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Optik TV®
Watch live and On Demand shows and movies on the go using yoursmartphone or tablet. • Enjoy many channels included in yoursubscription, including live news and sports. • Set recordingswhile you are out. • Choose from thousands of On Demand shows,series and movies. • Save favourites, watch trailers and viewratings. • Start a movie on your TV and pick up where you left offon your tablet. For additional details and support, please visittelus.com/optikapp. Requirements: • Subscription to Optik TV andlive channels required. Not all channels are available. Onlineaccess for some channels requires TELUS Internet service. • Mobileaccess is for use in Canada only, on select devices within wirelessnetwork coverage areas. Data charges may apply for mobile serviceoutside Wi-Fi coverage. • My TELUS account (previously My Account)is required to log onto this service. To set up an account, go totelus.com/register. Follow the instructions and then use your newcredentials to log in. • Requires Android OS 6.0 or higher. •Select On Demand titles available. Regular rental charges apply.
2chのSSまとめブログを効率よくみれるビューアーです。厳選したサイトから常に最新の情報を取得し暇つぶしにぴったりです。人気のエントリーがすぐにわかるようになっています。-------------------------特徴-------------------------スターをタップするだけの簡単お気に入り登録!ランキング表示形式!ページ読み込みが早い!-------------------------機能-------------------------人気記事の表示 ツイート数での人気ランキング形式 1週間以内、1ヶ月以内のランキング表示 日別、月別ランキング サイト別表示新着記事の表示 ツイート数による新着エントリーの絞り込みお気に入り機能検索機能排除ブログ設定機能既読機能-------------------------------------SS宝庫〜みんなの暇つぶし〜ストーリア速報森きのこ!:SSまとめブログえすえすModeゆるゆりSS速報エレファント速報:SSまとめブログSSちゃんねるあやめ速報などなど豊富なサイトを見ることが可能です。
Hide IP Unblock VPN
Hide IP Unblock VPN is powered by new generation L2TP VPNtechnology.Hide IP Unblock VPN supports the following features:? Unrestricted Online Access: Hide IP Unblock VPN offers access toall restricted content & blocked apps. Unblock Facebook,Netflix, BBC iPlayer, BBC One, Hulu, Netflix streaming, Pandora andYouTube with ease.? Avoid Hackers: 256-bit encryption protects all your data againsthackers.? Secured Wi-Fi Hotspots: Always stay secure on public Wi-FiHotspots.Whether you use free service or VIP service from countries ofUK, Jpan, Korea or Thailand, we can get VPN user name/password andnew IP address here. If you need faster internet speed, try toupgrade to VIP.
Funny Mouth
Funny Mouth is real time mouths simulationapplication with your voice. Select any of the mouths and they willmove in animate with your voice as you speak.Free 17 mouths, will fill you with lot of laughs. Get Funny Mouthon your Android handset and express yourself in different way. Holdyour phone in front of your mouth and talk, shout, laugh or sing toget the mouth of your choice to animate in time with the sounds youmake. You can enjoy funny mouth in party by making fun of otherusing this application.Following issues has been resolved in the current build:1. Solved crash and freeze issues on some devices.2. Improve performance.Add new category of realistic mouths.Please provide details of when you encountered any crash whileusing this app.
Common Sense Media: Parent Guide for Movies & More
New 2020 version! This app replaces the Kids Media app, whichCommon Sense retired in 2017. Get trusted ratings and reviews forthe movies, TV shows, books, games, and apps your kids are askingabout -- and find age-appropriate picks the whole family will love.Common Sense Media helps your family make great media choices.Nonprofit, independent, and research-backed, Common Sense is yourexpert guide for navigating the fast-changing world of media andtech with your kids. Browse tens of thousands of age-based ratingsand reviews, or choose from hand-picked lists, articles, and somuch more. Download the Common Sense Media app to put the power ofour entire library of 35,000 expert media reviews in your hands.This app includes access to the full Common Sense Media website.This app includes access to the full Common Sense Media website.With Common Sense, you can: * Get age-based ratings for thousandsof movies, TV shows, books, apps, games, and websites. * See whatother parents, teens, and kids have to say in community ratings andcomments. * See what our experts recommend in hand-picked lists. *Search for reviews and articles by media type or title. * Readarticles about parenting with tech (tips for every age and stage!).* Keep an eye out for Common Sense selections, standout familymovies and shows that receive our official seal for quality andimpact. * Read parents' guides to what's in every movie (or show,app, book, or game). We care about your privacy and don't shareyour information with anyone. By using our app or website, you helpkeep Common Sense independent and ad-free. Our reviews also includelinks to Google Play, Netflix, and other streaming services asavailable. For more information about Common Sense Media'scommitment to privacy, visithttps://www.commonsensemedia.org/about-us/our-mission/privacy-policy.
