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Tiket Kereta Api
Railway Ticket Booking Services Onlinepresented by PT . Kereta Api Indonesia ( Persero )As a company that manages the railway in Indonesia , PT . KeretaApi Indonesia ( Persero ) has many operate railway passengers ,both KA Main ( Commercial and Non- Commercial ) , as well as localtrains in Java and Sumatra , which consists of :- KA Executive- Economic KA AC- KA Business- KA Economy- KA Mixed- Local KA- KRL
Pig Spotter II
Mike Kroger
Easily capture and share speed trap, fixedcamera, road block, crime hotspot and accident locations with otherPig Spotter users.Speed trap, road block and accident locations will be retained bythe system for 24 hours only. Fixed camera and crime hotspotlocations will be retained by the system forever.Pig Spotter will also attempt to resolve address information foreach of the reported locations. The address (if the address issuccessfully resolved) will be stored on the Pig Spotter server,along with the longitude and latitude of the location.All newly posted speed traps, etc., will also be tweeted to@PigSpotterApp on Twitter.Over 50 000 fixed camera locations have been loaded for variouscountries around the world.NO PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION IS COLLECTED OR SHARED BYPIG SPOTTER!
Trains running late? Say goodbye to waiting onthe platform for the local and say hello to Rootin, yourinformation hub for Mumbai locals featuring:- Live arrival times- Filter direct trains to your destination- Accurate train time tables for Western, Central, Harbour andtrans-harbour railways- Local station maps to locate and find your way to facilities liketicket counter, toilet etc.Get live train timings in just one tap. The app detects yourclosest station or select your boarding station and see theinformation of upcoming trains. Enter the destination to filter outthe trains that take you directly. Use station maps to knowimportant places and march straight to them, minimizing walking andtime.Rootin is powered by Mumbaikars! The awesomeness of Rootin stemsin our cooperation with you, our amazing users who are always happyto help. This concept is known as crowdsourcing. So it is thecommuters of local who are generating live information of all theMumbai locals. Rootin serves as their technology partner.At Rootin, we claim that the simplest ever way to help thousandsof people is by pressing the 'Check in' button. When a commuterboards a train, he checks in that train on the app. By checking in,he or she shares the location of the train. Based on this locationand time data, we predict the train running status and update thisinformation on the app to help people waiting on the subsequentstations know the expected arrival time. More check ins = BetteraccuracyWe are currently serving the commuters of Mumbai local and willsoon be available for Buses!Common misspellings: Routine, Rooting, RooteenWe like to interact with you. So let's stay connectedLike us on Facebook: us on twitter: @rootinappCheck out our website:
MioMap Taiwan
MioMapTaiwan,讓您的手機不需要連線也能使用導航地圖與軟體,獨家附近逛逛瀏灠模式及關鍵字POI搜尋,讓您隨時方便查詢目的地,強大快速的運算功能,內建六種不同的路徑規劃建議與國道里程收費計算,提供您一目瞭然的最佳選擇。(建議付費購買前,請先下載安裝試用版)產品主要特色:✓內建六種路徑規劃,同時顯示四種路徑規劃✓關鍵字搜尋✓即時路況與繞道建議(需網路連線服務)✓國道里程收費計算✓分割畫面資訊選單✓旅程計畫✓辨別切換高架/平面道路✓尋找目的地附近停車場✓高快速道路出入口指引(Junction View)✓固定式測速照相警示✓道路速限標示與超速提示✓適用版本:Android 2.3以上版本 (目前尚未支援Android 5.X)✓支援解析度:480 x 800 / 480x272 / 800x480 / 960x540 / 1024x600 /1280x720 / 1280x800 / 1920x1080付費升級MioMap Pro Taiwan功能:✓完整導航功能✓TTS語音播報功能(Turn-by-Turn)✓不支援廠牌(如有更新以官網為準):MioMap Pro Taiwan不支援 ASUS PhonePad、ASUS MEMO PadFHD10 (wifi) 、LGE988 G Pro、INFOCUS IN815、LG G3、HTC New1 mini, HTCE9 PLUS購買方式:✓詳情請上
Andale - Carsharing aggregator
