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Pocket MAL
You CANNOT watch anime with this app, thegoal of this app is tracking your watching progress.Pocket MAL is an unofficial Android client for MAL and enables theusers to track their anime and mangaFeel free to contact me if you face any
Jack’d - Gay Chat & Dating
Jack’d is the most diverse and authentic appfor gay, bi and curious guys to connect, chat, share, and meet. Weall have different body types, opinions and preferences, and onJack’d - our differences make us stronger because you’re more thana headless torso!Whether you’re looking to chat, make friends, start a relationshipor keep it casual - with multiple public and private pics, aworldwide grid, and endless matching, you’ll find him onJack’d.Jack’d believes that everyone should be proud of who they are andwhere they come from; and that technology goes further when itbrings us closer together.You are Jack’d - be yourself; whether you are a Jock, Geek, Twink,Gaymer, Butch Queen, Bear or anything in-between, Jack’d is the gaydating app for you. Meet Jack, Jak, 插口 or Jacque on Jack’dnow.What’s in it for you?Free Features- View and chat with guys near you and worldwide- Browse the grid of guys with multiple profile photos- Quickly send recently sent photos- Reveal more by sharing private photos on your profile- Tell your story with customizable profile sections- Multiple filters to find just who you’re looking for- Favorite that cute guy you’re into and find him faster in yourfavorites listPro Features- No banners ads, declutter your screen- See more than 2 times the amount of cute guys on the grid- Swipe between guys and browse quicker- See who’s interested with the list of guys who have viewedyou- No limits on the amount of potential swipe matches, Match withmore sexy guys- Use of up to 18 recently sent photos- Narrow your search even further with more filters- Learn more about that sexy guy, see more detailed insights- Browse anonymously- Secure your app, use the password lock or FingerprintTERMS OF SERVICE:- Be respectful to each other!- Do not upload any nude or illegal pictures.- You must be 18 years old or older to register.*** Read the full terms & privacy policy available at for using Jack'd! We carefully read all of our app reviewsand appreciate hearing from our users. This latest release includessome of the features you've been asking for, with more coming inthe near future. If you have suggestions, please send us an emailat
MiuMeet Chat Flirt Dating App
MiuMeet is the awesome new dating app thatlets you meet, chat and even flirt with new friends looking forsome company just like you!With this app, you’ll be talking to new friends and local singlesin no time. MiuMeet lets you start conversation with new peoplethrough its messaging platform so you can meet up live and inperson with that special someone. Whether you’re looking to branchout into a new social group or interested in dating apps thatspecial person, MiuMeet is perfect for you and anyone else inbetween.- Meet, chat with, flirt with and date girls & guysnearby!
- Millions of singles are meeting and dating through ourapp!
- Make new friends, find your soulmate or just have somethingcasual.- Live Flirting: See who is online right now and chat withthem!- GPS location-based matches.
- Send text messages, pictures & smileys.- Daily Love Horoscope for your zodiac sign.- Fun love match calculator based on astrology.- Our users are of all orientations: gay, straight, lesbian.- Filter people by age, interests, places & tags.- Import photos from Facebook.- 100% free of charge! No hidden costs.Socializing and dating has never been more fun!MiuMeet isn’t just another “swipe for sex” dating app. MiuMeetintroduces you to a world of new people and new social circles. Ourusers are all looking to meet new people, and once people meet theinteraction is completely up to them. Friendships, hookups,long-term partners; they’re all possible with MiuMeet. Download theapp and meet new people today!The site is completely free!
Daum Cafe - 다음 카페
Kakao Corp.
Beginning of all the stories!Let's use Daum Cafe application service.Daum Cafe is a useful application that connects Daum Cafe's allstories through Android phone.Check out the new functions of the application with your AndroidPhone.Features include:Notify all feedback of your article using notificationfunction.View BBS that you visit frequently at a glance.View Daum Cafe's stories that you want to keep at a glance.Write an article adding my picture.Write an article more safely through auto save and temporary savefunction.Use view option that customizes the BBS list only for you.