عمرك العقلي - اختبار عمر العقل
Solution Tab
اعرف ما هو مستوى عقلك! .. هل عقليتك كبيرة امصغيرة!!"مرررررره حلو واتمني الكل يحمله جدا رائع اكثر من الروعه ♥ ♥ "احد التعليقات عن البرنامجبرنامج (عمرك العقلي ) يقوم باختبار عمر عقلية المستخدم... هذاالاختبار ياباني واسمه الاصلي هو 《精神年齢チェック》..حيث يقوم باختبارالمستخدم خمسة عشر أسئلة متنوعة من الواقع لمعرفة العقلية التي يتعاملبها الفرد في المجتمع .. هذا البرنامج لا علاقة له بذكاء المستخدم بليقوم بـاختبار العمر العقلي.أسال المجرب.."ممتاز جدا ارجوا تجربته" خالد الحارثي"برنامج ممتاز يجعلك تعيد التفكير في نفسك وأولوياتك" ياسرالقحطاني"ممتاز يحسسك بالنضوج العقلي لك والي حولك" عبدالرحمن القرون"يعطيك فكر حقيقي عما انت" MeM Shams"إن اللعبه جميله ورائعه اقدر العبها في النت واقدر انزلها في الجوالانا عمر عقلي 37راقي وانا عمري 14" Hammoud KhawajiI know what is the levelof your mind! .. Do mentality big or small !!"Mrrrrrrh sweet and I wish everyone a very wonderful holds morethan magnificence ♥ ♥" one of the comments about the programProgram (mental age) is testing the age of the user mentality... This Japanese test and his original name is "精神 年 齢 チ ェ ッ ク"..hat testing the user fifteen diverse questions of fact mental tosee which handles the individual in society .. This program hasnothing to do has cleverly used but is testing mental age.Ask the experimenter .."I hope very excellent experience," Khaled Al-Harthy"Excellent program makes you rethink yourself and your priorities,"Yasser Al Qahtani"Excellent Ihsesk mental mature you and to those around you,"Abdulrahman centuries"Think about what gives you the real you" MeM Shams"The game is beautiful and wonderful appreciate Play it in the netand I appreciate has brought in mobile I am a mental age of 37sophisticated and I was 14" Hammoud Khawaji
Weapons Sounds
In the world so many people who love weapons. These people like tokeep it in his hands and shoot, to feel the impact of the machineor a gun, but most of them, in our opinion, like the sound. Eachweapon has its own unique sound. One can stun but the other soundslike a melody. We are so different and rifles and pistols are alsovery different. We want to give you the weapons simulator, whereyou can "shoot" with a large number of machines, namely:- Belgianmachine Fn F2000- German submachine gun MP5 (Maschinenpistole 5)-Assault rifle Tar-21- Assault rifle Fn Scar- Rifle Famas- CarbineKriss VectorTo do this, you can simply choose any of them to aim atthe enemy and pull sharply phone, you hear a shot. Personally, wehave fun in the office shooting each other and hiding behind thescreens of monitors. Most shoot at the boss :). You can find otheruses for this application. For example you and your friends canmake a great mobile gunfight on the street or on the bus (forextreme). You will definitely enjoy it. Just try! Download this appyou can absolutely free!