Nominated Best Transportation App by theEuropean Union in 2016.App of the year for SDA Bocconi and Edison in 2015Andale is the only application that lets you subscribe toall main carsharing, bikesharing, scootersharing services, Uber andTaxi from the same platform and at the same time!With a single subscription you will have access to all mainservices present in your city of interest, in Italy and abroad,receiving up to 150 FREE minutes of usage!And this is not the only advantage!Let your friends know about Andale using your personal “FriendCode” you can find within the app and both will receive extra freeminutes of usage!With Andale you will be able to use the following services:Milan -- Car2go, Enjoy, E-vai, Guidami, Share'NGo, Zego, Uber,Bikemi;Rome -- Car2go, Enjoy, RomaCarSharing, Share'NGo, Uber;Florence -- Car2go, GirACI, Share'NGo, Enjoy, Uber;Turin -- Car2go, CarCityClub, Enjoy, ToBike, Zego;Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Wien, Frankfurt,Stuttgart -- Car2go, DriveNowAndale is:1- USEFUL. A single registration enables you to access all majorcarsharing, bikesharing, scootersharing services, Uber and Taxi inyour city from the same platform and at the same time.2-COMPLETE. Uber, Car2go, Enjoy, Share’NGO? There are all of them,and much more!3-EASY TO USE. You can look for the best solution for any situationby simply looking at a single and clear map.4-CLEAR. Compare costs for each service, subscription and usageguidelines.5-CONVENIENT. Select your destination and the application willestimate time and cost to destination. Choose the service that willbring you to destination in the least time and at lowest cost forany one situation!Andale: One App – All Carsharing and Bikesharing services!We are always happy to hear from our users!For any comment, question or doubt, don’t hesitate to write us atthe following address: info@andaleapp.comFollow us on Facebook: Twitter: is not affiliated to any Carsharing, Bikesharing or Taxiservice and all brands and logos are owned by the respective ownerCompanies.“If you don’t have available data on your phone but need to book avehicle, look for a “OpenWi-Fi” area through Andale. Once you reachit you will be able to book the chosen vehicle without regesteringto the Wi-Fi service!
My Renault Mobile est enfin là !!Votre espace client personnalisé My Renault arrive enfin sur votreAndroid avec plein de nouveaux services.Une ergonomie fluide, un design dynamique et des services vraimentpratiques pour gérer VOTRE Renault en toute simplicité tout au longde sa vie.Rejoignez le club des inscrits My Renault et profitez desservices complètement personnalisés en temps réel et synchronisésavec votre compte internet !Vous pouvez :• ajouter vos Renault dans Mon Garage Virtuel enrichi• activer votre Entretien Personnalisé calculé avec rappel deséchéances• ajouter un Concessionnaire préféré à mon compte My Renault et lecontacter plus rapidement pour vos rendez-vous d’entretien,• rester informés de l’actualité de Renault, du site My Renault etvotre voiture grâce à mes Messages,• gérer votre profil depuis l’applicationet aussi• de nombreux goodies à découvrir (lampe de poche, convertisseursde devises, …)• retrouvez Renault sur les réseaux sociaux depuis My RenaultMobile.Dans les versions à suivre : des offres personnaliséesdirectement consultables sur votre mobile, la possibilité de gérervos messages ou de supprimer votre Renault du garage virtuel etplus encore.My Renault Mobile isfinally here !!Your client area My Renault finally arrives on your Android withmany new services.A fluid ergonomics, dynamic design and really convenient servicesto manage YOUR Renault in all simplicity throughout his life.Join the ranks of registered My Renault and enjoy the fullypersonalized services in real time and synchronized with youronline account!You can :• add your Renault in My Garage Virtual enriched• activate your Custom Maintenance calculated with returndeadlines• add a favorite Dealer in my account My Renault and contact soonfor appointments maintenance,• Stay informed of news of Renault, Renault of My and your carthrough my messages,• Manage your profile from the appand also• goodies to discover (flashlight, currency converters, ...)• Renault find on social networks from My Mobile Renault.In versions to follow: personalized offers directly available onyour mobile, the ability to manage your messages or delete yourRenault virtual garage and more.
