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Allitude Spa
With Inbank app you can manage your bank account and make paymentson the go directly and safely from your Phone. Fast and secureaccess You can either use your Inbank web username and password toaccess your account on the app or enjoy fast access with a rapidPIN number, without the need for the security tool. In addition,you can manage several Inbank accounts from the same Phone.Customise your home page Choose from the many widgets available toinstantly see, when you access, your account balance, the previousthree month trend, information about your dossier, your most recenttransactions and much, much more. Services on the go With a few,easy steps you can make wire transfers, payment slips, top-up yourmobile or reload your prepaid cards. Moreover, you can save yourmost frequently used services so you can quickly replicate themwhenever needed. Jiffy - As easy as texting a friend Today, simplemoney transactions between private individuals speaks a newlanguage, the one we use every day to get fast, instant services,available always and anywhere. It’s as easy as texting a friend: noneed to enter the IBAN; simply select the recipient from yourcontacts. Message centre Set up your preferred rules to getnotified when your balance is below your defined threshold, yoursalary has been deposited into your account, or your expendituresexceed a certain amount. Download and activate your Inbank app now!Need help? Please call us on our free phone number 800-837455(service available from Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to8:30 p.m.)
Barclays US
Barclays Bank
It is easier than ever to securely access your account regardlessof where you are with the Barclays App for Android™. Pay your bill,check your balance and transactions, see account activity, managealerts, and much more. FEATURES - Now access your complimentaryFICO® Credit Score any time - Set up your Username and Password login credentials so you can manage your account on the go - Gopaperless! Cut down on clutter and enroll in paperless statementseasily from the app - Use Peek for a quick-view of key accountinformation before you log in - With Purchase planner you canestimate your monthly payment and pay off date for a particularpurchase - Track recent and past transactions - Traveling? Be sureto let us know about your upcoming travel plans Provide us feedbackon your app experience through a survey FICO is a registeredtrademark of Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and othercountries.
Thomson Reuters Eikon
Thomson Reuters Eikon with Messenger – themost comprehensive, intuitive, and collaborative set of financialtools available! Discover the exceptional clarity and power ofThomson Reuters Eikon with Messenger for Android today.* Note, a Thomson Reuters Eikon with Messenger account is requiredto access premium features.Features:• Unrivaled market-moving news• Quick and seamless list & portfolio monitoring• Comprehensive market summaries• Around-the-clock real-time data and quotes• Detailed company information — including news, research, topinvestors, and estimates• Natural language search with Eikon Answers• Alerts and push notifications for news, market data, andresearch• Real-time research from award-winning analysts around theglobe• Ability to save news and research for availability in offlinemode• Simultaneous access to desktop and mobile• Support for your Android wearable• Eikon Messenger• League Tables
CIBC ATM and Branch Locations
Are you a CIBC customer and tired of paying those "other ATM" fees?This app will help you avoid using non-CIBC ATMs by locating thenearest CIBC branch or ABM to your current position then displaysthem on a map or list. You can also search in a givencity/neighbourhood, so you are not limited to your currentlocation.Distance, directions are given for each branch/ATM. You want toknow how the area looks like before you get there? Check out theStreetView(When available) for each location ahead of time.The app also works in offline mode when you don't have a dataconnection, so you can quickly find the nearest branch even whenyou don't have reception, but keep in mind that in offline modeStreetView and Directions are not available, the map is alsolimited to whatever tiles cached on your phone.If you have any suggestions, bug reports and comments pleasesend them away. There is a feedback button right from within theapp.
提供總體經濟指標和台股相關的數據,讓投資人更能掌握市場的多空和經濟的脈動。更完整的功能請至http://stock.gunblues.com經濟指標 美國 - 非農就業人數 ISM製造業指數 ISM非製造業指數密西根消費者信心指數 核心消費者物價指數 消費者物價指數 失業率 新屋開工 核心生產者物價指數 生產者物價指數 耐久財訂單 躉售庫存VIX恐慌指數 中國大陸 - 製造業採購經理人指數 台灣 - 景氣對策信號(分數) 外銷訂單 近月外資及陸資台指期留倉近月外資及陸資台指選擇權留倉台股 多 - 營收年增率連續三個月成長 稅前淨利較去年同期大幅成長 EPS較上季成長一倍營業毛利率,營業利益率,稅前淨利率,股東權益報酬率創新高 財務健檢燈號十個燈 九個燈 八個燈 空 - 營收年增率連續三個月衰退稅前淨利較去年同期大幅衰退 EPS較上季衰退一倍 營業毛利率,營業利益率,稅前淨利率,股東權益報酬率創新低 應收帳款超過營業收入財務健檢燈號三個燈以下台指及融資劵外資台指期留倉,自營商台指期留倉,投信台指期留倉,外資台指選擇權留倉,自營商台指選擇權留倉,投信台指選擇權留倉,十大交易人多空留倉部位比,五大交易人多空留倉部位比,十大交易人多空留倉部位比(所有契約),五大交易人多空留倉部位比(所有契約),摩台指未平倉量,大盤融資維持率,融資融劵餘額,借劵餘額TAIEXprovides an overall economic indicators and related data, so thatinvestors have a better grasp of long and short pulse of the marketand the economy. A more complete feature please tohttp://stock.gunblues.comEconomic IndicatorsUnited States -payrolls ISM manufacturing index ISM non-manufacturing index ofMichigan consumer confidence index core consumer price indexconsumer price index, housing starts unemployment core producerprice index PPI wholesale orders for durable goods inventories VIXPanic IndexMainland China - manufacturing purchasing managers'indexTaiwan - boom countermeasure signal (fraction) of exportorders in recent months, foreign investment and land owned TaizhiQi left positions in recent months, foreign investment and landowned station refers to the right to choose to staywarehouseTAIEXMulti - annual growth rate of revenue growth forthree consecutive months pretax profit to grow significantly overthe same period last year EPS growth over the previous quarter,double the operating margin, operating profit margin, pre-tax netprofit margin, return on equity highs financial health check lightsNumber ten lamps nine light eight lightsEmpty - annual growth rateof revenue decline for three consecutive months pretax profitdeclined significantly year over year decline from the previousquarter EPS doubled operating margin, operating profit margin,pre-tax net profit margin, return on equity lows ReceivableOperating income more than three lights financial health checklights belowTaiwan refers to securities and financingForeign TaizhiQi left the warehouse, dealers Taizhi Qi left the warehouse,investment trust Taizhi Qi left the warehouse, Foreign Desk refersto the right to choose to stay warehouses, dealers station refersto the right to choose to stay warehouse, investment trust unitsrefers to the right to choose to stay warehouseTop ten traders thanlong and short stay warehouse site, five traders stay long andshort positions site than ten traders than long and short staywarehouse site (all contracts), five traders than long and shortstay warehouse site (all contracts) , Mo Taizhi open interest, tomaintain the rate of market financing, financing the balance offinancial securities, securities borrowed the balance
