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MirrorPic Photo Mirror collage
MirrorPic Insta Mirror collage feature-richapp,best mirror twins clone and typography -- add text to photoPhoto Editor!MirrorPic Insta Mirror collage is the best effect of mirroryourself, as a say: there is some in the world just is your ortwins! now,just use Mirror Pic you will find one!MirrorPic Insta Mirror collage can help you create a mirror photoor mirror image as soon as possible, and provide tens mirrortemplate, you will find funny clone effect you can think!MirrorPic Insta Mirror collage typography -- Add text to photo, youcan add anything you want to say! we also provide more than thirtyvery beauty text effects, just drag it over you photo, Mirror Picsprovide more than twenty fonts, make what you says unique!Mirror Pic: You can use left right mirror, repeat-4, up downmirror, and reflect 4 reflections: the app will work as an expertphoto editorMirror Pic: Mirror and Typography is the best to make youInstagram, Facebook,Twitter special. Mirror Pic make everythingeasy, one tap to share Instagram. we find lot Instagram uses whopost photo with tag #MirrorPics get more like and met more friendover the world.Now with the app Mirror Pic you can be the expert photographyeditor and you will be able to create wonderful photos of your ownas well as for your loved ones.Features:★ Select photo from Gallery or Camera,the mirror photo will begenerated automatic.★ Left right mirror, up down mirror, repeat 4, reflect 4reflections, totally 12 mirror effects.★ Drag & Drop / Zoom In & Zoom Out to selected photo,themirror photo will be changed.★ Typography -- Add text to photo,Over 20 carefully chosenbeautiful fonts,Change text color, transparency, and addshadows.★ Label Typography - Designed text to photo, over 20 unique fontdesigns to create beautiful mirror & clone photo.★ Photo Editor - Tens of fancy filters to beautify your photos,just for mirror effects!★ High resolution, high quality output.★ Easy to share - One Tap share photo on Instagram or other socialnetwork.
Z Camera - Photo Editor, Beauty Selfie, Collage
♛ Best App on Google Play in 75+countriesZ Camera is a fully featured selfie camera with photo editor,stylish stickers, real-time filters and special collages. Justdownload Z Camera and take your best selfie with 100,000,000+worldwide users!Why so many users like Z Camera?❤ Magical effects with different styles❤ Tons of latest stickers & AR stickers❤ One tap to beautify your selfie❤ Trendy live selfie filters when photographing❤ Funny face swap features❤ Fashionable hair style editor❤ Kinds of special collage templates❤ Styles of super sexy makeup effects❤ Muscle building & 3D tattoo effects❤ Body & face shape selfie editor❤ Stylish eye makeup stickers❤ Themed with super star, doggy face, etc.❤ Easily share in our Z Moments community❤ Private Z Gallery & Encryption function❤ Tap! Snap! Capture your moments in 1sLet’s capture more special moments in Z Camera!——★——★—MAIN FEATURES—★——★——【Beauty Selfie】- Just one touch can beautify your unique selfie- Adjust your face & eye shape in real time- Magical live effects including AR stickers & filters- Funny face swap to combine different styles- Intelligently smooth and brighten your skin- Super sexy makeup collection including lipstick, blush, eyebrow,eyelash, eye shadow, eye line & double eyelid【Stickers & AR Stickers】- Free 500+ stickers for beauty selfie & photo editor- Motion AR stickers when photographing- Themed with super star, doggy face, vampire, etc.- Easily resized and moved by using multi-touch- Attractive body stickers including hair style, muscle, cosmeticlenses, eye shadow, lipstick, beard, tattoo, etc.【Photo Editor】- Change your and face shape instantly- Easily adjust skin tone, hair color, lip style & eyes- Crop, Rotate, Flip, Straighten- Adjust Brightness, Contrast & Saturation- Adjust Vignette, Sharpen, Temperature & Tone- Doodle and text adding- Magical mirror-image effect- Tilt-Shift to control perfect lens blur【Live Filters】- A various range of filter effects to transform your photo into anartwork, such as Texture, Sketch, Leak, etc.- Offer mad & cool dynamic filter effects- Available when photographing or photo editing- Preview filter effect before taking pictures【Collage Template & PIP】- 200+ free collage templates & PIPs to combine yourpictures- Provide globally popular ‘picture in picture’ mode- Easy to edit & combine by swiping- Offer any scenario for your new selfie experience, such asbillboard, screen, magazine, photo frame, crystal ball, etc.【Z Moments Community】- Worldwide users from 200+ countries in Z Camera- Share your photos in our Z Moments community & follow yourfriends to see their wonderful moments.- Easy to share in any social network like Facebook, Whatsapp,Instagram, etc.【Z Gallery】- Private Gallery to sort & classify your photos better- Encryption function to keep your private photo safe——★——★——CONTACT US——★——★——Email: zcamerafeedback@gmail.comFacebook: more apps developed by GOMO, please visit
Camera L
Aries Softweb
Camera L introducing new way to capturephotos! It automatically display your locations and weatherinformations on snap with attractive themes at time of takingphoto!No need to type your location and weather informations whilesharing your snap with people!Features:- Display your location and weather information automatically whilecapturing.- Image Editing- Image Filter- Photo Gallery- Image Sharing- Attractive themes- Camera customization- Camera mode setting- Pinch to zoom- Flash setting- Dynamic user interfaceEnjoy Smart Camera L Application!Share your thoughts with us, We will make camera L better foryou!********Thanks for your support, friends!Thanks for your reviews!
