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Themes Color Keyboard
This app is compatible with variouskeyboardsHow to use this theme?After you download our theme, press the 'Open' button and afterthat 'Apply' and follow instructions.Please RATE our app!!!Do you want spring to come back? Banish winter with thousand ofcolors from the new Keyboard Themes Color theme!The joy that a super color brings to your keyboard won't escapeobservation. You will be like a super person with super powers andall because of your new keyboard ' s outfit. The mixture of allcolors represents a super spectrum that floods your smartphone ortablet.Spread your energy to everyone and get ready for spring with thenew Keyboard Themes Color theme! Enjoy it!How to use the custom font included?1. Press long '? 123' key2. Go to 'Display'3. Select 'Font'4. 'Scan fonts' and select font that has Keyboard Themes Color onitIssues, bugs or errors?Please contact us at you like this app?Give us a RATE and check out our other themes in the market.Thank you for using Best Themes!
My Name Live Wallpaper Final
My Name Live Wallpaper Final is the final version of original MyName Live Wallpaper. This is the original one don't get trappedwith fake ones. Sorry for releasing it late, we had lot of requestsfrom all over the world to for adding different features in it. Sonow we have added many new features with all bug fixes. Thanks toall those people who waited for this live wallpaper.My Name Live Wallpaper Final contains lot of cool features. Nowyou can select your own pictures with text as well. You can selectmulti pictures as well, you can also make your pictures static. Youcan show your name with different effects. You can select differentfonts for your name. You can select background from 10 HDbackgrounds or you can select your own custom background fromgallery, also you can select background as simple color from colorpicker. And there are many cool features in it. So go forit....* Small in size* Snow, Heart, Bubbles, Both Snow and Heart and None Effect in Livewallpaper.* Two Appearance of your name i.e. First name and second name, alsoyou can select single name* Option to change Solid and Gradient color* No Battery drain.* Includes my photo.* Load images from the gallery, Camera.* Add Border to Your Photos with different color (You can chooseborder color).* Arrange your Photo in a Square,Rectangle,Circle and many moreshape.* Option to appear and disappear Name onScreen(Enable/Disable).* Option to show Single and Multi Photo.* Option to Show Photo on Screen(Enable/Disable).* Option to enable Snow Effect.* Write your Name from Settings page.* Ability to set First Name and Second name(First and LastName)* Select My Name text position (Top, Bottom, Middle or Anywhere onScreen) Also you can make it random so that It will appear randomlyeverywhere on screen.* Change My Name text Color.* Change My Name Shadow Color.* Choose different fonts.* 11 HD backgrounds.* Option to Choose your Personal Background.* Now you can choose your background from Gallery or take it fromcamera.If you have any type of problem, suggestion or feedback contactus at,we will really appreciate it. Thanks to all.
GO SMS Pro - GO Darkness Skin
Hello, I am a rooted phone theme developer and have been asked amillion times to make a GO SMS theme like I made for Handcent. Inow present you with GO Darkness Skin for GO SMS Pro. Hopefully youwill like this free theme. To support my themes please check outthe other colors I have available on the playstore for a buck.Thank you!DJ DarkknightImportant:1. This is not a standalone app, you need to download the LATESTversion of GO SMS Pro app in order to apply this theme. (Search “GOSMS Pro” to download)2. To apply the theme within GO SMS Pro, download it fromMenu->Theme(or Plug-in UI->Theme shop). After downloaded, itwill displayed in "Installed Theme" Tab, click and apply it.GO Sms Pro theme gosmsthemeEmail me with questions and suggestions, I always reply!!Black and White Theme
Transparent Material - CM13/12
Like a glass!! This is Transparent Materialtheme for CM13, CM12 (Cyanogenmod 12), CM12.1 and other custom romswith theme engine. Many apps of your rom will become transparent!You can choose a wallpaper and use it as background for your apps.Every time you change wallpaper, you have a new theme! I suggest totry this theme also with live wallpapers.I like very much new material design, in particular all the colors.So this theme will apply transparency but in the same time willkeep the original colors and beauty of apps themed.Please read full description before purchasing or leaving a badreview. If you have any problem or question, email me and I willhelp you.Black version of the theme (free): versions of the theme (paid): version of the theme (paid): for all features of theme engine, in particular:-styles-wallpaper and lockscreen wallpaper (the one included is the one offirst screenshot)-font-icons (icon mask for all icons with transparent whitecircles)-status bar and navigation bar-ringtone-alarm tone-notification toneWHAT IS TRANSPARENTMany apps of your rom will become transparent, like settings,notification drawer, messagging, theme chooser, keyboard,downloads..You can see the full list here: in theme chooser and reboot (important)For any question, problem or request, send me a mail.Rate this theme if you like it, it will be very appreciated:)(And remember, before leaving a bad review, contact me because Iwill help you)STAY UPDATEDFor news, add/follow me on Google Plus: bugs/suggestions/other join my community: on XDA-Developers and other forums: SpadaBossEnjoy Transparent Material theme!