Crédit Mutuel
Découvrez la toute nouvelle application du Crédit Mutuel.Désormais, visualisez d’un coup d’œil vos dernières opérations etvos actualités depuis votre page d’accueil. Retrouvez toutes lesfonctionnalités de votre espace client Crédit Mutuel sur votreAndroid et accédez en un clic à celles que vous utilisez le plussouvent (consultation de comptes, virements, etc.) L'applicationest gratuite et l'accès à vos comptes se fait avec vos identifiantset mot de passe habituels utilisés notamment Avec l’appli Crédit Mutuel : - consultez lesolde de vos comptes et vos dernières opérations, - visionnez votrebudget par catégorisation et de manière graphique, - effectuez desvirements entre vos comptes ou vers vos bénéficiaires, - contactezvotre conseiller Crédit Mutuel et gérez vos messages grâce à lamessagerie, - prenez rendez-vous avec votre conseiller, etconsultez les rendez-vous prévus, - consultez l’ensemble de vosdocuments et contrats banque et assurance, - déclarez et suivez vossinistres automobiles et habitation, - effectuez des devisd’assurance automobile et habitation, - demandez et suivez vosremboursements santé, - simulez les remboursements de certainsactes médicaux et profitez de l’ensemble des services Intégral’,Carte Avance Santé, …, - consultez vos portefeuilles titres, passezdes ordres sur les valeurs Euronext et suivez vos ordres, -consultez les cours de la Bourse, - consultez, copiez et partagezpar mail vos RIB et IBAN, - validez les opérations de manièresécurisée (virements, Payweb Card, ...) directement dansl'application sans avoir à recopier un code SMS, - faites dessimulations de crédits & épargne, - consultez vos documents etcontrats, - trouvez les coordonnées de votre Caisse, - géolocalisezles Caisses Crédit Mutuel et les distributeurs de billets CréditMutuel & CIC, - accédez à l'annuaire des numéros de téléphoneutiles. Un problème (technique ou fonctionnel) ? N'hésitez pas ànous contacter : - par Mail : en décrivantle problème et en précisant qu'il s'agit de l'application Android,- par Téléphone : 09 69 39 00 88 (Appel non surtaxé). Discover thebrand new application of Crédit Mutuel. Now see at a glance yourlatest operations and news from your homepage. Find all thefeatures of your Crédit Mutuel customer area on your Android andone-click access to the ones you use most often (consultation ofaccounts, transfers, etc.) The application is free and access toyour accounts is done with your usual username and password used inparticular on With the Crédit Mutuel app: -check the balance of your accounts and your latest transactions, -view your budget by categorization and graphically, - maketransfers between your accounts or to your beneficiaries, - contactyour Crédit Mutuel advisor and manage your messages thanks tomessaging, - make an appointment with your advisor, and consult thescheduled appointments, - consult all your documents and contractsbank and insurance, - declare and follow your car and home claims,- make car and home insurance quotes, - ask and follow your healthreimbursements, - simulate the reimbursements of certain medicalacts and take advantage of all the services Integral ', Card HealthAdvance, ..., - consult your securities portfolios, place orders onEuronext stocks and follow your orders, - consult the stock marketprices, - consult, copy and share by email your RIB and IBAN, -validate transactions securely (transfers, Payweb Card, ...)directly in the application without having to copy an SMS code, -make simulations of credits & savings, - consult your documentsand contracts, - find the details of your Caisse, - GeolocateCrédit Mutuel Caisses and Crédit Mutuel & CIC ATMs, - accessthe directory of useful telephone numbers. A problem (technical orfunctional)? Do not hesitate to contact us : - by describing the problem and specifying thatit is the Android application, - by Phone: 09 69 39 00 88 (Call notsurcharged).
Easy Loan Calculator Pro
Easy Loan Calculator Pro: The simple and complete all in one loanand mortgage EMI calculator for all what you should know about anytype of your current or future loans (car loan, personal loan,mortgage...)★★ Exclusive Pro Feature for free: Loan PrepaymentSimulation (total or partial) in order to define the best moment torepay the rest of your loan ★★Indeed Easy Loan Calculator Proallows you to: - Calculate Monthly payments (EMI) from durationautomatically without clicking a button- Calculate Loan durationfrom monthly payements.- Know the Interests share in the monthlypayments and the global cost of the loan- Display Insurance ratioin monthly payments and global payment.- Display detailedamortization Schedule table.- Export and save Amortization table toExcel File and e-mail it- Simulate an early Loan Repayment (totalor partial) in order to define the best moment to repay the rest ora part of your loan- Start Date selection in Amortization table andEarly repayment- Compute penalties resulting of Loan earlyrepayment- Display graphs of the evolution of the ratio ofinterests and amortization in monthly payments
Cash Money Online
Cash Money Online allow you be reward by our tasksYou can earnpoint: + Downloading free apps + Downloading paid apps(very highpay for paid apps) + Completing surveys + Watching video ads + Playfree games More games, rewards, offer wall will be add soon.Pleaseemail me about complains, bugs or any suggest to:support@cmoneyonline.comYou earn can be cashed out through PayPal,Amazon GiftCard.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version1.1.2 : fix bug loadingVersion 1.1.3 : Add function redeemVersion1.2.1: Fix bug refer and redeem
Forex Currency Strength Meter
Daily, Weekly, 4-Hour, 8-Hour Currency Strength Meter. How to use:1. Identify the HIGHEST currency (appreciate). 2. Identify theLOWEST currency (depreciate). 3. Match those two currencies. Datadelayed by 1 minute.