Unturned Companion
Yume Softs
You must have heard about Unturned, and indie game developed byNelson Sexton, a 16 years old Canadian developer, free-to-playavailable on steam. If you know the game, you know that there is ALOT of things to know about it. This app is the best way to haveinstant access to all items, craft recipes, and even a few guidesmade just for you ! It provides also the last Patch Notes from thedeveloper, so you know quickly what has been done in the lastupdate ! And it's free ! As it seems that some people aren'tfinding obviously where the crafts are, here is how to do : Clickon Crafts, then select a category, then click on the item you wantthe recipe to display, and it will display it.Get the game for freeon Steam : http://store.steampowered.com/app/304930Notice somethingwrong in the app ? Got a bug ? Got any missed information ? Anygreat guide idea ? If you think that it could really help players,you can submit your guide by email at yumedream57@gmail.com ! Ofcourse, your name or nickname will be visible on the guide's page!/!\ Unturned is the property of Nelson Sexton and all the otherrespective owners. This application is a fan-made application andisn't affiliated in any way with the game developers. /!\
Respuestas Apensar
eBlim company
Apensar es un juego de ingenio que se haconvertido en uno de los más buscados. El mismo se caracteriza porser muy entretenido y altamente adictivo, pero el problema surgecuando nos detenemos en un nivel que no podemos adivinar, nisiquiera con las ayudas que ofrece el juego.Para ello hemos creado esta fantástica aplicación que tepermitirá tener todas las respuestas y soluciones de Apensar en tuSmartphone o Tablet. Para que puedas completar todas las palabras yganarles a tus amigos.La aplicación cuenta con todos los niveles del juego, y seactualiza al diario para agregar las últimas respuestas que vansurgiendo.Aplicaciones oficialApensar is a puzzle gamethat has become one of the most sought after. The same ischaracterized as very entertaining and highly addictive, but theproblem arises when we stop at a level that can not guess, evenwith the aid offered by the game.So we've created this fantastic application that lets you haveall the answers and solutions Apensar on your Smartphone or Tablet.So you can complete all the words and beat your friends.The application has all levels of the game, and is updated dailyto add the latest answers that emerge.Official Applications
FILMI IM:Support: http://devapk.reticulasoft.com/==============================Development.apk: V 1.2.1----------------http://www.facebook.com/development.apk----------------Filmi Im new Update: Albanian MoviesFilmi im is an online application for watching HD movies.Filmi im is an Albanian (Albania) edition (HD movies with AlbanianSubtitles).This application will update the movie titles frequently.Dev.apk is working on 3D online move version of this app (to bewatched on phones like Evo 3D).ALBANIA - ALBANIAN SUBTITLES - TITRA SHQIP-----------------Pershkrim shtese per Shqiperine dhe Shqiptaret:'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Flixster.al ka per qellim argetimin duke ofruar filma me cilesisuperiore. Teknologjite e perdorura nga flixster.al jane fjala efundit e arritjeve ne fushen e internetit. Ne Ofrojme filma HD dheper her te pare ne shqiperi edhe ne bote OFROJME FILMA 3D ONLINE.Teknologjia 3D streaming (online) eshte perdorur edhe me pare ngayoutube apo disa faqe te tjera te vogla por asnjera nuk OfronFilma, kshu qe ne jemi te Paret. Ne Do i japim Ballkanit ate qe ueshte privuar nga faqet e medha nderkombtare qe kane sherbim tengjashem por qe nuk e ofrojne ne Ballkan.
Easy Tasbih
This application "Easy Tasbih" is meant to make tasbihsimple.Operation is using volume controls. In order to increase thenumber use + and for correcting use the - button.This applicationwill keep the number from where you left even when you exit theapplication. At the next time you access the application again, youcan continue where you left off.To reset the counter to 0 use thereset button.This application is completely free and does not useany kind of advertising or other source of profit.Think of us inyour prayers, Haydar Alkaduhimi your brother.Keywords:tesbih,tasbih, tasbeeh, islam, islamic, quran, mosque, prayer, beads,allah, muhammad, ayat, surah, تسبيح, سبحة, سبحه, مسبحة, مسبحة, ذكر,إسلام, مسلم, إسلامي
Augmented Lightsaber
Become the real jedi with this new Augmented Lightsaber. Change theblade color and hilt type to customize your saber. Move the phonearound to get the different sounds of saber. Move the phone fasterto get the hit sound and feel the vibrations.Slide down to hide allthe icons and leave only the lightsaber to get the the most of it.Slide up to display all the icons once again and be able to changethe blade color and hilt type. Sliding icons down also hides theadvertisement so you can enjoy the app without looking at theads.It's the only lightsaber on the market that let you use thecamera image as a background to your saber. A real must have forevery fan.If you spot any bug or would like some improvement pleasedrop me an email at office@software-workshop.euPlease note that appis just a prank, funny simulation that's meant to make you and yourfriends laugh. It's not a real lightsaber.
