessential, and you will always find something that will make you abetter musician. Across the globe music teachers recommend PerfectEar to their students every day. Key features: • Ear trainingexercises: practice intervals, scales, chords • Rhythm trainingexercises: learn to read and recognize rhythm durations • Supercustomizable: you can create your own ear training or rhythmtraining exercises as well as your own custom chords and scales •You can even create custom rhythm patterns for your exercises •Beginner friendly music theory articles • Melodic dictationexercises • Sight reading trainer: learn to effortlessly read sheetmusic • Absolute pitch trainer • Note singing trainer • Afully-fledged scale dictionary Perfect Ear is the best free eartraining app out there! These are not empty claims. Just looks atour awesome Play Store reviews. Ear training exercises can beperformed with a piano or guitar. You can always plug-in your MIDIkeyboard to practice with our Sight Reading trainer. So what areyou waiting for? Download Perfect Ear right now and you will beamazed by what it has to offer!
Learn Persian (Farsi)
Learn Persian (Farsi)! "Persian 50 languages" ( 100 lessons that provide you with a basic vocabulary. Thisfree app has 30 lessons. With no prior knowledge, you will learn tofluently speak short sentences in real-world situations in no time.The 50languages method successfully combines audio and text foreffective language learning. 50languages corresponds to the CommonEuropean Framework levels A1 and A2 and is therefore suitable forall types of schools and students. The audio files can also beeffectively used as a supplement in language schools and languagecourses. Adults who have learned a language in school can refreshtheir knowledge using 50languages. 50languages is available in over40 languages and in approximately 1600 language combinations, e.g.German to English, English to Spanish, Spanish to Chinese etc. The100 lessons help you to quickly learn and use a foreign language invarious situations (e.g. in a hotel or restaurant, on a vacation,small talk, getting to know people, shopping, at the doctor, at thebank etc.). You can download the audio files to your mp3-player and listen to them anywhere- at a bus stop or a train station, in the car, and during a lunchbreak! To get the most out of 50languages, learn one lesson a dayand regularly repeat what you have already learned in previouslessons.
깨비키즈 깨비 공룡탐험
깨비키즈 온라인(을 통해 더욱 많은 콘텐츠를 감상 하실수 있습니다. 본 어플리케이션은깨비키즈 유료 고객 부가 서비스 제품 입니다. 짜자잔~ 기대하시던 깨비키즈 5번째 어플리케이션이 출시 하였어요!고객님들께서 기다리시던 이번 어플은 ♠♤깨비 공룡탐험♤♠ ★☆★☆ 좋은 아빠, 엄마가 될 수 있는 절호의 기회! ☆★☆★★☆★☆ 깨비키즈 고객님들이 기다리던 그 어플! ☆★☆★ 아이들이 무척 좋아해요. 특히 남자아이들에겐 인기 乃 Q)Why? 깨비 공룡탐험을 사용해야 하죠? A) 두둥! 타 어플과 비교할 수 없는 방대한 스케일! 많은 양의 콘텐츠로 즐길거리가 무척 많아요. 두둥! 믿을 수 있는 교육용 콘텐츠 : 고객님들께서 원하시는 콘텐츠를 엄선해서 제공(유아교육사이트인 깨비키즈에서 서비스되는 콘텐츠 포함) ※ 깨비 공룡탐험 콘텐츠 1. 공룡 학습관 : 100여종의 공룡에 대해학습(이미지, 사운드, 설명) 2. 공룡 갤러리 : 공룡에 관련된 다양한 이미지(화석, 3D이미지 등) 3. 공룡 호기심: 아이들이 공룡에 대한 궁금증을 해소해주는 콘텐츠(동영상 제공) 4. 공룡 종이접기 : 오프라인에서 활용할 수 있도록종이를 이용한 공룡 접기 방법(동영상 제공) 5. 공룡송 : 공룡 학습을 노래를 통해 흥미 유발 및 지식을 습득하는콘텐츠(동영상 제공) '티라노송 ' 외 다양한 공룡송이 제공됩니다. 6. 공룡 OX퀴즈, 공룡 이름 맞추기 : 학습한내용을 게임을 통해 복습할 수 있는 기회 제공(게임) 7. 공룡스토리 : 민미와 친구들이 환상의 섬에서 펼치는 공룡들의이야기! (동영상 제공) 깨비 공룡탐험 사용 Tip 하나, 아이들이 혼자서도 재미있게 학습할 수 있는 어플리케이션이에요.믿고 맡겨주세요. 