Photo Editor Collage MAX
Make photos with camera or select existingimage.Apply amazing effects to the image.Share image in popular social networks.Collage editor with many layouts, stickers, backgrounds, frames,texts. Adjust collage settings: ratio, paddings, shadows, textfonts, text shadows, text borders etc. Adjust image scale, angle,horizontal and vertical mirror, moving, filters. Different collagelayouts including complicated shapes.Collage features:✮ 150 collage layouts✮ 120 backgrounds✮ 30 frames✮ 22 fonts for text stickers✮ 300 graphic stickersEVERYTHING IS VERY EASY AND FAST!Photo editing features:+ One-tap auto enhance+ Gorgeous photo effects and frames+ Fun stickers+ Color balance+ Crop, rotate, and straighten your photo+ Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, andsaturation+ Sharpen and blur+ Color temperature ("Warmth")+ Color Splash+ Focus (Tilt Shift)+ Draw and add text+ Create your own memes+ Cosmetic tools: fix redeye, remove blemishes and whitenteethAlso free and paid features are available:+ Purchasable effect packs(12 effects are free)+ High resolution output+ Drag and drop to customize the toolset+ Scroll through your recent photos in a cover photo-like view fromthe home screen+ Long press on photos on the homescreen to see options (includingdeleting the photo from your device)
Bubble Photos
Bubble Photos create awesome colored bubble overlays over yourphotos making them marvelous photos that you can save and sharewith friends and family.Bubble Photos gives options to chose from for bubble overlaythat you can pick based on your style or choice and create awesomebubble photos from normal photos.Bubbly photos can be created with your photos.
SmileCam - smile detector
Atef Haouari
SmileCam detects and shows your level of smilein real time. When your smile reaches a certain value, the cameratakes a photo.Keywords:camera smile, smile camera, smile cam, smile detection, smilecapture, smile measuring, smile shutter, smile shooter
Photo Frames Love
Tejeiro Dev
Photo Frames LoveDecorate your photos with these incredible frames, choose a photofrom the gallery or take a photo with the camera, then apply theframe that you like and you can save the photo, share with friendsor upload to social networks Facebook, Twitter , email etc...Features:- User friendly interface- More than 60 frames to choose- Save to Gallery- Post directly on facebook, twitter etc...- Share edited photos by email and smsNote:This application contains advertising.
Eye Color Changer
vijay patel
Change Eyes for photos from any photo source and create fancy eyedphotos.Best Eye Color Changer for Photos with many differentcombinations to edit Eyes in Photos.How to use :1) Select your photo from camera or photo gallery2) Select your eye color or lens from the huge collection3) Apply the lens to your eye lens and4) Share it on social networks like facebook, twitter etc.
Photo Blender for Instagram
A cool app to combine photos in sheer newways! For example, double exposure, superImpose and fusion effects.Having Photo Blender, you can bring out the most amazing pics withonly a few taps!A great many modes and masks are there for your option. You cantotally follow your passion and improvise with greater ease! Allyou need to do is simply choose photos, select a blend mode andpolish where you betterment, then a creative work is ready to beshared among friends!Have no clue? Try to blend them randomly and get ready to let itknock your socks off!
Photo Collage Maker
Select a few photos and instantly get anawesome photo collage (a grid of photos).Incredibly easy to use, yet highly powerful and has many options tocustomize and make it personal.Main Features:Layouts Select from 100+ predefined layouts or create yourown.Stickers Choose from over 100+ stickers. Search for morestickers on the internet right from the app.Text Over 55 different fontsBackgrounds Many background colors and patternsCrop Cut unneeded areas from pictures.Filters Many filters to enhance your photosEasy gestures Easy to use. Intuitive and fastHigh res Save high resolution HD photos to your phone’sgalleryMany photo sources Use pictures from your camera, socialnetworks, or search the web for images.Share Share the collages you create with friends and familyvia standard sharing.Modify You can edit the photo grid after saving at anytime.More information:* Free with ads.* No private data is collected - see privacy policy and termsbelowSome of the pictures appearing on this page are licensed underCreative Common "Attribution", see “Credits”.