Iceberg Live Wallpaper
Huge piece of ice in your smartphone!Maybe it was a destiny of Titanic?Best Wallpapers for best people!Installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live WallpapersScroll down the list, find out the wallpaper and setup it.Note: It is live wallpaper so you can't open the app, you willneed to follow the instruction above in order to set the wallpaper.Also slower/older devices (shipped with Android OS below 2.1) can'trun it too.
The Smurfs 2 Keyboard
The Smurfs are back this summer on the silver screen for animpressive new movie! Get ready for their comeback with The Smurfs2 official Android Keyboard!Download now and set this KEYBOARD skin to your Android devicefeaturing Smurfette, Papa Smurf and all your favorite Smurfs.Let The Smurfs assist you in all your typing needs, bringing joyand fun to all your texts!NOTE: Please follow the below instructions to set the keyboardskin to your Android device -1. Go into 'Settings'2. Go into 'Language and Input'3. Select ‘The Smurfs 2’4. Go to an option that utilizes the keyboard and select the textfield - You will see a keyboard icon display in your notificationsection5. Select 'Select Input Method'6. Switch it to ‘The Smurfs 2 Keyboard'
Magic Touch Live Wallpapers
Free Magic Touch Live Wallpaper reactstoyourmovements revealing a deep world within .Enjoy different setting in this Free Live Wallpaper:---> Multiple Backgrounds to choose from (Moreontheway!)--> Bubble Count Option - Adjust number of particlesonthescreen--> Particle Type Option - Switch between 3 types ofparticleandalso select random particle.--> Magic Touch Option - Magic touch On/Off.--> Magic Touch Color Option - Adjust color of magic touch .
키보드 테마샵 - 큐키, 도돌, 고키보드, 스마트키보드
keukey Keyboard (큐키), Smart Keyboard (스마트키보드테마), Dodol Keyboard (도돌키보드),Go Keyboard (고키보드) 테마키보드 를 모두 만나보세요.제공되는 카카오톡 테마와 함께 키패드 테마를 세트로 꾸며보세요.아티스트들과의 콜레보레이션으로 제공되는 작품테마(스킨/UI)으로제공되는 모든 키보드를 이쁘게, 멋지게 꾸며보세요.----개발자 연락처 :609, Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Koreakeukey Keyboard (kyuki),Smart Keyboard (Smart Keyboard theme), Dodol Keyboard (keyboarddodol)Go Keyboard (and keyboard) Meet all of the theme keyboard.Decorate your keypad theme KakaoTalk theme that comes with theset.Providing a collaboration of artists that work with themes (skins /UI) byPrettier all the keyboard provided, decorate nicely.
