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Ruzzle Solver - English
Words generator for Ruzzle.ENGLISH dictionary: 170,000 words.Supported by ALL versions of AndroidTake the screenshot (or enter the sequence of letters)... shake andplay!!!!!NEWS:- Automatic character recognition from screenshot(NEW!)- MINI mode display- Guidelines to speed up the submission of the words- Bonus multipliers (NEW!)- Two ways to scroll the list of words (in MINI mode):--> Shaking (slightly) the smartphone (NEW!)--> Double-click (anywhere) on the screenNow you can minimize the Ruzzle Solver so that it is alwaysvisible. Here are the simple steps to follow:1) Open Ruzzle Solver - Italian2) Click on Mini -> the application icon will appear in thelower right corner of the screen.3) Open Ruzzle.4) Challenge your friend. When the challenge starts, simply clickon the icon at the bottom right.5) Take the screenshot (or enter the 16 letters on the Ruzzleboard)6) With the MINI mode you can see ALL the words that you enter inRuzzle.Note:To auto-scroll the list of words in MINI mode simply shake thesmartphoneGuidelines and character recognition tested on Galaxy SII, GalaxyNexus
Havos Ltd
Codeword is an application to play the popularword game known as codewords in puzzle magazines (also known asCipher crosswords or Cyptograms). This game uses US Englishspellings.For those unfamiliar with Codeword puzzles, they provide a grid ofwords, similar to a normal crossword, but with no clues, rather afew initially provided letters, and a number in each square in thegird to indicate its (as yet unknown) letter. All boxes with thesame number must use the same letter. From that information and thefew initially provided letters it is possible to work out whichwords will fit in the boxes. Hence you are decoding (ordecyphering) the numbers into letters to reveal the hidden words.Usually all 26 letters of the alphabet are used in the codeword,although not always (and unused letters appear crossed out in thekeyboard). It is fun, challenging, and a real brain teaser.Feature list:1) Unlimited number of codewords!! They are created on-the-flyusing the application's advanced generator engine and it's built-inword list.2) The player decides the number of rows and columns (from 3 to20). This allows the game to be suitable for all kinds ofmobile-phones and tablets.3) Difficultly level can be specified by the user, which determinesthe pool of words the generator will use. The larger the pool thegreater the difficulty. There is even an early learner mode with alimited number of words, aimed at children and English languagelearners. The number of starting letters can also be specified.Higher scores can be obtained with more difficult codewords.4) Selecting a square in the grid will highlight all places thesame letter is used in that grid (i.e. has the same number todecipher). This is really handy and of course not possible whendoing codewords in a magazine.5) If a game is too difficult, the application provides two usefultools to help you (see below).6) For any word in the grid for which all squares are assigned toletters, Codeword Unlimited will highlight if that word is NOT anallowed word in the word list it uses to generate its codewords.This helps you when you have mistakes in your current assignments(saving you lots of time and frustration!).7) An on-screen keyboard means it is much easier and morecomfortable to play.8) The definition of a completed word can be viewed. This is usefulif you do not know it, or you are learning a foreign language(internet connection required).9) Choose the language of the word list, from a large range ofdownloadable dictionaries. 26 languages are currently available(see below).10) Can be played in portrait or landscape mode. Just rotate yourdevice and the display adjusts automatically.11) Game contains achievements integrated into Google Play's "GameServices".Other similar applications want you to pay for more Codewords, butthis game provides you with endless puzzles, all for free!!Each game is assigned a difficulty level from 0 (easy) to 9 (veryhard). The difficulty level is determined by the settings. Eachdifficulty level maintains the high scores (measured by fastesttime to complete the game). The game displays the best 20 scoresfor each difficulty level.Compare your high scores with others around the world by usingGoogle Play's "Game Services".If the player is in difficulty, the application provides two veryuseful aids. (1) The game can provide another decoded letter. (2)The game can show you potential answers for an uncompleted word.The game uses the letters that you have already decoded anddisplays the matching words.Word lists are available to play in the following languages:English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian,Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Greek,Hungarian, Indonesian, Polish, Norwegian, Romanian, Serbian(Latin),Serbian(Cyrillic), Slovak, Slovene, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian andmore coming later
Emoji Quiz ~ Free Trivia Game
Taps Arena
Emoji Quiz is the coolest game of its kind!Challenge yourself to guess the names of famous people, movies, TVcharacters and brands. See how many you can recognize!