在微博,官方发布新闻,草根爆料八卦;在微博,大V明星发布动态,粉丝狗仔爆料内幕;在微博,海量短视频等你来刷,搞笑、音乐、明星、综艺、影视、体育应有尽有;在微博,第一时间推送你最喜欢感兴趣的内容!【明星大V动态】超多大牌明星在微博发布动态,加关注便可第一时间与你最喜爱的明星互动【微博短视频】海量高清短视频,新鲜内容极速呈现,随时随地超级省流量!【热门微博】热点内容迅速捕捉,推荐给你最感兴趣的内容【实时热搜榜】呈现最新鲜、最热门、最有料的热点,想知道正在发生什么,狂戳热搜榜【发微博】尽情的表达自己内心的感受,一段独白,几张图片又或是一段视频,几分钟的直播,让世界听到你的声音【微博故事】快速记录并分享生活中的任意时刻到“我的故事”,只需两步即可发布一段15秒视频或一张照片,故事内容24小时后消失不留痕迹【微博直播】汇聚明星、红人、媒体热门事件等直播内容,在观看直播内容的同时可以实时与大V互动!同时,可自己发布直播微博并及时通知给你的粉丝!In the micro-Bo, anofficial press release, grassroots broke gossip;In the micro-blog, publish dynamic V-Star, fans broke the newspaparazzi insider;In microblogging, massive short video waiting for you to brush,comedy, music, stars, arts, film, sports, everything;In the micro-Bo, the first time pushed content of interest to yourfavorite!V-Star [dynamic]Over many big names in publishing dynamic microblogging, plusinterest can be the first time interacting with your favoritestarShort video [microblogging]Short massive high-definition video, speed presents fresh contentanytime, anywhere super provincial traffic![Popular microblogging]Hot content to quickly capture and recommend it to what you aremost interested in[] Real-time TrendingPresents the freshest, most popular, most expected the hot, want toknow what is happening, mad poke Trending[Micro-Bo]Enjoy to express their inner feelings, a monologue, or a fewpictures and a video, live a few minutes, let the world hear yourvoice[Microblogging story]Fast record and share any time in life to "My Story", just twosteps to release a 15-second video or a photograph and the storydisappeared without leaving any traces after 24 hours[Live microblogging]Live content aggregation stars, media celebrities, events and otherpopular media, real-time interaction with large V while watchinglive content! At the same time, can post their own livemicroblogging and promptly notify your fans!
tsu - The People's Network
tsu is a free social platform that rewards allusers for being social.We celebrate authentic and high quality content of all types.You can share photos, GIFs, or any type of content with yourfriends and followers right from the app.We believe that you, the content creator are the most valuablecomponent to making social media work. We believe in this so muchthat we share up to 90% of what we make, with you.Since launching on October 21st, 2014, tsu has grown to 5million users who have created tens of millions of posts from allaround the world. We built tsu on the simple, timeless philosophythat those who create value should capture it. Inspired by thesharing economy (a revenue-share business model), we believecommunities and creators should own the value of their likeness,image, efforts and work. We do this not because we have to, butbecause it’s the right thing to do.Although much more remains to be fixed in the modern onlineworld, tsu 3.0 is the next step in that evolution. This updatemakes it easy to find relevant content and connect with thecommunities you care about.with v3:- Topics & Channels improve content visibility & communitydiscovery- All content can be simultaneously posted to a Topic/Channel &to your profile feed, increasing visibility for all users- You can now follow 13 Topics, unlimited user-owned Channels &users- Public Groups are now listed as Channels- Private Groups are now located in Settings- Messaging is now in the My Profile subnav bar- No tolerance for bullying, spamming, or fake accounts
7gogo, Inc.