Balx - Icon Pack
*3000+ HD Icons from release! Ready forQHD displays*68 Cloud Wallpapers - for tablets i suggest you to downloadthem and then set manually*Muzei Support*Behang Support for BLink*Icon Masking for unthemed apps*Frequent Updates*Dynamic Calendar*Alternatives*Advanced Dashboard with search function and lot more*Alphabetical Ordering in Manual Icon Picker*Icons Request - note that only mostrequested ones will be added each week*Works with those launchers:Nova/Apex/Adw/Holo/ActionPro/Trebuchet/Go/Smart/Unicon (IconThemer)/Aviate/Next/Inspire/KK/Nine*Compatible with CM13 Theme Chooser*Compatible with LG Home launcher*Compatible with Xperia launcher (newer Marshmallow version)Widgets that appear in screenshots are from my PhoenixZooper appGo Users : currently it doesn't support icon masking. Go topreferences -> Icons -> TICK OFF "show icon base"How to apply Alternatives, video tutorial here: my work, updates, wallpapers and more on social networks:Google + - -
dark material // blacked out
"dark material // akzent" available on thePlay Store today! You can change color accents in that variant ofdark material using Arcus!The icons shown on the screenshots are from the Whicons icon pack,available free on the Play Store!ATTENTION: Welcome to the convergence build. Blacked Out! hasbeen merged into Dark Material. To switch to Blacked Out, you mustinstall Arcus, available here: If you're on MM6.0 with CMTE (CM13, DU) AND you dirtyflash, MAKE SURE YOU REVERT STOCK THEME BEFORE YOUUPDATE.INTRODUCTIONWelcome to the first and original dark material UI available forthe CyanogenMod 12/12.1/13 Theme Engine. With this theme, you cangrasp that Android Material look whilst not blinding your eyes asyou enjoy all the eyecandy animations! To regain back the stockGoogle icons look, try my other theme "dark regression+"!WHY "DARK MATERIAL"?To understand why this theme doesn't follow Google's traditional"Material Dark" design with dark teal and/or blue grey, I willbriefly explain.This theme wasn't based on Google's Material Style, but was mainlyinfluenced by the "Tinted Status Bar" mod's results, where itcompletely made the action bar into one fused item. I really likedthis design, which made the system more minimal as it had twolayers to look at, rather than 3 (Action Bar Primary, Action BarPrimary Dark (status bar darkened color) and the fragment layer(the interacting area)). The fact that I named this theme "DarkMaterial" over "Material Dark" was because I wanted to depict adark, physical metamorphic rock - "slate", and it's color. As thecolor scheme of this theme is mainly dark (black, grey and whitetext), I added the word "Dark" in front of my interpretation of"Material" hence the title "Dark Material". Themes that followGoogle's Material Dark, should show up as "Material Dark" to ensureconsistency (see Google keyboard settings for reference).NOTES FROM US, TO YOU.For direct contact with the team, please join our Google+community! We're not scary!: INFORMATION- SUGGESTION: Once you apply the theme, REBOOT TWICE!- SUGGESTION: If you are on a ROM with an icon that is not themedinside Settings, email me.BUGS- BOOT LOOP SOLUTION #1: You must have a custom recovery availableon your device - the zip removes ALL traces of CDT themes in oneflash: POPULAR: SystemUI/Notification Drawer not themed? This is a CM12problem. Follow these instructions to fix: thanks to Manuel and Will.- REQUEST: Any other bugs, contact me (Nicholas) directly. Do notleave a bad rating if your bug is easily solvable.REQUIREMENTS- Must have a CM12/CM12.1/13 ROM with Theme Engine installed.WHAT IS THEMED?We have over 211 app/system overlays, but if you want to knowexactly what is themed, take a look at the list under "WHAT ISTHEMED?" on this page: OTHER INFORMATIONFIRMWARES SUPPORTED: CM12 (100%), CM12.1 (100%), CM13 (100%)ROMS WITH ICONS: CM, Cyanogen OS, BlissPop (Bleeding edge updates).Temasek, Fusion, Candy5, CyanideL, LiquidSmooth, Euphoria OS, TeamOSE, EOS, AICP, CRDroid, Validus, Nameless, Carbon, Flex OS, DirtyUnicorns (#DUCertified), PAC-ROM, Benzo, OwnROM, Exodus andResurrectionRemix.Metadata ID for Arcus: 105739351821425192942