둘, 공룡 종이접기 콘텐츠는 아빠, 엄마와 함께 보고 집에서 같이 만들어 보세요. ※ 아이에게 관심을갖고 같이 놀아주는 것은 아이의 정서발달에 무척 도움이 됩니다. ※ 아이와 소통하는데 있어 아빠, 엄마의 피드백은아이에게 긍정적 효과(동기 부여, 보상 등)를 제공해요. ▷ 본 어플리케이션은 깨비키즈홈페이지( 유료회원님들께 제공하는 교육용 어플리케이션입니다. - 무료 콘텐츠는깨비키즈 회원이 아니더라도 자유롭게 이용하실 수 있습니다. - 깨비키즈 유료회원님들께서는 해당 과목 콘텐츠를 이용하실 수있습니다. ▷ (주)패밀리스쿨 ▷ E-mail : ▷ Kebikids Homepage: ▷ 고객센터 : 1588 - 7930 - 평일 : 오전 9시 ~ 오후9시 - 토요일 : 오전 9시 ~ 오후 3시 - 공휴일 휴무 Q. 다운로드가 되지 않아요. A1) 3G 환경보다Wifi에서 다운로드 받는 것을 권장합니다. A2) 용량을 확인해주세요. Q. 설치가 되지 않아요 A)[환경설정>휴대폰 메모리>프로그램 설치 메모리]를 확인하셔서 용량이 부족한지 확인해 주세요. < 필수사용권한 > 저장공간 : 동영상 콘텐츠 다운로드를 위해 필요한 권한. ---- 개발자 연락처 : 1588-7930You can enjoy more contents through Kebab Kids Online( This application is a fraudulent paid customerservice. Szajanz ~ I was hoping that the 5th application wasreleased! This app you have been waiting for ♠ Exploring theDinosaurs ♤ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ Good dad, the opportunity to become a mother isa perfect opportunity! ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ The Kid Kid The applicationthat customers were waiting for! ☆ ★ ☆ ★ I like children very much.Especially popular for boys Q) Why? Should I use the FreakyDinosaur Explorer? A) Everything! Enormous scale that can not becompared with other applications! There is a lot of fun with a lotof content.        All right!Reliable Educational Content: Provide you with the content you want(including content served by Kevin Kids, an early childhoodeducation site) ※ Exploring Krabi dinosaur contents   1.Dinosaur Learning Center: Learning about 100 kinds of dinosaurs(image, sound, explanation)   2. Dinosaur Gallery:Various images related to dinosaurs (fossils, 3D images, etc.)  3. Dinosaur Curiosity: Content that helps childrensolve dinosaur curiosity (video provided)   4. DinosaurOrigami: Folding dinosaurs using paper for offline use (videoprovided)   5. Dinosaur Song: Content that inducesinterest and knowledge through dinosaur learning songs (videoprovided)                   'Tyrannosaurus'and various dinosaurs are provided.      6.Dinosaur OX Quiz, Dinosaur Name Match: Provides a chance to reviewwhat you have learned through the game (game)   7.Dinosaur Story: The stories of dinosaurs Minmi and his friends areplaying on the island of fantasy! (Video provided) Tip One, it isan application that children can learn by themselves alone. Pleasetrust me. Two, dinosaur origami content, Dad, Mom and see togetherat home together.         ※ It is very helpful for the child'semotional development to play with the child with interest.    ※ Dad, Mom's feedback in communicating withthe child provides the positive effect (motivation, compensation,etc.) to the child. ▷ This application is a educational applicationthat is provided to paying members' homepage(   - Free content can be freelyused even if you are not a member of KAIKI KIDS.   - Youcan use the content of the subject for the paid kids. ▷ FamilySchool ▷ E-mail: ▷ Kebikids Homepage: ▷ Customer Center: 1588 - 7930   - Weekdays: 9 am - 9 pm    -Saturday: 9 am - 3 pm    - Closed on public holidaysQ. I can not download it. A1) It is recommended to download fromWifi rather than 3G environment. A2) Please check the capacity. Q.I can not install it. A) Please check [Configuration> Cell phonememory> Program memory] to see if there is enough space.Storage: Permission to download video content.