**This application sets the picture as wallpaper with/withoutresizing.****Select a picture from the gallery, ==>>>tap on<<<== it and set it as wallpaper.****Select the picture in the gallery and "share" it with Mess viabluetooth/WiFi.****Hight resolutin pictures!*****All your faverite "Keep Calm" wallpaper pictures for reachingyour nature, the nature ******You can set as wallpaper, share or send to a friend.******Hight resolutin pictures!******Play with your screen via enjoy nature, explore, save,respect. protect. ASEK (Army). M9 bayonet (M16 series). M7 Bayonet(M16 series) .M11 Knife (EOD). OKC-3S Bayonet (Marine Corps only).Mk 2 Knife (Ka-Bar). M6 Bayonet (M14). M5 Bayonet (M1 Garand). M4Bayonet (M1 Carbine) M3 Trench Knife. M1 bayonet (M1 Garand/M1903).Knife LC-14-B/Type IV Survival Ax (Woodman's Pal). Mk 2 Machete(Navy). M67 fragmentation grenade. AN/M83 White Smoke Grenade.M25/A1. M7/A1/A2. M6/A1. Mk 1 Mod 0/1/2/3. Mk 25 Mod 0 (SIG P226Mk25, 9x19mm) (Naval Special Warfare).M9A1 (Beretta 9x19mm) (USMC).AAI QSPR (Quiet Special Purpose Revolver, .44 Magnum) (neverissued). Beretta 92SB (9x19mm) (JSSAP winner). Browning Hi-Power(9x19mm) (Special Forces). Colt Dragoon Revolver (1st/2nd/3rd)(.44). Colt M1900 (.38 ACP) (never issued). M16A4. M14 SMUD . M1861Springfield (.58). Colt revolving rifle (Colt Model 1855; 6/5-shotrevolver rifle;.44/.56). Greene rifle (Bolt-action breech-loader).P53 Enfield (.577 (.58)). XM8 Compact Carbine (5.56x45mm) (neverissued). Colt Model 723 (M16A2 carbine, 5.56x45mm NATO) (US Navy).M4E2 Carbine. Ithaca Model 37 (pump-action 12 gauge). PancorJackhammer (gas-operated 12 gauge). Remington 7188 . HK SMG II(9x19mm Parabellum) (never issued). HK 54A1. M32 Multi-Shot GrenadeLauncher. M18A1 Claymore Anti-personnel mine***
byss mobile
A location based Photo App to let everyone know exactly where andwhen you were in that photo.Location overlay will give you a chance to share with friendswhat you’re seeing in real time!Beautifully crafted custom skins will give your photos CLEANER,more ELEGANT look.from gotechlive:"Everyone loves clicking holiday photos and sharing them on socialnetworks. But why share plain pictures when you can stamp them withlocation information and create cool-looking postcards? InstaPlacelets you add captions as well as attach GPS data from your phone orfrom FourSquare to your pictures. Consider, for instance, you areat the Eiffel Tower. Now, Instead of sharing a big vanilla photo ofthe landmark, you can overlay it with a caption saying ‘I was hereat Eiffel Tower, Paris’."The app is so smart that it will recognize your current locationand it will also recommend you with various skins that you canchoose.You can add whatever text you wish, plus the name of thelocation (custom or geolocated pulled from Foursquare or Facebook)where you are snapping the photo.Even while you are not social media person InstaPlace is for you- just save pictures to your camera roll!It lets you beautify your pictures that will add more to yourmemories in life. You will enjoy it in years to come!fatures:40 skins for every imaginable location or occasionshare to: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Flickr, Tumblrcustomisable Timestampworks with your old photos! (as long as you have GPS informationsaved to them)location pulled from Foursquare or Facebook
Camera Fun Free
Point & shoot Photo effects lens for Android camera. The mostentertaining photography app - guaranteed!Just point your Android camera and see LIVE Photo effects on thescreen BEFORE you click a picture - no fuss, no muss and noguessing how your pictures will turn out!---------------------------------------Wall Street Journal Review---------------------------------------... the app that got the most attention around the dinner tablewas Camera Fun!! - Wall Street Journal, 8th Dec 2010.Camera Fun Pro is in the Top #5 Photography apps in ALL 26countries!---------------------------------------6 Lens in Free version: Canvas, Color X-Ray, Mirror, Pinch,Sepia & Sketch.29 Lens in Pro version: Alphabet, Avatar, Black & White,Blueprint, Bulge, Canvas, Chalk, Chess, Color X-Ray, Emboss, Glass,Light Tunnel, Mirror, Neon, Night Vision, Oil Brush, Pinch, Pixel,Poster, Sepia, Sketch, Stretch, Swirl, Thermal, Tunnel, VintageSketch, Watercolor, Wave & X-Ray.Permissions: Read/write permissions for contact data is neededto set a photo as a contact icon, read/write to SD card is need toload and save photos.-----------------------Rave Reviews:-----------------------☺ ... the app that got the most attention around the dinnertable was Camera Fun!! - Wall Street Journal, 8th Dec 2010.☺ ... creates cool images that will get noticed - AppoliciousAdvisor.☺ ... will make you want to keep taking pictures!