FxGuru: Movie FX Director
Add the fun and excitement of big-budget Hollywood horror, sci-fiand action movie special effects to any video. FxGuru's Movie FXDirector offers groundbreaking features for you to scare andimpress your friends. ★ UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY with longer effectsand cinematic filters for more drama and suspense ★ DIRECT LIKE APRO by using our MotionMatch™ technology and virtual decals to addrealistic movement while filming ★ SHOW OFF to your friends with HDrecording, enhanced soundtracks and effect themes like animals,weapons, disasters, horror and much more. ★ OVER 90 VIDEO SPECIALEFFECTS AVAILABLE from explosive action to scary, heart-poundingterror and sci-fi A huge variety of free and paid effects areavailable, including: ☆ Horror and Terror: ghosts, zombies,werewolves, skeletons, madmen and more ☆ SciFi and Fantasy: mechs,UFOs, aliens, dragons, robots and more ☆ Weapons: guns, missiles,rockets, drones, flamethrowers, nukes and more ☆ Disasters:tornados, earthquakes, meteors, floods, lightning and more ☆Animals: snakes, dinosaurs, cockroaches, rats, bulldogs, Bigfootand more ☆ Vehicles: trucks, cars, helicopters, F1 cars, policecars and more ☆ Holidays: Santa, reindeer, gingerbread men and moreBe sure to try the FREE EFFECT OF THE DAY. Come back every day totry a randomly selected effect for FREE! Send your best movie FXideas to an FX guru at ideas@picadelic.com
The Platinum Digital Songbook
NOTE* This is just a songbook application, not a karaoke player.Search for your favorites songs in this digital songbook designedexclusively for your Platinum Karaoke player! With this app, youdon't need to spend much time browsing the hardbound songbooklooking for songs you want to sing. Just key-in the title/artistand you'll get the search results in an instant! Updated regularlyevery month, you can now get the latest additional song list foryour Platinum karaoke players. FEATURES - Search by song title -Search by artist name - Browse newly added songs (Red New Iconsdenotes DVD updates, Blue New Icons denotes monthly additionalsongs for HDD type players) - Browse by training songs - Browse byfavorites (tap FAV icon to add/remove a song) - Reserve songs usingyour mobile devices *Check compatibility list SUPPORTS - Android2.2 onward - Song list for T-Series, X-Series, BMB-Series, Home-40Series, Reyna Series, Bravo / A-10 Series and Nano Series
Earn Talktime Pro
simply earn recharge by sharing app
Scary Ringtones
Scary Ringtones *Press menu button for features! Are you ready forHalloween fun! Features : *Includes more than 100 scary ringtones*Easy to use UI *Set as ringtone, notification, alarm and assign tocontacts. *Add ringtones to your favorites.
Frequency | Elements
Frequency is an internet video service that aggregates anddistributes video from thousands of the world’s top providers,including the leading TV and Multi-Channel Networks, and individualcreators. Frequency powers video services for TV, mobile andover-the-top operators across all devices and set top boxes.Frequency Elements is a sample app that showcases our great contentand capabilities. You can use the app for free, but we no longersupport end users directly. Contact your cable or satellite TVprovider directly to see if they can provide you with access toFrequency’s amazing content, so you can watch at home on your TV,and on your mobile device while on the go.