German English Dictionary & Translator Free
Easily learn German & English with German English Dictionary& Translator app! Free download & no Internet connectionrequired! The German English Dictionary & Translator appenables you to search German & English words with definitions,examples, pronunciation, and more. FEATURES - Detailed worddefinitions & example sentences - Related search suggestions -Advanced sentences analyzer - Favorite words & search history -Flashcards for self-learning support - Customizable font sizes forbetter readability - German, English & wildcard charactersearch support - German, British English & American Englishpronunciation with phonetics Welcome to download German EnglishDictionary & Translator app!
Innovative K
Nói tiếng Anh lưu loát không khó, những gì bạn cần là : Từ vựngtiếng Anh để nghe hiểu nội dung một cách chính xác. Luyện nghetiếng Anh với câu hoàn chỉnh (vì mọi người nói câu hoàn chỉnh,không nói từng từ một) Luyện nói tiếng Anh với câu hoàn chỉnh đểnói một cách lưu loát (không dịch tiếng Anh sang tiếng Việt hoặcngược lại) Ngữ pháp tiếng Anh chỉ nên chú trọng khi bạn học đọc,viết (bạn sẽ không có thời gian để suy nghĩ về ngữ pháp trong khibạn đang nói) Cách học tiếng Anh hiệu quả là tuân thủ quy trình tựnhiên : nghe => hiểu => đối đáp Ứng dụng này vận dụng tất cảcác bí quyết trên đây để giúp bạn nói tiếng Anh trôi chảy. -----Cho dù bạn là sinh viên còn đi học, mới ra trường hay đã đi làmđược một thời gian, cơ hội việc làm tuyệt vời không bao giờ hẹntrước và sẽ không dành cho những ai chưa sẵn sàng nắm bắt nó. Bạnmuốn có việc làm tốt tại các công ty có vốn đầu tư nước ngoài haycác tập đoàn đa quốc gia ? Bạn tìm được một mẫu tin tuyển dụng vịtrí mà bạn hằng mơ ước hay tình cờ nhận được lời mời phỏng vấn chomột công việc vô cùng thú vị ? Bạn có đủ khả năng chuyên môn cũngnhư kỹ năng nghề nghiệp để có thể đạt tới những công việc với mứcthu nhập xứng đáng ? Kỹ năng tiếng Anh của bạn chưa đủ để tham dựcác cuộc phỏng vấn xin việc sử dụng tiếng Anh ? Hãy đừng để trởngại trong việc phỏng vấn tiếng Anh ngăn cản bước tiến của bạn đếnthành công. Ứng dụng Tiếng Anh phỏng vấn xin việc (English for jobinterview) này sẽ hỗ trợ bạn nâng cao năng lực nói tiếng Anh, đặcbiệt là trong các cuộc phỏng vấn xin việc làm. Không chỉ được trìnhbày dưới dạng song ngữ, chúng tôi đã tập hợp các câu hỏi thường gặpnhất trong các cuộc phỏng vấn và sắp xếp chúng thành 6 bài họctương ứng : + THÔNG TIN CƠ BẢN + NỀN TẢNG HỌC VẤN + NĂNG LỰC, KỸNĂNG + KINH NGHIỆM LÀM VIỆC + LƯƠNG BỔNG, LÀM THÊM + CÂU HỎI KHÁCMỗi bài học tập hợp các mẫu câu hỏi đáp bằng tiếng Anh thiết yếuthường được sử dụng trong các cuộc phỏng vấn. Điều này không chỉ hỗtrợ các bạn nâng cao kỹ năng tiếng Anh (English skills), mà còn hỗtrợ việc chuẩn bị trước các câu trả lời một cách thông minh nhấtnhằm đạt được hiệu quả tối đa cho một cuộc phỏng vấn thành công.Bạn có thể luyện nghe thông qua chức năng "Đọc tiếng Anh" vànghe/hiểu theo phương pháp Effortless thông qua chức năng bật tắtphần dịch tiếng Việt tương ứng. Song ngữ Anh Việt là phương pháphọc tiếng Anh hiệu quả nhất được sử dụng nhằm hỗ trợ các bạnnghe/hiểu một cách tự nhiên theo phương pháp Effortless English màKHÔNG cần dùng từ điển, KHÔNG cần học từ vựng, KHÔNG cần học ngữpháp. Cách thức đo lường mức độ tiến bộ cũng được đề cập trong mục"Cách học" trong menu chính của ứng dụng. Chức năng LUYỆN TẬP(practice English listening) sẽ hỗ trợ các bạn luyện nghe, hiểu,nói các CÂU HOÀN CHỈNH, vốn là nền tảng cơ bản để có thể giao tiếptiếng Anh một cách lưu loát. Chức năng KIỂM TRA (test Englishlistening) sẽ hỗ trợ các bạn kiểm tra lại các câu hoàn chỉnh đãđược trình bày trong các bài học cũng như trong phần luyện tập.Chức năng LUYỆN NÓI TIẾNG ANH 360 (practice speaking English) sẽ hỗtrợ bạn luyện phát âm bất kỳ từ vựng nào hoặc nói bất kỳ câu tiếngAnh nào bạn muốn. Chỉ cần gõ (type) hoặc dán (paste) từ vựng haycâu