Lord Krishna Wallpapers
Lord Krishna Wallpapers free app for Android™ offers you the best,carefully picked mobile wallpapers with Lord Krishna images.- If you want to set as wallpaper any of the pictures from thiscollection, you have to be connected to the Internet to download itto your phone. Once you download the picture you like, it will besaved on your sd card, and after that you don’t need the Internetconnection any more.Krishna (Sanskrit: कृष्ण) (kṛṣṇa in IAST, pronounced literally"dark, black") is a central figure of Hinduism. He is known as theeighth and "complete" avatar of Lord Vishnu, come to restore Dharmato the earth in a time of great dharmic imbalance. Krishna isidentified as a historical individual who participated in theevents of the Mahabharata.In this collection you will find Lord Krishna artwork, beautifulimages and other Lord Krishna pictures adapted to your phone screensize.Features of wallpapers app:- App 2 SD card support.- Share app on Facebook, Twitter, send by bluetooth, send by gmail,save to Dropbox and more.- Free and always will beDownload Lord Krishna Wallpapers and enjoy the beauty of yourphone!For questions, comments and suggestions related to "Lord KrishnaWallpapers" application please email me at petkovicnikola985@gmail.comPlease rate the app if you like it - thanks!Photos in the app are licensed under Creative Commons’ license.Authors are credited inside the app.Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Pure Theme - ZERO launcher
Presentation:- How simple and colorful a theme could be? This is it!An awesome way to turn a boring plain mobile interface to abeatiful one. It is free and beyond your imagination!- Specially designed for ZERO launcher, provides delicate appicons,wallpapers,folder and app drawer interface.Get it right nowand make your phone totally brand new!- If you are rather a mobile enthusiast, surely you will recognizethese elements from our latest theme and don't forget to share withyour friends!- The amazing HD screenshots we added will show you just howgreat this theme will look on your phone!DescriptionHow To Install:--Follow the 3 steps: open the application after downloading, clickon the "Set as Active Theme" button and select the theme from thefollowing page!--This theme uses ZERO launcher. If you do not have itinstalled, you will be redirected to a download page!--If you are having problems installing ZERO launcher, pleasefollow us on facebook or send us an email: zeroteamfb@gmail.comfacebook:
Big White Minimal Icons (Free)
Please rate and review!Big White Minimal Icons are just as wonderful as Tiny White Icons,but 80% bigger! This is the free version. If you would like morefrequent updates or just want to say thank you by donating checkout the paid version! :]** WORKS ON LAUNCHERS **- Apex Launcher- ADW Launcher- Nova Launcher- Holo Launcher- Action Launcher- Go Launcher- Smart Launcher** FEATURES **- Contains 1300+ icons!- Works on Jelly Bean devices too.IF YOU INCREASE YOUR ICON SIZE THROUGH YOUR LAUNCHER SETTINGSREAD THIS:If you apply these icons and then increase the icon size it willmake the mask go crazy. Before increasing icon size apply thedefault launcher theme, resize icons, and then apply this theme. Ifyour icon size is already increased before applying this theme thanthere is no need to worry and you can apply the themenormally.** TO APPLY THE THEME **- Apex Launcher: Go to Apex settings > Theme settings- Nova Launcher: Go to Nova Settings > Look and feel > IconTheme- ADW Launcher: On the home screen, press MENU > More >ADWSettings > Themes Preferences > Select your theme- Holo Launcher: On the home screen, press MENU > LauncherSettings > Appearance Settings > Icon Theme > SelectthemeIf you have any questions/comments or any requests at all simplyemail me at and Ipromise your questions will be answered and requests will befilled. Remember that not everyone uses the same apps, so if youdownload this and not all of your icons are themed they can be ifyou simply email me. I fill requests quickly
CyanogenMod ADW Theme