Mi corazon es tuyo Adivinha
¿Crees que conoces bien esta serie? Este es eljuego para los fans Mi Corazon es tuyo, como usted. Este juegopondrá a prueba tus conocimientos. Sólo tienes que descargar einstalar de forma gratuita. Este es un juego recomendado parausted, absolutamente juego divertido y simple. El juego requiereque responda a lo que representan las imágenes y si su respuesta escorrecta, se le dará monedas, y también reducir sus monedas si surespuesta es incorrecta. Seleccione el botón de ayuda indirecta encuanto es posible que necesite ayuda para revelar las letras pararesponder a la pregunta.Sobre:Es una adaptación de la serie de televisión española titulada Ana ylos siete. Fernando Lascuráin, es un hombre de negocios rico yviudo con siete hijos rebeldes, que busca una nueva niñera para sushijos. Después de eso, Ana es contratada como niñera y que forme aintegrarse en la mansión. Ana es una bailarina exótica que trata deguardar su doble vida en secreto.Nota:Este juego es absolutamente libre y no oficial de aplicaciones paralos fanáticos único propósito.Think you know thisseries well? This is the game for the fans My Heart is yours, asyou. This game will test your knowledge. Just download and installfor free. This is a recommended game for you, absolutely fun andsimple game. The game requires you to answer what they representimages and if your answer is correct, you will be given coins, andalso reduce their coins if you answer incorrectly. Clicking theindirect help as you may need help to reveal the letters to answerthe question.About:It is an adaptation of the Spanish television series titled Annaand the seven. Fernando Lascuráin, is a wealthy businessman andwidower with seven rebellious children, looking for a new nanny fortheir children. After that, Ana is hired as a nanny and form tojoin the mansion. Ana is an exotic dancer who attempts to keep hisdouble life a secret.Note:This game is absolutely free and unofficial application for fanspurpose only.
Word Search 5
Popular series of higscores games Word Search is back with 10 newcategories! How fast can you find all the words? Submit your scoreto a global leaderboard to see who is the best!Categories included:- famous actors- famous actresses- dogs- ice cream- zoo animals- circus- The Hobbit- Singers- body parts- randomFeatures:- 10 categories- each game is different- each category has a global leaderboard, so you play against otherpeople all around the world- simple but addicting gameplayPlease try also my other games if you like this one :)Requirements: Flash player installed!
Gizemli Kelime - Kelime Oyunu
Bir dokunuşla kelime arama: belirli birkategorideki tüm kelimeleri bul, sonrasında verilen ipucunukullanarak Gizli Kelimeyi ortaya çıkart.Eğlen, yeni şeyler öğren ve kelime dağarcığını zenginleştir.★ Kelime arama ve triviayı birleştiren bir oyun.★ Farklı duygu durumların için farklı temalar ve kategoriler.★ Tüm yaş grupları için mükemmel.★ Renkli ve basit kullanıcı arayüzü.★ Birçok aşama ve gelecekte eklenecek yeni aşamalar.★ Eğer oyunumuzu sevdiysen lütfen arkadaşlarınla paylaşarakdağıtımında bize yardımcı ol, Teşekkürler★ Sözcük bulmaca türkçeEğer bizim oyun isterseniz, bizi bize iyi bir oran vererekdesteklemek Lütfen!★ Daha bitmedi., Daha düzeyleri yakında eklenecektir ★One-touch word search:find all the words in a particular category, reveal hidden wordsusing the clues given in the post.Have fun, learn new things and enrich the vocabulary words.★ A game that combines trivia and word search.★ different themes and categories for the different mood.★ Perfect for all age groups.★ colorful and simple user interface.★ Many stages and new stages will be added in the future.★ If you like our game, please help us by sharing with your friendsin the distribution, Thanks★ Turkish word puzzlesIf you like our game, please support us by giving us a goodrate!                                     ★is not over yet., More levels are coming soon ★
لعبة الكلمات المتقاطعة - تريبل
