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Stay Well
PLANNING YOUR NEXT TRIP:The Stay Well Mobile App is ideal for thehealth conscious traveler or for any one looking to feel relaxed,refreshed, and rejuvenated while traveling. Innovative with a oneof a kind jet lag tool, the Stay Well Mobile App offers manyfeatures and benefits including:• Jet Lag Tool - this tool willcalculate a custom itinerary for you to minimize your jet lag,based on your flight details. Simply enter the cities you areflying between and flight times to begin.• Cleveland ClinicWellness Tip of The Day – receive a daily wellness tip from theword-renowned Cleveland Clinic. • Virtual Room Tour - a roomdiagram highlighting the benefits of each Stay Well amenity.AND forthe Stay Well room guests, access to:• Cleveland Clinic - awardwinning online programs for sleep, stress and nutrition.
ETheme Launcher - Boost&Lock
Egame JSC
ETHEME LAUNCHERNot the best, but you must get!HIGHLIGHTS♥ 3S: Simple – Slight – Style♥ 2000+ styles (theme & wallpaper) to beautify yourphone♥ 0.2s to speed up your device♥ 2 touches to change theme♥ FREE themes& wallpapers weekly updateWHAT’S NEW♥ Theme maker: Make your very own theme with robust icon andthousands of amazing wallpapers in the way you love with only 3steps.♥ Booster: Easily free up more storage from your phone andSD card, boost game and device memory up to 200% enhance speed andextend battery life.♥ Funny Lock: Stable, highly compatible and attractivelocker. Enjoy new experience of phone lock with super funnyanimation as ever before.♥ Quick search: New experience with fast and smart trendingsearches. Support searching apps, SMS, contact, etc.eTheme Launcher – NOT THE BEST, BUT YOU MUST GETFeatures♥ Flat design:flat UX and UI design make your home screen elegantand pro♥ Theme and wallpaper:2000+ themes and wallpapers in varioussubjects: landscape, cute, art, animal, lifestyleApply themes with eTheme is easy as pie!♥ Font: 200+ creative fonts to freely mix and match.♥ Smart folder: group similar app in a folder automatically, youcan freely add apps, remove apps, hide apps or rename folder justin the way you love.♥ Friends connection: Share your home screen with single touch viaFacebook, Twitter and Google+♥ App Priority: automatically put primary app on workspace that ucan easily find for faster app starting.♥ Notification: All notifications are now right on lock screen.Never miss any messages, missed calls or social networkactivities.♥ Utility toggle:Many instant switches such as flashlight, Mobiledata, Wi-Fi. Just touch and feel your phone run faster.♥ Widget: Essential tools for daily activities such as: clock,weather and utility bar♥ Lock screen: Powerful security lock with patterns/pin number anduse with ease!People talk about eTheme♥ Android Tapp: eTheme Launcher is a speedy yet slick lookinglauncher and locker app with convenient shortcuts for Androiddevices. It’s packed with various features to help you quickly andeasily customize your phone or tablet (♥ Androidheadlines: This is easily one of the fastest launchersthat I’ve ever used, especially one that has so many featuresincluded. With a file size of just 2MB or so, it’s not hard to seewhy it’s so quick (♥ Techlomedia: If you’re willing to try something new, if you’reeager to experience the uniqueness of a simple, style and stylishAndroid launcher, apply eTheme Launcher and open up your themeworld! ( are young and enthusiastic developer fascinated to chasingour dream – constituting a smart launcher not only to customizeyour phone but also to fulfill everyone’s needs. We will never backdown from challenges to pursue these objectives!STAY CONNECT!Website: launcher@egame.vnFacebook:
Афиша - билеты в кино, театр и на концерты
«Афиша» — идеальный справочник по тому, как провести свой досуг вМоскве, Санкт-Петербурге и других городах России. Ежедневно мыосвещаем актуальные события в вашем городе: фильмы, концерты,спектакли, выставки, отдых с детьми. Больше у вас не возникнетвопроса, куда сходить. С «Афишей» вы можете не только выбратьразвлечение, но и купить на него билеты онлайн, оплатив их какобычной банковской картой, так и с Android Pay. В приложении можноискать как развлечения, так и места: читайте рецензии и отзывыдругих пользователей на концерты, кинотеатры, клубы, театры и музеии делитесь своим мнением. Решили пойти в кино? Киноафиша приложенияпозволяет не только выбрать фильм и купить билеты на него, но ивсегда иметь к ним доступ. Хотите назначить свидание или простовстретиться с друзьями? В нашем гиде представлены кафе, бары ирестораны с исчерпывающей информацией о кухне, атмосфере и ценах.Добавляйте понравившиеся места в избранное, храните историю своихпосещений, делитесь своими отзывами о мероприятиях и заведениях!Ваша Afisha is an ideal guide on how to spend yourleisure time in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities.Every day we cover current events in your city: films, concerts,performances, exhibitions, holidays with children. You will nolonger have a question where to go. With "Poster" you can not onlychoose entertainment, but also buy tickets for it online, payingfor them with either a regular credit card or Android Pay. In theapplication you can search for both entertainment and places: readreviews and reviews of other users at concerts, cinemas, clubs,theaters and museums and share your opinion. Decided to go to themovies? The movie poster of the application allows you to not onlyselect a movie and buy tickets for it, but also always have accessto them. Want to date or just meet friends? Our guide presentscafes, bars and restaurants with comprehensive information aboutthe cuisine, atmosphere and prices. Add your favorite places toyour favorites, keep a history of your visits, share your feedbackon events and places! Your
OLX Group
Gdziekolwiek będziesz aplikacja OTOMOTO umożliwia szybki dostępprzez telefon do ofert motoryzacyjnych z bazy - lidera wbranży internetowych ogłoszeń kupna i sprzedaży samochodów napolskim rynku. Aż kilkaset tysięcy atrakcyjnych ofert będzie wTwoim zasięgu! Korzystaj z możliwości, jakie daje Ci smartfon.Teraz jeszcze szybciej znajdziesz lub sprzedasz dowolny pojazd!
The Samsung SMART CAMERA NX is aexperience-oriented catalog app which lets you experienceeverything you see and feel with its unique NX value.From the latest product information on the Samsung SMART CAMERA NXSystem to beautiful sample photos, videos and more.