Insta square snap pic collage
Insta Square Pic Size, Collage Maker, MirrorImage, Insta Shape All In One!Do you like to make your photos with special and sensitive effects,and want get more friends and like on Instagram and Facebook? Justdownload SquarePic(InstaBox) free, get it, win the world.With Insta square pic collage maker, you can post full size photoson Instagram with no crop, with blur,mosica background, shadow toemphasis you photo to be art, with lots fantastic stickers.Also with Insta square pic collage maker, you can collage you picsto show moment of your life, post mirror,shape image effects toshow arts. Video and Splash Color Pop effects also provided, youartist.Insta square pic collage maker gets more than 79,984 five starsfrom the uses all over the worlds.Features:~ Insta square pic collage maker post full size photos on Instagramwith no crop.~ Insta square with blur pip ,patterns background,gradient colorbackground, pure color background.~ Insta square square & size photo with fifty patternsbackground~ Insta shape over 40 kinds of designed shapes let you make amazingcreative shapes.~ collage maker have more than hundred collage layouts,withgradient background color, make record moment amazing andspecial.~ Insta shape over 40 kinds of designed shapes let you make amazingcreative shapes.~ Insta mirror photo & mirror image effect. provide 10+beautiful mirror effect for clone yourself.~ Mirror image create left-right, up-down, reflection, repeating aswell as reflection style enabled photos with this photo editorapp.* photo editor with 30+ amazing filters、light、artist、overlays、lenson you photo.* photo editor with tens designed popular and artist borders.* photo editor with Drag & Drop / Zoom In & Zoom Out/Rotate /Round Corner* share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Google+ or anywhereelse.Download Insta square pic collage makernow - Best photo editor appwhich you can post full sized photos on Instagram with nocrop.any questions, feedbacks, or requests, get in touch with us:Email:
Photo Montages
Create your own Photo montage using the fullpotential and all the freedom it gives you this application.Easy, select the montage you want to create, take a photoand share it.Feel free to use the front camera or the back one.Take so many photos as you want and send it to friends via any ofthe available options (email , whatsapp, etc. - . ) . Fun and funnyphoto montages.Create photomontages using the photo frames and be asoriginal as you want to be . The result is in your hands.More than 50 montages ready to youinstructions:1 - choose a montage2 - take a photo3 - share or save it to your deviceLEGAL NOTE: The ownership entity of this applicationreports that it contains images, some of which have been obtainedover the Internet. These images are all public domain, since theyare not identified by symbols or other information indicating theexistence of exploitation rights reserved thereon. Notwithstandingthis, a clear willingness to respect rights under Royal LegislativeDecree 1/1996, of 12 April, approving the revised text of theCopyright Act, and compliance with the obligations imposed by Law34/2002, of July 11, services of the information society andelectronic commerce, the creator of this application calls to anynatural or legal person to be the owner of any images containedtherein, accrediting via email to, committing thecreator of the application to the immediate removal of said imageafter verifying, where applicable, the ownership of the protectedimage.
Mirror Grid - Photo Collage
Mirror grid is the best mirror effects editorapp with beautiful 2D & 3D photos with reflective mirroreffects.With Mirror Grid, you can create left-right, up-down, reflection,repeating as well as reflection style enabled photos with thisphoto editor app. You can also create photo grids and photocollages, Mirror Grid provides you a great collage maker tool,which will let you to create beautiful photo collages and photogrids. Just select photos and Mirror Grid will give you hundreds ofdifferent collages ,grid effects and filters.Download Mirror Grid now , Join us and enjoy it!Main Features:- Select photos from your albums or take a photo, and automaticallyturn it into a photo with mirror effects.- 12 kinds of free 2D mirror effects. 19 kinds of free 3D mirroreffects.- Several kinds of free filters. *Enlarge, Shrink, Move, and usehand movements to make mirror images.- Share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Line, Kakao, andother social media platforms.If you have any suggestions, please contact us via
ColorSplash PhotoEffect
Decor Apps
ColorSplash PhotoEffect brings happiness in your life by fillingcolours on your special photo.Some times you may comes to choosywith colours distribution on your photo when its matter of yourprofile picture.So ColorSplash PhotoEffect brings as a tool to edit and fillcolours on specific segment of image.ColorSplash PhotoEffect allows you to create lovely images bychanging them black and white and apply colours on it. ColorSplashPhotoEffect didn't charge you anything means ColorSplash is totallyFREE.ColorSplash PhotoEffect Application allow to edit by followingsimple steps stated follows:-# Zoom or drag images.# Crop Image# Apply Effect filters.# Save the Image# Instant share# Choose your pretty awesome photo# Select crop segment of image# Choose brush point type(layer of black & white or Colouredlayer)# Move your finger on targeted portion
Gifinator is an animated gif creator that is super easy to use!Just touch the screen to take pictures, tweak your animation, andshare your gif with your friends!Now anyone can have fun with stop motion!
Photo Poses
Helps you to take photos in various styles and poses.Very useful when you are on a trip and lack of ideas to take photosof you and your loved ones.If you are looking for ideas to take* Men photos* Women photos* Couple Photos* Wedding* Kids Photos* Family* SelfiesThis is the right application you were looking for.Here we have tried to connect Photographers to the interestedaudiences. If any photographers whose photos are published in thisapp want their work to be removed. Please contact us and we willmake sure your work will not be published in our app again (Unlessyou want them back).