tiếng Anh của riêng bạn vào và để ứng dụng giúp bạn luyện phátâm hoặc nói chúng một cách chính xác nhất. Với ứng dụng này, chỉcần mỗi ngày từ 10 đến 15 phút học, bạn sẽ thấy năng lực tiếng Anhcủa mình được cải thiện một cách rõ rệt hằng tuần thông qua cáchthức đo lường mức độ tiến bộ của chúng tôi. Các bí quyết phỏng vấnxin việc quan trọng nhất sẽ được cung cấp trong phần BÍ QUYẾT. Bạncòn chờ gì nữa ? Cài đặt và trải nghiệm nó ngay thôi. SpeakingEnglish fluently is not difficult, what you need is: Englishvocabulary for listening content correctly. Learning English withcomplete sentences (as people say complete sentences without sayingword for word) Speaking English with a complete sentence to speakfluently (not translated English into Vietnamese or vice versa)English Grammar should focus only when you learn to read, write(you will not have time to think about grammar while you aresaying) Effective way to learn English is compliant naturalprocess: listen => out => repartee This application to applyall the above tips to help you speak fluent English. ----- Whetheryou are a student in school, Entry or already working for sometime, great job opportunities never before and will not rendezvousfor those who are not ready to grasp it. You want to have a goodjob at the company invested overseas or multinational corporations?You find a sample recruitment position where you dream oraccidentally received an invitation for a job interview veryinteresting? You have enough of the expertise and professionalskills to be able to reach jobs with income levels deserve? Englishlanguage skills are not sufficient to attend a job interview inEnglish? Let no obstacle in the English interview prevent your stepto success. Applied English job interview (English for jobinterview) will assist you improve spoken English, especially inthe job interview. Not only is presented in a bilingual format, wehave gathered the most frequently asked questions in the interviewsand arrange them into the corresponding lesson 6:     + BASIC INFORMATION     + EDUCATION FOUNDATION     + ABILITIES, SKILLS     + WORK EXPERIENCE     + SALARY, DO MORE     + OTHER QUESTIONS Each lesson set ofsample questions and answers in English essential often used ininterviews. This will not only assist you to improve your Englishlanguage skills (English skills), but also support the preparationbefore the answer smartest way to achieve maximum efficiency for asuccessful interview . You can practice listening through the"Reading English" and hear / understand manner through effortlessswitching functions corresponding Vietnamese translation. BilingualEnglish Vietnamese English learning method is used most effectivelyto support you hear / understand a natural manner which EffortlessEnglish NO need to use a dictionary, NO need to learn vocabulary,NO need to learn grammar. How measure the degree of progress isalso mentioned in the section "How to study" in the main menu ofthe application. Functional Exercise (practice English listening)will assist you listening, comprehension, speaking completesentences, which is fundamental to be able to communicate inEnglish fluently. Function CHECK (English listening test) willassist you to check the complete sentence has been presented in thelessons and in the exercise. Speaking ENGLISH Function 360(practice speaking English) will support you practice pronouncingany words or speak any English at all you want. Just type (type) orpaste (paste) English vocabulary or your own question in theapplication and to help you practice pronouncing or tell themexactly. With this app, just every day from 10 to 15 minutes tolearn, you will see your English ability improved dramaticallyevery week through a way of measuring the extent of our progress.The secret job interview most important will be provided in theTIP. What are you waiting for ? Install and experience it soon.