Robomow App
The Robomow App brings you a lawn mowing experience unlike anyother. Wherever you are – on the sofa, in the garden, out andabout… Interacting with your mower has never been faster, easier ormore enjoyable. The Robomow App allows you to control your mowerfrom the convenience of your smartphone, as long as you are withinthe Bluetooth range. Mow those small patches located away from yourmain lawn and navigate from one garden to the other – effortlessly.All your settings on one convenient screen: adjust your lawn sizesettings, set your mower's weekly schedule and define your mowingzones… all from your mobile device. The Robomow App interacts withyour mower through Bluetooth® 4.0 (a.k.a. Bluetooth® SMART or BLE)wireless connection. The Bluetooth hardware is already installed onyour mower (2014 models and onward, excluding RX12u).No additionalaccessory is required on your Robomow in order to work with theRobomow App. Main Features:~~~~~~~~~~~* Full compatibility with allthree Robomow platforms - RS, RC and RX * Manual and automaticoperation* Mowing Schedule* Brief Status reporting for RS and RRCModels* Remote Control with manual mowing* Lawn & Mowersettings* Zones definition* GSM Accessory support* Remote Accessfeature* Service Screens for RC ModelsCompatibility:~~~~~~~~~~*Requires Android 4.3 or higher.* Works with Android devicessupporting Bluetooth® 4.0 (a.k.a. Bluetooth® SMART or BLE)standard. For the full list of mobile devices supporting Bluetooth®4.0 standard please refer to the following link:*** IMPORTANT! *** Only devices from this list, which run Android4.3 or higher, can work with Robomow App. * This is a short list ofmost popular devices used with Robomow App:-- Samsung Galaxy S3,S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge-- Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (from30/05/2014), Note 3-- HTC One, Nexus 5/5x/6, LG G2/3/4, Sony XperiaZ3/5Robomow App FAQ:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Current Robomow App versionasks permissions for making phone calls. This is a formalrequirement to allow dialing (not making a direct call) the numberof a local service station form inside the new Guided Setup tool.*In some rare cases the app gets stuck with an empty screen. In sucha case it is recommended to delete the account and reinstall theapp.* The Guided Setup tool is a BETA version, initially availablein English only in the following markets: UK, Germany, Netherlands,Israel.* If you're experiencing any technical issues with theRobomow App, please refer to "Mobile Application FAQ" page onRobomow website(* For Robomow RX models only: -- When childprotection is enabled, the messages from the mower will not bedisplayed in the app, unless the child protection is temporaryreleased or disabled. -- GSM module's settings are not availablevia the app -- The automatic unlock of theft-protection doesn'talways work. In such cases it is recommended to restart the app andconnect to the mower again* General: -- If mower’s software versionis older than 2016, then current Android version of Robomow Appcannot connect to such mower while it’s in operation. -- Somere-connection issues with a mower may occur. Most re-connectionissues can be resolved by exiting the app and launching it again.-- Some camera-related and graphical issues have been reported forthe following devices: Nexus 7, Nexus 4, Samsung Tab S, MotorolaMoto X, Sony Xperia.
bluezz民宿筆記本-台灣合法民宿旅館全※因台灣民宿法規限制,民宿只能在某些觀光地區成立,所以某些城市是找不到合法民宿(例如台北市)收錄中華民國交通部觀光局所有登記有案的合法住宿 每筆住宿資料均有GPS定位,並可連結google導航 也可撥打電話並加入收藏若該業者有線上訂房功能,亦可連結前往訂房 若資料有錯誤或有遺漏請上 bluezz粉絲團: 傳私訊提供正確資料 也歡迎提供簡介與照片免費刊登在本網bluezz民宿筆記本: 資料來源:中華民國交通部觀光局各民宿主人、站長資料範圍:台灣北中南東各地合法民宿,合法旅館,合法酒店 北部: 台北,新北(熱門地區:淡水,九份),桃園(拉拉山),新竹 中部:苗栗(三義,南庄),台中,彰化,南投(清境,集集,日月潭,埔里),雲林(古坑) [特色分類]鄉村體驗,生態景觀,地方文史,農林漁業,原住民特色,溫泉泡湯 Q & A Q:部分地區查無民宿(如台北市)?A:因台灣法規限制,並不是每個地區都能蓋民宿,像台北市只能有旅館飯店,若是有民宿的話就是非法民宿----------------------------------------------------- 本軟體由bluezz旅遊筆記本(開發 相關網站與APP bluezz旅遊筆記本 bluezz旅遊筆記本App bluezz民宿筆記本 bluezz民宿筆記本App旅遊美食日記 Pink旅遊美食日記App 統一發票對獎網 發票小幫手app bluezz粉絲團
My日記 ~寝るまえ5分間日記帳~
my App