TheTV is a real-time streaming application forwatching a television in Thailand.No need to install flash player.TheTV supports many connection such as WIFI, EDGE and GPRS(2G,2.5G).TheTV is the first application for that supports a mobileconnection via GPRS and it's a free application.=======================================TheTVเป็นโปรแกรมสำหรับดูรายการทีวีบนโทรศัพท์มือถือที่ใช้ระบบปฏิบัติการAndroid ซึ่งสามารถรับชมได้ด้วยการเชื่อมต่อ WIFI, EDGE และ GPRS(2G,2.5G) ที่สำคัญคือ ไม่ต้องติดตั้ง Flash Playerทำให้รับชมได้ไม่ว่าจะอยู่ที่ไหน
FreePaisa Free Mobile Recharge
FreePaisa - India’s top Free Recharge app. Get instant free onlinerecharge for your prepaid phone by just downloading free apps fromFreePaisa. Over 5 lakh users are getting free recharges on theirmobile for downloading and trying new apps.Free Mobile Recharge FreePaisa makes it easy for you to earnfree talktime by downloading free apps, participating in contests,completing surveys and so on. Why pay for recharge when you can getfree recharge with FreePaisa?No complex registration is required. Login using your google,facebook or any other account. (Login is taken so that your walletcan be redeemed by logging into other devices) Try it to believeit! FreePaisa is one of the fastest growing android app due to itssimplicity and speed.New offers are updated multiple times a week, so you can keepearning free recharge and talktime.Recharge your mobile free or gift your recharge to any other mobilein India instantly.Never pay for talktime again!How to Get Free Recharge in 4 simple steps:1. Download FreePaisa app now ( its a free app)2. Open FreePaisa app and complete app download tasks.3. Invite your friends. Earn Free Talktime of Rs.10 for everyfriend that joins and completes app download.4. Recharge your phone or pay your bills instantly.Key Features of Free Mobile Recharge FreePaisa:
1. Free and instant mobile recharge across all operators inIndia
2. Supports Airtel, Aircel, BSNL, MTNL, Idea, Loop Mobile, MTS,Reliance, Tata Docomo, Tata Indicom, Uninor, Videocon, VirginMobile, Vodafone
3. Get instant top-up from within the app and see different topupplans available for your operator from the free rechargescreen4. Post-paid customers can use wallet money for paying mobilebills5. Invite your friends on whatsapp, facebook or any other socialnetwork and get Rs.10 when they join and download their firstapp.6. Enjoy FreePaisa and if you like the app, tell your friends andloved ones and rate us on the Play Store!Free Tips to Earn Maximum Recharge
1. Check the app every day to see new offers and install them.
2. Watch out for "special offers" from time to time - we usuallysend out notifications for these!With Free Mobile Recharge FreePaisa, it’s easy to earn freemoney and recharge your prepaid mobile. Top up your prepaid mobileplans with rewards you earn from downloading amazing apps orcompleting short surveys. Never pay for any other mobile rechargeservice! Free Mobile Recharge FreePaisa has everything you need forfree.Reward yourself with this free talktime and recharge app. Keeptalking on your phone with unlimited mobile recharges and downloadFree Mobile Recharge FreePaisa today!If you have trouble getting your free instant recharge, contactsupport@freepaisa.co oruse the feedback feature within the app for quick resolution.Follow us for updates on:Twitter: @freepaisaFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/freepaisa
Playboard Best App&Game Review
42matters AG
Playboard is a free app that helps you findwhat to download.Did you know there are thousands of awesome apps and addictivegames you're missing out on, right now? Yes, really. That's becausethe app store only shows what everyone already know about – appshave to be huge before they get featured. To find those magicalhidden gems, you need something better than Google Play… you needPlayboard.Highlights:★ Actual human beings dig through the Play store, lovingly curatingchannels full of magical apps. All you have to do is subscribe andlet the good times roll.★ Country-specific apps.★ Lets you create your own channel to share apps! Have your friendssubscribe to your favorite picks.★ Staff editors who live and breathe Android and showcase the verybest channels.What are you waiting for? Stop searching for apps, and let themfind you. Install Playboard now.Terms of Service: https://playboard.me/terms
YouSee Tv & Film
YouSee Tv & Film – Den bedste underholdning samlet ét sted MedYouSee Tv & Film app’en kan du se tv, film og serier på dinsmartphone eller tablet – vi giver dig adgang til timevis afunderholdning, hvor du vil og når du vil. App’en samler dinetv-kanaler, massevis af film og serier og Danmarks størstebørneunivers. Med YouSee Tv & Film får du adgang til: • Live-tv– tag dine tv-kanaler med dig overalt og se tv når og hvor detpasser dig • Start forfra – start dine yndlingsprogrammer forfra,hvis du ikke fik starten med • Tv-arkiv – gå i Tv-arkiv medtusindvis af nye udsendelser hver uge • Film & Serier –ubegrænset adgang til massevis af film og serier for hele familienmed nye titler hver uge • Børneunivers – timevis af film og serierfor både de store og de små • Offline underholdning - udvalgtebørnefilm og serier kan ses uden at have forbindelse tilinternettet Som TDC-kunde, kan du nu benytte YouSee Tv & Film -brug dit nuværende TDC Login. Hos YouSee udvikler og forbedrer vivores app løbende, i vores bestræbelse på, at give dig den bedstmulige oplevelse. Vi anbefaler dig derfor, at slå automatiskopdatering af apps til. Så sikrer du den bedste oplevelse medYouSee Tv & Film.