【755の主な特徴】◆何でも言える、あなただけのトークルームチャットツールのように気軽に書き込めるトークルームは、何でも言えるあなただけの空間。どれだけ書き込んでも友達のタイムラインを汚さないので、好きな時に好きなだけ書き込めます。◆日常がキレイにまとまっていく心地よさ今日の出来事、ふとした瞬間の気持ち、とっておきの1枚ではないけど気に入った写真。自然体の何気ない日常が気づけばキレイにまとまっているので、振り返る時も楽しめます。◆気になる投稿は気軽にRetalk755の中には、面白いニュース、発言、写真、動画などが豊富に転がっています。Twitterを連携すれば、自分のTwitterのタイムラインを755の中に読み込むこともできます。気になるコンテンツを見つけたら、“リトーク”して自分のルームにストックするのも便利です。◆著名人も日々本音トーク中!アーティスト、俳優、アイドル、文化人など多くの著名人がトークを更新中。ここでしか見られない日々の本音をのぞき見してみましょう。【推奨環境】Android 4.4以降【動作保証環境】Android 4.1以降本アプリはEMA認定範囲のアプリケーションです。
Stylish Text Creator
Sevenza Apps
Stylish Text Creator is a new text styling anddecoration tool to restyle the normal text into Stylish Text. Thetext can be both stylize and decorated in order to look cool. Thetext can be decorated with more than 80 styles including thepirates style, sword style, bar code style, signal style and lotsmore. The Text Styler contains 15 unique text styling to make yourtext looks as cool as you.The App is compatible with almost all popular messenger apps.Therefore, you can use the text generated in the app as your statusin whats App or post a status update in Facebook. There are endlesspossibilities with this stylish text creator tool. The app iscurrently free and contains no ads.For helping us mantaining and updating this app at a regular basis,kindly buy the donate version at By Helping us downloading the donate version of the app, we willmake the app most suitable for you all. Thanks in advance.Please Provide Ratings, Feedback and Recommend our app if you likedit.Bugs / Error Reporting :For any bugs or error reporting, simply mail us .Website :
Fast - Social App
Fast has been downloaded more than 10Million times with more than 140k reviews!!Fast is an alternative and free client to manage your Facebookaccount! Fast gives a great and full experience even to the lesspowerful device!You can use it also as social reader, you can organize your listand read-share all the stories from your favorite blogs ornewspapers on Facebook.Our Community: Pro: Fast’s Features:• Use Fast as a news reader creating your own lists of pages• Access to your main feed and lists• Chat with your friends• View videos from YouTube© directly in the app• Deep User Interface customization• Optional Security pin against snoopy• Download Pictures and Videos directly in your deviceMain features:• Access to news feed• Send, share, like and comment contents• Chat and manage private messages• Search friends, people, pages and everything else• Update status, Upload photos and videos• Access to Groups and Pages• Photos download• Widget and quick linksAfter many Updates, it is a client with low battery and bandwidthconsumption and a unique user interface. It is active only when youwant and it’s very light: only 2 mega! No hidden services orannoying notifications, it can be transferred to your SD cardtoo!Fast asks for permissions in order to work, if you accept them allthe features, It works, otherwise you will not be able to use 100%of Fast!Please send us a feedback. Don't post 1 Star, we are here tosupport you! Your opinion is important for us. This app is free,remember!
Chatimity Chat Rooms
Chatimity helps you take part in fresh,interesting discussions with people from around the world and yourlocality.Simply jump into one of the many active conversations in chatrooms. You can also start a new local topic and chat with peoplehaving similar interests.Chatimity uses a unique Nice Points System that helps maintain afriendly and vibrant community of over 2 million users.Download this chat rooms app and join in lively localconversations.