Commerce Bank for Android
Commerce Bank Mobile Banking App Challenge Accepted® You’re alwaysmoving. We get it! Our Mobile Banking app is designed to help youmanage your finances at the speed of life. Faster is better. WithFingerprint log in, you’re closer to your finances than ever before– and fumble fingers are a thing of the past. Be in control. Lock acard the second it’s lost – and unlock the second it’s found. Whew.Stay on top of it all. What’s my balance? Did I pay the gas bill?New Account Overview gives you the answers without losing your spotin the checkout line. Transfer funds. Need to move money? It’s aseasy as tap, tap, done. Deposit checks. Make deposits with just asnap.* The hard part is getting the check to say cheese. Pay bills.Go from “Oh no!” to “No sweat,” quicker than you can say “duedate.” View statements. For when you want some juicy readingmaterial. Find us. Need to find a Commerce branch or check ourbranch hours? Mobile Banking is your personal Sherpa. Get help.There’s a live person on the other end of that phone. MobileBanking is the convenient way to manage your finances wherever youare. Download today and keep your updates turned on – you neverknow what we’ll come up with next. Mobile Banking from CommerceBank. Challenge Accepted.® To help protect the privacy of youraccount information, access to your account utilizes SSLtechnology. Our Online Banking Guarantee for personal accountsapplies to Mobile Banking (see Online Banking Terms and Conditionsfor full details).

You must be a Commerce Bank Online Banking orSmall Business Online Banking user. To activate Online Banking,visit Commerce Bank serves Missouri, Kansas,Illinois, Oklahoma and Colorado. Accounts held with Commerce TrustCompany are not accessible via the application. Message and datausage fees may apply; check with your wireless or VoIP provider formore information. * Subject to certain restrictions andlimitations. See Mobile Banking Terms and Conditions for fulldetails. 

 Copyright © 2019 Commerce Bancshares, Inc.
All rightsreserved. Commerce Bank: Member FDIC.
Trading Signals - Forex and CFD's
Our professional traders analyse all financial markets dataincluding Stocks, commodities, Indices, and Currencies, in order togenerate trading signals in real time. We work around the clock toprovide quality signals, with high winning rate, of over 70% onaverage. With our trading signals application, you will bereceiving real help in predicting the financial markets movementsin order to trade the Forex market successfully. The tradingsignals are sent LIVE, in real time straight to your Android mobiledevice. With our trading signals app you will receive signals onall major financial assets. Nevertheless, if you have an asset inmind you wish to trade on and you don’t find it on our app, feelfree to approach us and will gladly add it you our watch list. Thecurrent Forex pairs available: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF,USD/CAD, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, EUR/GBP, GBP/JPY, EUR/CHF. Availablemetals: Gold (XAU/USD) and Silver (XAG/USD). We are planning to addvery soon cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum(BTC/USD, LTC/USD and ETH/USD). Download our Trading Signals appand receive: - High winning percentage signals - Trading guidanceand 24/7 customer support - Daily Signals alerts and winning tradesexplanations - Forex signals daily results - Trusted and approvedbinary brokers to trade with - Learning new Forex Strategies -Forex, CFD, Stocks and Ccryptocurrencies signals All you need to doin order to start getting the trading alerts is: 1. Download theapp 2. Start receiving our signals 3. Copy them with your preferredbroker 4. Enjoy daily profits. Start now and enjoy our specialdaily offers. With Trading Signals App, trading the financialmarkets has never been easier! We want our customers to have thebest trading experience so feel free to contact us with anyquestion.
BSM Mobile Banking
BSM Mobile Banking adalah salah satu saluran distribusi yangdimiliki oleh BSM untuk mengakses rekening yang dimiliki nasabahdengan menggunakan teknologi GPRS/EDGE/3G/BIS dan WIFI melaluismartphone.Fitur:• Transfer antar rekening di BSM.• Transfer realtime ke rekening di bank anggota ATM Bersama dan Prima.• Transferuang tunai (transfer ke bukan pemegang rekening).• Pembelian pulsaseluler dan token listrik.• Pembayaran tagihan (telepon, listrik,dll), zakat, asuransi, tiket pesawat dan lainnya.• Informasi kantor& lokasi ATM.• Informasi produk dan promo.• Informasi saldo,mutasi.• Jadwal sholat dan kalimat inspiratif.• Menu akses langsungCall BSM 14040. • Menu favorit (penyimpan data transaksi transfer,pembayaran dan pembelian) • Share aktivitas ke social media. •Notifikasi detil transaksi ke email yang didaftarkanRegistrasi:1.Proses Pendaftaran/Registrasi a. Nasabah datang ke Cabangterdekat.b. Mengajukan permintaan fasilitas layanan BSM MobileBanking dan mengisi data pada aplikasi BSM Mobile Banking.c.Menerima kertas Mailer yang berisi kode aktivasi.d. Menandatanganilembar tanda terima kertas Mailer yang berisikan Kode Aktivasi. 2.Proses Download Aplikasi BSM Mobile Banking dapat didownloadmelalui: a. Untuk ponsel dengan OS BB, BB 10, Android, IOSBlackberry App World, Google Play Store, App Store dengan keyword‘BSM Mobile Banking’b. Untuk ponsel Blackberry dengan OS sebelum BB10:1) , atau2) Blackberry AppWorld dengan keyword ‘BSM Mobile Banking’.c. Untuk ponsel Nokia,Sony Ericson atau ponsel dengan platform Symbian yang support java: Pastikan aplikasi BSM MobileBanking offered by / publisher / by PT Bank Syariah Mandiri3.Proses AktivasiNasabah menginput no rekening, no HP dan kodeaktivasi yang didapat dari cabang pada saatpendaftaran/registrasi.Setelah proses aktivasi berhasil, Nasabahdapat masuk ke menu utama dan menikmati semua fitur BSM MobileBanking.PIN ATM Nasabah diperlukan dalam mengakses BSM MobileBanking. PIN ATM Nasabah digunakan untuk mengesahkan transaksiApabila terjadi 3 (tiga) kali kesalahan dalam memasukkan PIN di ATMdan atau di BSM Mobile Banking, maka BSM Card dan BSM MobileBanking akan terblokir. Informasi lebih lanjut, kunjungi BankSyariah Mandiri terdekat atau hubungi:BSM Call 14040 atau (021)2953 Mobile Banking is one of thedistribution channels owned by BSM to access customer accounts heldby using technology GPRS / EDGE / 3G / BIS and WIFI viasmartphone.Features:• Transfers between accounts in BSM.• real timetransfer to a bank account in the member ATM Bersama and Prima.•Transfer of cash (not transfer to the account holder).• Purchasetokens cellular and electrical pulses.• Payment of bills(telephone, electricity, etc.), charity, insurance, airline ticketsand other.• Information office and ATM locations.