Funny Quotes Tagalog
Compilation of Funny Quotes in Tagalog. Most of the quotes arepertaining to tagalog love quotes that are deemed funny.
Welcome to TIVIKO.com TV PROGRAM. TIVIKO brings to you more than1000 channels of 10 European countries. You can use TIVICOcomfortably from your mobile devices, PC or your Smart TV. Uponsubscription you remove ads and get many other functions, such asfull version of the service in Smart TV applications. If youregister, you get extra the full version of the TIVIKO service fora month. The first month is then free of charge for you. For thenext month you can subsequently activate recurring payment forsubscription, which can be deactivated at any time. However, if youwant to use the full version, you can choose from one of our threesubscription offers - e.g. for 1 EUR/month or 3 EUR/half a year or5 EUR/year. Each recurring payment can be simply cancelled withoutany further obligations. After cancelling and running out of thesubscription period your PRO VERSION turns to normal TIVIKOversion. Sincerely, Your TIVIKO PS: Your timezone must be setcorrectly or else the air times will be wrong. If you have problemwith old PRO version please send e-mail to support@tiviko.com.
Virtual Beer simulator
Install entertainment application on your phone and pretend thatyou are drinking a real beer. Your phone will be changed intovirtual glass, into which you will be able to pour your favoritealcohol. Realistic animation of foam and the effect of releasingbubbles will let you prank your friends easily. Move your phonefrom one side to the other and watch how a drink is moving in aglass. Advanced physics of fluids will let the drink move accordingto physics rules. Tilt your phone as if you were to drink a beerdown and the golden booze will decrease and finally it willentirely disappear. Don't worry! You can pour another glass of beerany time you want ;) How to prank your friends: Press button"Drink". Stand sideways to your friends. Keep the phone in yourpalm with the screen directed to your friends. Put the phoneagainst your mouth and slowly tilt the glass with beer up trying todrink the beer down. Virtual beer will decrease and the glass willbecome empty. Your friends will be impressed ;) Main features ofsimulator: - Realistic beer movement - Very efficient foamanimation - You can drink beer anywhere you want and how much youwant.
Helium Voice Changer
Imitates the sound after breathing helium from an inflated balloon?3 million people know it ;)Send helium hilarious sounds and videomessages, for example with chipmunk or nervous(video changer isincluded). So funny recorder you will not stop recording yourself.*Select video or audio to have a hilarious changer. The videochanger option modifies your existing videos too.* Select yourvoice: helium or chipmunk, robot, drunk, nervous and tenn.* Play:hear your own words turned hilarious ;) Feel a the best changer*Share: send your robot, chipmunk, nervous or any other through yourfavorite chat app, save as ringtone, save to gallery, etc.Do youhave any comments, suggestions for improvements or hilariousfeatures, or any issues? We want our audio app be the most loved byour users. Leave a comment, we're listening!Note: Inhaling realhelium is dangerous. Achieve the same effect with this app, andavoid taking unnecessary risks.