car2go black
The car2go black app offers you a convenientand user friendly way to rent a premium and comfortableMercedes-Benz B-Class for one way or roundtrips. Start your rentalin any one of the car2go black park spots and end your rental inany of our park spots in Berlin or Hamburg. car2go black iscompletely smartphone based – find vehicles near you, reserve andstart and end your trip completely via the app.Overview of features:- Direct access to all car2go black vehicles with easy to locatemap view- Comprehensive information on the selected car2go black such aslocation (street, town), distance and fuel level- Display of car2go black park spots which are conveniently locatedin the city center, near airports and mass transit connectingpoints- Automatic guidance to the nearest car2go black within theapp- Keyless vehicle access in real-time via the app- In-App guide and comprehensive vehicle informationIf you have any questions, suggestions or problems regarding theApp, please contact us at
MapFan オフライン地図ナビ・毎月更新
==========■地図データダウンロード不具合お知らせ下記時間帯におきまして、地図データがダウンロードできない不具合が発生しておりました。3月25日(金)14:25~28日(月)11:45現在は修正しており、地図データをダウンロード頂けます。ダウンロードに失敗しアプリがご利用できない場合は、アプリを一度アンインストールしていただき、再度インストールし直してください。その際、バックアップを行っていないブックマークデータは削除される恐れがございますことをご承知おきください。この度はお客様にご迷惑をお掛け致しましたことを、深くお詫び申し上げます。==========※「MapFan 2015」との比較はこちらをご覧ください。★モバイルアワード2014 交通系アプリ  総合満足度 第1位  地図の見やすさ部門 第1位オフラインで地図から検索、ナビまでも!地下や山道などの通信が不安定な場所や、通信契約をしていない端末などにおすすめ!◆毎月新鮮な地図データベストなルート案内に、新しく開通した道路は欠かせません。毎月、新しい地図データに更新できる「MapFan」なら、もう遠回りする必要はありません。◆美しく見やすいオフライン地図モバイル利用に最適化した見やすさ抜群の地図。夜間の車内でも眩しくない「夜モード」も。◆多彩な地点検索方法マルチなフリーワード検索や住所階層検索など、多彩な検索方法から選べます。◆簡単操作で音声ナビゲーション検索結果から「ここへ行く」で簡単ルート探索&方面看板やレーン情報表示に対応した音声ガイド付きナビゲーション。その他、スポット&ルートのブックマーク機能や位置情報共有機能など、様々な機能を搭載しています。■価格価格は決済方法により異なります。1.Googleウォレット決済 月額400円(税込) ※初回は30日間無料でご利用いただけます。2.MapFan会員IDでログイン(キャリア決済・クレジットカード決済) 月額324円(税込)、年額3,888円(税込) ※お支払い方法は、ドコモspモード決済、ソフトバンクまとめて支払い、auかんたん決済、クレジットカード決済に対応しております。■注意事項・本アプリはGPS機能が必要です。・ご利用には地図データのダウンロードが必要です。・地図データのダウンロードには、Wi-Fiネットワークに接続している必要があります。・地図データは約5.2GB(2014年10月時点)ですが、一時的に指定の空き容量が必要です。必要空き容量は地図データ保存先によって異なりますが、最大で約5.9GB(2014年10月時点)です。地図データ容量および必要空き容量は、地図データバージョンによって異なります。・地図データのダウンロードおよび初期化は、機種やダウンロード環境によって数時間程度かかる場合がございます。・現在地の特定には端末のGPS機能を使用しております。地下や屋内などGPSの電波が届かない場所では現在地を取得できません。・一部検索機能にはオンライン通信が必要です。・地図更新のトピックス等によっては、更新タイミングが変更される場合がございます。・誘導情報は、あくまでも参考情報です。実際の道路状況や交通規制に従ってご利用ください。・移動中の運転者または歩行者による携帯電話の操作・注視は大変危険ですので絶対にお止めください。必ず安全な場所に停止してから操作してください。・MapFan会員IDでご利用いただく場合、登録情報を確認するため、毎月ネットワークに接続して認証を行います。認証できない状態が続きますと、地図画面上に「認証のためネットワークに接続してください」とメッセージが表示されます。メッセージが表示されてから約48時間以内に認証が完了しないとアプリが利用できなくなりますので、ネットワークに接続した状態でアプリを起動してください。なお、48時間以内に認証が完了しなくても会員情報は削除されませんのでご安心ください。認証完了後に再びご利用可能となります。■利用規約ご購入の前に、必ず利用規約をご確認ください。「MapFan」製品サイト
Opel Divisa
Divisa Automoción es un concesionario Opel enSevilla creado en 2012 por los profesionales que dirigían desde elaño 2002 el anterior concesionario Opel Divisa, los cuales se hanconcentrado en crear una empresa moderna y saneada, que está dandoun nuevo impulso a la marca Opel en Sevilla, y que ha sabidorodearse del mejor equipo humano proveniente de la anteriorempresa.Nuestras instalaciones centrales de C/ Jardín de la Isla (Juntoa Bellavista) cuentan con más de 10.000 m2 dedicados a exposiciónde VN, exposición de VO, talleres de mecánica y de carroceríadotados con el mejor equipamiento y las últimas tecnologías,almacén de recambios, oficinas, y una campa de 3.500 m2.Nuestro concesionario ofrece un servicio total, que abarca desdela venta del vehículo nuevo o usado, pasando por servicios definanciación, ampliaciones de garantía, seguros, servicio integralpostventa y todo lo que pueda suponer una necesidad para elcliente.Todo nuestro crecimiento año tras año no habría sido posible sinla confianza depositada en nosotros por nuestros clientes, que nosha llevado a consolidarnos en el mercado de la automoción.Nuestro interés por la satisfacción de nuestros clientes nos hallevado a poner este nuevo servicio en funcionamiento, unconcesionario virtual con el que podrá acceder a nosotros desdecualquier lugar y sin salir de casa.Currency Automotive is anOpel dealer in Sevilla created in 2012 by professionals since 2002headed the previous Opel dealer Currency, which have focused oncreating a modern and healthy company that is giving a new impetusto the brand Opel Sevilla, and has surrounded himself with the bestteam from the previous company.Our central facilities of C / Garden Island (Next to Bellavista)have more than 10,000 m2 exhibition dedicated to VN, VO exhibition,workshops and body mechanics equipped with the best equipment andthe latest technology, spare parts warehouse , offices, and acampaign of 3,500 m2.Our dealership offers a complete service, ranging from the saleof new or used vehicle, through financing services, extendedwarranties, insurance, comprehensive after-sales service and allyou can assume is a need for the client.All our growth year after year would not have been possiblewithout the trust placed in us by our customers, which has led usto consolidate our position in the automotive market.Our interest in the satisfaction of our customers has led us tothis new service in operation, a virtual dealer with which we canaccess from anywhere without leaving home.