みんなこっそり使ってる、シンプルお手軽でカワイイNO.1日記帳アプリ『My日記』♪ブログやSNSとは違う、日々のシチュエーションを自分だけのスマホ日記帳に♪ 「寝るまえの5分間、今日1日を振り返ろう」その日の出来事や写真を、アプリを開いてサクっとシンプルに綴ります。ありのままの自分を綴っていくことで、何気ない毎日もあなただけのストーリーに早変わり!日記を一覧で表示させることで月ごとのキレイに整理されたステキなかわいいアルバムになります。 気になるプライバシーにもしっかり対応!起動時にはパスワード入力が設定できるので、誰かにスマホを貸したときも安心。 大事な日記を人に見られる心配がありません!(※パスワードは再発行できません。設定内容におきましては個人でしっかりと管理をお願いいたします。) 【♥こんなシチュエーションに!♥】・お散歩で見つけた何気ない風景 ・美味しくできた料理やお菓子 ・親戚のかわいい赤ちゃん ・友だちとのファミレスでのおしゃべり・プリクラ帳感覚で気の合う仲間と毎日パシャリ 【♥こんな人にオススメ♥】 ・日記やブログが続かない方 ・フォトアルバムを作りたい方・プリクラが大好きな方 ・私だけのプライベート空間で日々を振り返りたい方 ・かわいいメモ帳を探している方 ・無料で写真を管理したい方・お子さんの日々の成長を記録したい方 ・毎日の料理の記録をつけたい方 ・ご自慢のペットの写真を整理したい方・旅行など楽しい思い出を記録したい方 ・何気ないシチュエーションを大事にしたい方 【♥機能まとめ♥】 ・記述編集・ギャラリー画像挿入(1日毎に10枚まで挿入可)(※画像は元ある場所を参照してアプリ内で表示させております。移動させたり、削除してしまうと日記からも消えてしまうのでご注意ください※)・挿入画像削除 ・カレンダー表示 ・月、年移動 ・Today移動 ・PICKUP画像表示 ・パスワードロック ・パスワードヒント表示・パスワード変更 ・プライバシー対応 ・拡大表示機能 ・通知機能 ・機種変更時の引き継ぎ対応(※データ移行においては未だ不安定なケースがあるため機種変更等における新機種への完全移行は保証出来兼ねます。そのため、大事なお写真等は念のためバックアップをお願い致します※)【お知らせ~機種変更時のデータ引き継ぎ方法について~】1.旧端末で同期が完了していることを確認(画面上のメーターが100%になったことを確認してください)【※絶対に新端末の方で先に同期を開始させないでください】2.新端末で旧端末で同期させていたGoogleアカウントを選択し同期を開始3.日記が次第に復元されていきます(過去の日記量、電波状況によって長時間になることもございます)
検索プラス - 検索するだけでお小遣いが稼げる検索アプリ
◆◇◆検索プラスとは?◆◇◆検索+(検索プラス)は、モバイルでの検索でお小遣い稼ぎができる検索アプリです!ホーム画面やサジェストに表示される話題の検索ワードで旬なワードがまるわかり、話題のワードをタップして検索するだけで今のトレンドを素早くキャッチできます!さらに、検索やサイト閲覧しているだけで、あれよあれよとポイントが貯まっていきます!これを使ってしまったら、今まで使っていた検索アプリやブラウザには戻れない…かも。検索プラスには検索以外にも便利な機能が満載です。◆◇◆便利で楽しい機能◆◇◆・片手でかんたん操作戻る、進む、検索、お気入り、タブと検索やサイトの閲覧に必要な機能を画面下部に集約して片手でラクラク操作できます!・タブ数無制限タブの数に制限なく開くことができるのでタブ数を気にしないで検索やサイト閲覧することができます!・プライベート検索ワンタッチで履歴を残さない検索やサイト閲覧をタブ毎に行うことができます!・ティッカーニュース旬なニュースや見ているページに関係するニュースが画面上部のティッカーに流れます!・カラーカスタマイズ自分の好きな色にアプリをカスタマイズすることができます!さらに!!!◆◇◆ポイントが貯まる◆◇◆毎日使っているだけでどんどんポイントが貯まる!!・スペシャルポイント利用開始から7日以内に秘密の条件にあてはまると1,000ポイントGET!・ディリーポイント毎日、最初の起動時にポイントGET!!・検索ポイント普段やっているように、検索して閲覧するだけでポイントGET!!・ボーナスポイント検索して閲覧する時に、最大1,000ポイントのボーナスがつくことも!・ニュースポイントホーム画面のニュースを読んでポイントGET!!・招待ポイント友だちを招待して500ポイントGET!!◆◇◆あんしん◆◇◆他のお小遣い稼ぎアプリと違って、興味のないアプリやサービスを無理に使わなくてOK!◆◇◆ポイントを即交換◆◇◆貯まったポイントは、Amazonギフト券、iTunesギフト、PeXポイントにすぐ交換可能!他のお小遣い稼ぎアプリのような在庫切れの心配なし!※ポイントに関しての詳細は、アプリ内の説明をご参照ください。※iTunes及びiTunesギフトカードは、Apple Inc.の商標です。※Amazon及びAmazonギフト券は、, Inc.またはその関連会社の商標です。※このアプリにおいて提供しているサービスは株式会社jig.jpが独自で実施しております。Google inc.及びGoogleJapan合同会社、その関連会社は本サービスのスポンサーではなく、本サービスとは一切関係がありません。◆ ◇ ◆ the search plus? ◆◇ ◆Kensaku + (Kensaku plus) is a search application that can earnpocket money in search of a mobile!Home screen and search word of the topic to be displayed on thesuggestions to understand seasonal word is full, you can quicklycatch the current trend by simply search by tapping the topic ofthe word!In addition, search and only site being browsed, Areyoareyo andpoints will continue to accumulate!What if I use this, do not go back to search apps and browserthat has been used until now ... it is.The search plus other than the search is a useful featurepacked.◆ ◇ ◆ convenient and fun features ◆ ◇ ◆- With one hand easy operationBack, Forward, search, favorite entering, you can manipulate Easethe tab and functionality required to browse the search and sitewith one hand to consolidate at the bottom of the screen!Tab UnlimitedSince it is possible to open an unlimited number of tabs you canbrowse search and site not care about the number of tabs!Private SearchYou can do a search and site browsing leaves no history at thetouch of a button on each tab!Ticker NewsNews related to the page you are viewing season news and will flowto the top of the screen ticker!Color CustomizationYou can customize the app to their favorite color!further! ! !◆ ◇ ◆ points collect ◆ ◇ ◆More and more points collect just to use every day! !Special point1,000 points GET and within 7 days from the use start applies tothe secret of the conditions!- Dilley pointEvery day, point GET to the initial start-up! !· Search pointTo be doing everyday, point GET only browse search to! !Bonus pointsWhen you browse search and, also to get up to 1,000 points ofbonus!News PointsPoint GET read the home screen news! !· Invite pointInvite your friends to 500 points GET! !◆ ◇ ◆ Safety ◆ ◇ ◆Unlike other earn pocket money app, not forced to use theinterest-free apps and services OK!◆ ◇ ◆ immediately exchange the point ◆ ◇ ◆Accumulated points, Amazon gift certificates, iTunes gift,immediately replaceable in PeX points!Such without fear of the stock as of other earn pocket moneyapp!※ For more information on point, please refer to the descriptionof the app.※ iTunes and iTunes gift card is a trademark of Apple Inc..※ Amazon and Amazon gift certificates,, are trademarksof Inc. or its affiliates.※ service that is provided in this app has been conducting its ownLtd inc. And Google Japan Limited Liability Company, itsaffiliates is not a sponsor of this service, and the service doesnot have a relationship at all.