This is an ADW Theme that pays a homage to CyanogenMod! Designed by@fitsnugly.*Compatible with ADW.Launcher or ADWLauncher EX. You must haveone of these installed and set as the default home launcher inorder to enjoy this theme otherwise this you will not get the fulleffect as shown on the screen shots.*More info on the link
Customize My Caller Screen
Want to Customize your normal calling screenthen try Customize My Caller Screen. Enjoy this Full Screen CallerID app any time, any where and for any androidmobile/phones/tablets. Customize My Caller Screen brings a newlooking and Customized Full Screen Call to you. Just set a photo tocontacts which you wanna customize, When you getting any call youcan see a different looking Call screen. Enjoy this Full ScreenCaller ID app for Incoming, Outgoing and Missed call. Crop FullScreen Caller Photo functionality newly added. Enjoy Full Caller Idwith Christmas Background and Christmas Slider for this FestiveSession. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Set your own defaultbackground for all contact.Features:- Set Full Hd Photo to the Contacts.- Full Screen Caller Id for your all contacts- More than 20 different themes included 2017 Christmasthemes.- Full Screen Photo for incoming call.- Full Screen Photo for outgoing call.- Full Screen Photo for missed call.- Crop Full Screen Caller Photo.- Set different Background and themes for Call Screen.- Adjust your selected photo.- You can set photo from Gallery or take it from DeviceCamera.- Preview your selected contact's photo.- Delete your selected contact's photo.- ON/OFF Customize My Caller Screen any time from setting.Tested on latest android version 5.1.1.We would love to hear from you. Please let us know by sending anemail at for any query.Please support us to rate 5 stars.Thank you.
Flux - CM13/12.1 Theme
Flux theme is designed with pixel perfectprecision to give your phone a completely new modern look and feel!With high quality graphics and full of features, you will enjoyusing your phone! (There is also a White version of Flux available,go check it out!).Works with CM13, CM12.1, CM12 and CM11CyanogenMod theme engine is requitred to use this theme.What's Included/Themed?• Check screenshotsContactgiannisgn89@gmail.comFollow Issues:• Don't forget to restart your phone after everyupdate.• Issues with the font? Just use the stock font.• Icons don't get applied? Clear launcher data.
MIUI OS - Solo Theme
MIUI OS - Contains more than 1800+ icons andphenomena easy to use, quick to use, and also has the originalwallpaper. You will find a stunning interface and regular supportwith updates. Install this application and see for yourself. Wewould appreciate your every opinion, so do not forget to putfeedback and evaluation. We tried for you! Enjoy your use! FEATURES:- Stunning design theme- Designer 1700+ icons (Made in expanding XXX-HDPI -256x256px - Stunning display quality and on any phone ortablet)- 13 HD Images harmoniously perfect balance with icons- Support for dynamic calendars- Updates 1-2 times a week-  Full Free HOW TO APPLY:To use this theme you need to install SoloLauncher. Download theme. Start, and then click"Apply". When you update the theme, it isimportant to run the app again and click "Apply".The theme is totally free. UPDATES AND COMMUNICATION:If you do not have the correct icons in the theme, use ourapplication "Icon Request Tool" to send requeststo add new icons. "We are pleased to add them in the nextupdate. Do not forget to follow all our news,JOIN:Google+ Community: Community: Web Site:http://www.blaze-pixel.comMail for
Neon Blue GO Launcher Theme