ARD Mediathek
Filme, Serien, Dokus & mehr: Genießen Sie Ihre Lieblingsinhalte& die Livestreams aller TV-Programme der ARD jederzeit &überall. In der ARD Mediathek haben Sie jederzeit Zugriff auf alleverfügbaren Inhalte von Das Erste, der Dritten Programme (BR, HR,MDR, NDR, RBB, Radio Bremen, SR, SWR, WDR), ONE, ARD-alpha, Phoenix& tagesschau24. Was Ihnen die ARD Mediathek darüber hinausbietet? • Alle Highlights der ARD in einer App • Merklisten &persönliche Empfehlungen • Alle TV-Livestreams der ARD •Offline-Verfügbarkeit ausgewählter Inhalte • Suche nach verpasstenSendungen
【アプリの詳細】 1.パチンコ、パチスロ(スロット)解析情報が無料!最新機種の天井・ゾーン/モード情報・BB消化方法や、セグ判別・信頼度別演出などの機種解析情報が満載。完全無料で楽しめるのはDMMぱちタウンだけ!2.店舗情報が盛りだくさん! 全国のパチンコホール情報が盛りだくさん!近くの店舗を探せる充実した検索機能や、お目当てのホールの新台入替情報や導入台情報も満載。最新情報はプッシュ通知にてお知らせします。さらに、大当り情報や店舗勝率ランキングなどのコンテンツも! 3.パチンコ・パチスロ(スロット)動画が充実!ここでしか見れないオリジナル限定動画やYouTubeでも人気の「閉店くんが行く!」などの無料動画が満載!4.ライターブログでプロの実戦立ち回りを大公開!ファン情報雑誌で活躍中の有名ライターから美女ライターまでブログにて実戦立ち回りを公開していきます。 5.収支管理も便利にパワーアップ!カレンダーでの管理機能、多種多様な収支分析、生涯収支がグラフで一目でわかる! 【こんな方にオススメ】・電車の待ち時間、暇つぶしに無料でパチンコ、パチスロ(スロット)の解析情報を楽しみたい方・とにかくパチンコ、パチスロ(スロット)が大好きな方 ・店舗やホールからの最新情報が欲しい方・これからパチンコ、パチスロ(スロット)を始める方 ・パチンコ、パチスロ(スロット)機種の解析情報を研究したい方・普段からアプリのパチンコ・パチスロ(スロット)ゲームを楽しんでいる方パチンコ、パチスロ(スロット)ファン誰もが楽しめるコンテンツが盛りだくさん!これからパチンコ、パチスロ(スロット)を始める初心者の方にもオススメの情報アプリです!   【DMM ぱちタウンの主な機能】最新機種解析情報 ・リール配列、天井、ゾーン・小役・RB/BB、モード情報、セグ、確変、電サポ、モード、時短、ヘソ、電チュー情報など・大人気機種、注目機種の特集記事ページが充実 ・店舗導入前・直後の最新台の特集がいち早く閲覧可能 ・機種検索・新着機種一覧(メーカ名、機種名)を表示して、機種情報へのリンクを表示 ・機種評価登録 ・Myページのお気に入り機種に登録 店舗情報 ・機種から導入店検索、最寄駅から検索、エリアで検索、お気に入りで検索等幅広い検索機能・住所、もしくは現在地の地図を表示して、周辺にある該当店舗を表示 ・住所入力欄で住所検索可能 ・店舗最新情報ページが閲覧可能  ・PUSH通知:1日2回お気に入り店舗からポップアップで情報通知 ・Myページのお気に入り店舗に登録 ・大当り情報公開・他ユーザーが勝っている店舗が一目で解る、みんなの勝率ランキング 動画 ・パチンコ/パチスロ(スロット)に特化した動画の閲覧可能・人気機種の実戦動画や人気コンテンツが閲覧可能 ・並び替えで、新着順、人気順で一覧表示 ・Myページのお気に入り動画に登録ライターブログ ・プロライター、美人ライターのパチンコ、パチスロ(スロット)情報ブログの閲覧が可能・試打、実戦立ち回り、店舗取材レポートなど閲覧可能 ・Myページのお気に入りライターに登録その他、収支管理、必見スケジュール、勝率ランキング、検定通過情報、も完備。 ■うれしい2ポイント 1.完全無料で利用可能。2.ラクラク登録!面倒な会員登録が不要。(一部機能を使用する場合の登録はあり※メールアドレスの登録不要)■詳細情報が見れる主なパチンコ機種 PフィーバーアクエリオンW 最終決戦ver. ヱヴァンゲリヲン~超暴走~CRフィーバーマクロスフロンティア3 P咲-Saki-阿知賀編 episode of side-APA設定付牙狼GOLDSTORM翔RH ぱちんこCRあしたのジョー ぱちんこ 必殺仕事人 総出陣 CRルパン三世 LAST GOLDCRぱちんこ AKB48‐3 誇りの丘 CRフィーバー戦姫絶唱シンフォギア ぱちんこCR真・北斗無双 CR大海物語 4■解析情報が見れる主なパチスロ機種 ミリオンゴッド‐神々の凱旋‐ バジリスク~甲賀忍法帖~絆 SLOT魔法少女まどかマギカパチスロ聖闘士星矢 海皇覚醒 Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 HEY!鏡 パチスロ ヱヴァンゲリヲン AT777パチスロディスクアップ GI優駿倶楽部2 その他機種解析情報も満載! ※パチンコ・パチスロ機種解析情報はすべて無料で楽しめます。【注意事項】 一部海外端末など、端末によっては正常に動作しない場合があります。また動作確認済み端末でも、OSバージョンやインストール済みの他アプリの影響で動作に異常が出る場合もございます。