Ambe Tu Hai Jagdambe Kali :3D
Ambe tu hai jagdambe kaliDurga Aarti :Ambe tu hai jagdambe kali jaydurge khappar waliTere hi gun gaye bharti o maiya ham sab utareteri aartiTere bhakt jano pe mata bheed padi hai bhariDanav dal partoot pado maa karke singh sawariSau sau singho se bhi bal shalihaidash bhujao wali dukhiyo ke dukhare nivartiO maiya hum sab utareyteri aartiAmbe tu hai jagdambe kali jay durge khappar waliTere higun gaye bharti ho maiya ham sab utare teri aartiMaa bete ka haiish jag mein bada hi nirmal nataPoot kaput sune hai par na matasuni kumataSab pe karuna darshane wali amrit barsane waliDukhiyonke dukhade nivartiO maiya hum sab utare teri aartiAmbe tu haijagdambe kali jay durge khappar waliTere hi gun gaye bharti homaiya ham sab utare teri aartiNahi mangte dhan aur daulat na chandina sonaHum to mange maa tere man mein ek chhota sa konaSab ki bigdibanane wali laaj bachane waliSatiyo ke sat ko sanwartiO maiya humsab utare teri aartiAmbe tu hai jagdambe kali jay durge khapparwaliTere hi gun gaye bharti ho maiya ham sab utare teri aarti
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EasyBills, a great new way to make online bill payment with creditcards anywhere and anytime. You can save time in makingtransactions and say goodbye to delays or missing bill paymentswhich result in extra charge or service disruption. easyBills issecured with 3D secure - global e-commerce payment securityprotocol and runs on PCIDSS Level 1 infrastructure with advancedlevel of data encryption technology transmitting sensitive creditcard details in a secure and confidential manner. *PCIDSS = PaymentCard Industry Data Security Standard easyBills Instruction 1.Choose your bill to either pay by barcode scanning or choosing frombillers? categories to input required information. 2. Enter yourcredit card info. 3. Confirm your payment. 4. Receive yoursuccessful payment receipt via email. Highlight Features - Onlinebill inquiry to check your pending dues. - Save your favoritebills. - Save your credit card for next payments*. *with highestsecurity standards, PCI DSS Level 1 - View payment history you havemade with easyBills over the previous time FREE! Service fee forMasterCard holders from today valid until June 30th, 2014
تطبيق "حكم و عبر عن الحياة" يشمل اقوال وحكم وعبر وأمثال وأقوالالفلاسفة ، نصائح وأقوال عظماء،أمثال في الشجاعة، كلمات عن الحب،عبارات عن الفراق والشوق، مواعظ و أمثال شعبيه تحتاجها لتستفيد وتعملبها في حياتك اليومية للمضي قدما نحو الأفضل.يمكن أيضا مشاركة هذهالحكم المصورة مع الاصدقاء لكى نستفيد منها جميعا.يمكنك ايضا تبادلالحكم والمقولات المصورة عن طريق البرامج المختلفه مثل الواتس ابوالفيس بوك أو تويتر.حكم مأثورة هو تطبيق مجاني يحتوي على حكم وعبرلأهم الحكماء على مر التاريخ و يعتمد التطبيق على مبدأ التطوير نحوالأفضل :-أمثلة لبعض الحكم التي ستجدها في التطبيق:• معانيوامثال"الذين ولدوا في العواصف لا يخافون هبوب الرياح"• ثراثواقوال"لا تبصق في البئر فقد تشرب منه يوما"• حكم قصيرة"الصدق عز حتىولو كان فيه ماتكره.. والكذب ذل حتى ولو كان فيه ماتحب"• خواطر ومواعظ"الإنسان الناجح هو الذي يغلق فمه قبل أن يغلق الناس آذانهمويفتح أذنيه قبل أن يفتح الناس أفواههم تستغرق مناقشة المسائل التافهةوقتاً طويلاً لأن بعضنا يعرف عنها أكثر مما يعرف عن المسائل الهامة"•رسائل وكلام عن الحب"في لحظة تشعر انك شخص في هذا العالم بينما يوجدشخص في العالم يشعر انك العالم بأسره• حكم عن الحياة : تلهمك لاتخاذخطوات فعلية و تجعلك أكثر من متألق• حكم جميلة : تساعدك في الاستمرارعلى الطريق الصحيحالتطبيق متحدث باستمرار بحيث كل يوم تضاف حكمة جديدةو تظهر عندك بالتطبيق دون الحاجة الى اعادة التنصيب كل ما عليكالاتصال بالأنترنيت لهذا ضروري عمل ذلك قبل الدخول لتطبيق حكممأثورة.قالوا عن الحكمة :• قال أرسطو: "الحكمة رأس العلوم والأدبوالفن، هي تلقيح الأفهام ونتائج الأذهان"• قال هيجل: "الحكمة هي أعلىالمراتب التي يمكن أن يتوصل إليها الإنسان فبعد أن تكتمل المعرفة ويصلالتاريخ إلى قمته تحصل الحكمة، وبالتالي فالحكيم أعلى شأنا منالفيلسوف، والحكمة هي المرحلة التالية والأخيرة بعد الفلسفة. إنهاذروة الذرى وغاية الغايات وهنيئا لمن يتوصل إلى الحكمةوالرزانة"."Ruling and expressed his life" application includessayings and sentenced and through the likes of the sayings ofphilosophers, tips and sayings of the greats, such as in courage,words of love, words for parting and longing, sermons and Proverbsneed to benefit and work out in your daily life to move forward forthe better.You can also share this comic referee with friends inorder to take advantage of them all.You can also exchangegovernance and statements illustrated through various programs suchas Alwats August and FacebookOr Twitter.Maxims rule is a freeapplication that has the judgment and across to the most importantwise men throughout history and the application depends on theprinciple of development for the better:-omthelh For some ruleyou'll find in the application:• meanings and the likes"Those whowere born in the storms are not afraid of the wind."• a heritageand sayings"Do not spit in the well may drink it one day"• shortrule"Honesty Izz even though it was Matl .. lying humiliation, evenif it Mathb"• Thoughts and sermons"The successful man is the onewho closes his mouth before people close their ears and ears openbefore people open their mouths to discuss trivial matters take along time because some of us know more than they know about theimportant issues it."• messages and talk about love"In a moment youfeel you are a person in this world while there are people in theworld that you feel the whole world• rule for life: inspire you totake concrete steps and make you more brilliant• Beautiful Referee:help you to continue on the right pathAn application constantly sothat every day add a new wisdom and show you have the applicationwithout having to re-inauguration All you have to connect to theinternet for this work that is necessary before entering for theapplication of the rule of maxims.They said about wisdom:•Aristotle said: "Wisdom head of science, literature and art, shewrote a chapter vaccination and the results of the mind"• Hegelsaid: "Wisdom is the highest rank that can be reached by humanHaving complete knowledge and up history to summit get wisdom, andthus Vagam highest affair of the philosopher, and wisdom is thenext and final stage after philosophy. It is the height of thepeaks and the very goals and Blessed are those who come to wisdomand serenity. "
Christian TV
(Announcement - After almost 4 years this ministry needs yourassistance to continue. Please consider donating by purchasing thenew Christian TV - Donate app published below.) View christianchannels in our Christian TV app! Current channel lineup: Momentsof Peace TV Apocalypse Channel TV TV Shalom 3ABN - Three AngelsBroadcasting Network 3ABN Latino 3ABN Proclaim 3ABN Dare to Dream3ABN Kids 3ABN Russia 3ABN Francais 3ABN Radio Amazing DiscoveriesTV (ADTV) MissionTV (GMI - Gospel Ministries International) RedADvenir Alfa TV (Spain) LLBN - Loma Linda Broadcasting Network LLBN- Latino Amazing Facts TV (AFTV) Good News TV Good News TV LatinoMore channels coming, soon. Special Note - The current assignedleadership that manages Hope TV network which is owned by theSeventh Day Adventist church has requested to be removed and notgranted access. Keywords: Adventist, SDA, Church, Jesus, SeventhDay, 7th day, Adventista, TV, 3ABN, Amazing Facts, AmazingDiscoveries, LLBN, MissionTV, Television, Gospel, Second Coming,Third Angels Message, Prophecy, Red advenir, LLBN Latino, Logos TV,India, Christian, video, Adventists.