لعبة كلمات متقاطعة بمعلومات شيقة ومثيرةللأستفادة بأوقات الفراغ في اللعب والتعلم معاحائزة علي جائزة أفضل لعبة ترفيهية تعليمية في الوطن العربي2014مليئة بمختلف المعلومات الجديدة والمفيدة والمسليةتجعلك تفكر كثيرا للحصول علي الأجابات مما يساعدك علي تذكر المعلوماتدائما في المستقبلتعليمات اللعبقم بإختيار احد المربعات الفارغة في الجدول ليظهر لك السؤال الخاص بهافي منتصف الشاشةلتغيير الاتجاه من أفقي إلى رأسي أو العكس اضغط علي خلية مرتينمتتاليتين.لتغيير الاتجاه أيضا يمكن ضغط مفتاح (رأسي - أفقي) في منتصفالشاشة.لدى اللاعب مساعدات للتعرف على كلمة من الكلمات.الكلمة التي ستظهر عند الضغط على زر المساعدة هي الكلمة المختارة فيالشبكة والتي تكون مربعاتها مميزة بلون مختلف.اسئلة متنوعة مناسبة لجميع الاعمار- معلومات عامة في شتى المجالات- اسئلة تفكير وذكاء- سيارات وماركات- اسئلة دينية- مشاهير ولاعبي كرة قدم- خرائط واعلام ودول- اسئلة حديثة ومتنوعة- عند محاولة حل كل سؤال يتم فحص الجواب مما يمنع الاخطاء التي تفسداللغز- طريقة اللعب مطورة تلائم الاجهزة الذكية- الالغاز بنيت بعناية وذات جودة عاليةللبحث عن اللعبة باللغة العربية :- لعبة وصلة أو وصلة الاصدار الجديد - الألغاز - كلمات متقاطعة -اسئله عامه - اسئله ثقافيه - لعبة وصلة النسخة الجديدة - وصلة النسخةالأخيرة - ألعابالكلمات المتقاطعة - الاسلام سؤال وجواب - اسئله ثقافيه ...ولايجاد التطبيق بلغات وكلمات أجنبية يمكن استعمال : - wasla arabic -wasla - kalimat mota9ati3a - wassla - wesla - wsla - alghaz - easycrossword puzzles - korsord - smartnet - egypt princess - jeddahmap - crossword puzzle free - cruzadas -easy crossword puzzlekryssord - cruzadas - crosswords puzzles freeمحتوى الاسئلة :تقافيةسياسيةرياضيةمشاهيرتاريخيةجغرافيةالغازملاحظات مهمةيرجى الانتباه أن حرف الهاء وحرف التاء المربوطة حرفان مختلفان ويجبان يوضع كل حرف منهما في الكلمة المعنية بالشكل الصحيح.حرف الألف بأشكاله المختلفة مهموزاً أو غير مهموز قد تم معادلتهاوكأنها نفس الحرف وهو الألف.أراء بعض المستخدمين"والله ممتازة وترجع المعلومات وتعصر الدماغ وتخليك كل شوي تسال اياحد حولك عن كلمة""لعبة ﻻ توصف جميلة جدا عاشت ايدكم اصبحت مدمنة عليها""لعبة حلوة تنشط العقل حبتين""تطبيق ممتاز وفيه تحدي وخصائص مميزة.. أرجو تطويرة باستمرار...وشكرا"Game crosswordinteresting and exciting information to take advantage leisure timeto play and learn togetherWinning the best educational game entertainment in the Arab World2014 AwardFilled with various new information, useful and entertainingMake you think too much to get answers, which helps you to alwaysremember information in the futureHelp playThen select one of the empty boxes in the table to show you theirown question in the middle of the screenTo change the direction from horizontal to vertical or vice versa,press the cell twice in a row.To change the direction also can pressure switch (vertical -horizontal) in the middle of the screen.Player of the aid to get to know the word of words.The word that will appear when you press the Help button isselected word in the grid, which are characteristic Mravathadifferent color.A variety of questions suitable for all ages- General information in various fields- questions of thinking and intelligence- Car brands- Religious questions- celebrities and football players- flags and maps of countries- modern and diverse questions- When you try to resolve each question, the answer is checked,which prevents mistakes that spoil the puzzle- how to play an upgraded suit smart devices- puzzles carefully built and high qualityTo search for the game in Arabic:- Game link or link new version - puzzles - crossword - generalquestions - questions a cultural - game link the new version - linklatest version - GamesCrossword - Question and Answer - questions ... a culturalTo find the application of foreign languages ​​and words can beused: - wasla arabic - wasla - kalimat mota9ati3a - wassla - wesla- wsla - alghaz - easy crossword puzzles - korsord - smartnet -egypt princess - jeddah map - crossword puzzle free - cruzadas-easy crossword puzzlekryssord - cruzadas - crosswords puzzles freeQuestions Content:TagafahPoliticalSportsFamousHistorygeographyGasImportant NotesPlease note that the distraction of the letter and the letter Tabound and two characters are different that each character musteither be placed in the word in question correctly.Thousand Character different forms Manmoza or Manmoz have beenoffset by the same character like a thousand.Opinions Some users"God is excellent and returns the information and squeezes thebrain and all relinquish Shui ask any one around you about theword""Game is indescribable so beautiful lived Oiedkm become addicted tothem,""Game sweet active mind Hptin""Excellent application to challenge the distinctive characteristics.. I hope ... and continuously updated thanks"
Pink Pointer
This Hangman game (also known as Gallows,Scaffold, The Game of Hanging or Hanger) has thousands of words in6 different languages distributed in several themes!Instead of saving a hanging man, you should save nice littlerobots!FEATURES:- 6 tries to guess the correct word and if you fail, the robot willcrash- 8 achievements from google play games- hundreds of robotsThis is an educational word game to improve your vocabulary!Words available on the following languages: english, spanish(español), brazilian portuguese (português-BR), german (deutsch),french (français) and italian (italiano).