Badoo - Free Chat & Dating App
Badoo is the world's largest dating app. Over400,000 new people join us daily. What are you waiting for?Download NOW!“A mass phenomenon” – WIREDJoin the free dating network that’s bigger, better and safer. Wecheck each photo and verify profiles so you can chat with and meetyour new favourite person.BIGGERIf all Badoo users held hands they’d reach 10x round theearth350 million people, 190 countries, 47 languages400,000 new users sign up every dayBETTERVote via swipe or browse profiles (even offline)See if you’ve crossed paths or have mutual friendsPeople can only send 2 messages unless you replySAFERChoose to only chat with verified usersWe verify with a photo, Facebook or a callAsk for a live selfie when you start chatting
It's a place where everyone can find somethingthat interests and excites them.With the OK app, you can:– Stay in touch with your nearest and dearest– Call your friends free of charge– Post and edit photos– Load and watch the most interesting and trending videos– Listen to your favorite music and discover your friends' musicaltastes– Share emotions with your nearest and dearest through variousgifts– Keep up to date with all the news from your groups andparticipate in their discussions... and also follow holidays, play games, rate photos, comment onposts and topics, receive rewards and much, much more!
Share it
Share it app
Share it allows you to share photos, files andfolder with everyone using the same Wi-Fi connection or by the useof Bluetooth either publicly where everyone can view the files youare sharing, or privately where only specific people can view yourshared files, and by so allowing them to download and comment onevery file that is being shared, also once you open Share it itwill automatically make you your own Wi-Fi website where you candownload files that you and other people are sharing.Let’s say you saw something funny and you took a picture of it andyou want to share that picture, and so here where Share it comes inplace to allow you to share this photo with everyone and also allowthem to write comments on that picture and share them, or let’s sayyou have a file or even a folder that you want to share with yourclass mates so you just upload it on your app and now everyone willbe able to download that file from you either by using the appitself or by using the site that the app has made for you or forthem (if they are using the app on their device) and download itfrom there .How does Share it works?1. When you open your app you will see the Shared tab whichcontains all of the files that are shared by everyone and here youcan download and comment (everyone can view your comments) on eachfile.2.In the File Selector tab you can select any file or folder thatyou want to share and once you make your choice the app willautomatically share the files that you have chosen.3.The My Files tab lets you manage your current shared files so youcan remove, comment or set the privacy of you shared files.4.The My downloads tab allows you to open or delete the files thatyou downloaded.5.To use your personal website you just type the address that theapplication gave you in your Internet browser and there you candownload your own files or files shared by others.6. In the case on a not exsisting Wi-Fi connection the app willautomatically use the device Bluetooth (it it is available )Why Share it?1. An easy and a very fast way to share files and folder.2. The ability to download files from everyone and upload files toeveryone.3. The ability to comment on each and every file that isshared.4. The ability to share files with your computer by using theaddress given by your app.5. The ability to use Bluetooth sharing in the case of existingWi-Fi connection.Please in case of any difficulties you are more than welcome tosend us a mail we will contact as soon as possible.Thank you
Yik Yak
Yik Yak
Yik Yak is a location-based social networkthat helps you connect with the people right around you. By lettingyou express yourself, exchange thoughts, and explore your world,Yik Yak helps you feel at home within your local community.
POF Free Dating App
A conversation is where it all starts.Messaging is 100% FREE! Singles have more conversations on POF thanany other dating app. With us, you’re 2.7x more likely to enter aconversation in your first 24 hours! Join now, and we’ll get youtalking to someone before you know it.We also have the most FREE features to help you start dating! Youmight know someone who's in a relationship/dating because of amatch they found on POF. It's your turn!- Use our advanced matching algorithm for FREE- View your matches for FREE! Sort by last online, newest users andmore!- Most importantly, send and receive unlimited messages forFREE+ More features than we have room to tell you about!POF is the preferred singles dating app because you can viewmatches AND communicate with them for FREE (unlike the paid datingapps). Unlike smaller dating apps, POF has the most users and thus,the highest chance for you to find your relationship!The POF Dating App has the most users, generates the best resultsand is FREE. Tap Install and Join Now!Happy Fishing! is a part of the Match Group, which also owns Tinder,, OKCupid, Twoo, Meetic, and OurTime.