Sleep as Android Unlock: Smart alarm, sleep cycle
Unlocks the "Sleep as Android" application - the alarm clock withsleep cycle tracker. This is not a subscription but a lifetimelicense. Install this "Unlock" and enjoy all features. Sleep asAndroid is a smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking. Wakes yougently in optimal moment for pleasant mornings. Features: - Sleepcycle tracking with smart wake up - Sleep graph history - GoogleFit, S Health - Pebble, Android Wear, Galaxy Gear - Sleep deficit,deep sleep and snoring statistics - Social sharing (FaceBook,Twitter) - Gentle volume nature sound alarms (birds, sea, storm...)- Music playlists from alarm - Nature sound lullabies with binauraltones for fast fall asleep - Never over sleep again with CAPTCHAwake up verification (Math, Sheep counting, Phone shaking, BathroomQR code or NFC tag scanning...) - Sleep talk recording, snoringdetection and anti-snoring - Jet lag prevention More featureswaiting for you to explore! Permissions explained Quick start FAQ:
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Love Passcode LockScreen
Red Bird Apps
Lock your phone with your love photo usingLove Passcode Photo Lock Screen.Using Love Passcode Photo Lock Screen set your love photo in heartshape.Features:--> There are multiple backgrounds to customize lockscreen.-> Get photo from gallery or using camera.-> Turn On PIN protection to secure your phone.-> on/off toggle switches to enable/disable Lock Screen.This application is not only for security, it for yourcustomization,life style,entertainment, etc.Email us if you have any suggestions or comments about thisapplication.Have fun!Thank You
Yahoo!知恵袋 無料Q&Aアプリ
Yahoo!知恵袋 は、みんなでみんなの疑問を解決するQ&Aコミュニティーです。ちょっとした疑問や、一人では解決できない悩みを、みんなの力で解決できます。 📌 こんな疑問や悩み、質問を投稿してみよう 📌知恵袋アプリなら匿名での質問投稿や画像添付もできるのでどんな疑問や悩みも質問できます。 回答や返信はPUSH通知ですぐに確認できます。・身近な人には聞けない恋愛相談や人間関係の悩み ・ハマっているゲームの攻略方法 ・病気やけがの不安 ・ダイエットの悩みやコツ・お気に入りのアーティストや芸能人の疑問 ・学校の宿題の質問 ・子育ての不安や悩み ・明日着ていく洋服のコーディネート・旅先の隠れた穴場スポット 📌 こんな機能が使えます 📌 ・今話題のQ&Aがすぐにわかる!「総合ランキング」・悩める子羊の甘酸っぱい恋の悩みがたくさん「キラキラ知恵袋」 ・人気のQ&AはPUSH通知で配信!・疑問や悩みは手軽に質問投稿! PUSHで回答・返信をすぐに確認。 ・人に知られたくない秘密の質問は匿名でこっそり質問。・あなたの興味に合わせてホーム画面をカスタマイズ 📌 こんなキーワードをホームに登録してみよう 📌知恵袋アプリでは興味のあるキーワードやカテゴリをホームに登録してカスタマイズする事ができます。最新のQ&Aをいつでもすぐにチェックできます。 ・ハマっているゲームのタイトル ・好きなスポーツ・お気に入りのアーティストや芸能人の名前 ・気になるドラマや映画のタイトル
ادعية مستجابة بدون اتصال رمضان
أكثر من 350 دعاء بيدك لتستفيد وتفيد في اي وقت تريده،قال الله تعالى : {أَمَّن يُجِيبُ الْمُضْطَرَّ إِذَا دَعَاهُوَيَكْشِفُ السُّوءَ وَيَجْعَلُكُمْ خُلَفَاء الْأَرْضِ أَإِلَهٌمَّعَ اللَّهِ قَلِيلاً مَّا تَذَكَّرُونَ }النمل 62وقال الله تعالى: {وَقَالَ رَبُّكُمُ ادْعُونِي أَسْتَجِبْ لَكُمْإِنَّ الَّذِينَ يَسْتَكْبِرُونَ عَنْ عِبَادَتِي سَيَدْخُلُونَجَهَنَّمَ دَاخِرِينَ }غافر60يحتوي التطبيق على مجموعة من الادعية للحياة اليوميةاللهم بارك لي في أولادي ولا تضرهم ووفقهم لطاعتك وارزقني برََهم*اللهم يا مُعلم موسى وآدم علّمهم * ويا مُفهم سليمان فهمهم ويا مؤتيلقمان الحكمة وفصل الخطاب آتهم الحكمة وفصل الخطاب *اللهم علّمهم ما جهلوا وذكرهم ما نسوا وافتح عليهم بركات من السماءوالأرض إنك سميع مجيب الدعواتاللهم إني أسألك لهم قوة الحفظ وسرعة الفهم وصفاء الذهن *اللهم اجعلهم هداة مهتدين غير ضالين ولا مضلين *اللهم حَبّب إليهم الإيمان وزينه في قلوبهم وكره إليهم الكفر والفسوقوالعصيان واجعلهم من الرّاشدين * ربنا هب لنا من أزواجنا وذرياتنا قرةأعين واجعلنا للمتقين إماما *اللهم اجعلهم أوفر عبادك حظاً في الدنيا والآخرة *اللهم اجعلهم من أوليائك وخاصتك الذين يسعى نورهم بين أيديهم ولا خوفعليهم ولا هم يحزنون *اللهم اغفر ذنوبهم * اللهم طَهّر قلوبهم * اللهم حصِّن فروجهم *اللهم حسَن أخلاقهم واملأ قلوبهم نوراً وحكمة وأهلهم لقبُول كل نعمةوأصلحهم وأصلح بهم الأمة *اللهم اجعلهم من حرس الدين ومن الذاكرين والمذكورين وألطف بهم يا كريم*اللهم علِّق قلوبهم بالمساجد وبطاعتك * واجعلهم من أوجه من توجه إليكوأحبك ورغب إليك *اللهم واجعلهم حفظة لكتابك ودعاة في سبيلك ومجاهدين في سبيلك ومبلِغينعن رسولك صلى الله عليه وسلم *اللهم اجعل القرآن العظيم ربيع قلوبهم وشفاء صدورهم ونور أبصارهم *اللهم افتح عليهم فتوح العارفين * اللهم ارزقهم الحكمة والعلم النافعوزِّين أخلاقهم بالحلم وأكرمهم بالتقوى وجملهم بالعافية واعف عنهم *اللهم ارزقهم المعلِّم الصالح والصُحبة الطيبة * اللهم ارزقهم القناعةوالرضا*اللهم نزِّه قلوبهم عن التعلّق بمن دونك * واجعلهم ممن تحبهمويحبونك*اللهم ارزقهم حبك وحب نبيك محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم وحب كل منيحبك وحب كل عمل يقربهم إلى حبك *اللهم اجعلهم ممن تواضع لك فرفعته واستكان لهيبتك فأحببته وتقرب إليكفقربته وسألك فأجبته *اللهم فرِّح بهم نبيك المختار * واهدهم لما تُحبهُ يا غفار *المغرب الجزائر تونس ليبيا اليمن موريتانيا جيبوتي مصر العراقفلسطين السعودية الامارات مليزيا تركياMore than350 prayer with your hand to take advantage and benefit in any timeyou want,Allah said: {if security answer, forced him reveals badsuccessors and let you land agency with God a little bit what youremember ants} 62God said: {And your Lord said Adoni Respond to you that thosewho disdain for my worship will enter Hell Dakharan} forgiving60 Application on a set of prayers for daily life containsGod bless me in my children not hurting them and Ovgahm toobedience and bless me Barham *Oh, Rabbi Moses and Adam taught * Loya Loya Mvhm Solomonunderstanding hundred Luqman wisdom and decisive speech accused thewisdom and the separation of speech *Oh God, knowing what they do not know and reminded them what theyforgot and open them the blessings of heaven and earth You listensand responds ReferralsGod, I ask them to save power and speed of understanding andclarity of mind *Oh God, let them Haddat converts is deceived and deceiving *Oh dear to them the faith and decorated in their hearts and hatingthem of infidelity and immorality and disobedience and let themadults * Lord Grant