Złap Taxi
Złap Taxi
ZlapTaxi (grab a cab) is a new way of calling a taxi wherever youare in Poland* Ordering via Internet (no phone call so you don't have to speakpolish) (Warsaw only for now)* GPS localization* up-to-date taxi prices* 72 cities, 392 taxi companies* integrated with Transportoid* works offline - no roaming
TransitTimes Free
TransitTimes is the ultimate trip planner and public transit timestool for USA, Canada, Australia & NZ,Download schedules for offline viewing in 80+ cities, includingtimetables for bus, train, subway, trolley, light rail, commuterrail and trams.FREE VERSION: This free version of TransitTimes+ supports 3directions search per hour, and allows you to create 1 favoritetrip, stop & live tracker in your city. It also includesservice alerts + nearby stops. Upgrade today to create unlimitedsearches and favorites in all supported cities!You can also:✔ Find directions when you're not sure where to go.✔ View real-time vehicle positions (in supported cities, listedbelow)✔ View service alerts (in supported cities)✔ Save your favorite trips, stops, and directions searches✔ View nearby stops✔ Set a default search time for each favorite so can quickly seeupcoming trips.✔ View trips on a mapREAL-TIME: Vancouver, Atlanta, Portland, Salt Lake City, Boston,Toronto, LA, San Diego, San Francisco, NYC, Ottawa, Chicago,Washington DC, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Honolulu & ChapelHill, Tampa (PSTA), Christchurch, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney,Brisbane, Canberra, EdmontonSee YOUR BALANCE: Transperth SmartRider, ChristchurchMetroCard, Adelaide MetroCard, Melbourne Myki, Brisbane Go Card,Action MyWay Card, MetroTas Green CardCITIES SUPPORTED:AUSTRALIA: Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Sydney, Hobart(Tasmania)CANADA: Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, StJohns, Toronto, Vancouver, WinnipegNEW ZEALAND: Auckland, Christchurch, WellingtonUNITED STATES: Albany, Albuquerque, Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Austin,Baltimore, Bakersfield, Bend, Boston, Buffalo, Chapel Hill,Charlottesville, Chicago, Cleveland, Colorado Springs, CorpusChristi, Dallas, Delaware, Denver, Duluth, Edmonton, Fairfax CountyTransit, Fort Wayne, Fresno, Honolulu, Houston, Indianapolis,Jacksonville, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Lansing, Lexington, LittleRock, Los Angeles, Louisville, Madison, Miami, Milwaukee,Minneapolis, Montgomery County, Nashville, New Orleans, NYC,Oakland, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Providence, PSTA,Raleigh, Reno, Riverside, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose,Salem, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Diego, Santa Monica,Seattle, Spokane, St Louis, Tampa, Washington DC, Wilmington,YumaEUROPE: BudapestPERMISSIONS SUMMARY:INTERNET - Directions search, alerts, downloadingtimetablesNETWORK STATE - Check if Internet connection is availableEXTERNAL STORAGE - Timetables storageYOUR LOCATION - Directions search, nearby stopsCONTACTS - Directions searchPlease email support@transittimesapp.comif you have any concerns about our use of these permissions.TRANSIT AGENCIES SUPPORTED:ABC Ride, ACTION, AC Transit, Adelaide Metro, AMT, BART, BCT,Big Blue Bus, BKV, Busco, Calgary Transit, CapMetro, CAT, CATA,Caltrain, Capital Area Transit, Cary Transit C-Tran, CATA, CascadesEast Transit, CCRTA, CDTA, Chapel Hill Transit, Cherriots,Christchurch Metro, CHT, Citilink, CityRail, CMRT, COTA, CTA,C-TRAN, DART, DART First State / DelDOT, DATA, DCTA, DTA, ETS,Fairfax County Transit, FWTA, GATRA, GCRTA, Golden Empire Transit,Golden Gate Transit (GGT), Go Transit, GRTA Xpress, HART, HowardTransit, HSR (Hamilton