Wrap Up: Diaper Troubleshooter
Wrap Up is a cloth diaper troubleshooting app for Android™.Accessdecades of cloth diaper customer service experience at the tips ofyour fingers. This app will help you figure out obscure diaperingproblems like:Leaky diapersSmelly diapersRashesand more!
BRAINYOO Flashcard App
The Android flashcard app BRAINYOO is perfect for learning factualconnections and vocabulary. It is an addition to the free learningsoftware BRAINYOO for Mac and Windows and the BRAINYOO webversion.With BRAINYOO you can create flashcards with text, images andmultiple choice answers and learn them efficiently. Learningcontent and the individual learning progress can be synchronizedwith the BRAINYOO cloud. So the app, desktop software andwebversion are always up to date. This enables the user to learnlocation-independently. It is now possible to create flashcards inthe Mobile App. To make mobile learning as easy as possible, theeditor is a light-version of the one in the desktop software andwebversion. For formatting flashcards or inserting pictures, forexample, you should use the desktop software or webversion. WithMobile BRAINYOO, there are the learning methods long-term andrandom mode as well as a test mode available. 1.Long-term mode(so-called spaced-retrieval method) BRAINYOO allows you to learnwith the popular spaced-retrieval method. In this mode, the programpresents the cards in increasing periods of time. The longer youlearn, the less time you spend with each card until you have itmemorized. This mode is especially good to train your long-termmemory. 2.Random mode In this mode the cards are distributed notbased on time periods but on probabilities. You can assign apercentage chance to each of the six virtual compartments and thecards appear according to this formula. 3.Exam mode BRAINYOO alsooffers the option to review certain lessons without the usualprocess of repeating the flashcards. This mode is particularly wellsuited to learning before exams and tests. The good thing is youcan change between the time-based and the lesson-based methodanytime you like. Your progress in long-term memory mode will besaved and after the exam you can continue with your usual schedule.
Piano Melody Free
• Learn to play your favorite songs on the piano by playing backthe melody • Over 1000 songs to learn from different eras andgenres. • Highly configurable piano (multitouch, glissando,highlighting, note labels) • Resizable piano suitable for alldevices and tablets. Features Set the size of the keys on thepiano. The larger the keys, the more accurate to get the rightnotes, the smaller the keys you can see all 3 octaves on screen.Full support for all phones and all tablets. Focus on parts of thesong to play back. Authentic digitised grand piano sounds.Highlight notes on/off to play by ear. Slow down / speed up thesong. Turn up / down volume of song play, which is ideal for playalong mode. Immersion's Ultimate Density Control Haptic Feedback.Become a Better Musician Develop your ability to play by ear. Givena melody, can you play it back or play along? Start with a fewnotes and build up until you've mastered the song. Suitable for allages (kids to adults) and for all abilities (beginner to advanced).Free 100 free songs of the full catalog are immediately availableon this version. Play well to unlock all songs. Song List The songlist is varied containing all genres such as Rock, Classical, TheLatest Pop, Film Theme Tunes, TV Theme Tunes, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s,Naughties, Modern, Alternative, Indie, Latin and more. DetailsSongs capture the main melody / chorus / intro / verse and containupto 400 notes.
