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Selam üzerimize olsun. Yüz makamuygulaması,İslam ile şereflenen kişinin içinde bulunduğu derecedeİslamimakamlar ile ilişkisinin nasıl olması gerektiğini gösterir.Buaçıdan -genel değil- özel kıble vaziyeti görür.

Hadisle sabit olduğu üzere İslam temelde üç seviyedeyaşanır:İslam, İman, İhsan. Bunlar içinde iman, Allah'ın kulununkalbineattığı bir nurdur. Bu nur sonucunda kişi kendini İslam ileyükümlühisseder ve mazeret getirmeyi bırakarak Hakk'a yönelir.Burasışeriat dairesinde Hakk'a yolculuğun başlangıcıdır veuygulamamızdailk seviyeyle ifade edilmiştir.

Kalbin Allah'ı zikir ile diriltilmesi ve Kuran ve sünnetüzereyaşanması bu yolun olmazsa olmazıdır. Kişinin derece atlamasıiseancak Allah'ın lütfu iledir ve nefs tezkiyesi, kalp tasfiyesiveruh tecliyesine bağlı olarak Allah'ın izniyle mümkün olur.Allah'ıdüzenli olarak zikretmeyen kişi ise en fazlabaşlangıçlarseviyesinde olabilir. Kısaca açıklamak gerekirse;Başlangıçlar,imanın başlangıcı ve iyice yerleşmesini; Kapılar,Allah yolundaçaba sarfedilmesini; Davranışlar, Hakk'ı tercih veHakk'ın vekiledinilmesini; Ahlak, düşünce, hâl ve davranışta Hakk'auymayı;Asıllar ise himmetin yalnız Hakk'a yönlendirilmesini temsileder.Allah en doğrusunu bilir.

Bu uygulama Abdullah Ensari Herevi ve AbdurrezzakKaşanihazretlerinin eserlerinden yararlanılarak oluşturulmuştur.Allahkendilerinden razı olsun ve kendilerine hayırlı mükafatlarversin.Bazı terimler anlaşılmaz olabilir; uygulamayıkullanırkenarapça/osmanlıca sözlük kullanmanız önerilir.

(Only available in Turkish)

kw: tasavvuf, sufi, sufizm, mistisizm

Peace be upon us.Faceauthority application shows how the relationship should bethedegree in which the people honored with Islam andIslamicauthorities. In this respect-not private Qibla -generalconditionis seen.

Islam there are basically three levels as fixed hadith:Islam,Iman, Ihsan. Among these, faith is a light at the heart oftheservants of God. He feels itself obliged to light results inpeopleleaving Islam, and tend to make excuses Rights. Here isthebeginning of our journey About Sharia apartment andapplicationshave been expressed to the first level '.

The resurrection of the heart of God and to live by the QuranandSunnah for dhikr is the sine qua non of the way. The degreeofpeople jumping forwards but the grace of God and Purificationofthe soul, depending on the heart and soul tecliye liquidationwouldbe possible with the permission of Allah. If the person doesnotmention God on a regular basis may be the beginnings of amaximumlevel. Briefly; Starting from the beginning and thoroughlysettlethe faith; Doors, the effort expended in Allah's way;Behaviors,preferences and rights of the surrogate acquisitionRights; Moralthought, and still comply with the behavior of Rights;The reallyrepresent only the himmet be directed to the Right. Godknows thetruth.

This application was created by utilizing the works ofAbdullahAnsari Haravi and Razzaq Kashani, Esq. God bless them andgive themgood rewards. Some terms may be incomprehensible; Thepractice ofusing Arabic / osmanlıca is recommended to use adictionary.

(Only available in Turkish)

KW: mysticism, Sufi, Sufism, mysticism

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thereisonlywe عرض المزيد...