• Information andpromotion products.• balance information, transfer.• Schedule asentence pray and inspiring.• Direct Access Menu Call BSM 14040.•Menu favorites (data storage transfer transactions, payments andpurchases)• Share the activity to social media.• Notificationdetails of the transaction to the registered emailRegistration:1Registration Process / Registera. Customers come to the nearestbranch.b. Request BSM Mobile Banking service facility and fill outthe data in BSM Mobile Banking application.c. Receive Mailer papercontaining the activation code.d. Sign the receipt sheet of papercontaining the Activation Code Mailer.2 ProcessDownload      BSM Mobile Banking appcan be downloaded via:a. For phones with OS BB, 10 BB, Android,iOS      Blackberry App World, GooglePlay Store, the App Store with the keyword 'BSM Mobile Banking'b.For Blackberry phones with the OS before BB 10:1), or2) Blackberry App World withthe keyword 'BSM Mobile Banking'.c. For mobile phones Nokia, SonyEricson or mobile phone with Symbian platform that supports java: sure the mobile bankingapplication offered by BSM / publisher / by PT Bank SyariahMandiri3 Activation ProcessCustomer input the account number, HPand no activation code is obtained from the branch at the time ofenrollment / registration.Once the activation process issuccessful, the Customer may enter into the main menu and enjoy allthe features of BSM Mobile Banking.Customers ATM PIN is required toaccess Mobile Banking BSM. Customers use ATM PIN to authorizetransactionsIn the event of 3 (three) times the error in enteringyour PIN at an ATM and Mobile Banking or in the BSM, the BSM andBSM Card Mobile Banking will be blocked.For more information, visitthe nearest Bank Syariah Mandiri or contact:BSM Call 14040 or (021)2953
Money Tracker
Money Tracker is an app to track down all your income and expensesin one place, easy to use and pleasing to the eye with full HoloUI.Features✔ Full Holo UI✔ Easy to use✔ Statistics✔ Repeatingtransactions✔ Multi Account✔ Backup to Google Drive, Dropbox andlocally✔ Widget (DashClock / Lockscreen / Homescreen)Google+
AnyBalance (balance on screen)
Dmitry Kochin
Shows phone financial balance, internet providers account balance,bank accounts on your phone screen in a widget. All the informationis obtained over internet by JavaScript plugins - AnyBalanceproviders. These providers are open source, so you or yourprogrammer friends can create an informational widget in severalminutes. There are currently more than 1500 providers available,such as MTS, Beeline, Megafon, Tele2, Velcom, Onlime,,Domolink, Alfabank, Sberbank, Life and much more! The app supportsautomatic balance refresh after the specified interval, after acall, after sms sent. You can set up notifications on balancechange and other events. Automatic captcha recognition issupported: - RuCaptcha - an option to use for free, full support ofall captcha types - AntiCaptcha - only images and reCaptcha v2 Feelfree contact author if you have any questions, or you have notfound your provider among supported ones. Please find fullinformation on Wallet
Coins Asia is a mobile wallet that allows you to buy prepaid load,send money to anyone, pay over 95+ bills, receive remittances from200+ countries & territories - even without a bank account.With Coins, your phone is the only wallet you'll ever need! NEW:Instantly buy credits for HOOQ, iflix, Viu and more from your Coinsapp! Check out our new Entertainment feature NEW: Top up yourNintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox accounts (US region) instantly too!BUY PREPAID LOAD • 10% instant rebate upon loading any Smart, Talkn Text, Globe, TM, or Sun prepaid phone • Choose from 70+ promos -text, call, data, and combo promos - for all major Philippineproviders • Buy international load for prepaid phones in 130+countries • Save your favorite numbers SEND REMITTANCES • Sendremittances through Western Union from 500,000+ locations in 200+countries • Send money to any major bank or padala remittancecenter in the Philippines • Fund transfer to 70+ major banks (BPI,Metrobank, Landbank, BDO) • 5,000+ cash pickup locations (CebuanaLhuillier, GCash, Palawan Express) • Door-to-door delivery (LBCPesopak cash out) PAY BILLS • Make online bill payments directlyfrom the app • Electricity (Meralco, KLOAD/Kuryente Load,VECO, Davao Light, PALECO) • Water (Maynilad, Manila Water, 30+provincial water bills) • Home Credit (loan payment) • Telecom(PLDT, Globe, Smart) • Government (NBI, Pag-IBIG, DFA) • Broadband(Innove Communications, Inc., Smart Broadband, Globe Broadband) •Cable Channel Providers (Cignal TV Postpaid, Cignal TV Prepaid, SkyCable) • Credit Card Bills (BPI, Metrobank, BDO, EastWest Bank) •TALA Philippines loans • 95+ more billers in the Philippines • Geta ₱5 rebate every time you pay a unique bill • Get ₱100 for every 5unique bills you pay each week • Add your favorite bills and setbill payment reminders BUY AND SELL CRYPTOCURRENCIES • Coins.phoffers a secure multi-cryptocurrency mobile wallet • Instantly buyand sell Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple(XRP) • Get real time updates on cryptocurrency prices BUY GAMECREDITS Instantly buy your favorite console, mobile & PC games.No credit card required! • Steam Wallet • Razer PIN (formerlyzGold-MOLPoints) • Garena Shells • Level Up! • Game Club • EX Cash• Cherry Credits • Gift Card (Blizzard) • WarpPortal(Ragnarok Journey) • Top up Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xboxaccounts (US region) CASH IN AND OUT • Top up your walletfunds through 7-Eleven CLiQQ, Palawan Pawnshop, TouchPay, GCash,PayMaya and more • Cash in through 500,000+ Western Union branchesor Western Union online sites worldwide • Cash in and out through70+ InstaPay and PESONet network banks LOAD BEEP • Load your beepcard and check your card balance • Please note that NFC access isrequired for beep card loading and balance check LOAD EASYTRIP NLEXAND AUTOSWEEP RFID SLEX Toll • Load your EasyTrip NLEX Toll account• Load your Autosweep SLEX Toll account ONLINE PAYMENTS FORSHOPPING AND TRAVEL • Pay for your Shopee cart • Pay for yourTraveloka flight and hotel bookings • Pay for your PhilippineAirlines, AirAsia, Easybus, Bookie PH and Sun Cruises onlinebookings SEND MONEY TO ANYONE • Person-to-person transfers are FREEvia mobile, email or Facebook • Send money to any major bank orremittance center in the Philippines • Send fun holiday ang pao(red envelopes) to your friends and loved ones ★★★ As Featured In★★★ Rappler GMA News Manila Bulletin BusinessWorld Tech in AsiaForbes TechCrunch Coindesk is regulated by the BangkoSentral ng Pilipinas with contact number (02) 708-7087 and withemail address Got questions or feedback?We'd be happy to hear from you! Email: Twitter: Instagram:
O aplicativo Caixa facilita seu dia a dia! Você pode acessar suaconta Caixa para consultar saldo, extrato, fatura do cartão, fazerseus pagamentos, transferências, investimentos, recarga de celulare muito mais! Baixe o o app, cadastre seu usuário e senha ememorize-os! Com eles você acessa todas as suas contas Caixa. Issomesmo, com um único usuário e senha você gerencia todas as suascontas sem precisar sair e logar novamente, muito simples! Com onovo aplicativo da Caixa você tem: • login por biometria; •compartilhar comprovantes; • um usuário para acessar todas as suascontas; • transações favoritas; • leitor de código de barras parapagamentos; • aposta fácil na mega-sena;* • depósito judicial; •DDA; • novo visual; • novos ícones. Para acessar a conta Caixa erealizar consultas, cadastre seu Usuário e Senha da Internet naopção “não tenho usuário”. Se você esqueceu seu usuário e senha,basta cadastrar um novo usuário na mesma opção “não tenho usuário”.Para fazer transações financeiras é necessário ter a AssinaturaEletrônica, com ela que você finaliza os pagamentos, transferênciase todas as movimentações financeiras. Para cadastrar a suaassinatura: acesse com seu usuário e senha, clique no ícone Senhase Configurações e no botão cadastrar Assinatura Eletrônica. Depoisde cadastrar é só desbloqueá-la em qualquer caixa eletrônico. Suasegurança é nossa prioridade, por isso quando você for realizar suaprimeira transação, por exemplo um pagamento, será apresentado oCadastro de Dispositivo assim você nos informa que este dispositivoestá autorizado para realizar suas transações financeiras por tempoindeterminado ou para um período específico. Para cadastrar odispositivo, siga as orientações em tela. *Apenas para correntistasCashier application facilitates your everyday life! You can accessyour Checkout account to check balance, extract, card making, makeyour payments, transfers, investments, mobile recharge and more!Download the app, register your username and password and storethem! With them you access all your cash accounts. That's right,with a single username and password you manage all your accountswithout having to go out and log in again, really easy! With thenew application box you have: • Biometric login; • share vouchers;• a user to access all your accounts; • Favorite transactions; •code reader bars for payments; • easy bet on mega-sena; * •judicial deposit; • DDA; • new look; • New icons. To access theCash account and consultations, submit your User and Password theInternet on the "I'm not a member." If you have forgotten yourusername and password, please register a new user on the sameoption "do not have user". To make financial transactions isnecessary to have the Electronic Signature with it you finalizepayments, transfers and all financial transactions. To registeryour subscription: Go with your username and password, click thePassword icon and settings and registering Electronic Signaturebutton. After registering just unlock it at any ATM. Your safety isour priority, so when you are performing your first transaction,for example a payment, the Device Registration will appear so youtold us that this device is authorized to carry out their financialtransactions indefinitely or for a specific period. To register thedevice, follow the on screen directions. * Only for holders
All India Bank Info Offline
This a simple application which provide information of allcomputerized bank's of INDIA.Around 80510+ bank information is at your disposal.This application helps you with the bank's information like MICRCode, IFSC Code, Address, Registered Phone Number, Website Link,Nearest ATM etc, All this information is at your finger tips whenyou needed.Key Features are :★ Locate Bank branches by States★ Locate bank branches by District★ Locate bank branches by Branches★ Get IFSC code★ Get MICR code(if present)★ More than 80510+ branches data(RBI Database)★ TOTALLY FREEHope this application eases your life when you need to check theIFSC, MICR, PHONE NUMBER, NEAREST ATM, OFFICIAL WEBSITE of anyparticular bank of your choice.DEEP FROM DEVELOPERS HEARTI know you have many other choices for similar kind ofapplication, however we are very much thankful for choosing AndroidMaverick's product and we're pleased to offer you a better userexperience FREE of cost each & every time.Since this is an OFFLINE application, This application doesn't syncto the online data & saves your bandwidth. Its highlyrecommended you to install this app on SD card.We developers make living out of these applications, Hence werequest you be kind with Ad engine and your rating for thisapplication.We're constantly thriving to make your experience better withthis application and we are more eager listen from you.Your voice is important to us, Help us grow with your valuablepositive comments and ratings!Any issue with this application we're more than happy to helpyou(Update's).Any end user is eligible to mail Android Maverick Team and withthere concern, bugs, improvements etc.Hope you like this application.Cheers :)
Pockey Money
Having trouble saving money or to pay off your debts? ...DownloadPocket Money is an application that will help you manage youraccounts, save your money and pay off your debts so that you neverbe late on your payments and you achieve your savings goal. PocketMoney can further add to your account notifications so you neverforget to make your payments and finally you can see your income,debts and savings through graphs that will help you balance yourpocket.Pocket Money additionally comes with a nice widget that youcan install on your Smartphone screen, with which you view yourincome, savings and debts in general, in addition to pay from theWidget.FEATURES* INCOME: Add your different money income from whichto pay your bills.* SAVINGS: Add different savings accounts to saveyour money and reach your goals more easily.* DEBTS: Add differentdebt accounts to keep track of your expenses and to pay your billson time.* INSTALMENTS: Make pays from your income to your differentaccounts to manage your money.* STATS: Displays when your income,savings and debts generally or by category to better understandyour spending and savings.* SECURITY: You can block Pocket Money bya password so that only you can manage your money. Online CFD Trading