Flirtymania - live video chat broadcasts
This is not just a video chat where peoplearound the world are interacting, but a whole new world. Come on inand find out for yourself that there's room for everyone, here inFlirtymania! Watch streams live and recorded, interact with friendsin the text chat, and offer gifts.Thousands of users visit us every day! Want to know why?It's fun! You can find good company and an interesting broadcastany time, as thousands of users are constantly online.It's fun in here! By using the video chat, you can take a peek at awide variety of corners worldwide, the application is availableeverywhere and in 10 languages.It's safe here! Chat anonymously if you don't want to reveal yourname, and users will not be able to access your social networks, orother information.We believe in communication without any obstacles.Flirtymania chat supports 10 languages!The app is available on all popular platforms!To use the chat, you only need to have a 3G connection at aminimum.Meeting someone else has never been this easy! Text chat and videobroadcasts will be available immediately after the applicationstarts. You can choose an interesting stream, chat with thebroadcaster, or just stay and watch. Take your chance in the chatrooms, and maybe your soulmate will be in one of them! A good timeis guaranteed to anyone that has tried our chat.Don't be shy! Our users tell us as much as they want. Sometimes,it's difficult to approach a beautiful girl on a street, but thatisn't an issue here on video chat. The broadcasters are happy tointeract with the audience. Write a few compliments, press a like -It's that simple! Dating apps can be frustrating after meetings,but here you can start a video and chat with someone in realtime.Only adults are allowed on Flirtymania chat. A team of moderatorsis constantly monitoring to make sure that forbidden materialsnever appear here. Each chat user can participate in their work andinform the moderators about anything you see. We aim to makecommunication comfortable for all users!When it comes to dating, you can do everything and more, becausethere is also a private chat option. Nothing stops you from gettingto know someone better.Don't be afraid of losing someone! Just subscribe to the user andeach new broadcast will send a push notification. The importantthing to remember is to enable alerts for Flirtymania video chat inyour settings. Also, broadcasts are available for several daysafter the live broadcast, so if you are not able to see them live,it's not a problem! Perhaps you would like to relive the best videochat moments?While you were reading this app's description, a party has alreadystarted somewhere, and the gorgeous video chat beauties are alreadyintroducing themselves to someone else! Join our company and don'tmiss out on the fun!
Downloader for Facebook Videos
Facebook Video Downloader there’s no escaping technology.It’s constantly evolving, affecting everything from current affairsand the media, to the way we communicate online.Technical advances dominate day to day life and effect the way weapproach our work and play.Social media websites stand at the forefront of this new era:churning out memes, news leaks and vloggers faster than users cancreate an account.Everyone’s heard of Zoella, but did you know her road to famestarted with a simple Facebook post?With viral sensations such as the Ice Bucket Challenge and theHarlem Shake also dominating headlines last year,it’s clear social media has become more than just a tool to chatwith your friends. When it comes to Facebook especially,procrastination is king – and sometimes,when you’re sidetracked on the internet, you stumble acrosssomething that’s worth saving.That’s where the Facebook video downloader comes in.This handy app allows users to quickly download and storeeverything from videos of their favourite celebrity moments tomessages from friends.Smart and easy to use, installing the Facebook video downloader apptakes minutes but could save you a lot of time browsing for funnyclips in the future.Install, Download, PlayInstalling the Facebook video downloader couldn’t be easier.Simply download the app from the Google Play store, and install itonto your Android device, with a minimum requirement of iOSplatform 2.3.3.Once that’s done, a slide bar will appear to the left of yourscreen.When you login to Facebook, this will give you easy access to yoursaved videos through the app’s integrated management system,as well as allowing you to save clips posted across Facebook.There are four easy steps to follow when using the Facebook videodownloader:1) Click on the like button in the title bar2) Login to Facebook if you haven’t already3) Find and play the video you want to save4) Hit the download buttonFrom there, it’s simply a case of accessing your stored videosthrough the download manager by swiping to the left of yourscreen.Saving a video with the Facebook video downloader is as simple aspie, but if you get stuck,there’s no need to panic. The app comes with an integrated helpdialogue that will guide you through the above process, step bystep.The Facebook video downloader allows you to download videos fromevery aspect of Facebook, including but not limited to your ownwall and feed,Facebook pages, groups and public profile pages across the socialmedia platform.Videos can then be re-watched through an integrated player on yoursmartphone. So,what are you waiting for? Get downloading!