ピクトリンク - フリューのプリ画取得アプリ
【注意事項】バージョンアップをされますとAndroid4.2未満の方はご利用頂けなくなりますのでご注意ください。ご利用いただく場合はAndroidのバージョンアップをお願い致します。\利用者1300万人突破!/フリューのプリントシール機で撮ったプリをアプリにためて管理できるよ!◆追加された機能◆プリアルバム:ピクトリンクにたまったプリをお友達やイベントなどタイトルを付けて整理することができるよ。フォロー/フォロワー:プリモやお友達をフォローしてプリを見せ合おう。タイムライン:あなたがフォローしているお友達のアルバム更新情報が見れるよ。◆保存したプリが管理できるマイページピクトリンク(サイト)でGETしたプリは自動的にマイページに保存されるよ。いつ、何のプリ機で撮ったかを振り返れて便利!削除したりSNSにシェアもできるよ。◆モデル・読者モデルのプリが見れる!人気ファッション誌のモデルや読者モデルが、公式ユーザー「プリモ(=プリモデル)」として登録中!何のプリ機で撮っているかもチェックできるよ。好きなプリモを探してみよう。◆プリ機情報もチェックできる!プリ機情報はMENUの「対応プリ機」からチェックできるよ。好きなプリ機を探してみてね。◆iPod touchにも対応!iPod touchの場合は「」のメアドで会員登録できるよ。◆対応プリ機これ以上可愛くなってもいいですか―。SALON AIRwincCyun'tUPHIKARIKATYShirayukiSugar femmeFASHIONisMRFURYU BEAUTY STUDIO(証明プリ)IPGYZAcherrycherryBEAUTY ADDICTGiRLS' PHOTOGRAPHERRUMOR(他にもバージョンによって対応している機種があります)◆対応端末・Android端末(OS:Android4.2以上)・タブレット端末は非対応です。◆ケータイ版をご利用の方へケータイ版ピクトリンクで無料会員登録されていた方は、ケータイ版でご登録いただいていたメアドとパスワードでアプリにログインすることができます。退会した場合は、新たに登録が必要です。◆有料会員登録について【価格と期間】月額400円(税込)年額4,000円(税込)※価格は変更になる場合がございます。※期間は申込日から起算して一ヶ月間で自動更新されます。【課金方法】お使いの GooglePlayアカウントに課金されます。月ごとの自動更新となります。【自動更新の詳細】有料会員期間の終了日の24時間以上前に自動更新を解除しない限り、会員期間が自動更新されます。自動更新される際の課金については、会員期間の終了後の24時間以内に行われます。【会員状況の確認・退会(自動更新の解除)方法】会員状況の確認と退会は下記より可能です。1. 「Google Playストア」アプリを開く2. 「≡」のメニューバーを開く3. 「アカウント」を選択4. 「定期購入」を選択次回の自動更新日時の確認や、自動更新の解除・設定はこの画面にてお願いいたします。※「GooglePlayストア」から定期購読の自動更新をオフにすることで、有料会員の解約ができます。ピクトリンク(アプリ・Webサイト全て)からGooglePlay決済でご利用中の定期購読の解約は行うことはできませんので、ご注意ください。【当月分のキャンセル】定期購読の当月分のキャンセルについては受け付けておりません。◆お問い合わせこのアプリに関するわからない点やご要望などがございましたら「ピクトリンク事務局」へお願いいたします。本アプリはEMAの認定範囲のアプリケーションです。【Notes】Please note that if you are a version up person of less thanAndroid4.2 because you will not be available.Please give me the version-up of Android is when you use.\ User 13 million people break through! / Pre taken with printsealing machine of the flue can be managed reservoir to theapp!◆ Added function ◆Pre-Album, such as your friends and events the accumulated pre-inpict link can be organized with the title.Following / Followers: Let Ao show the pre-to follow the Primo andfriends.Timeline: You can watch the album update information of yourfriends you're following.◆ My pages saved pre-can managePuri is automatically saved to my page that you GET in pict link(site). When, convenient Looking back what it had taken in thepre-machine! You can also share to delete or SNS.◆ pre-model-reader model can watch!Model and reader model of the popular fashion magazine, registeredin as the official user "Primo (= pre-model)"! It can be checkedmay have taken with what the pre-machine. Let's look for a favoritePrimo.◆ pre-machine information can also check!Pre-press information can be checked from the "correspondingpre-machine" of MENU. I try to find a favorite pre-machine.◆ also corresponds to the iPod touch!In the case of the iPod touch can membership in the addy of "".◆ corresponding pre-machineCan it become more cute -.SALON AIRwincCyun'tUPHIKARIKATYShirayukiSugar femmeFASHIONisMRFURYU BEAUTY STUDIO (certification pre)IPGYZAcherrycherryBEAUTY ADDICTGiRLS 'PHOTOGRAPHERRUMOR(There are other models that support depending on theversion)◆ corresponding terminal· Android terminal (OS: Android4.2 or more)Tablet terminal is not supported.◆ to the person who uses a mobile phone versionIf you had been free membership registration in the mobile versionPict link, you can log in to the app in the addy and password thathad you registered on your mobile phone version. If youunsubscribe, you need a new registration.For ◆ paid membership registration[Price and duration]Per month 400 yen (tax included)Annual 4,000 yen (tax included)※ The price is subject to change.※ period is automatically updated between one month counting fromthe date of application.[Charging method]You will be charged to your GooglePlay account. It will beautomatically updated every month.[More information about automatic update]Unless you disable the automatic update before more than 24 hoursof the end date of the paid membership period, membership periodwill be automatically updated.For charging at the time of being automatically updated, it willtake place within 24 hours after the end of the membershipperiod.[Check and withdrawal of membership status (cancellation ofautomatic update) method]Confirmation and withdrawal of membership status is available fromthe following.1. Open the "Google Play Store" app2. Open the menu bar of the "≡"3. Select the "Account"4. Select the "subscription"Confirmation and the next automatic update date and time, therelease and set the automatic update will be hope in thisscreen.※ by turning off the automatic updating of the subscription fromthe "Google Play Store", you can cancel a paid membership. Pictlink that you can not cancel the subscription during your use fromthe (application · Web site all) in the Google Play settlement iscarried out, please be careful.[Cancellation of the current month]We do not accept cancellation of the current month ofsubscription.◆ Contact UsIf you have any do not understand or comments about this app thankyou to the "pict link secretariat". application is an application of the accreditation scope ofthe EMA.