Word Search
Search and find all the words hidden in thegrid. In this search word puzzle you can choose between eightdifficulty level, play in timer mode and compare your scores withyour friends and people around the world. All puzzles areautomatically generated by the app for endless fun.Features:- Infinity puzzles- 14 languages- Google Play Games: Leaderboards and Achievements- 8 different search directions- Play with of without Timer- Offline high score
Crossword Cryptic
Teazel Ltd
180+ professional Cryptic Crossword puzzles tokeep you pondering.These are cryptic level crosswords, suitable for seasoned crosswordenthusiasts.Features:- Tutorial for Cryptic Puzzles- pinch zooming grid- clue list view- cheats, highlight mistakes and answer checking- share a clue (via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc)- suitable for tablets- high resolution tablets supported- no ads- resume button- extra preferences (jump letters, grey out completed clues,etc)- 3 keyboard choices- New in Pack 8 & 9 - explanations on each clueIf you're finding Cryptic a little too challenging, why not try ourstandard Crossword app.Or maybe you're looking for American style puzzles, with no hangingletters? If so, then try our Crossword (US) app.
Classic Words Plus
Lulo Apps
Classic Words Solo is the number one word gameto play against your smartphone or tablet (solitaire mode).Enrich your vocabulary thanks to the built-in worddefinitions!6 difficulty levels and many languages are supported: English,Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Polish.Tired of stumbling across cheaters or waiting hours for your onlineopponent to play on Scrabble, Words with friends or Wordfeud?Try out Classic Words Solo for instant fun, no matter if you are abeginner in crossword games or a Scrabble tournament player!★ Classic Words Plus exclusive features ★• Pass-and-Play mode for 2 players• Ad-free experience• Preview your score before validating a moveChoose the skill level of the computer (from beginner to expert),pick a word list (English word lists include Scrabble - TWL andSOWPODS - official lexicons), and use your strategy skills andvocabulary to try and defeat the Droid.Classic Words Solo gameplay is classical to crosswords board games:create and place words on the board and boost your score by placingletters on the high scoring Double Letter, Double Word, TripleLetter and Triple Word squares.Use all 7 letters from your rack to play a Bingo and get a 50points bonus.This game is a great time killer for all fans of board games andstrategy games. It is also an educational game that will allow kids(and adults) to improve their spelling and vocabulary.Thanks to the fast reactivity and variable skill of the computerand official word lists, Classic Words can is used by many Scrabbleenthusiasts to play quick training matches and learn new words fromthe computer's moves.Unlike with multiplayer board games where some dishonest playersuse anagram solvers, there is no cheating possible when playingsolitaire... Letters and blanks are always picked randomly, and thecomputer's artificial intelligence does not have more informationthan you do.Only your tactics and creativity can make the difference...Will you play strategically enough to outwit the computer and itsextensive vocabulary?★ Features ★• 6 levels of difficulty• Display the definition of words by swiping them• Quit and resume game whenever you want• Shake to shuffle• Languages and dictionaries supported:- English- SOWPODS 2015 (Official English tournament list)- TWL 2014 (Official list)- German (with support of Umlauts, and Ezset to be replaced by two'S')- French- Italian (based on Zingarelli)- Spanish (DRAE)- Dutch- Polish• Distribution of letters and points is adapted to thelanguage• Supports offline play
SCRABBLE Word Checker
An easy to use SCRABBLE word checker withoffline support and full definitions.Features:- Official SCRABBLE word lists:   • Tournament Word List (178,691 words) - UnitedStates & Canada   • Collins Word List (270,163 words) -International- Comprehensive definitions provided by The American HeritageDictionary, Wiktionary, Century Dictionary, Collins Dictionary andmore.- Works offline.
What's the Pic?
The hit iOS hidden pic game is finallyavailable on Google Play!Reveal the picture and guess the word! Can you beat all 550 levelsof What's the Pic? Use your reveals wisely to uncover the hiddenpicture underneath more than 100 little squares.Don’t be fooled by imitators. What’s the Pic? is the original hit!You have seen other developers use the term “What’s the Pic stylegame” in their description to describe their knock-off 'guess thepicture' games. This is the game that started it all!Over 500 high quality pictures! What the Pic? Take your best guess!What are you waiting for?