Facebook Groups
This app gives you a dedicated space for youand your groups.See all of your Facebook groups in one place. Discuss, plan andcollaborate easily and without distractions. Follow your groupshere or on Facebook, whichever is easier for you.• Create a group for just about anything• Share information, post photos and links, and stay in touch• Discover and join new groups for whatever you’re into• Keep up with groups you manageFacebook groups are great for ...• Family & Friends—share photos, organize vacations• Teams & Clubs—post updates and schedules• Organizations—make decisions, plan events• School & Work—collaborate on projects, distribute notes
Stack Exchange
Stack Exchange is a network of 100+ questionand answer communities on everything from software programming tocooking, photography, and gaming. With this app you can:• Track all your interests in one place with the new combined feedview• Get instant notifications when you receive an answer orcomment• Search for questions, or browse by tag• Ask, answer, comment and vote on questionsThis is the official app for all Stack Exchange sites, includingStack Overflow, Super User, Server Fault, Ask Ubuntu andArqade.New to Stack Exchange? Here’s how it works:• Anybody can ask or answer a question• The best answers are voted to the top• You earn reputation points for every vote you receive• Unlock privileges as you earn reputation, like the ability tocomment or vote• The community is run by you: moderators are elected, and topusers have access to special tools to help moderate
Twiends - Grow Your Twitter
Twiends helps you to connect with new peopleon Twitter. We're a leading directory of social media users, and wegive you an awesome social home page too!With over 3 million signups over 5 years, we have led the thecommunity approach to Twitter self-promotion.With the mobile app you can find interesting people to follow, viewyour walls, and change the speed of your promotion.
Дом 2 - Знакомства
Знакомься и общайся тет-а-тет с участникамипроекта ДОМ-2. Стань следующим, кто придет на реалити-шоу, чтобыпостроить настоящую любовь!Если ты ищешь вторую половинку, мечтаешь влюбиться или простохочешь общаться с интересными людьми, скачивай нашеприложение!- Симпатичные девушки и парни в 1 км. от тебя- Более 800 000 привлекательных людей в онлайне ежедневно- Общение в анонимном гео-чате на любые волнующие темы- Тысячи новых знакомств каждый день- Мгновенные уведомления о новых лайках и сообщенияхУзнай, кому ты нравишься и кто не против познакомиться с тобой.Проверь, сколько лайков получит твое фото, болтай и флиртуй везде,где есть мобильная связь или Wi-Fi. Построй свою любовь вместе сДОМ-2!Meet and talk tete-a-tetewith the project DOM-2. Be the next to come on a reality show tobuild a true love!If you are looking for a soul mate, fall in love or just a dreamyou want to communicate with interesting people, download ourapp!- Cute girls and boys 1 km. from you- More than 800,000 people in the attractive online daily- Communicate anonymously geo-chat on any topic of concern- Thousands of new people every day- Instant notification of new messages and huskyFind out who you like and who do not mind to meet you. Check howmany likes received your photos, chatting and flirting whereverthere is a mobile connection or Wi-Fi. Build your love togetherwith DOM-2!