The app provides a premium online platform for tradingCFDs on over 2,200 assets, including forex, stocks, commodities,indices, and cryptocurrencies. Access global financial markets andanalyse the latest price movement using over 50 technicalindicators and oscillators, view unique sentiment data and tradeexclusive products. is the only place to trade Blends,our unique product that creates a micro basket of industry-leadingshares. You can buy or short the top players in popular marketniches by trading a single CFD, making it easier to capture theperformance of some of the world’s biggest companies. Download trading app now and get an advanced, user-friendlytrading platform with the functionality and convenience you need tobuy and sell CFDs for all major financial instruments, with tightspreads and competitive leverage. Experience forex trading the wayit’s meant to be: - Advanced market analysis tools for over 50currency pairs, including USD/JPY, EUR/USD, GBP/AUD Find the CFDtrading opportunities that are right for you: - Over 2,000 small,medium, and large cap stocks - Commodities including oil, gold,silver, and coffee - Indices from global exchanges, including WallStreet, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia - Real-time charts totrack trends Get a free demo trading account: - $10,000 in virtualmoney - Real trading conditions and analysis tools - Practicetrading forex and CFDs with a demo account Easily manage risk andreduce the exposure of your portfolio to adverse market movementswith features including Stop Loss, Take Profit, Entry Limit, andEntry Stop. Enjoy managing your account directly from your phone.Using the secure and encrypted systems, you can set customizablewatch lists for your preferred trading instruments and makedeposits and withdrawals. Additionally, the mobile trading appintegrates fully with the web platform, so you canmanage your account and your positions from anywhere. Markets.comis a global brand and trademark owned by Tradetech Markets Limitedand used by Safecap Investments Limited (‘Safecap’) regulated bythe Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC) under licenceno. 092/08 and by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) asa Financial Services Provider under licence no. 43906. TradeTechMarkets (Australia) Pty Ltd (“TTMAU”) regulated by the AustralianSecurities and Investments Commission (“ASIC”) under licence no.424008. TradeTech Markets (South Africa) Pty Ltd (“TTMSA”)regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (“FSCA”) underlicence no. 46860. TTMSA operates solely and exclusively the TradeTech Markets (BVI) Ltd (“TTMBVI”) regulatedby the B.V.I Financial Services Commission (“FSC”) under theSecurities and Investment Business Act 2010, licence no.SIBA/L/14/1067. TradeTech Alpha Limited (“TTA”) is regulated by theFinancial Conduct Authority ("FCA") under licence no. 607305.Spread bets are only available to UK clients. Safecap, TTMAU,TTMSA, TTMBVI and TTA are owned by TradeTech Markets Limited andare subsidiaries of Playtech PLC, a company traded on the LondonStock Exchange’s Main Market and a constituent of the FTSE 250index. Clients from restricted jurisdictions such as Japan, Canada,Belgium and USA will not be able to open an account with us. 73.9%of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with thisprovider. You should consider whether you can afford to take thehigh risk of losing your money!
File Income Tax Return 2019: Form 16 ITR E-filing
Hello Tax: File Income Tax Return 2019: Form 16 ITR E-filing App isone of the best tax return apps to file income tax return for FY2018-19. You can upload your Form 16 ITR in this app, and directlycalculate your income tax return. You can also provide bank accountinformation in this tax return app to directly get income taxrefund in bank account. Income Tax Return is mandatory compliancerequirement in India for any individual whose salary is above 2.5Lakhs per annum. This tax filing app comes with some interestingfeatures such as Quick Income Tax Refund Status, Income TaxTransaction History, Tax Calculator, Form 16 Storage, Save Tax withMutual Fund, Unit Link Insurance Plan, Medical Insurance,, etc.Download this tax return App to file income tax return in just 2minutes. This is a one stop ITR app which tackles all your taxrelated problem in a few easy and quick steps. This ITR E filingapp is an easy, cost-effective, and user-friendly tax return filingapp for millions of taxpayers in India. You can use it to easilyfile tax return for AY 2019-20. It is specially designed for ITRfor salaried person using form 16. By using this income tax returnfiling app, one can easily file tax return in just a few steps andtrack tax return status thereafter. This App works according to therules and regulations of the Government of India and is Safe andSecure. Features of this Income Tax Return Filing App for FY2018-19 💰 Quick ITR for Salaried Person 💰 Track your Refund Status💰 Transaction History 💰 Tax Calculator 💰 Save Income Tax WithBetter Return Quick ITR for Salaried Person This Income Tax app isespecially designed for salaried individuals to file income taxreturn for Assessment year 2019-20 with form 16. File your taxreturn without any CA help or involvement with income tax returnfiling App. The ITR Form 16 filing feature makes it easy for anindividual to file tax return independently and quickly. Track ITRRefund Status After filing income tax return, you can also trackyour ITR Refund Status with this tax return app. This feature willhelp you to know when you will get income tax refund. TransactionHistory You can directly check your previous ITR transaction withthis tax filing app. Tax Calculator This app comes with free TaxCalculator which help you easily calculate your tax without anyworry. You don’t need any formula, CA, or an Accountant to do itfor you. PAN Card Details & Form 16 You can register with thisapp by just providing your PAN card number and Aadhaar Card Number.This app also helps you get your income tax refund directly to yourbank account by providing a few details. Upload your form 16 tofile Income Tax Return as per the rules and regulations of IncomeTax Department of India. Save Income Tax With Better Return You caninvest Rs 1.5 lakh under section 80C of India in any eligibleincome tax saving avenues: Mutual Fund, Unit Link Insurance Plan,Medical Insurance, etc. with the help of this tax saving app. HowTo File Income Tax Return with this Tax Return App 💰 Download thisApplication from Google Play Store 💰 After downloading, simplyRegister as a new user by filling all the details like Email ID,Mobile number, Password, etc. 💰 Click on File ITR 1 to provide allyour details like Pan Card number, DOB, Aadhar Card number, EmailID, Bank information, Residential Status, and Employee Category. 💰Upload your Form 16, click on Submit button, add your bank details,and simply apply for income tax return through this tax filing appin just 2 minutes. 💰 After filing tax return, go to the RefundStatus and track your refunds This tax filing app incorporates thelatest income tax changes for 2019-20 that were announced inbudget.