Street Railway), IndyGo, KCM, KCMD, LAMetro, Lextran, LIRR, KCATA, MARTA, MAXX, MBTA, MCTS, MDC Transit,Metlink, Metra, Metro, MetroTas, Metro Transit, Metrobus Transit,MMT, MNR, MTA, MTA Maryland, Muni, Nashville MTA, NCTD, NFTA, NJTransit, NORTA, OCTA, OCTranspo, PACE, PATCO, Port Authority, PSTA,PTV Melbourne, PVTA, Qconnect Queensland, Ride On, RIPTA, RTC, RTA,RTC Washoe, RTD, RTL, SACRT, SDMTS, SF Muni, SEPTA, Sound Transit,SRTA, STA, STL, STM, TARC, TfNSW, TheBus, The Ride, TMTA Topeka,Translink BC, Translink SEQ (QLD), Transperth, TriMet, TTA, TTC,Winnipeg Transit, UTA, Valley Metro, VIA, VRE, VTA, YRT, Yolorbus,131500 NSW
APSRTC Ticket Availability
Purushotham R
APSRTC Ticket Availability is a simple app to know the bus timingsand tickets availability information to various destinations inAndhra Pradesh, Telangana and neighboring states Tamilnadu,Karnataka.The bus service arrival timings, departure timings,bus type,fareinformation is provided.The following information is available in this app.• Tickets availability status.• Search bus services to various destinations.• Search for A/C bus and Non-A/C bus timing and servicename.• Display bus service details from source to destination alongwith the fare and seats available.Your feedback on this app is appreciated.Note: This app is NOT affiliated to APSRTC. The idea is to giveeasy access to the APSRTC information.
Truck Stop & Overnight parking
In this app, we gathered various rest stop or overnight parkingoptions for professional truck drivers. We show all the overnightparking locations on the map for user to easily find a parkingspace. These locations includes Walmart Stores (We have carefullyremoved those Wal-Mart Location that bans overnight parking), Sam'sClub, Home Depot, Costco, Truck Stops such as Flying J, Loves,Petro, Pilot and so on. User can easily see what parking optionavailable nearby or search a specific location. It is a convenienttool for truck driver.Let us know if you have any question or have a new location toadd simply by contacting us through our app or email us.
Busan subway / 釜山 地下鐵
Busan subway / 釜山 地下鐵Those who plan to travel in South Korea,One of the necessary information for those who start the trip toBusan subway information.Korean / English / Japanese / Chinese version required thesubway can verify the information.Seoul subwayKorea subwayTrip to Korea/ Myeongdong / Seoul Gangnam / nursing homes / countervailing /Suwon / Incheon / International Airport / Gimpo Airport / Yeouido /Yongsan / Cheongnyangni / Yeouido / Samsung
Надоело дозваниваться в операторскую - закажилюбимое Такси 2-306-306 через приложение одной кнопкой!При заказе такси через приложение "Taxi306" вы получаете приоритетв подаче машины + максимальную действующую на момент заказаскидку.Однажды авторизовавшись и введя адрес "Откуда" и "Куда", вы сможетезаказывать в дальнейшем такси ОДНОЙ КНОПКОЙ!В разделе "Дополнительно" вы можете сами выбрать дополнительныеопции к заказу, а после нажатия кнопки "Заказать" наблюдать запоиском и движением уже найденного для Вас автомобиля!"Tired of dial in to theoperator - book favorite Taxi 2-306-306 through application of abutton!When ordering a taxi via the application "Taxi306" you get priorityin the supply of cars + the maximum effect at the time the orderdiscount.Once authorized and entering the address of "From" and "To", youcan order a taxi in the future one button!In the "Advanced" you can select additional options to your order,and when you click "Buy" to observe the search and the movement hasfound for you a car! "
Экзамен ПДД 2015- Билеты
Удобное и простое приложение для подготовки к экзамену в ГИБДД.Convenientand simple application to prepare for the exam in the trafficpolice.