# It's not official instagram app.# This app is made using Instagram open Api.# so it has some limitation they don't supported on Api.# I explain main features and limitations below.* main feature- sign in on instagram- follow / unfollow on detail user view by click user name- save pictures and videos on sdcard by click save button- set wallpaper by long click main pictures- show near pictures recently updated.- search tag / user name (not support following private useryet)- share picture link to twitter, Facebook etc.- like / unlike- comment*Limitation (not support until instagram open the api)- upload / modify picture- user profile modify- sign up
Animated Smileys for Whatsapp
Future Prints
★'Top Smiley app of 2015.Animated smiley isthe fastest and coolest Smiley app. Featured by Android Social Appsas a top app, Animated Smiley is loved by users in 50+ countries.Download Animated smiley to spice up your chattingexperience.★★★Important: Your friends must have this app installed tosee the animated emoticons and encrypted text.**► Permission SettingsAnimated Smiley will only work when allowed via the Accessibilitysettings on your device. Please follow the prompt upon launching.Highlights:**Now send sound smiley.** +50 Special falling smileys** +200 Animated emoticons**Now send animated smiles to *Whatsapp*Facebook and Facebook Messenger*Viber*Skypeand all other major messengers too,As soon as you start sending Animations, all of your friendswill want them too!It will surely spice up your relationship or can put a huge smileon the face of whoever you are talking to.Hurry!!! Download this app now and see the magic and if you likethis application don't forget to write a good review...Enable Accessibility Services:Go to [System Settings -> Accessibility -> Animated smiley-> [ON], and finish it by tapping [OK] in the followingpop-up.You may receive the warning during the process. Please tap [OK]when it need to. The small warning pop-up is a regular reminder forany app requesting for Accessibility services, Animated Smiley willNEVER collect any personal information.Android version 4.0 or higher will automatically show animatedemoticons, lower Android versions will have to tap the message tosee the animation.If this app doesn't work, Please mail us your problem
TextNow - free text + calls
TextNow, Inc.
FREE SMS TEXTING, PICTURE MESSAGING, CALLING,AND VOICEMAILDEDICATED PHONE NUMBERGive your friends your very own phone number they can call!UNLIMITED TEXT MESSAGINGYou can send as many text messages as you want to US & Canada -FREE!UNLIMITED CALLS TO USA AND CANADAMake unlimited free phone calls to any phone number in the US &Canada!LOW-COST & FREE INTERNATIONAL CALLINGAdd money or earn free money by completing offers to your accountand make low-cost international callsHIGHLIGHTS:- Make and receive voice calls- Full picture messaging : send, receive and save pictures!- Voicemail Transcription- Caller ID- PassCode: keep your messages under lock n’ key- Google SmartLock: no need to remember your password- Emoticons :-)- Call Forwarding- Signatures: add your own signature to each text- Customizable text-tone, ringtone & vibration- Customizable backgrounds- Assign individual contacts their own ringtone &background- Quick Reply to easily (and quickly) respond to friends- Home screen widget to launch TextNow, compose a new message orquickly make a call- Unified inbox: send and receive your texts directly via TextNow -use TextNow as your one-stop SMS texting app!- Real SMS texting and calling: text and call ANY phone thataccepts SMS texting, and ANY phone for calling.- - text from your computer too! All messagesseamlessly synchronize with your mobile device.IS IT REALLY FREE?There is no catch. No yearly or monthly fees! It is completelyfree!HOW CAN ALL OF THIS BE FREE?The app comes with a few ads. If you don't like ads, you canpurchase a subscription to remove them.PEOPLE WHO LOVE TEXTNOW"If you want an unlimited texting without the high priced carrierbased texting plans, then Textnow is the app for you." 4/5 rating--AppAdvice"Anyone needing an unlimited number of texts, we’d recommendTextNow as our app of choice" --AppAddict"Just as fast sending/receiving as regular texts for me (includingpeople who don't have the app)." -tbm248, MacRumors
Open Garden