Scarica YouApp e gestisci il tuo conto in un tap, con gli stessilivelli di sicurezza del tuo Internet Banking! Il tuo smartphonediventa così il tuo centro di controllo: all’internodell’applicazione è integrata anche la funzione Token App grazie acui generi password usa e getta e autorizzi i pagamenti. Se il tuosmartphone è dotato di tecnologia di riconoscimento dell’improntadigitale, puoi accedere all’App e autorizzare le disposizioni conun solo gesto. Scopri la comodità di avere il pieno controllo dellatua operatività, con YouApp: - personalizzi l’app in base alle tueesigenze dando spazio alle funzioni che utilizzi di più; - gestiscile tue carte, effettui le principali operazioni bancarie, comebonifici e ricariche telefoniche - paghi i bollettini postalipremarcati, i MAV e i RAV semplicemente inquadrando il QR Code conla fotocamera del tuo smartphone; - prelevi anche senza la carta didebito; - mantieni sotto controllo e gestisci i tuoi investimenti;- scegli quali alert impostare e tramite quali canali riceverli(SMS, email e notifiche push); - trovi le filiali e gli sportellipiù vicini a te. Scopri la comodità di avere il pieno controllodella tua operatività, con YouApp: - personalizzi l’app in basealle tue esigenze dando spazio alle funzioni che utilizzi di più.Inoltre, gestisci le tue carte, effettui le principali operazionibancarie, come bonifici, ricariche telefoniche e paghi i bollettinipostali premarcati, i MAV e i RAV semplicemente inquadrando il QRCode con la fotocamera del tuo smartphone; - gestisci e mantienisotto controllo la situazione dei tuoi investimenti; - scegli qualialert impostare e tramite quali canali riceverli (SMS, email enotifiche push); - trovi le filiali e gli sportelli più vicini ate.
Academy Sports + Outdoors Visa
The Academy Sports + Outdoors Visa App gives you one-touch accessto apply for and manage your Academy Sports + Outdoors Visa®. Ifapproved for instant credit, you can shop right now and earnrewards points for all your purchases. Plus, get $15 statementcredit and 1,000 Bonus Points after your first purchase.Once you complete the application process using the app and havebeen approved, a virtual card* can be loaded to your phone. Simplyshow it to the Academy Sports + Outdoors associate at checkout. Youcan use your virtual card every time you shop at Academy Sports +Outdoors or until your plastic card arrives in themail. The virtual card will be displayed for 30 days or until theAcademy Sports + Outdoors Visa is activated, whichever comesfirst.FEATURES:• ACADEMY VISA CARD APPLICATION: A paperless credit cardapplication. Your information is 100% secure.• INSTANT CREDIT: You will know within minutes if you’re approved,so you can shop right now and earn rewards points for your ACADEMYpurchases.• MY ACADEMY VISA ACCOUNT(1): Access and manage your Academy Sports+ Outdoors Visa card account anywhere, anytime.• SHOP ACADEMY: Visit or find a store near you to shopnow!CARD BENEFITS:• Earn 5 Rewards Points for every $1 spent at Academy Sports +Outdoors(2)• Earn 1 Rewards Point for every $1 spent on everyday purchaseseverywhere else Visa is accepted(2)• Receive 1,000 Bonus Points after your first purchase• Receive a $25 Academy Sports + Outdoors Rewards Card every timeyou reach 2,500 Rewards Points• Rewards Cards can be used on any Academy Sports + Outdoorspurchase in-store or at academy.comTERMS & CONDITIONS:*Subject to instant credit approval.(1) You must be enrolled in online banking to access "My AcademyVisa Account". Enroll at Points are earned on net purchases. Net purchases are purchasesminus credits and returns.The creditor and issuer of the Academy Sports + Outdoors RewardsVisa Card is U.S. Bank National Association, pursuant to a licensefrom Visa U.S.A. Inc.© 2013 U.S. Bank. All rights reserved.Your privacy and security are important to U.S. Bank and we arecommitted to protecting your information. Learn more
BRI Internal Token
BRI Internal Token is a mobile security application for BRIinternal use only.How to Install:1. Log in to BRISTARS and checkyour cellphone number on Personal Information. Update yourcellphone information prior installation.2. Download the apps viaApp Store3. Install the applicationContact IT command centre formore information.
etnet MQ Pro (Mobile)
Essentials for professional investors – ET Net MQ Pro (Mobile)【Latest 3.0 version】 - New look Rich in financial Information withmore user friendly layout design - ’Dashboard’ overview Browse the%gainer & %loser industries, worldwide major indices, SH-HKconnect daily quota, news of fluctuated stocks, hot sectors and IPOat a glance 【Content and function highlights】 - Free real-timequote HK-Shares, A-Shares, futures (Regular & AT) quote -Interactive real-time charts Including securities, indices andfutures real-time and historical chats, users are free to adjustand enlarge. Prosticks chart is available exclusively. - Customizedreal-time investment portfolios Personalized multiple H-Shares andA-Shares investment portfolios - ET Net financial news andcommentaries Commentaries by renowned experts, block trade, brokerreports, market rumours and macro economy, etc. New function:‘share’ and ‘bookmark’ article - Local indices, forex andcommodities quote, AH Shares comparison, DTDC, ADR, ETF, etc. -Important information push notification (highlighted news, IPO),price-alert (after login) # User can enjoy the streaming serviceafter login. ## Streaming quote access requires registrationaccording to HKEx rules.
Bank Pekao SA
Pekao24Makler application for retail customers is a convenientaccess to investment accounts of Biuro Maklerskie Pekao.Informative part – without logging in: 1. Stock information fromcompanies, WSE, global exchanges and commodities quotations 2. Mapthat allows to locate: Bank and brokerage office branches, ATMs andrebate points 3. Exchange rates with calculator 4. Bank andbrokerage office offer Transactional part for clients of BiuroMaklerskie Pekao - after logging in: 1. WSE quotations with thepossibility to preview quotes to five offers along with the accessto an order form, view charts, information from companies as wellas statistics 2. Buy/sell orders of financial instruments listed onthe Polish stock market and foreign markets 3. New issues:subscriptions made at the public offer, the special session andsubscription rights 4. Current orders with the option of themodification and cancellation the active orders 5. Assets: accountbalance and valuation 6. History: among others orders, financialoperations 7. Transfers to the owner or predefined accountAttention: the ability to perform operations requires activation ofthe application. More information Security: Transactional part isavailable only after logging in with customer number and maskedpassword. Performing the operations requires acceptance with PINestablished during activation.