HTC Camera
Easy automatic capturing, rich manual controlsand creative camera modes make HTC Camera an ideal all-arounder foron-the-go photographers. From ISO controls to white balance, youcan always create the right mood for your photos and videos. Youcan even add new cameras to try and remove the ones you don’t use.Organizing your cameras lets you swipe to switch between the onesyou use most often with ease. If you delete one of the defaultcamera modes, you can always choose to add it back later. Phonesfeaturing the EYE experience, like the One (M8) or Desire EYE, getunique ways to capture memorable moments. Create wide-angle or360-degree panoramas, shoot a photo booth-style filmstrip, cropyourself into a landscape or capture with the selfie and maincameras at the same time. If you have the new HTC One M9, you getthe EYE experience and even more out of HTC Camera. The Raw Cameramode lets you capture Digital Negative files (.DNG) that you canadjust using professional tools. Check out the Bokeh camera, too,which gives your photos a soft, out-of-focus background and asharp, in-focus subject. When recording video, try filming with 4Kresolution for high-quality results. Features (not available on allphones):- Swipe to switch cameras- Rich manual controls- Auto capture and voice capture- Live makeup- Photo Booth mode- Split Capture mode- Raw Camera modeHTC, the HTC logo and other HTC product and service namesreferenced in the Application are the trademarks or registeredtrademarks of HTC Corporation in the United States and othercountries. Any other company names, product names, service namesand logos referenced in connection with the Application may be thetrademarks of their respective owners.
EasyView for Instagram
More than 10 million users love and downloadEasyView on Apple app store!The best and ultimate third-party Instagram app on Apple App Storenow comes to Google Play! It is the android version of EasyView.★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★EasyView is a fast, versatile and easy-to-use Instagram App. WithEasyView, you can view feeds in multiple columns, and gallery modeis enabled when viewing in full size. It allows you manage multipleInstagram accounts, and browse photos by category (e.g. Nature,Pets, Food, Cars). You can also make a collection of Instagramphotos into amazing collage. EasyView is a wonderful photomakeover, cool and easy to use, beautify and share gorgeous photosto your Instagram.You can even subscribe to interesting tags andusers, so never miss an important update! Last but not the least,you could protect your Instagram privacy with the passcodelock.▶ Explore interesting photos• Browse popular photos / videos, and the photos / videos youfollowed or liked• Browse photos / videos in categories, including Nature, Pets,Girls, Kids, Food, Fashion, Car and Architecture• Play videos in feed, both preview mode and full size mode aresupported• Check where a photo / video was taken on Map• Check a user's photos on Map, just like the Instagram's Photo Mapfeature• Search by tag or user name• View photos in full size. Swiping Mode is enabled when viewingphotos in full size, allowing users to easily swipe from one phototo another▶ Easily download photos and videos• 1-tap to download your favorite photo if you get permissions ofits owner.▶ Batch download photos and videos• Save at most 100 favorite photos and videos from Instagram at thesame time at the background, without disturbing your surfing onEasyView.• Manage the downloading progress at the well designed dashboard ofBatch Download.• Manage (such as view, share and delete) your downloaded photosand videos just like the official photo album.(Free version has a limitation of 1 photo or video downloaded atthe same time)▶ Support for multiple users• Just switch to a different user easily, without having to enter apassword again. (This is a premium feature)*Note: EasyView do not support posting photos to different usersbecause of the strict limitation made by official Instagram.▶ Collage from Instagram photos• Collage photos with Instagram photos or photos from your photolibrary• Choose any picture from your photo library and make it fitcompletely on Instagram without having to crop it• Edit, beautify, decorate photos before posting them to Instagram,and also support a large collection of beautiful and practicalpicture effects• 3 collaging modes: template collage, free collage and jointcollage▶ Protect your Instagram privacy• Easily set passcode lock. This is a premium feature.▶ Stay closely with important events / friends• Hide a user's all photos to keep your feed less noisy. (This is apremium feature)• Subscribe to a tag you are interested in.• Subscribe to a user, so as not to lose updates of your closestfriends or favorite artists.▶ Vivid liking and commenting• 1-tap or 2-tap to like photos.• Type any user's name in comments can immediately @ the user andstart replying.• Tap on any comment to copy or delete it.▶ Extensive sharing options• Share photos to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Pocket, Evernote,Tumblr and Sina Weibo .• Send photos via Email or save to Camera Roll.You can remove ads and get all premium features by upgrading toPremium versionUnfortunately the Instagram API doesn't support photo upload.However, we have a quick link to launch the official InstagramAndroid app to take or upload photos.Download and enjoy EasyView on your phones and tablets!NOTE:• You need an Instagram account to use this app!• This product uses the Instagram API but is not endorsed orcertified by Instagram.