-Please Read First-Thank you for choosing Neon Blue Go Launcher EX Theme. In orderto help us continually improve on our apps and development of newthemes, this is supported by ads inside the app. A paid versionwhich is ad-free is available for this theme.To Use Custom Wallpaper:1. Open the App by clicking the app icon.2. Click the desired wallpaper for a preview.3. Click "set as wallpaper"Also works with NOVA Launcher.More features have been added to this version such as morecustom icons and enhanced images! And more to come! This versionwill be updated more, along with the plus version.For more info about this please visit our blog http://www.blogspot.avillardoarts.comTO USE GO Launcher EX THEME:1. Download Go Launcher EX from the Android Market2. Apply by Menu>Themes>Click top right icon>SelectPreferred Theme.3. To Change icon Long Press Icon>Select Go Launcher Icons4. To Change wallpaper Menu>Wallpapers>Go WallpapersTo Change Icons:1. On the GO Launcher EX home screen. Long press icon desired tochange2. When a menu shows, click on "replace"3. Click on "Theme's icons"4. Select the desired icon.Remember this is not a standalone app. Please download Go LauncherEX from the Google Play Store before using this theme.Please also check our other neon themes. They can all be mixedand matched!***NEON ICON PACK AVAILABLE (Search "Icon Pack - NeonIcons")***
HTC EVO 3D Wallpaper Picker
Set 3D Wallpapers on your HTC EVO 3D!ROOT ACCESS NO LONGER REQUIRED!!Supported file formats: .jps, .mpo, .jpg, .pngFAQ:- How do I set up this 3D wallpaper?1. Homescreen -> menu -> Live Wallpapers -> 3D Wallpaper-> Preview -> Settings -> Apply (first time use)2. To set your own wallpaper, use settings in Live Wallpaperpreview or Homescreen -> menu -> Wallpaper -> 3Dwallpapers- What kind of images can be used?Usually 3D images are stored as .jps or .mpo file.When picking a background, make sure the image is Side-by-Side 3Dand you select 'Use 3D'- A black wallpaper is shown with a red exception in the center.What is it?It means there is no wallpaper selected yet. You can selectdifferent wallpapers for landscape and portrait (if your launchersupports it) by using Homescreen -> menu -> wallpaper ->3D Wallpaper- Why do I have to set a live wallpaper?The Live Wallpaper is a container for the selected 3D image youchoose from the gallery. By using a Live Wallpaper container, the3D mode can be enabled and disabled automatically.- Do I need root access on my phone to get this app up andrunning?For HTC Sense ROMs, root access is not needed. Non-sense ROMshowever need root to enable the 3D display.- Where can I post my findings or questions?In the Play Store comments, but preferably here: Where can I find 3D wallpapers?Install Phereo 3D Photo, which will allow you to view and store alot of 3D images. Your app is requesting su permissions. Why?Setting the 3D mode using the HTC Sense framework failed, so adifferent way (fallback method) is used. (Framework confirmedworking on Sense 3.6 and Sense 4.0- Are there any known bugs?1. If a 3D boot animation is installed, the last few seconds of theboot animation will be in 2D interlaced instead of 3D, as Androidis already drawing the wallpaper. Because it's invisible, thescript to disable 3D is called...2. Sometimes the screen blacks out when switching from 3D to 2Dview. Known fixes; A. Wait a few seconds to let it restore thebacklight. B. Open the camera with the dedicated camera button,switch to 3D and after a few seconds back to 2D with the dedicated2D-3D switch.3. After setting the Live Wallpaper for the first time, the screenmight not switch to 3D. Turn off the screen or open any app andswitch back to the homescreen. It should now be enabled.Thanks to Meine Toonen for the MPO decoding co-opand jmztaylor for the 3D switch idea.Changelog:v3.1Added fullbright workaround by adding a semi-transparent blacklayerv3.01Added nullpointer check for selected files which are no longeravailablev3.00Implemented 3D center imagev2.91Re-enabled jpg interlacing for people who want to trip on 2Dimagesv2.9Memory usage improvements, improved 3D scaling (all imagedimensions now allowed)v2.8Added fallback for evo 3D devices without htc framework (untested,because my evo has the framework)v2.7Found a new way to enable the 3d display without the need of root(superuser) accessv2.6Implemented landscape wallpapers, improved progress dialogv2.5Totally rewritten (thus improved) .mpo decoding.v2.4Fixed missing wallpaper after boot problem.v2.3Added automatically 3D enable/disable via Live Wallpaper container.Please select the 3D Live Wallpaper first before picking the 3Dbackground.