Bloomberg Professional
Bloomberg LP
Get real-time access to the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service on yourAndroid device. Available features: Send and receive messages whileon the go Use Instant Bloomberg to stay connected with all yourcontacts wherever you are Get comprehensive news and alerts fromtens of thousands of sources including Bloomberg’s exclusivecoverage Monitor real-time market data, quotes, events, and EcoCalendars Gain deeper insight into your Portfolios by understandingyour positions and active bets Get all the pertinent informationabout a company in one comprehensive and well organized documentNOTE: You must be a Bloomberg Anywhere subscriber, and have aBloomberg biometric authentication device (B-Unit) to use thisservice. If you are not yet a Bloomberg Anywhere customer and wouldlike to be connected to the preeminent information source for theworld’s most influential business leaders, please visit to find out more about theBLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service.
BNZ Mobile
Manage your money on the go with BNZ Mobile. Check your accountbalances, transfer money, top up your prepay mobile, and more – allon the go. KNOW YOUR MONEY • View account balances and transactionhistory • Set goals and follow your progress • View your accountsin list or icon view • Personalise your accounts with images • Setup Instant Balances to view account balances without logging in(activate MobileNetguard) MANAGE YOUR MONEY • Transfer moneybetween your accounts • Pay your bills, credit card, or IRD • Makeone-off payments • Open and close accounts instantly with YouMoney• Link accounts to your Eftpos or credit card • Add/edit payees andview payment history • Set up, edit and delete automatic paymentsEXTRA SERVICES • Link your Trade Me account and pay for items • Topup Vodafone, Spark, Skinny and 2degrees prepaid mobile • Get GooglePay™ and pay with your phone. FIND & CONTACT BNZ • Send aSecure Message • Find the nearest BNZ stores and ATMs • View allrelevant phone numbers • Request a callback SEND REQUESTS • Applyfor a debit or credit card • Apply for loans or insurances • Jointhe BNZ KiwiSaver Scheme SECURE BANKING • Set up a personal 5-digitPIN or • Log in with your Internet Banking password • MobileNetGuard embedded within this app • Android 5.0 or above requiredto use this app • Fingerprint login available for Android 6.0 orabove but not if using s5 Always remember to log out and alwaysupdate your device to the newest version of Android. Never storeyour BNZ access number, password or NetGuard coordinates on yourdevice in any form. Never allow other people to access your mobiledevice using your device password. GET STARTED • A BNZ PersonalInternet Banking customer? Install this app and get going. It’seasy. • Not a BNZ Personal Internet Banking customer? Install thisapp and register for Internet Banking on,call 0800 999 269 or +64 4 494 7153 from overseas (internationaltoll charges apply).
Приват24 Бета
Privat24 - весь ПриватБанк в Вашемсмартфоне.Проверяйте баланс по картам в режиме реального времени,оплачивайте мобильный, переводите деньги друзьям и близким,покупайте билеты на транспорт.Работает с картами любого банка Украины. Безумно просто!5 cамых популярных функций★ 1. Просматривайте баланс и выписки по карте, счету.★ 2. Пополняйте мобильный телефон более чем в 140 странах★ 3. Переводите деньги с карты на карту или на счет LiqPay★ 4. Оплачивайте любые счета на территории Украины★ 5. Покупайте билеты на транспортПополнение онлайн-аккаунтов★ Оплачивайте Танки, Steam, Warface, My Land и сотни другихигр★ Пополняйте ВконтактеПолезные платежи★ Оплачивайте коммунальные услуги, создавайте регулярныеплатежи.★ Платите за Viasat, Vega, Воля-Кабель, Киевстар, Укртелеком.★ Заправляйтесь на АЗС.★. Отправляйте переводы PrivatMoney и WesternUnion.★ Покупайте ж\д, автобусные и авиабилеты★ Принимайте платежи с помощью мобильного терминалаQR-коды★ С помощью функции "Бесконтакт" получите перевод или оплатите счетчерез QR-код★ С помощью QR-кода войдите в Приват24 в Web★ Получайте наличные без карты с помощью QR-кодаИ это не все!★ Работайте с кредитами и депозитами★ Изменяйте условия накопления по "Копилке"★ Получайте и передавайте Ваши реквизиты с помощью кода вsms-сообщении★ Cледите за курсами валют★ В любой момент свяжитесь с банком при помощи телефона, e-mail,skype★ Просмотрите карту ближайших отделений и банкоматов★ Оплата через NFC. С подробным списком устройств Вы можетеознакомиться по ссылке:! Сделано с умом, Ваш ПриватБанкhttps://privat24.uaPrivat24 - wholePrivatbank in your smartphone.Check the balance on the cards in real-time,pay for mobile, transfer money to family and friends, buy yourtickets for transport.It works with cards of any bank of Ukraine. Insanely easy!5 camyh popular features     ★ 1. See balance and statements onthe card account.     ★ 2. Replenish mobile phone in morethan 140 countries     ★ 3. Transfer money from card to cardor LiqPay account     ★ 4. Pay all bills on the territoryof Ukraine     ★ 5. Buy tickets for transportUpdating online accounts      ★ Pay Tanks, Steam, Warface, MyLand and hundreds of other games      ★ Enrich VkontakteUseful payments      ★ Pay your utility bills,create regular payments.      ★ Pay for Viasat, Vega, VoliaCable, Kyivstar, Ukrtelecom.      ★ refuel at the gasstation.      ★. Send money PrivatMoney andWesternUnion.      ★ Buy w \ d, bus and airlinetickets      ★ Accept payments with a mobileterminalQR-code      ★ With the "contactless" get atransfer or bill pay through QR-Code      ★ With the help of the QR-codelog in Privat24 on the Web      ★ Get cash without a card witha QR-codeAnd that's not all!      ★ Work with loans anddeposits      ★ Change the storage conditionson the "piggy bank"      ★ Get and pass your detailsusing the code in sms-message      ★ for the next exchangerates      ★ At any time, please contactthe Bank by telephone, e-mail, skype      ★ Look at the map of thenearest branches and ATMs      ★ Payment via NFC. A detailedlist of devices you can find on the following link:! Done wisely, your PrivatBank