أربع صور وكلمة - احزر الكلمة
ابدأ التحدي الآن مع لعبة 4 صور كلمةواحدةمقدمة عن اللعبة:لعبة اربع صور كلمة واحدة أو ما تسمى بلعبة 4 صور وكلمة هي لعبة رائعةومميزة لجميع الفئات العمرية.لعبة أربع صور وكلمة واحدة تبعث روح التحدي من أجل حل جميع الالغازوايجاد الكلمات المخبأة بين الصور.تحفز لعبة اربع صور كلمة واحدة على التفكير والاستفادة من الاحرف منأجل معرفة اسم الصورة الظاهرة.تساعد لعبة اربع صور كلمة واحدة على تقوية الدماغ وتبعد الملل.يوجد الكثير من وسائل المساعدة والكثير من الألغاز السهلة والصعبة.عليك أن تبدأ التحدي الآن وتحلها جميعها بمساعدة أصدقائك.كيفية اللعب:* يوجد الكثير من المستويات على أن تقوم باختيار أحد المستويات.* بعد اختيار احدى المستويات، سيتم عرض اللغز المؤلف من أربع صورومجموعة من الحروف.* التحدي هو أن تجد الرابط المشترك بين الصور الأربع.* يمكنك الاستفادة من وسائل المساعدة مثل سؤال صديقك على وسائطالتواصل الاجتماعي ومجاناً.* كما يمكنك أن تقوم بازالة الأحرف عديمة الفائدة أو وضع محرف فيمكانه الصحيح.* عندما تتمكن من معرفة الحل ستحصل على نقود تمكنك من مواصلةالتحدي.* حاول أن تقوم بحل جميع المستويات الموجودة في اللعبة.ميزات اللعبة:* يوجد مجموعة كبيرة من المستويات.* عدد كبير من الألغاز والصور في كل مستوى.* خمس وسائل مساعدة تساعدك في مواصلة التحدي.* اللعبة مصممة لتناسب جميع الأجهزة.* اللعبة تحتوي على صور مميزة ورائعة.* واجهات بيانية لا مثيل لها.ملاحظة:إن بعض الصور المستخدمة في التطبيق هي مستخدمة تحت شهادة موثقة من قبلshutterstock.وبعض الصور الأخرى تندرج تحت public domain .إننا لا ندعي بأننا نملك حقوق الملكية لأي من الصور المستخدمة، إذاكنت تعتقد بأننا قمنا بانتهاك حقوق الملكية لأحدى الصور عليك الاتصالبنا فوراً لحل المشكلة.نتمنى لك وقتا ممتعا، ومستقبل مشرق لأطفالكم. ونسعى أن تعود هذهاللعبة بالفائدة عليكم.إذا اعجبتكم اللعبة نرجو تقييمها بخمسة نجوم.نحن بانتظار ارائكم واقترحاتكم.شكرا لكم.Start the challenge nowwith Game 4 Photos one wordIntroduction of the game:Game four pictures a single word or what is called a game of 4images and the word is a wonderful game and featured for all agegroups.Game four pictures and one word sends a spirit of challenge inorder to solve all the puzzles and find the words hidden among theimages.Stimulate game four images one word to think about and takeadvantage of the characters in order to know the name of thepicture.Help game four images one word to strengthen the brain and away theboredom.There are many ways to help and a lot of easy and difficultpuzzles. You have to start the challenge now and solve all of themwith the help of your friends.How to Play:* There is a lot of levels that you choose a level.* After selecting one of the levels, will display the puzzlecomposed of four pictures and a collection of letters.* The challenge is to find a common link between the images of thefour.* You can make use of aids such as a question a friend on thesocial networking media and free.* You can also remove the letters useless typeface or put in itsrightful place.* When you can see the solution will get the money enables you tocontinue the challenge.* Try to solve all the levels in the game.The game features:* There is a wide range of levels.* A large number of puzzles and pictures in each level.* Five aids help to continue the challenge.* The game is designed to fit all devices.* The game features a unique and wonderful pictures.* Graphical interfaces unmatched.Note:Some of the images used in the application are used under thecertificate documented by shutterstock.Some other images fall under the public domain.We do not claim that we have property rights to any of the imagesused, if you believe that we have violated the property rights ofone of the pictures you contact us immediately to resolve theproblem.We wish you a great time, and a bright future for your children. Weseek to return this game benefit you.If you liked the game, please assessed five-star.We are waiting for your opinions and Aqtrhatkm.Thank you.
Word Rider
Vroom! Find the maximum number of words fromthe given letters to race your bike to victory. The game has threelevels each level little more complicated than the last.ONE OF THE MOST DOWNLOADED GAMES ON NOKIA APPSTORE WITH NEAR 4MILLIONS OF DOWNLOADS!
Что за слово?- 4 фотки 1 слово
4 фотки 1 слово - угадай какое слово!★ Все загадки на русском! Не автоперевод! ★Русская версия лучшей игры для iOS "What's the word" (4 pics 1word) теперь доступна для Android! Каждая загадка - это 4 фото,объединенные какой-то идеей. Можешь понять, что между нимиобщего?Попробуй и пойми, почему мир влюбился в эту игру!Без регистрации и мудреных правил, просто играй и получайудовольствие! Более 300 заданий не дадут тебе заскучать, анекоторые из них, возможно, сведут тебя с ума, но оно тогостоит!Головоломка - это самый умный способ убить время!Начни играть!4 photos 1 word - guesswhat a word!★ All puzzles in Russian! Taxpayers do not! ★Russian version of the best games for iOS "What's the word" (4 pics1 word) is now available for Android! Each puzzle - is 4 photos, ajoint idea. Can you understand what they have in common?Try and understand why the world fell in love with this game!Without registration and intricate rules, just play and have fun!More than 300 jobs will not let you get bored, and some of them mayhave will drive you crazy, but it's worth it!Puzzle - this is a smart way to kill time!Start playing!