Fahrlehrer mobil
Diese App ist nur in Verbindung mit einemAccount bei einer unserer Partnerfahrschulen nutzbar. Bitte fragein deiner Fahrschule nach, ob sie Partner von wirfahrlehrer sindund lasse dich gegebenenfalls dort freischalten.Die App von wirfahrlehrer ist die optimale Ergänzung zurVorbereitung auf die theoretische Fahrerlaubnisprüfung. Mit dabeisind alle Führerscheinklassen, die offiziellen und aktuellenPrüfungsfragen, Zusatzmaterial zu den einzelnen Fragen mitwertvollen Erklärungen.Behalte deinen Lernfortschritt im Auge und bereite dich optimal aufdeine Theorieprüfung vor - in der vom TÜV/DEKRA verwendetenPrüfungsumgebung.This app can only be usedin conjunction with an account with one of our partner drivingschools. Please ask for in your driving school, whether they arepartners of wirfahrlehrer and let you optionally enable there.The app of wirfahrlehrer is the perfect complement to preparefor the theoretical driving test. Included are all the categoriesof licenses, the official and actual exam questions, additionalmaterial on the various questions with valuable explanations.Keep your study progress in mind and prepare yourself optimally foryour theory test before - in the test environment used by TÜV /DEKRA.
Ujian Nasional menggunakan sistem Computer Based Test (CBT) atau UNberbasis komputer secara bertahap telah dimulai tahun 2015.Pelaksanaan UN-CBT yang dirasa sukses akan dilanjutkan untuktahun-tahun berikutnya.Buku ini menyediakan bonus CD interaktif danAplikasi Android UN – CBT yang dapat digunakan sebagai bahanlatihan yang dibahas secara detail untuk setiap pelajaran(Matematika, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Inggris, Geografi, Ekonomi,dan Sosiologi) yang meliputi:• Pendalaman Materi, berisi rangkumandasar teori yang digunakan dalam menjawab soal-soal UN semua matapelajaran yang diujikan berdasarkan SKL. Dibuat ringkas agar mudahdipahami oleh pembaca.• Contoh tiap pelajaran disusun berdasarkanSKL, dibahas per nomor agar memudahkan pembaca dalam memahami polasoal.• Latihan Soal per SKL, digunakan untuk berlatih sejauh manakemampuan pembaca dalam memahami materi tiap SKL. Disediakan kuncidan pembahasan lengkap yang diletakkan di bagian akhir tiappelajaran.• Prediksi, digunakan untuk menguji sejauh mana kemampuanpembaca dalam mempersiapkan Ujian Nasional. Disediakan pembahasanlengkap yang diletakkan di bagian akhir dari buku ini.Aplikasi/software tersebut merupakan bonus dari buku ini. Kodeaktivasi aplikasi/software terdapat di dalam buku.Buku ini adalahpilihan yang tepat!!Jumlah soal yang fantastis, yang tidak pernahada di buku lain yang khusus membahas Ujian Nasional.National Examsystem uses Computer Based Test (CBT) or a computer-based UN hasgradually started in 2015. Implementation of the UN-CBT were deemedsuccessful will be continued for the following years.This bookprovides a bonus interactive CD and UN Android Application - CBTcan be used as training material are discussed in detail for eachsubject (Mathematics, Bahasa Indonesia, English, Geography,Economics, and Sociology) which includes:• Deepening material,containing a summary of the basic theory used in answering thequestions UN all subjects tested by SKL. Created concise to beeasily understood by the reader.• Examples of each lesson is basedSKL, discussed a number in order to facilitate the reader inunderstanding the patterns of matter.• Exercises per SKL, used topractice the extent to which the reader's ability to understand thematerial each SKL. Supplied complete discussion of the key andplaced at the end of each lesson.• Prediction, used to test theextent to which the reader's ability to prepare for the NationalExam. Supplied complete discussion of which is placed at the end ofthis book.Application / software is a bonus of this book. Theactivation code application / software contained in the book.Thisbook is the right choice !!A fantastic amount of matter, whichnever existed in other books devoted to the National Exam.