John Li
上海公交车信息(离线)查询:* 站站查询,模糊站名查询* 按照车次查询* 发送到短信、邮件、记事本* 内置地铁线路图ShanghaiBus Information (offline) query:* Station queries, fuzzy queries station name* According trips inquiries* Send to SMS, email, notepad* Built subway map
CHOK的 - 司機版 - 香港的士司機專用綜合性服務平台
全心全意為香港的士司機打造,新一代接單工具,綜合性服務平台:• 柯打全部真人錄音,乘客原聲直接收聽,無需分心睇芒• 全部柯打正價(甚至加價)• 氣站氣價排行榜• 道路實況即時圖片,港九隧道行車時間• 替更司機招聘廣告• 操作超級簡易,一鍵接單,自動致電乘客,無需人手記錄任何資料• 用免提接柯打,芒都唔駛禁(注:只適用安卓系統,免提要有音樂的播放鍵)• 輕鬆接更多柯打,減少排隊時間/空車撈客,慳皮費• 採用先進衛星定位技術,柯打根據距離分層派發,高效,公平!【CHOK的】-- 致力打造香港的士司機專屬的多功能服務平台,完全免費,立即下載!keywords:Zello,call,easy,hk taxi,hktaxi,司機,hongkong,hk,柯打,call台,紅綠的,康泰,飛的,的士台,的總,過海,交通,道路,馬路,機場,車,叫車,車行,電召,gogo,go go,九龍,新界,香港,站,交通,駕駛And serve as a taxidriver in Hong Kong to build a new generation of orders tools,integrated service platform:• Ke playing all the live recordings, acoustic direct passengersto listen without distraction Air Mans• All Ke fight price (or even increase)• gas station gas price chart• Road Live instant pictures, Anywhere in the tunnel of time• recruitment advertising for more drivers• Super easy operation, a key orders, automatically call thepassengers, without any manual data recording• Use hands-free access Ke fight, not even driving ban Mans(Note: Applicable only to Android, hands have music playbackkeys)• Easy access more Ke fight to reduce queuing time / emptyfishing off, save the skin fees• The use of advanced satellite positioning technology, Ke hithierarchical distributed according to the distance, efficient andfair![CHOK's] - taxi drivers in Hong Kong to build a dedicatedmulti-functional service platform, totally free, download now!keywords:Zello, call, easy, hk taxi, hktaxi, drivers, hong kong, hk, Kefight, call station, red, green, and Conde, fly, taxi station,total, over the sea, traffic, road, Roads, airports, car, cab, car dealers, on-call, gogo, go go,Kowloon, New Territories, Hong Kong, stations, traffic, driving
EXIST – интернет-магазин автозапчастей иаксессуаров для европейских, японских и корейских автомобилей имототехники. Компания предоставляет поиск по VIN, номеру ииллюстрированным каталогам.С помощью приложения Вы легко сможете найти ближайший офис. Повыбранному офису доступны контакты, время работы и построениемаршрута.Функционал:1. Поиск запчастей по артикулу2. Запрос менеджеру по VIN автомобиля3. Оформление заказа4. Просмотр ближайших адресов Exist.5. Личный кабинет и история заказов6. УведомленияEXIST - the online shopfor auto parts and accessories for European, Japanese and Koreancars and motorcycles. The company provides a search on VIN, numberand illustrated catalogs.With the application, you can easily find the nearest office.Available for the selected office contacts, time and routeplanning.Functionality:1. Search of spare parts on the article2. Request the VIN manager3. Ordering4. Viewing the nearest address Exist.5. Personal account and order history6. alert
SMS Jízdenka Brno
Erika, a.s.
Tuto aplikaci můžete použít k nákupu přestupní jízdenky pro zóny100 + 101, linky 1-99 mimo vlak, Dopravního podniku města Brna.SMS jízdenku lze získat pouze se SIM kartou českých mobilníchoperátorů a pro využití této služby je nezbytné mít aktivovanouslužbu Premium SMS.Aplikace Vám přehledně ukáže, kdy končí platnost Vašíjízdenky.DO VOZIDLA NASTUPUJTE POUZE S JIŽ PŘIJATOU A PLATNOU SMSJÍZDENKOUThisapplication can be used to buy a transfer ticket for zones 100 +101, lines 1-99 out of train transport company in Brno.SMS ticket can be obtained only with the SIM card and the Czechmobile operators for the use of this service it is necessary tohave a service Premium SMS.Application will clearly show you when your ticket expires.THE VEHICLE ONLY getting on with the already accepted and validSMS ticket
Direct Ridesharing
Have you ever wondered....- As a rider/passenger: “I bet there’s someone nearby who coulddrive me where I want to go”- As a driver: “I bet there’s someone nearby willing to share mycar and reduce my costs”Direct Ridesharing provides with the best carshare options whenand where they need them.Direct Ridesharing is revolutionising passenger transport byconnecting drivers and passengers immediately. You no longer needto plan your journey in advance! This app works in real time andGPS-guidance technology will direct the driver to their futurepassenger in no time at all. It is efficient, economical andsociable!- Riders: A driver going the same way as you will come and pickyou up. The app will only suggest available cars who can drop youat your destination.- Drivers: The app will only suggest passengers with a destinationen route to yours.Thanks to GPS technology and complex algorithms, the app is ableto:- Identify possible rideshares in real time- Filter users according to your criteria (maximum detour etc.) andto find the right match for you- Guide drivers to their future passengers- Pay the driver at the click of a button- Automatically detect your regular journeys so you no longer needto think about searching for passengers. The app will find youavailable ridesharers, thanks to its automatic launch function.You no longer need to waste time or money organisinginconvenient travel plans. Find a ride that suits you and meet newpeople in the process!Keywords : Carpooling, ridesharing, transport, hitchhiker