Crush Letters - Search Word
Crush the letters and beat 200 wordpuzzles!Find a word, swipe the word and crush the letters. Every Time afteryou find and swipe a word, the grid is reorganized to form a newone. With all the letters on board crushed, the puzzle is solved.Intuitive, challenging, addictive, educational, big fun - that’sall about Crush Letters.FEATURES√ Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to master√ Eye catching graphics and colorful effects√ Over 200 addictive puzzles√ More than 20 themes: fruits, animals, sports, holiday, etc.√ Hints to help you through tough levels
Colorina Guess The Color
Let's tickle your brain!Colorina Guess The Color will test your skill to determineaccurately which answer is correct between words and color.here's how to play :- in the game there will be colored word spelling a name of acolor- check out the word "COLOR" and "TEXT COLOR"- when it says "COLOR" you must answer with the color spelled bythe word.- but if it says "TEXT COLOR" you must answer the color of the textitselfso is it RED or BLACK? don't be wrong!note :this game inspired from a psychological phenomenon called StroopEffect/"In psychology, the stroop effect is a demonstration ofinterference in the reaction time of a task. When the name of acolor (e.g., "blue," "green," or "red") is printed in a color notdenoted by the name (e.g., the word "red" printed in blue inkinstead of red ink), naming the color of the word takes longer andis more prone to errors than when the color of the ink matches thename of the color." -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stroop_effectHave Fun! ;)
Scrabble Expert
Enhance your word skill by building your ownword lists, and win your games.Scrabble Expert is an anagram tool for word games like Scrabble,Wordfeud, WordSmith or Words With Friends.If you are a tournament player or anyone who loves word games, youwill love Scrabble Expert.Features--------- Quick search- Support multiple search modes* Anagram* Pattern* Word Builder* Starting with* Ending with* Containing* 2 letters words* 3 letters words* Q without U* Contain Letters* Bingo Formula* Vowel-Heavy words* No-Vowel words- No internet require (offline search)- Word definition lookup- Display a hundred words in single page, less scroll.- Pinch zoom- Wildcard search (blank tile)- Can install in SD Card- Supported dictionaries:- TWL/OWL (Thailand, USA, Canada)- SOWPODS/CSW (UK and Other country)- ENABLE (Words With Friends)- YAWL (Wordsmiths)- OSPD (Official Scrabble Player Dictionary)Pro version (available via In-app purchase)------------ Search word up to 15 letters- Unlimited wildcard search- No adsfacebook:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Scrabble-Expert/177874215627053If you like this app, please rate and comment.Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.
Spell it right! - FREE
Improve your spelling with Spell It Right! Thegame contains hundreds of the most misspelled words! Play a FREEPLAY mode or CHALLENGE mode in which you are playing on scoreagainst people all around the world!How to play: There will be shown 2 words on the screen, choose thecorrect one!Features:- Great tool to improve your spelling!- Hundreds of words!- 2 Game Modes!- Global Leaderboards!- great educational tool!- learn new vocabularies!Have a nice time playing our game Spell It Right and if you likethe game and want to support it please leave a review and rate thegame. Thank you for your support!If you find any bug, please let us know at littlebigplay@gmail.com,we will be very happy to fix it!Support links:Website: http://www.littlebigplay.com/Email: littlebigplay@gmail.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/littlebigplay
Join more than 30 million brainiacs and tryWordBrain - Brain training at its BEST!This is a word puzzle for true word geniuses! It starts out veryeasy but gets challenging quickly. Exercise your brain and findhidden words, slide your finger over them, and see the letterscollapse. Do it all in the correct order and you will be able toclear the grid.As you get stuck on a level, which you probably will, remember thatthere are no unsolvable levels. So think carefully before eachswipe and conquer the ultimate word challenge while keeping yourbrain in shape!WordBrain is available in 15 languages with 700 levels perlanguage, so even the smartest word game enthusiasts will have areal challenge to complete this game. In fact, only very fewhave!---WordBrain has been lovingly created by MAG Interactive, where wetake fun seriously.Join a global audience of more than 100 million players and checkout some of our other chart-topping hit games like Ruzzle,Wordalotor WordBrain 2!We really value your feedback, go tohttps://www.facebook.com/wordbraingame and say what's on yourmind!More about MAG Interactive at www.maginteractive.comGood Times!