us from our wives and our offspring the appleof the eyes and make us pious imam *Oh God, make them cheaper slaves fortunate in this world and theHereafter *Oh God, make them from among your and your who seeks Norm betweentheir hands and no fear nor shall they grieve *Oh God, forgive their sins cleansed their hearts * O * O * FortguardOh good morals and fill their hearts light and wisdom and theirparents to accept all grace and Osalehhm and fix their nation*Oh God, make them guard of religion and who remember and mentionedgentler their O cream *Oh commented hearts mosques and Btaatk * and let them aspects ofdirected at you and love you and wish you *Oh and let them save it for your book and advocates in your pathand the Mujahideen in your path and whistleblowers for messenger ofAllah be upon him *Oh God, make the great Holy Spring hearts and heal their chests andlight eyes * O Open them Fattouh knowledgeable * O Arozkhm wise andbeneficial knowledge and Zain morals dream and the most honorablepiety and their sentences of well-being and compounded them * OArozkhm good teacher and good companionship * O Arozkhm contentmentand satisfaction *Oh outings hearts for attachment including dunk * and let them loveand who love you * Arozkhm love God and love of Prophet Muhammad,peace be upon him the love of all loves you love all the work tobring them closer to your love *Oh God, make them who you Verwath humility and nuzzle to HeptkVahbpth and closer to you and asks Vqrepetth I replied *Oh the joy of their chosen prophet * and Ahidhm what you likeGhaffar O *Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Mauritania, Djibouti,Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, Saudi Arabia Emirates Mlesia Turkey
Mojotheapp Microwork Browser
Mojotheapp is a microwork platform for remote workers, consultantsand freelancers to work. Microwork is a series of small tasks whichtogether comprise a large unified project, and are completed bymany people over the Internet. Microwork is considered the smallestunit of work in a virtual assembly line. It is most often used todescribe tasks for which no efficient algorithm has been devised,and require human intelligence to complete reliably. Mojotheapp iscurrently extending the variety for jobs for workers to completeand earn. Mojotheapp is the first stage of Majime Ecosystem.twitter : @mojotheapp
CleverCards Birthday Cards
CleverCards is your very own personalised greeting card store. SendFREE eCards to the ones you love in a simple, convenient and, mostimportantly, personal manner. Share moments and memories with cardscreated using your own photos. For birthdays, Christmas and so muchmore!"Celebrating thousands of unique moments every single day"Howit works:1. Download the app.2. Import contacts from Facebook andelsewhere.3. Create unique and personalized cards for the ones youlove in your very own greeting card shop/store by uploading photosor picking them from Facebook.4. We locally print and deliver yourcard anywhere in the world for $2.99 or beam your eCard to a lovedone across the internet for FREE.Featured On: The Today Show (NBC);The Wall Street Journal; CNET; Lifehacker; Techcrunch andmore.Special Features:• Thousands of cards fit for any occasion:Birthday or Wedding, Christmas or Anniversary, a huge assortment ofoptions for you to personalize completely.• Receive reminders soyou never miss an event: Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Anniversaries?All sorted! • Create & schedule your cards for a whole month inone easy go.• Now introducing personalised invitations: Give yourguests that extra special personal touch!• A vast array ofdifferent card types are available: Landscape, Portrait, Glossy,XL.Premium Subscription• Access even more beautiful cards for yourspecial occasions.• Add personal audio and video clips toeCards.Support• Any queries, feedback or issues? Please don’thesitate to email us: maria@cleverbug.comCards for everyoccasionBirthday | Christmas | Mother’s Day | Father’s Day |Valentines Day | Baby announcement | Baby’s first …. | Chinese NewYear | Christening | Confirmation | Congratulations |Easter|Engagement announcements | Funny | Get Well | Good Luck |Graduation | Halloween | Hanukkah | Holiday | Invitations | JustBecause | Party Invites | Pet | Save the Date | Sympathy | ThankYou | Wedding InvitationsCards for everyoneFriends | Brother |Sister | Son | Daughter | Father | Mother | Husband | Wife |Boyfriend | Girlfriend | Partner | Significant Other | Grandmother| Grandfather | Cousin | Niece | Nephew | Aunt | Uncle |Brother-in-law | Sister-in-law | Father-in-law | Twin | Co-worker |Teacher | Professor | BFF | Pet
Jewels Battery Widget
Shows your current battery percentage on the fascinating diamondring.The circling diamond lights will show your battery status byswitching off progressively while your battery status goesdown.This is the most fashionable and colorful battery status widgetever.You will find much more than just a simple battery widget inthis app. Along with this incredible widget you will get a lot offantastic in – app products included, such as cool games, funnyjokes, photo functionalities and some special party entertainmenttools.★★★ Features: ★★★✔ Widget contains a Small, Large, XL and XXL version.For some versions directly resizable. To discover if you can changethe size of the widget directly, tip on the widget for a while. Ifyou see a blue frame appearing it means that you can resize itdirectly.