Sweetie GO Launcher Theme
Brand new FREE theme for GO Launcher EX!❤Brief Introduction:Specially designed for GO Launcher EX, provides delicate app icons,wallpapers, folder and app drawer interface. Get it right now andhave a completely new makeover of your Android smartphone.❤Notice:GO launcher theme is only available for phones with GO Launcher EXinstalled.Click here to install GO Launcher EX!❤How to Apply the Theme:- Directly open the theme after successful installation.- Or back to Menu>Theme, choose a theme you like and apply it toyour phone.
Blue Light Icon Pack
Rainy Studio
★ PLEASE USE AND ENJOY IT BE CAREFULLY BEFOREYOU THINK TO REFUND :) ★Please, if you have any issues with the app, send me an emailbefore writing a negative review or refund. I would help youimmediately quickly★★★★★ HOW TO USE: ★★★★★1/ Download Your Launchers : Nova, Go , Apex... etc...2/ Launcher Setting -> Icon -> Icon Pack has been download-> Apply.- You can custom change custome icon: press and hold icon > edit> click icon > Select from icon packs > select the iconyou want..- You can change size of icons to bigger :Launcher Settings > Advanced settings/Personalization/Appearancen > Icon Size- Modern Styles- Full HD icons, beautiful, clean, modern styles.- 1.800+ Blue Modern Icons.- Modern Iconback- Compatible with Multi Launcher- Icon Back and Icon Mask- No Advertising- Updates Weekly - Monthly- Capacity light, easy to use- Limited time sales★★★ Supported launchers: ★★★- Apex- ADW- Go Launcher- Holo Launcher- Nova- Launcher Pro- Holo Launcher HD- KK Launcher- Solo Launcher- Smart Launcher- Action- S Launcher- UI 5.0- Inspire Launcher- Lollipop Launcher- L Launcher- Dodol Launcher- Zero- Launcher Pro- AdwEX- Atom- Aviate- Lucid Launcher- Themer- CM Theme Engine- Mini Launcher- Nemus Launcher- Next Launcher- Nine Launcher- Unicon- Epic Launcherand most others that have icon pack support.★★★★★ PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO RATE AND REVIEW, PLEASE PRESS +1 ANDRE-SHARE THIS ICON PACK WITH YOUR FRIENDS. THANKS A LOT.★★★★★Follow us and update app onGoogle+: 03/04/2015 Added 20+ new icons2.0.3 06/04/2015 Added 55+ new icons2.0.4 09/04/2016 Added 30+ new icons2.0.5 19/04/2016 Added 20+ new icons3.0.1 04/05/2016 Added 20+ new icons3.0.2 20/05/2016 Added 51+ new icons3.0.3 29/05/2016 Added 60+ new icons3.0.4 31/05/2016 Added 60+ new icons3.0.6 13/06/2016 Added 60+ new icons3.0.7 19/06/2016 Added 51+ new icons3.0.8 26/06/2016 Added 51+ new icons3.0.9 01/07/2016 Added 53+ new icons4.0.0 18/07/2016 Added 50+ new icons4.0.1 29/07/2016 Added 100+ new icons4.0.2 14/08/2016 Added 50+ new icons★★★ NEW UPDATES★★★4.0.4 8 May 2017 Added 50+ new icons
KK Live Wallpaper
KK App Team
KK Live Wallpaper include:1. KitKat & Android L wallpaper2. Blur live wallpaper3. Multi-pictures live wallpaper4. Parallax live wallpaper5. Flow live wallpaper6. Soft Ball live wallpaperEnjoy !