Pictoword: Fun Word Games, Offline Word Brain Game
Kooapps LLC
* Featured Popular and Trending Top in 2018*Want the best free word games to play with friends? Adults and kidswill love this amazing new trivia word game. Get Pictoword for freeand join millions of trivia players worldwide. Even play with nowifi!Fans of fun brain training games for kids, teens and adults, thisis for you! Pictoword is a cool, simple yet addictive word gamewhere you "read" a series of pics that combine to create a word orphrase.Guessing these words will be so much fun. Challenging and fun wordpuzzles will absolutely enlighten your day for girls and boys. Playsingle player or multiplayer word games with friends.Create words- for example, you'll see pics of SAND and WITCH.Combine the two to solve for SANDWICH - a lunchtime favorite! Whenyou're stumped, try saying the words out loud or ask a friend!Ready? 2 Pics, 1 Word - Can you guess what's the word?Fun and addicting games don’t get better than this. Take on theaddictive word challenge from Pictoword – the best trivia wordgames for your phone!No wifi, no problem! Play offline or online games without wifi onthe go!Picture Guessing Games for every level of player- Word challenges come in varying difficulty packs- Guessing games are fun for kids in Easy mode- Test your brain with Hard picture packs- Brain training gets even more fun, addicting and intense withextreme difficulty picture packs!Fun addicting games and word puzzles in tons of picture guessingcategories- Guess what games - unscramble words from pics of historicalfigures, landmarks & countries- Guess the word from pop culture photos of celebrities,characters, movies & brands- Classic word games for free - unscramble over 300 word puzzles inthe free classic pack- Word puzzles updated all the time! New addicting categories likefood, games & more!Word puzzle games any way you like to play- Puzzle yourself with solo mode multi-picture brain teasers- Word puzzle games have no time limit. Train your brain to solvethe puzzle!- Brain training puzzles are more flexible and fun than everFun games with friends let you ask for help and share tips- Puzzle game got you stumped? Friends can help solve the wordpuzzle via e-mail!- Play with friends & take turns - see who can unscrambleletters to solve the puzzle- Guessing games your friends can help with through Facebookconnect- Play free games without WiFi wherever you areNew words are always available! Unlock fun new games from PicturePacks and keep guessing in categories like:Guess the celebrity- Guess who the celeb is in fun brain games that push your popculture knowledge- This photo puzzle is totally tuned in with top celebrities. Areyou?Guess the brand- Guess the logo or restaurant from your favorite brands inchallenging tricky word puzzlesMovie and TV Show Games- Guess what the movie or TV show is! Can you pick out yourfavorite movie titles from our pop culture word puzzles?- Movie and TV show trivia fans will love these addicting games asyou scramble to solve puzzles- Guess what the cartoon, sitcom or show being described in thepictures isOffline & No Wifi Games – you can even play it offline withyour family. There is no wifi required.Guess the place in the Countries & Cities category, solvehistory trivia in the Historical Figures pack, and show off yournature skills with the Animals pack!Pictoword is an addicting word puzzle game you can play alone orwith friends! With free brain games, exciting picture packs,challenging word puzzles and tons of word puzzle games to play,you'll have endless hours of brain training fun! Guess the word,earn coins & train your brain wherever you are.Download Pictoword today! Best games for 2018 in your pocket, don’tmiss out!Read/write storage permissions is used when takingscreenshots.We want to make sure you’re having the best time playing our funnew word game. Contact us at support@kooapps.com for anyquestions.
Barsukas yra linksmas, paprastas žaidimas,skirtas bent dviems žaidėjams. Jis iš minios išsiskiria dviemsąvybėm - smagi smegenų mankšta ir gyvas bendravimas. T.y. jisžaidžiamas ne tinkle, o realybėj. Žaidimo autorius - režisierius irscenaristas Tadas Vidmantas.Barsuką sudaro lygiai tūkstantis, daugybės žmonių sugalvotų,kruopščiai Tado atrinktų, beprasmių, absurdiškų žodžių. Jų reikšmiųsugalvojimas ir paaiškinimas draugams ir yra žaidimo esmė. Niekasnesivaržo, niekas nelaimi ir nepralaimi. Bet žaisti, žinoma,linksmiau, kai tos reikšmės juokingos.Visi žodžiai saugūs - jokių nešvankybių ar keiksmažodžių, taigigalima žaisti ir vaikams. Ne šiaip galima, o netgi reiktų.KELI ŽODŽIŲ IR JŲ REIKŠMIŲ PAVYZDŽIAI:Kas yra navaganas? Keistos Navagų genties narys. Genties berniukaisulaukę paauglystės yra įšventinami į vyrus. Tai daroma kišantvieną ranką krokodilui į nasrus. Todėl genties vyrus išlaikomoterys, nes tik jos gali šaudyti iš lanko.Vinkoskopas. Toks prietaisas. Kai pokalbio viduryje atsirandanejauki tylos pauzė, jis matuoja nejaukumo lygį. Panaudojimassakinyję: "Pasimatymas praėjo neblogai. Vinkoskopo rodyklė tikvieną kartą iki keturiolikos šoktelėjo."Nitrika - speciali tapybos technika, kai tapoma radioaktyviomisir toksinėmis atliekomis. Paveikslai labai brangūs, nes dailininkairetai spėja juos užbaigti...KUR ŽAISTI BARSUKĄ:• Oro uoste• Lėktuve• Traukiny• Mašinoj• Bet kurioj kitoj transporto priemonėj• Namų vakarėly• Bare• Darbe• Prie jūros• Piknike• Palatoj• Per pasimatymą• Su savo vaikais• Su savo tėvais• Tarp pamokų ar paskaitų• Per nuobodžias pamokas ar paskaitas• Vaikų darželyje• Visur kitur