✔ Battery percent status✔ Battery detail information (Capacity, Temperature, Status andmore)✔ Possibility to choose a background color for the widget✔ High quality picturesExtra Content:★ Baby reaction gameCollect points by quickly touching the right objects (balls,swimming rings, teddy bears, baby bottles, etc.). If you can do itwithout any faults you will reach the next level! Don’t touch thered ones!★ 1to60 game★ Great numbers game - check now the IQ and your brainsmemory★ Jokes Collection: Funny jokes divided in different categories.You will find funny jokes about: weather, animals, military,waiter, school etc.★ General knowledge: Do you know all the things about history,machines, geology, geography, environment, science etc.?★ Photo Fun Functionality:Create funny and fake images/pictures and send per mail, sharepictures with Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, another Messenger Tool orupload them to Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox etc. Upload your pics andturn yourself or your friend into a wonderful woman, a ninjawarrior, a cool boxer, a model, a basketball player, a DJ, etc.★ Comics & Cartoons: We have comics involving differentsubjects as for example: cars, music, tv, dogs, sports and manymany more.★ Paint: Super entertaining tool to try and draw a picture withyour fingertip. There are also a lot of predefined cartoon picturesthat can be colored such as a mighty tiger, a panda bear, a jumpingKangaroo, some funny zombies, monsters, a helicopter, fast rocketsand many more. Discover the artist in you!★ StickersGive your pictures a personal touch. Select either a photo fromyour gallery or an image which is already faked. Take the selectedpic and start personalizing by choosing between numerous stickers.You will be spoiled for choice in selecting the coolest sticker. Itcontains stickers with various subjects like, hats, wigs(hairstyles), skulls, sunglasses, mouth expressions like kisses,scary objects with blood, etc. Let your pictures communicatesomething or create some comics by writing some fun stuff intobubbles.★ Virtual Lighter: Flame reacts to motion★ Virtual Match: Realistic flames and sound★ Mirror★ Love Detector: Get the chance to pick up a conversation★ Lie Detector: Determine the truth with your fantasticdevice!★ Video Trailers: Video section with different trailers of hotapps.Have fun with this cool and free widget!The perfect app for all jewelry estimators and those who wouldlike to have many cool apps in one.Disclaimer: It could be that the light animation does not workon some devices. If the animation does not work you will get somestatic pictures that will change progressively according to yourbattery status.
コーデスナップ -ファッション•コーディネート検索アプリ
-☆- おかげさまで350万DL突破!-☆- 完全無料のコーディネート検索アプリ CoordiSnap「コーデスナップ」20代女性を中心に、学生からママまで幅広い年齢層のおしゃれになりたい女子が集まるファッションアプリです。おしゃれさんのコーディネートや、トレンドファッション、お買い物に便利なSALEやクーポン情報など、毎日のおしゃれに役立つ情報がいっぱい!ちょっとした空き時間にチェックして、毎日のおしゃれをもっと楽しもう♡ ★---「コーデスナップ」でできること---★●たくさんのコーディネートからカンタン検索 ●人気コーディネートをまとめたファッション記事で最新おしゃれをチェック●着まわしや着こなしの参考になるおしゃれさんをフォロー ●トレンドアイテムやセールアイテムをお得にお買い物●コーディネート画像を投稿して、自分のおしゃれを記録 ■ リアルなみんなのコーディネートが参考になる学生やOL、主婦やママ・・・身近なおしゃれさんが、毎日新しいコーディネートを投稿中!今すぐ使えるコーディネートを見つけることができます! 例えば… ◆2017夏のトレンドアイテムを使ったコーディネート◆身近なデイリーブランドで楽しむプチプラコーデ ◆身長や体型の悩みをカバーしてくれるコーディネート◆ママでも気軽に取り入れられる、トレンドアイテムや着こなし ◆親子や家族で「お揃い」を楽しむリンクコーデ◆会社にも着ていけるプチプラコーデ、ON/OFF兼用の工夫 ◆高校生、大学生に人気のカジュアルコーデやガーリースタイル◆彼氏彼女とさりげなくお揃いにしたい!デートコーデ ◆テーマパークなどお友達とのお出かけに!双子コーデやグループコーデ などなど ■人気ブランドのショップスタッフコーデも参考に 注目ブランドの最新コーディネートがいっぱい!気になる洋服やアイテムは、「コデスナショップ」でカンタンに購入できます! ■ コーディネート投稿で、おしゃれセンスを磨けるあなたのコーディネートを「コーデスナップ」に投稿してみませんか? お気に入りの着こなしの記録&手持ちのお洋服の管理もできちゃいます。■ 雑誌やブランドとタイアップした特集やキャンペーンに参加できる 季節のコーディネートを投稿してキャンペーンに参加!「身長の低い子」「高校生」「ママさん」など、テーマに沿ったコーディネートをユーザーが投稿するイベントも開催中です。おしゃれ仲間同士で「コラボ」を楽しんじゃいましょう☆また、おしゃれな先輩や仲間に相談して、お買い物や着まわしなど、自分のおしゃれに役立てることができます。※みなさまによりよいサービスをお届するため、ご質問や不具合などお気づきのことがございましたら、以下のお問い合わせフォームやSNSよりご連絡いただけますようお願いいたします。お問い合わせフォーム Twitter: facebook: instagram:
Igreja da Graça
Bem-vindo ao APLICATIVO OFICIAL DA IGREJA DA GRAÇA.Aqui você tem acesso ao conteúdo da Igreja e seu líder, MissionárioSoares, onde e quando quiser. Veja tudo o que disponibilizamos paraabençoar ainda mais a sua vida:- RIT-TV ao vivo. Você acompanha, em tempo real, tudo o que estásendo transmitido pelo nosso canal 100% voltado à informação e àedificação família;- Mensagens Diárias do Missionário Soares. Comece seus dias com umamensagem que vai abençoar seus passos com recados que vêm de Deus.Uma nova mensagem, todos os dias, à meia-noite.- Podcast Mensagens de Fé. Separe dois minutos do seu tempo paraescutar podcasts curtos e diretos do Missionário Soares.- Programa Show da Fé. Sabe aquele programa do Missionário Soaresque vai ao ar durante a semana na TV? Ele está disponível aqui! Sevocê não pode assisti-lo em casa, poderá fazê-lo a qualquer horapelo Aplicativo da Igreja da Graça.- Agenda do Missionário. Acompanhe a agenda completa do Missionárioe participe das reuniões;- Pedido de Oração. Está passando por um momento difícil? Conte coma nossa ajuda em oração.- Versículo do Dia. Diariamente, um texto bíblico que vai fazervocê meditar.Baixe o Aplicativo da Igreja da Graça e tenha todas estas bênçãos àsua disposição agora! É gratuito. É necessário que seu aparelhotenha conexão à internet para ter acesso aos conteúdos.Welcome toAPPLICATION OFFICIAL OF GRACE CHURCH.Here you have access to the content of the Church and its leader,Missionary Soares, where and when you want. Look what we offer tobless your life even more:- Live RIT TV. You follow, in real time, all that is beingbroadcast by our 100% channel dedicated to information and buildingfamily;- Comments Daily Missionary Soares. Start your days with a messagethat will bless your steps with messages that come from God. A newmessage every day, at midnight.-. Podcast Faith Messages Part Two minutes of your time to listento podcasts short and direct Missionary Soares.-. Show of Faith program know that the Missionary Soares programthat airs weekdays on TV? It is available here! If you can notwatch it at home, you can do it anytime by Application of GraceChurch.- Missionary agenda. Follow the complete schedule of the Missionaryand participate in meetings;- Prayer Request. You are going through a difficult time? Count onour help in prayer.- Verse of the Day Every day, a biblical text that will make youthink..Download the Application of Grace Church and has all theseblessings to you now! It's free. It is necessary that your devicehas an Internet connection to access the content.