Video Collage : Photo Video Collage Maker + Music
Video Collage is the professional photo videocollage maker with music for Android.Using this app you can combine the videos and photos together toperfectly record every amazing moment.You can share created video frames or video collage toFacebook,Instagram & Email..etc.Combine and stitch your videos into Impressive Memories with VideoCollage.Adding Audio To Video: choose your favorite audio or music file andadd/change audio to your video. Video Collage also supports TrimAudio functionality, before adding audio you can trim audio and addto video. This video maker supports video editor functionalitiesalso.Features:--------------- This video editor supports around 45 layouts and there are lotof video collage frames to create horizontal video collage,rectangle video collage and vertical video collage.-- You can add your favourite audio or music to video collage , wecan use this as a video song maker, video collage app with music,video editor with music-- You can combine up to 5 videos-- You can create videos related to birthday wishes, love etc. Youcan use this as a video maker happy birthday song, video makerlove, video maker romantic, video maker for birthday with song,video maker birthday song.-- Adjustable and color border support-- Supports video collage with song, video templates, frame video,video music, video collage crop, video photo collage templates,collage photo video functionalities.-- Mixing photos and videos-- Supports video editor functionalities like video trim, addingaudio to video etc.-- This video collage app allows you to create different types ofvideos like birthday collage video, love collage video, naturecollage video, abstract collage video, birthday video collage,rectangle video collage, abstract video collage, love videocollage.-- This video maker pro app supports pro functionalities likemagazine video collage, cascade photo video.-- Video preview-- Beautiful animations-- Beautiful UI-- Supports save to sd card and you can even upload your final workto all social networks, use this video maker collage as videouploader for Facebook, video uploader for Youtube, video uploaderfor Instagram.This is the professional video collage app for android with videoeditor functionalities.
Mahaya Hidden Camera
Mahaya Hidden Camera is the camera applicationwithout any user interface. Start application for recording andstart again or tab notification for stop. You can record video andtake picture a hidden way.It continues recording when turn screen of, receive or make phonecall. Thus, you continue without interruption.MHC supports high quality videos. You can change it frompreferences.If you record a long video, turn off your screen and continuerecording. Thus save your battery.Videos record MHC folder in SDCard.You can mute shutter sound. this feature may not work some devices.But it wotks with a lot of devices.If you buy a premium version of MHC, Record limitless video andtake picture features are opened for use.Features:Easy record and stop. You can touch only.Support back and front camera .Record high quality video.Camera sound muteHide notificationUses:Hidden video recorderSpy cameraHD video recorderOne click video recorderArabic Translator: Nino - thenino2013@gmail.comif you want MHC written your language please contact to me.