Составь Слова
В этой игре вам предстоит составлять слова избукв представленного вам на уровне длинного слова.Представьте, что на уровне вам попалось слово "СЛОВА", тогдавводите "сало", "сова", "оса" и "овал" и т.д. Чтобы проходитьуровни вам придется поднапрячься и вспомнить всё, что вызнаете!На каждом уровне можно составить десятки слов. На некоторыхуровнях это число превышает 150!Значение каждого неизвестного вам ранее слова вы сможете узнать,воспользовавшись подсказкой.Вводите слова и они будут добавляться на экран. Позже вы сможетепосмотреть значение любого слова просто нажав на него.Интересная развивающая игра "Составь Слова" поможет вам провестивремя с удовольствием.Играйте, развивайтесь, наслаждайтесьИгра создана при поддержке 33-х букв и множества слов изних.In this game you have tomake words from the letters presented to you at a long word.Imagine that you caught at the word "word", then enter "fat","owl", "wasp" and "oval", etc. To pass the levels you have tostring up and remember everything you know!On each level you can reach tens of words. On some levels, thisnumber exceeds 150!Value of each unknown word to you earlier, you can learn, using thehint.Enter the words and they will be added to the screen. Later, youcan check the meaning of any word by simply clicking on it.Interesting educational game "Make a Word" will help you spend yourtime with pleasure.Play, develop, enjoyThe game was created with the support of 33 sets of words andletters from them.
Word Puzzle - feelwords
Попробуйте отыскать все слова на игровомполе.Эта головоломка обязательно понравится любителям игры в слова и ужтем более поклонникам венгерских кроссвордов (филвордов)!- Получайте звания за очки. Сможете ли вы пройти весь путь отУченика до Мудреца?- Неограниченное количество уровней- Возможность выбирать тематику: Общая, Страны, Города России,Профессии, Животные.- Размер игрового поля на Ваш вкус!ПРАВИЛА ИГРЫ:На игровом поле расположены буквы. Среди этих букв найдите слова,соединив соседние буквы:* Слова располагаются змейкой, соседние буквы можно соединятьтолько по вертикали или горизонтали.* Слова не могут пересекаться, т.е. каждая клетка принадлежитопределенному слову. Расположение слов уникально на игровомполе.* Слова заполняют всё игровое поле. После того, как игра завершена,на поле не останется лишних букв.ОТЗЫВЫ"Игра очень классная. Мне нравится.""Хорошая игрушка. Постоянно на работе рублюсь.""Отлично Неплохая зарядка для мозгов!""Игра прикольная скачивайте и не сомневайтесь""Очень хорошее...затягивает..Спасибо!!"ДОПОЛНИТЕЛЬНО- Достижения за пройденные уровни- Возможность соревноваться и получать места
Pictionary for Samsung TV
This is a companion app. for 2014 or 2015 Samsung Smart TVs.Pictionary is the classic drawing game, now expanded acrossmultiple screens! Take turns drawing and guessing stimulating cluesfrom Junior, Classic or Expert word categories. With loud banterand unexpectedly hilarious moments, Pictionary is roaring fun forthe whole family!To play, you need a Samsung 2014 TV model H5500 and above, (exceptfor H6003/H6103/H6153/H6201/H6203) or a Samsung 2015 TV modelJ4500, J5500 and above, (except for J6200). Models 110S9 are alsocompatible.
Guess the Song
Guess the Song are the game that let you readthe lyric and guess the song with 18 letters and watching onlineMusic Video.the Song are the new and last update on the 2014-2015 musicchart.Let's guess the song the Hint to show the artist or song name anduse Helper to show the letters, the picture of artist, and show allthe song name.Let's play and update the new song with "Guess the Song" on yourmobile!!Version 1.1- Update new Youtube playerVersion 1.0- Guess the new Song on your mobile- Lyric preview and scroll up/down to read- Show the Artist to guess the song- Watching online Music Video on YouTube.com- Guess the song with 18 letters- you can move App to SD Card- Hint to guess the song- Helper to guess the song- Share the lyric to ask you friends- Online Daily Score- Online Weekly Score- Online Monthly- Share app to your friends- collect the Coin to use Hint and Helper- Sound on/off- Coffee Break Screen to show the information of artist- Small size of Application and easy to download- Screen layout for Tablet support
What's the Word: 4 pics 1 word
This game is surprisingly simple and veryaddictive. You just need to guess the word that unites all fourpictures. For example, if there is a picture of a bank card and apicture of a river bank, the word is... bank! And when you see apicture of a four-leaf clover and a happy jackpot winner, the wordis... luck!If you enjoy word games, then you'll find What's the Word to be afast game with a deep gameplay and tons of fun. The best part isthat rules are so easy that you already know how to play!We have prepared over 1000 puzzles for you. Can you beat themall?Have Fun!