With an security system, you can monitor andcontrol your home or business in real-time and from’s interactive security, video monitoring, energymanagement, and home automation solutions give you instantawareness and remote control for the places you care about most.Note: This app requires a compatible system and an service plan. Feature availability varies based onsystem, equipment, and service plan. Visit for moreinformation. Remote features: ✓ See what’s happening at yourproperty ✓ Arm or disarm your security panel ✓ Watch live video andrecorded clips from your security cameras ✓ Turn on or off lights ✓Set the ideal temperature ✓ Lock or unlock doors ✓ View images ofimportant activity captured by image sensors ✓ Searchyour complete system event history ✓ And much more! With,you can also receive real-time email, text message, and pushnotifications for the specific events that matter to you. Beyondimportant emergency related events, you can also immediately knowwhen: • Your kids get home from school • You left for work orvacation and forgot to arm your system • The housekeeper arrives orleaves • The garage door is left open • The dog walker or catsitter arrives • There's flooding or a water leak in your basement• Your children open your medicine or liquor cabinets • Someonechanges your thermostat settings • Your security system is disarmed(and who disarmed it) • Someone attempts to log into your account •And much more!
DIY Food Decoration
DIY Food Decoration is very nice gallery app that provides lots ofideas of how to decorate your food, create nice party fooddecoration or just surprise your kids with lovely and funnybreakfast. This application is for those of you who like to becreative and original and want to amaze their guests by servingdelicious food in a creative way. See how to decorate breakfast,serve original meals and amaze your guests and loved ones with niceappetizers and cookies for the afternoon. The application is veryeasy to use: just start and slide. === Added in Version 2 === -Improved navigation; - New features for better user experience -Quit, Share, Set as Wallpaper and Save; - Added fresh new content -lots of instruction of how to recreate the ideas at home. === Addedin Version 4 === - Major update with new navigation; - New featuresfor better user experience - "How to ..." button for detailedinstructions; - Multi language version coming soon. === Added inVersion 7 === - Added a dozen new ideas - Christmas decoration -"How to ..." button colored for better use experience. - The workon multi language version continues. === Added in Version 8 === -Added a dozen new ideas - Spring DIY ideas. - Added instruction forthe ideas without. - Fixed minor bugs === Added in Version 10 === -Added half a dozen new food decoration ideas - Added step by stepguide for old ideas without instructions - Reduced file sizes andincrease app speed
Cute clock widget with a total of 60 designs completely FREE!Perfect for princesses that want t o personalize their home screen♪Floral, heart, polka dot, sweet, pop, glittery, Alice, Lolita Goth,simple, Kawaii, collages and many many more awesome designs andstyles in store! ★Main Features★ ●Choose from the following 2Widget sizes: 4x2, 4x1. ●Each size contains 30 different designs --one for every occasion! ●Choose between 12-hour and 24-hourdisplay! ●Tap on the date to launch your Calendar, and the time tolaunch your Alarm! (You can also edit the apps you want to launchfrom the Widget.) ●Tap on the bottom right of the Widget to launchthe handy search browser! ★How To Use★ This is a Widget app to beused on your home screen. <> 1. Hold your finger down on anempty space on your home screen. 2. Select ""Widgets"" from thepop-up that appears. 3. Choose ""Cute Clock Widget"" from theWidget list. 4. Choose your preferred design and you're done! Whenyou want to change the style of the Widget, tap on the bottom leftof the Widget and choose a new style! *The steps to setting up theWidget may differ slightly depending on the Home application youare using. ★Caution★ Saving this application onto an SD card willprevent you from being able to use the Widget. Please save it ontoyour device. Having a task killer app, battery-saving app orantivirus software installed on your phone may affect theperformance of the Widget. If you experience any performanceissues, please set the Widget as an exception in the aboveapps/software. ★Request to Customers★ If you have any questions orwould like to report any bugs, please refrain from writing them asreviews as we will be unable to respond. We will gladly answer anyquestions or comments you may have via support e-mail below.★Inquiries, Requests, Bugs, Etc.★ *If you have spam filtersset up, please adjust your settings to allow our responses to getthrough to you. ★Compatible Devices★ Wide range of Android devicesusing Android 2.3 and later