RawDroid Demo
*****Due to changes in Android 5.0, and 6.0 I am no longer able tomaintain a single app compatible with all versions of Android. Assuch I am discontinuing development on this app in favor of a new5.0+ version to support all the changes to the Android filesystem.If you wish to try the new app you may opt-in to the beta for thedemo here: info:*****Rawdroid is a workflow management tool for raw imagery. Now you canmanage images you shoot in the field on a lightweight tablet, showcustomers instant results on a 10" portable screen, backup desiredshots onto a microSD, even share jpg conversions of your favoriteshots and much more!RawDroid will operate as functional demo with watermarks so you cantest your devices before purchasing Pro.Buy RawDroid Pro to remove watermarks, add features, and improvespeed. image viewer.-Pan and Zoom-Metadata (EXIF & XMP)-Save/Delete (with recycle bin)-Batch Rename-Batch Export-Batch Import-Multi-select-Camera Tether (Import)-Histogram-Auto-orientation (3.0+)Pro-Custom WatermarksUpcoming features:-Full raw decode*Some cameras have low resolution thumbnails, full decode will fixthis!! If rawdroid does not populate all metadata please email anexample picture !!Supports most major cameras (over 500 models).Camera makers:Adobe, Canon, Casio Fuji, Hasselblad, Imacon, Kodak, Konica, Leaf,Leica, Mamiya, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, PhaseOne, Samsung, Sigma, Sony, and more...Example extensions:.3fr (Hasselblad).arw .srf .sr2 (Sony).bay (Casio).crw .cr2 (Canon).cap .iiq .eip (Phase_One).dcs .dcr .drf .k25 .kdc (Kodak).dng (Adobe).erf (Epson).fff (Imacon).mef (Mamiya).mos (Leaf).mrw (Minolta).nef .nrw (Nikon).orf (Olympus).pef .ptx (Pentax).raf (Fuji).raw .rw2 (Panasonic).raw .rwl .dng (Leica).srw (Samsung).x3f (Sigma)
Funny Photo Editor
Funny Photo EditorAre you looking for a funny and great face editor application, youcan download this "funny photo editor" for free and enjoy. Withthis editing application you can change your friend photos withfunny stickers like hair,mustache,spectacles and many more etc...You can save,send,share the edited photos. Make it set as wallpapertoo. You can download unlimited stickers from online always.Funny VideosCreate Funny Animated videos with your photos. Add Funny animatedstickers to your photo, create animated gif and share it in onlineplatforms to others. Various types of funny animated stickersincluded in this app to make extremely funny videos.New features we are introducing in this "Funny Photo Editor"applications are..Funny Photo editor: You can edit photos with funnystickersFunny Photo frames: You can add your photos in funnyframesFunny Camera : Create funny and comedy faces with live frontand back camerasApp Features:★ Create Funny Videos by using animated stickers.★ You can take the pictures from gallery and camera forediting.★ Edit the face parts like funny nose,eyes, hair and so manythings.★ Flip and scale the face parts. Use warping option to change theface to thick or thin.★ Type the text with color,font and place as titles.★ Edit the face parts contrast, brightness and colorcorrections.★ Interface is very user friendly to use so that you can understandeasily.★ Creative funny photo frames.★ Funny camera★ Completely free application to enjoy....Please give a rate,comment and encourage us to develop more freelive wallpaper and applications.
An extremely popular application that hasreached 3 million downloads across the whole of Asia. cameran, acamera application that changes everyday scenes into artisticimages, is now available with additional photo sharingfunctionality.Why not try capturing casual, everyday scenes, and turning theminto artistic photos, so you can share parts of your everyday lifewith others?To celebrate the addition of this new photo sharing functionality,Japanese celebrities will be sharing part of their everyday lives.Erika Sawajiri A famous Japanese actressHidetoshi Nakata Former professional Japanese soccer playerhyde A Japanese musician who has played all around the worldTo view everyday photos of famous celebrities, simply downloadcameran and follow their official account!----------Notes----------■Official Facebook Page■Official Twitter@cameran_jp* The official Facebook and Twitter sites show one popular photoper day.------Application Features---------■Simple to Use■■Wide Range of Filters■Includes over 30 different camera filters, and you can also adjustthem to suit your tastes.Apply unique filters to create more stylish, artistic photos!■Share Photos with Everyone■Now with functionality that allows you to share artisticphotos.Enjoy using photos to communicate easily with friends from aroundthe world.* And of course, you can also share photos on Twitter / Facebook /Instagram / weibo.------------------------------------------------■Photo Filters for Classic Photo ProcessingSepia / Monochro / Toy / Lomo / Beauty / Vintage / Cool / Warm /Marron / and more...■Use cameran to Share Photos!Share photos with cameran.Enjoy artistic everyday photos with friends from around theworld.------------------------------------------------
Scene: Organize & Share Photos
Ripplex Inc.
Over 2 million users love Scene: the best appfor organizing and sharing your photos.One of Google’s Best Apps of 2014 and 2015 in Japan.■ SCENE’S FEATURES ■● Snappy Photo Browsing- Super fast, simple design- Photos arranged by date- Find past photos easily with Calendar View and Smart Slider- Your entire collection, at your fingertips● Intuitive Organizing- Sort your photos into albums quickly and easily- Create unlimited albums- Add captions to photos- Up to 1,000 photos per album● Share On Your Terms- Share albums privately with friends and family- Invite friends and family to collaborate by adding their ownphotos- Share with anyone, even if they don’t have Scene (or are on PC orfeature phone)- Share albums to Facebook, Twitter, and more● Scene Can Handle Your Entire Library- Use Scene Connect for PC or Mac to import photos from yourcomputer or SD cards- Organize and view your digital camera shots with Scene on yourAndroid device* Scene Connect requires a registered Scene account■ SCENE IS GREAT FOR WHEN ■- You have so many photos you can’t find what you’re lookingfor- You want to organize your photos quickly and easily- You’re on vacation with friends or family and want to sharepics- You’ve got hundreds of photos from an event, and want an easy wayto share them with everyone who attended- Saving photos one-by-one from your friends’ emails or chats is apain—Scene to the rescue!- You want to share photos privately, but aren’t 100% sure aboutFacebook’s privacy settings- You’ve got photos of your hobbies and want to share them with theworld- You want to share photos of your kids with your extendedfamily