Free messaging. No signal or mobile dataneeded. It's the "INTERNET OF US" (TM)FireChat works even without an Internet connection or cellularphone coverage. Use it anywhere: planes, public transportation,cruise ships, campuses, and crowded events. All you need is a fewpeople around you using FireChat.Bluetooth and WiFi need to be "on" to send and receive messageswhen not connected to a network (yes please turn WiFi on, even ifyou don't have access to the Internet). And if you are connected toa cellular network or WiFi access point, then FireChat will worktoo.You will be automatically connected directly with one another,creating your own network for public and private communications.The more people use it, the bigger and faster your networkbecomes.And when you do have access to a reliable Internet connection orcellular network, FireChat helps you reach people worldwide andbuild your audience faster than on any social network, forfree.Leaders, artists, communities and organizations (news, cultural,humanitarian, sports...) love how quickly FireChat scales. FireChathelps them communicate instantly with large groups of people toachieve their goals.Get FireChat now with a few friends and start something.========= How does this work ? =========FireChat creates a mesh network using Bluetooth and peer-to-peerWiFi. FireChat transmits messages and pictures offline betweendevices that are located within 200 feet of one another.Thanks to FireChat’s innovative multi-hop and store-and-forwardcapabilities, FireChat users form a network that increases in sizewith the number of devices. It allows messages to hop from onedevice to the next in order to reach the recipient(s). This is whythe more people use FireChat, the better and the larger the networkbecomes (unlike with cellular networks).On the mesh network, messages are transmitted seamlessly from onedevice to the next in order to reach the recipient(s). When anInternet connection or cellular network is available, FireChat usesthem to reach remote recipients.Public messages are visible by anyone. Private messages areencrypted and can only be seen and read by the sender and therecipient.========= Features =========• Instantly send messages and photos to anyone around you• Send private messages that only you and the recipient can readthanks to end-to-end encryption
• Instantly create live chatrooms for discussions on any topicwith a few people or as many as tens of thousands of simultaneoususers• Type a hashtag in any message to automatically create a newchatroom• View the most popular messages in the public conversations• Public chatrooms and private messages work both offline andonline• Works even without any Internet connection, mobile phonecoverage
, or data plan• Devices connect directly with one another within 200 feet oftheir location• Multihop and store-and-forward technology create larger networkswhen several people use FireChatFireChat has been featured by CNN, the BBC, the Wall StreetJournal, the New York Times, USA Today, Time, and many more aroundthe world.FireChat is often used at live events - such as the visit of PopeFrancis in the Philippines in January 2015 - and large festivalsincluding SXSW where it received an Innovation Award in March2015.
Whose Log? - Chating,Friending
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Jodel - The Hyperlocal App
Jodel instantly connects you with students onyour campus. It's a live social feed of your community's hottestnews, events, stories and jokes. Never miss out on what's happeningaround you again.On Jodel, you can:- Discover in real-time what's happening on campus- Post messages and photos to everyone around you- Connect with people who share your interests- Collect Karma for spreading good vibes- Easily get and provide useful local information- Confess your secret love affair with chicken nuggets (oohbaby!)Jodel is the newest social media craze you’re missing out on.(By the way… Jodel is pronounced "yodel")(And also, Jodel is not spelled "uodel", "yodle" or"yoddle")
Netease Mag
真正不耗流量的免费电话?易信3.0,真的可以有!在社交聊天应用一窝蜂的今天,你可曾想过让它帮你节省电话费?易信3.0,或许是迄今为止地球上通话功能最强大的社交app。打字贴图也聊不够?试试更高清的语音聊天,让感情升温,让朋友更真。普通电话还不够聊?送你首月260分钟的免费电话,无回声不延迟,你不挂我不挂。更有海量免费贴图,晒一晒、问一问、偶遇、拼车等特色功能也全面升级。试试新版易信,你会发现好朋友们一直就在身边。【易信主要特点】◆大杀器!新增易信电话,免费*直拨国内任意手机固话,通话过程不耗流量!通话质量秒杀同类产品!现在登录就送260分钟通话时间**!◆更方便!新增易信电话桌面小部件,可在桌面快速拨打易信电话◆ 更个性!偶遇新增昵称设置并可将朋友圈、晒一晒展示在偶遇名片中◆ 更安全!新增帐号保护功能,新设备登陆易信需要验证手机号码【意见反馈】◆ 软件内进入【设置->意见反馈】*免费拨打国内电话,部分用户可能因手机本身套餐类型,由运营商收取接听或漫游费用。*赠送的260分钟通话时间,包括100分钟双人通话、100分钟多人通话及60分钟国际漫游通话,有效期至首发推广期结束,详情请见软件内说明。