ПРОВЕРКА НА НАЛИЧИЕ ШТРАФОВ ГИБДД ПО ВСЕЙ РОССИИ!Проверка и оплата штрафов ГИБДД прямо с телефона.:+ информация о неоплаченных штрафах, а также их мгновеннаяоплата.+ Получение информации о штрафах всего одним нажатием+ Возможность сохранения нескольких транспортных средств+ Всегда актуальная информация о штрафах+ Мгновенное погашение штрафа сразу же после его оплаты пластиковойкартой+ Возможность позвонить в дежурную часть по г. Казани + Добавлен справочник номеров эвакуационных служб г.Казани + Добавлен справочник штрафстоянок+ Синхронизация списков автомобилей с Google аккаунтом Обо всех сбоях в работе приложения сообщайте нам на с пометкой"Android Shtraffic". Только благодаря Вашему активному пользованиюмы сможем сделать удобное и надежное приложение.Ключевые слова: штрафы, ГИБДД, Татарстан, транспорт, ПДД,дороги, Казань, авто, штрафик, shtrafic, оплатить штрафы, оплатить,оплатаCheckingfor traffic police fines ACROSS RUSSIA!Verification and payment of fines traffic police right from yourphone.:+ Information about unpaid fines, as well as their instantpayment.+ Get information about penalties with just one click+ The ability to save multiple vehicles+ Always up to date information on fines+ Instant redemption penalty immediately upon payment by card+ Ability to call the duty of the city of Kazan+ Added a reference numbers evacuation services Kazan+ Added a reference shtrafstoyanok+ Sync lists vehicles with Google AccountAware of any problems in the application let us know by marked"Android Shtraffic". Only through your active use we can make ahandy and reliable application.Keywords: fines, traffic police, Tatarstan, transportation,traffic regulations, road, Kazan, auto, shtrafik, shtrafic, payfines, pay, payment
TaxiPixi allows you to book a Taxi Cab in lessthan 30 seconds via App and even faster on Wi-fi and 3G (under 15seconds!). You can also book via our website: www.TaxiPixi.comTaxiPixi is a Taxi Booking App that allows you to send taxirequest directly to drivers of multiple Taxi companies and CarRental operators. You can book local city taxis for local commuteas well as choose hourly and daily rentals for longer durationneeds.With the TaxiPixi App you can
- see available taxis on a map
- choose between multiple categories of cabs including economytaxis, sedan taxis and SUV taxis
- send taxi booking directly to drivers of MULTIPLE taxi companiesat the same time
- see real-time status of your booking
- get instant notification of booking acceptance by driver
- see real-time tracking of the driver movement in the App
- call the driver directly from the app
- save frequently used addresses for easy re-use
- cancel a booking with 1-buttonWith TaxiPixi we are trying to eliminate the most common hasslesassociated with Taxi booking such as:
- wasting time with a call-center (wait-time, repeating andexplaining address, landmark etc.)
- no transparency on available cabs or expected arrivaltime
- last minute cancellation and no-shows by drivers or cabcompaniesOur goals is to provide the "best availability" which means 3things:
1. Better Availability: If a customer makes a booking there isALWAYS a cab available
2. Timeliness: The cab should also be able to reach the customerin a reasonable amount of time (10 - 20 minutes)
3. Reliability: If a driver accepts a booking - the drivershould show up and show up on timeWe hope to achieve these goals by: 
1. Providing more choices to customers
2. Increasing transparency of the taxi booking process, and,
3. Improving the efficiency of the taxi marketWe hope you will download the TaxiPixi App and give us anopportunity to serve you in the near future.Thanks you.Best Regards,
How it works?
TaxiPixi sends your taxi request to all nearby and availabledrivers who have signed up for the TaxiPixi service. This ensuresthat your booking goes to every possible and available driver nearyou - helping you get a cab of your choice fast!As soon as any driver accepts your booking - we send you aninstant notification along with all the driver and cab details. Youcan also track your driver and cab in real-time as it approachesyou.TaxiPixi also allows you to choose from different types of taxicabs depending on the city, including:1. Luxury Taxis (BMW, Mercedes, Audi)2. Premium SUV (Toyota Prado, GMC Yukon or similar)3. MUV (Totota Innova or similar)4. Sedan Taxi (Toyota Etios or similar)5. Hatchback and Compact Sedans Taxi (Suzuki Wagon-R orsimilar)6. Economy Taxi and Vans (Suzuki Eeco or similar)You can choose ANY ONE TYPE or MULTIPLE TYPES of cabs.What are the fares?