Ayah Filter: Search in Quran 09.2017 APK
Ayah Filter displays ayat containing the search words you enter onthe screen (together with their translations in your own language).You may also get Quranic word suggestions for your input in thefollowing languages: Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, English,French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Spanish, Persian, Russian,Turkish, Urdu. Clicking on any suggestion will show you the word'susage throughout Quran.IMPORTANT: Make sure you have an activeinternet connection before running the program for the first time.Don't interrupt the download process. All downloaded files aresaved in external drive under 'thereisonlywe' folder.Features andInstructions (Please read prior to use):* Virtual Arabic keyboardis already provided. You can use it to write in Arabic or disableit temporarily to write in another language.* Usage of the providedvirtual keyboard: Each key press appends new character to the endof previous character automatically and you don't control thecursor position. If you want to make changes to your query, justrewrite it.* Suitable Arabic words (occuring in Quran) aresuggested as you type. If you select one of the suggestions, searchoperation will immediately start. If you don't see a suitablesuggestion for your Arabic input or you just want to make a partialsearch, press space instead to start searching. You may keep addingother words to refine (constrain) your query using the spacebutton. You can also use the ∨ operator on the provided keyboardfor taking union (OR) of words to widen search scope.* VoiceSearch! Just press MIC key on the virtual keyboard provided andspeak (one word at a time). Please note that for this feature towork, you need to have Google Text-to-Speech installed on thedevice.Additionally, these are applied for searches to beeffortless:* All diacritical marks (including wasla and madda) areomitted.* All non-letter characters (those that are not displayedon the virtual Arabic keyboard) are omitted.* All hamzas combinedwith a letter (those above and below letters) are omitted.Stand-alone hamzas are left untouched.* All occurences of "dotlessya" are replaced by "dotted ya" in the original text.* All searchesare case-insensitive.* Finally, please note that Ayah Filter doesnot search specifically for an expression formed by the words youenter, but for individual occurences of those words together inverses of the Quran. If you want to filter out an expressioninstead, you may do it manually after searching for the wordsmaking up that expression (in a single query).
Planetary Times: Astrology 01.2019.2 APK
This astrology application calculates unequal hours (truedaily/nightly time intervals) from sunrise/sunset and helps youkeep track of the ruling planetary (star) hour. It is meant formaking the best use of time and also understanding self,environment, and relations in real time as well as in general.Planetary hours calculation is an ancient method of astrology tofind out what is favorable for the current time being and what isnot. App shows which of the seven traditional planets (stars) ofthe zodiac is ruling the moment. Ruling planet and attributes ofchoice can be constantly watched via notifications. The displayedinformation is also personalized according to the user's birth datato provide esoteric, occult reading of the time and space. In termsof character analysis (either natal or for a specific time/space),the app does not stereotype and fit people into one category butshows where and how strongly they stand in each subject andendeavor. This is truly a unique app with no equals. ✴ DailyPlanetary Schedule ✴ Firdaria (life periods) ✴ Moon Tracker (age,phase, illumination, distance, moon zodiac sign and sun aspect ifavailable, the lunar mansion, and Hijri day) ✴ Biorhythm Cycles ✴Congruence meter (calculates mood) ✴ Attributes / Fingerprint(character properties) ✴ (Natal/Live) attributes comparison &compatibility meter ✴ Configurable notifications ✴ On-the-flylocation/date-time/profile switching ✴ Tasks ✴ Alerts ✴ Marks Formore information please visit: http://pt.thereisonlywe.info
Moon (Phase) Tracker 17.03.2015 APK
Moon Tracker displays an icon (out of 8) corresponding to thecurrent moon phase in the status bar and shows additional details(such as moon age, moon mansion/manzil/manazil/station [based onlunar age, not absolute moon position], moon illumination andIslamic/Hijri day) in the notification drawer. Additionally you maysee moon data for any chosen date by running the application.This app also shows some 'Esoteric Associations' (symboliczodiac position, chakra, manifestation (from Ibn Arabi's list ofarchetypes), tarot archetype) which are derived from moon phase,not moon's astronomical position. 