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Browse and search the conjugations of over 1000 German verbs Idealfor German students of all levels and as a companion for trips toGermany, Austria and Switzerland. Features: •Small size •Worksoff-line •Verb forms & translations searchable •Wildcard search•Grammar section •All tenses (including composite tenses) •Voiceoutput (via Android's TTS, see below) •Multiple color themes •Moveto SD card •Optimized for Tablets •Mark favorites Also available:•German Declension Trainer •Companion App: Verb Conjugation Trainer•English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish languageapps Learn and practice German with this handy study aid Preparefor trips to Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt),Switzerland (Zurich), Austria (Vienna, Salzburg).
Logical Reasoning Test : Practice, Tips & Tricks
Do you want to master in 'Logical Reasoning '? Here is the rightapp for you: Logical Reasoning Test: Practice, Tips & Tricks.This Logical Reasoning (LR) app is designed as a preparation toolfor the aspirants who want to crack the various 'competitive exams'with flying colors. Reasoning 'tips and tricks' app helps thecandidates who want to start preparing for various competitiveexams and guide the people to solve LR questions with reasoningtricks and tips who even don’t have the idea of solving logicalreasoning questions. Aptitude and Logical reasoning skills andTricks are mandatory for everyone to be placed in reputedorganizations. So this aptitude and logical reasoning offline appsplays an important role in primary stage of short listing thecandidates for all kinds of recruitments in both private and publicsectors. Through this critical reasoning app you can easily improveyour analyzing skills, critical thinking skills, and Logicalthinking skills in person to excel in your passionate career. Thisreasoning tricks for competitive exam app plays a major role in allthe competitive exams, bank exams and other entrance test ofvarious institutions because logical reasoning reveals a person’sanalyzing ability and to make the decision based on the givenconditions. This Logical reasoning Test preparation tool will beuseful for various competitive exams such as 👍 Bank exams (Bank PO,SBI PO, RBI, Bank Clerical Exams) 👍 Company interview knowledgetest for campus placement of engineering students. 👍 MBA, SSC 👍RRB, Railways recruitment Features: 📕 The available features in ourlogical reasoning offline app, make you to be the best in problemsolving skills. 📕 Download Logical Reasoning App at free of cost. 📕You can access our Pocket Logical Reasoning app in offline mode. 📕Share this app with your friends and let them get skilled inreasoning and analyzing. 📕 You can easily switch betweencategories. 📕 Various topics are explained with answers. 📕 Veryeasy User Interface. 📕 3000+ logical questions from 30+ topicsThere are 6 main categories of Logical Reasoning! ✅ Solved Problems✅ Tips and Tricks ✅ Practice ✅ Test ✅ Daily Test ✅ Online Test 📕You can bookmark your choice of questions. 📕 As time factor is veryimportant in all, Our app greatly helps you in time management incompetitive exams by availing ✅ Free daily test ✅ Online test ✅Even you can practice with timer in Test Category 📕 Summary of yourperformance at the end of every test. This application has hugecollection of logical reasoning aptitude puzzles under differentcategories such as: 1 Alphabet Reasoning 2 Alphabet Series 3Alphabet Test 4 Analogy 5 Antonyms 6 Arithmetic Signs 7Arithmetical Reasoning 8 Artificial Language 9 Blood Relation 10Calendar 11 Coding And Decoding 12 Decision Making 13 EssentialPart 14 Find The Odd 15 Letter And Symbol Series 16 Letter Series17 Logical Reasoning 18 Logical Sequence Of Words 19 NumberSequence 20 Number Series 21 Odd Letter Group 22 Odd Man Out 23 OddNumeral 24 Odd Numeral Pair/Group 25 Odd Pair Of Words 26 Odd Word27 Ranking Quiz 28 Sentence Completion 29 Sequence Of Words 30Series Completion 31 Situation Reaction 32 Verbal Ability 33Verification Of Truth 34 Word Formation