TaxiPixi does not determine the fares you pay. TaxiPixi issimply a quick and convenient booking platform for Taxis. Driversare required to follow and honour the rules and regulation of thegovernment as well as the rules of their taxi company.With better availability, easy booking and multiple fare choices- TaxiPixi is the best way to book your Radio Taxi for your localuse.So the next time you need a cab, Just Cab It! (TM) withTaxiPixi..
Taiwan Railway Timetable
Timetable for Taiwan Railway
[무료]운전중 스마트통신 (아이나비)
1.개요 : 운전중에 스마트폰으로 걸려오는 전화나 SMS문자를 아이나비로 처리하기2.주요기능 :아이나비와 스마트폰을 블루투스통신으로 연결한 후운전중에 스마트폰으로 걸려오는 전화나 SMS문자 내용을 아이나비의 큰화면에 읽기 쉽게 표시하고 SMS문자내용확인,자동응답SMS보내기,통화하기,SMS문자를 보낸 상대방에게 전화걸기 등의 조작을 원터치로 할수 있도록 함으로서운전중에도 안전한 방법으로 통신할 수 있도록 제공하는 스마트시스템을 구현.3.사용전 필요사항.-본 어플은 아이나비측 어플과 블루투스 통신방식이므로1) 블루투스 기능이 지원되는 아이나비 스마트시리즈 ( 블루투스 통신모듈이 내장되지 않은 스마트 K9의 경우불루투스둥글이 장착 필요)2) 아이나비측 어플은 아이나비에서 아이나비앱스에 접속해서 직접 다운로드 설치4. 기본 조작순서.1)반드시 아이나비 측 어플을 먼저 기동시켜 놓은 후 스마트폰 측 어플을 실행시켜야 한다.2)스마트폰을 차량 밖으로 이동한 경우 등으로 블루투스통신기능이 중단되었을 때에도 아이나비측에서 [서비스재시작]기능으로접속대기 상태로 먼저 준비하고3)스마트폰측 어플을 기동시켜야 한다.*** 본 어플은 7일간 사용할 수 있는 무료버전이며 유료버전은 별도 판매합니다. ***----개발자 연락처 :성남시 분당구 황새울로 342번길 111 Overview: drivingsmartphone during an incoming call or SMS text handling with Navi2 major functions:  Navi and smart after connecting the phone to theBluetooth communications  Smartphone while driving, an incoming call or SMStext content Navi on the big screen, easy-to-read display withone-touch operation and auto-response SMS, Send SMS text contents,to speak, to the other party sent a SMS character, such as dialingcan by allowing   Implement a smart system that provides to be able tocommunicate in a secure manner while driving.I need to use.   Navi-side application Applications andBluetooth communication so   If Bluetooth 1) Bluetooth Supported Navi Smartseries (did not have a built-in Bluetooth communication moduleSmart K9 dunggeulyi need mounted)   2) Navi-side application from Navi Navi Appsdirect download access to the installation            4 Basic sequence of operations.   1) Navi-side application first, then start bysmartphone-side application must be executed.   2) smartphone if you move out of the vehicle,such as a Bluetooth communication function is interrupted when theNavi side service restart features in the standby state to firstprepare and   3) Smart poncheuk start the app should be.*** This application is available seven days a free version andthe paid version is sold separately. ***
Magnetic Compass
This compass app provides your direction of the travel, and thetraveling speed with very high accuracy. Multiple compass designsare included in this app to increase the user experience. Efficientalgorithms are used to save you valuable battery power.It can be used as a marine compass while sailing on ship, or asan aircraft compass while traveling on airplane.The prominent features are1. The direction is shown in both analog, and digitalformats.2. The direction information is updated in very half a second, soas to provide accurate, and real time direction information to theusers3. Speedometer, and altimeter are enabled.4. It's free. Please don't forget to rate our app.5. Simple to use, and professional.6. Optimized code.Thanks,Project team
Lyon Transport Live Schedules
With this application you have real-time schedules for buses, tramsand metros of the TCL network (Transports en Commun Lyonnais),New: offline map available (tram and metro only)You can have at a glance the next two bus/metro/tram of yourfavorite stops.Live schedules can be refreshed at your convenience!You can see the last bus/metro/tram at each stop.All lines of TCL are included :* 4 metro lines* 5 tram lines* More than 100 bus and trolleybus (including "pleine lune",nocturne buses)* And two funicular linesIf you are in Lyon this application is for you!***** This application is not the official application of TCL*****Keywords: TCL, Lyon, bus, tram, metro, schedules, SYTRAL schedules,Transports en Commun Lyonnais, horaire