0 degrees is taken as thebeginning of zodiac (Aries) and beginning of 1st chakra.Notice: In this software, Hijri date follows the true age ofmoon. Since it is not an approximated value as generally seen inother apps/institutions, it may differ (by 1 day) from othersources. Additionally, completion of the previous cycle is taken asthe beginning of the next month; when it is still 'new moon',before the appearance of crescent.IMPORTANT: a) For this software to work, either make sure youhave Location Services enabled in device settings or use apre-defined fake/mock location. If you don't have Google Locationservices installed on the device and you aren't using a mocklocation, you need to clean app data every time you move to anotherplace so that app asks for your location again. b) Battery savers,memory boosters, task managers and cleanup stuff might interferewith this application. c) After some time, Android system may killthe service on its own. Restart device at least once a day toprevent status bar bugs.If you have Google Location services installed on the device,your location data is periodically updated (via GSM, GPS orinternet) as long as you are not in flight mode. If you have anactive internet connection, altitude data is updated as well.Altitude is necessary for accurately determining local visiblesunrise/sunset.
Salah Aware: Prayer Times 17.03.2015 APK
Perform your prayers on time! Salah Aware encourages you tointegrate daily salat into your everyday life. Salah Aware not onlydisplays daily true Islamic prayer times for your location, but italso helps you not miss a prayer by keeping you informed aboutunperformed salah belonging to the moment. Salah Aware alsofeatures a highly customizable alert system. Additionally, assumingyou connect to internet at least once on each location change, youdon't need an active internet connection.Salah Aware's majordifference compared to other Muslim prayer time calculators is thatit calculates sky illumination/darkness times according to Quranand sunnah, and not according to Astronomical definitions. SalahAware takes human eye's perception as basis and does little careabout the absolute existence/absence of light. Thus, Salah Aware'scalculated Fajr time shows the beginning of horizontal illumination(more specifically, when redness is clearly visible at the horizon)and is significantly different compared to similar programs'calculated Fajr time.We have determined sixteen solar times whichspecify critical changes in position of Sun throughout the day.This allows us to avoid adding/subtracting some constants to trueprayer times. Other programs do that to ensure a prayer's safety,but it can be very confusing and may back fire as an ill-timedsuhoor or as praying Fajr earlier than its actual time or aspraying in maqruh time.For every new salah time update, you receivea notification that is non-disturbing. If there are few minutesleft for current salah time to expire and you still haven'tinteracted with the notification, you receive new, more aggressivenotifications as reminders.Displayed schedule is color coded.Colors green, red and blue indicate the following in order: newprayer time entry, makruh time, transitory time (between two prayertimes).[Notes]- Athan and iqama recitation features are notsupported anymore.- Times are calculated not for cities, but foryour exact location.- Calculated times are pure (except rounded tonext minute). Usage of 1 min safeguard value is highly advised.-For this software to work, either make sure you have LocationServices enabled in device settings or use a pre-defined fake/mocklocation.- Salah Aware is able to work offline (without internetconnection). If you have Google Location services installed on thedevice, your location data is periodically updated (via GSM, GPS orinternet) as long as you are not in flight mode. If you have anactive internet connection, altitude data is updated as well.Altitude is necessary for accurately determining (very) localvisible sunrise/sunset.- Battery savers, memory boosters, taskmanagers and cleanup stuff might interfere with this application. -Angle based adjustments are done for high latitudes.
Oneness Pathfinder: Quran 11.01.2016 APK
Oneness Pathfinder uses a verse (ayah) modelthat focuses user on understanding verses instead of a section(surah) model which emphasizes reading for the quantity. Contraryto its counterparts, it is primarily built for in-depth Quranlearning and Quran analysis. You may find features and usageinformation below.IMPORTANT: Make sure you have an active internet connection andenough external storage on device before running the program forthe first time. All files are saved in external/sd drive under'thereisonlywe' folder.[FEATURES]- Simultaneous multi text view along with Mushaf itself.Translations, transliterations, tafsirs, tawils in differentlanguages written by various people displayed together to uncoververses' meaning. It is highly recommended to open more than onetext. Since some words translate better to certain languages, it isalso often a good idea to open texts in different languages. Youcan set texts' display order in settings.- Wide range of texts: Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Azerbaijani,Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Divehi, Dutch,English, French, German, Hausa, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian,Japanese, Korean, Kurdish, Malayalam, Malaysian, Maranao,Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Sindhi,Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tajik, Tamil, Tatar, Thai,Turkish, Urdu, Uyghur, Uzbek...- Browser automatically follows reciter (on verse basis).