Ninja Lightning vs Wind LWP
Experience a battle between 2 ninjas with their shinobi lightningand wind techniques.Watch as a Wind energy ball clashes with dragon Lightning /Thunder right on your homescreen with this live wallpaper. This isan animated artwork which recreates the scene of a popular mangaand anime.This artwork is not intended to represent the anime version100%, but rather my interpretation of it in a more realistic way.Everything was designed from scratch, though I tried to make thecharacters as close as possible to the anime version.This is the FREE version. PRO features will include1) Background and higher quality textures2)Option to change the speed of scene rotationAll artwork and animation is done solely by Makomako.
LONE CM11 Theme with OPO ColorsBecause you should have LONE?Because YOU want to have the ultimate CM11 theme with OPOcolorsOPTIMIZED for XXHDPI/XHDPI devices.themed elements:-bootanimation-settings screen-notification drawer-quick settings-dialer-calculator-status bar-navigation bar-dialog windows and popups-sliders-holo white and dark elements-ringtone, notification, and alarm soundAND OVER 3300 ICONS THEMEDYOU NEED A CUSTOM ROM WITH 2014 THEME ENGINE TO USE IT, DON'TBUY THIS THEME IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS!Please reboot after applying and after every updateTHANKS IF YOU LIKE , PLEASE REVIEWED APP
Gridy GO Locker Theme
Brand new theme for GO Locker !❤ Feartures- quick access to phone, SMS and camera- app notifications upon your lock screen- self definition of all the color lumps- select your own picture as a wallpaper❤ Before applying this reward theme, you may1. Pay with IAP ( In app purchase )2. Get it with Getjar Golds❤ How to Apply the Theme:GO Locker > Installed, choose a theme you like and apply it toyour phone.❤❤❤Follow us:Facebook:
Jelly Bean Live Wallpaper
Jelly Bean Live Wallpaper
Lock Screen Slider-Slide lock
The first lock screen Slider app with the best sliding effect. Youcan change message, which appears on your lock screen, by defaultslide to unlock message appears, you can change message fromsettings. Support set PIN to enhance locker security, by defaultpin code is “1234” and you can change pin code.Features:* Premium and Custom Wallpaper* Set pin to enhance your phone security* Now we allowed you to change the message of the lock screen, likeslide to unlock
Elegante UCCW skin
This skin is editable (colors, hotspots) :)To get the skin Elegante Plus (with more date stuff) it's here: (Ultimate Custom Clock Widget) free.Before Downloading this skin, make sure UCCW 2.1.2 or higher isalready installed on your device : recommand you use a launcher like Nova, it provides moreflexibility in resizing widgets and have the overlay widgetsoption.[HOW TO] Install :1 - Once you've downloaded/installed the skin,2 - Add a UCCW widget to your homescreen (via long press onhomescreen if you're running a launcher or via appdrawer if you'reon stock ROM),3 - When UCCW skins' list pops up, choose the skin to apply,4 - Touch the pic,5 - Enjoy :)[HOW TO] Use hotspots :UCCW Skins can provide hotspots (or not) : This one got 2 hotspots.For the hotspots to work, in UCCW menu, turn Hotspot Mode ON.Tips- In the UCCW menu, if skin downloaded got a location and/orweather element, set the location to auto (if it's enable, thendisable and enable it again for the location to workproperly).- In UCCW skin's list, long press a skin to delete it,In some rare case your skin may not sho up in the UCCW skin listsince there's a new encryption feature introduced in Jelly Bean.Google Play uses feature while installing skins. All third partythemes and similar PAID apps like Beautiful widgets, Go launcheretc, are affected by this new encryption. If your are experiencingsimilar issue, please do not give this skin a bad rate and do thefollowing :- Launch Titanium Backup and scroll down the list of installedapps.- Tap the downloaded theme app and tap backup. DON'T uninstallanything.- Tap the theme name again and restore the same backup that you hadjust created.Now the theme will work. If it doesn't or if you are on anon-rooted device, contact me and I'll send you another fix that'llwork. 100% guarantee.Want the wallpaper used on the screenshot ?!Here you go :) : Visit my xda thread and download it for free (*.uzip) on my website in the Android section.-----------------------------------------------