- Fast navigation within Quran.- Recitation in the background. You may exit the application oreven turn screen off after recitation begins.- Instant start. You don't need to wait for downloads if youhave an active internet connection. Application automaticallydownloads as it recites.- Offline recitation. You may choose to download audio packagesso that you can use the app without internet access.- Bookmarks.- Similar verses display.- Text operations: Share, Copy, Search- Translation recitations.- Recitation loop. A selection of verses from any section can berecited repeatedly.- Auto reciter switch (if you weren't able to download all therequired audio files from a reciter).- Pause on phone calls. After phone calls, app recites lastverse from the beginning and moves on.- Responds to headset media buttons (pause, resume, stop).- Double workspace. You may have two entirely distinctconfigurations, yet switch between them as easy as clicking on abutton.- Responsive user interface.[USAGE]* After you select texts in settings, you can order them by longclicking.* In browser, you may long click on words to enter wordselection mode to perform text operations.* Pressing play button recites displayed verse, long clicking itrecites displayed section starting from the displayed verse.* Pressing stop button once pauses recitation, twice stopsit.* Pressing on the bottom bar intelligently pauses recitationafter the end of currently recited verse.* Horizontal arrow button pops up various functions. Longclicking it lets you seek to a specific verse instantly.- Workspace switch button is the one which reads '1' or '2'.
Gospel of Barnabas: Bible 12.09.2014 APK
This bible/injil is believed to be written by Barnabas, an apostleof Jesus/Yeshua/Isa. Although it has been hidden for a long while,thanks to the Creator, it is revealed on our time. The maindifference between this bible and others is that this oneintroduces Jesus (may peace be upon him) as a prophet of God andmentions prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him) several times.This text has some similarities with Quran/Koran.Excerpt: "As a mancannot see with his eyes the heaven and the earth at one and thesame time, so it is impossible to love God and the world(together). No man can in any wise serve two masters that are atenmity one with the other; for if the one shall love you, the otherwill hate you. Even so I tell you in truth that ye cannot serve Godand the world, for the world lieth in falsehood, covetousness, andmalignity. Ye cannot therefore find rest in the world, but ratherpersecution and loss. Wherefore serve God and despise the world,for from me ye shall find rest for your souls, Hear my words, for Ispeak unto you in truth."Reading and analyzing this bible isimportant for both Christians and Muslims for the followingreasons;- Having true knowledge of God and knowing Jesus well.- Tolearn from a good example and remember the principle of 'heartpurification' to be safe from illnesses such as materialism,formalism, frigidity etc.- Eliminating polarization between Muslimsand Christians and uniting under the Abrahamic beliefsystem.Reminder: 'Bible' itself is given to Jesus only and is notan actual book (as we know it). This text consists of sayings ofJesus which are from that (inner, abstract) 'Bible'.
(Word by Word) Ayah Lookup 21.08.2017 APK
Ayah Lookup is a basic, lightweight Quranic verse look up tool thatyou may use to quickly check ayat you read/heard somewhere over.Both an English literal translation of the complete verse andEnglish translations of individual words are provided. This is sothat you may read and examine the verse free of translators'comments and views. This is very important for a book that isconsidered holy, for Quran holds deep symbolism within andunfortunately connotations are generally lost in translations.
Ayet Bulur: Kuran ve Hadis 21.08.2017 APK
Ayet Bulur sayesinde belli kelimelerle ilişkili ayet ve hadislereulaşabilir ve bunların içinden dilediklerinizi başkalarıylapaylaşabilirsiniz.Ayet Bulur girdiğiniz kelimelerin anlamlarınıiçeren ayetleri ve hadisleri ekrana getirir. Ayrıca Arapçakelimelerin Türkçe okunuşlarını da girdi olarak kullanabilirsiniz.Arama prensibi aynen Google'da olduğu gibi, basittir. Kolaylıkiçin, aramalar şapkalar ihmal edilerek yapılmaktadır. Aramakutusuna daha fazla kelime girmekle arama kapsamınıdaraltabilirsiniz. Not: Özgün Kuran metni içinde birebir aramalaryapmak için Ayet Süzgeci uygulamasını kullanın. Ayet Bulur'un amacıherhangi bir konu hakkındaki ayetlere hızlıca ulaşabilmenizisağlamaktır.Find reach thanks verse associated with certain wordsand verses and hadiths that you wish to share with others throughthem.verses and hadiths that contains the words you do not find aspecific verse brings to the screen. You can also use as input inthe Turkish Arabic words reading. just as Google Search principleis simple. For convenience, searches are performed neglecting hat.You can narrow your search to enter more words in the searchbox.Note: Use the Filter Verse app to make calls within theoriginal verbatim text of the Qur'an. The aim is to ensure you canquickly finding verses of the verses on any topic.