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Locker Master- DIY Lock Screen
Finally Clean
★Big thanks to Captain Jack Sparrow fordesign cool video uploaded to YouTube for Locker Master globalfans.Easily design your own custom lock screen with Locker Master's DIYeditor. Upload and share your creations with a global community ofusers. Browse and download beautiful, inspirational, and cleverlock screen themes from around the world!★FEATURES:1. DIY Editor: A simple but powerful DIY editor that allowsyou to quickly create personalized, beautiful, and even complexlock screen themes;2. Tons of Options: An extensive selection of clock designs,decorations, sprites and props that you can easily mix and match toyour heart's desire;3. Unique Locks: A large variety of unique and cleverunlocking methods to choose from beyond simple swipe gestures andpassword patterns;4. Share and Download: A huge worldwide community of userscreating, sharing, and enjoying creative lock screen themes allavailable for download;5. Able to show unread SMS messages and missed calls on lockerscreen;6. Supports 2k+ high-resolution live wallpapers and themes!7. Able to display third party app notification on locker screen(include Google +, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat etc.)If you cannot unlock, try the urgent unlock mode:Volume+,-,+,-.After the 4 step you can unlock your phone, and go to lockermaster, change another theme and apply.★CONTACT INFORMATION:If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free tocontact us;)E-mail:★FOLLOW US:Facebook: you!Locker Master is available in following languages: English,Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Latin America), Russian, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Indonesian, Japanese, Korean,German, Italian, French, Turkish and Hungarian.
Cute wallpaper★INFINITY
Homee from Yahoo! JAPAN
Super cute and free theme for the free wallpaper/icon changeoverapp "Homee launcher" ♪A magical universe spreads out across your screen♪The vivid, colorful icons in this theme are really cute too♥★ Changeover clocks, icons, and other items to fit cutely withthe wallpaper!★ Give your smartphone a makeover with this easy-to-use app! Youcan even dress up every day♪★You'll be sure to find wallpapers or icons you like! There arejust tons of cute themes!+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.A great selection of free and cute themes!Make your smartphone cute and cool with this easy-to-use app!Install and use the definitive edition of the wallpaper and iconchangeover app "Homee launcher" ♪Click here to install Homee! ⇒゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.Homee launcher has a ton of features! It also has lots and lots ofuseful functions ♪★ Decorate your entire home screen! Enjoy dressing up everything♪★ This app lets you change the clock, icons, search widget, andeven the lock screen to match your wallpaper!★ There are tons of free, cute wallpapers and icon sets! New themesare added every week!★ There's a great selection of popular styles, from fashionable andbeautiful wallpapers to girly and cute wallpapers! You'lldefinitely love it ♥★ More than just cute! After you dress up, it works efficiently andis easy to use
Eye Scanner Simulator
Balalina Soft
The newest eye scanning prank technology isnow available for your phone.Enjoy this eye scanner joke application that can be used as phonelockscreen.This application is just for fun so go ahead and trick your friendsand make them smile.The actual eye or iris retina scanning technology is not yetavailable for your phone, so we will use a cycle pattern to let youunlock the phone.Read the instructions bellow for more details.INSTRUCTIONS- When the eye scanner screen lock is opened, press the "Scan"button and wait 3 beeps or scan cycles or until the info text colorturns grey then lift the finger to unlock the phone.- The eye scanner screen lock fake app can be used as a real lockscreen for your phone!- The eye scanner screen lock uses the front or back camera todisplay your eye on the lockscreen for scanning.- The number of scan cycles is adjustable via the actionsmenu.FEATURES- This eye scanner simulator is a free application that offers acool unique HD quality background with eye catching graphics.- Cool eye scanning animation.- Use the optional set as lockscreen feature from the actionsmenu.- The eye screen lock works with front camera by default andautomatically switches to back camera for phones without a frontcamera.- You can set a custom number of sound beeps for unlock.
KK Notifier (KK Unread count)
KK App Team
KK Notifier is an unread counts plug-in forLATEST version of M/KKM Launcher and S Launcher.Note: for KK Launcher, it has build-in unread count feature, neednot this plug in for now.★ How to use it: (IMPORTANT)1. In M Launcher or S launcher setting UI, enable the "enableunread count" option in Launcher setting ->Unread Counts2. Then, in this Notifier plug in setting UI, enable the app/itemthat you want to get unread counts.(These two step are mandatory, we noticed that some users report itdoesn't work, please ensure you have followed the above two steps,if still not work, please feedback with detail info, we will try tofix it, thanks)★ KK Notifier support unread counter and notifier:1. Unread Counter:- Missed call counts- Unread SMS counts- Unread Gmail counts- Unread Samsung Email counts- Unread K-9 Mail counts2. Unread Notifier (for 4.3+ devices, require NotificationAccess):- Facebook unread notifier- Facebook Messenger unread notifier- WhatsApp unread notifier- Any app's notification unread notifier(there are Custom Notifier1 - 3 for you to choose apps that you want to show new messagecount)
Romantic Theme GO SMS Pro
Workshop Theme
If you very like color pink in your device,You will loving the pink love free skin for GO SMS. This theme isabout cute and sweet pink heart and wery nice flowers orribbon.Theme romantic works only with GO SMS Pro application, if you don'thave it, download for free from Google Play.Feel this good feeling when you see this pink love heart andremember the person that is your dear like honey orsweetheart.Make Your android world more pink - brighter, clear, brilliant andcompelling. Applications helps You customization andpersonalization your GO SMS with beautiful hearts and flower, pinkwallpaper, fonts and icons. Like valentine and amor.This theme is in colors like cute and sweet pink, fuchsia, magenta,purple, violet and white, nice flowers. Valentines, and amor day iscome!Everything has been designed specifically for people who loveamaranthine, indygo and black colors, for girls styleTo apply the theme(also for GO Chat):1. Download Theme from Google Play for free2. Download GO SMS Pro for free3. Install and launch GO SMS app3. Press right to see options and press theme4. Press - My Theme5. Tap the GO SMS Pro Theme RomanticTo change apperance settings about conversation list1. Press Menu2. Press Adwanced3. Press Appearance Settings.4. Press Conversation List CustomizationAnd now You can adjusted for each other, you can change:- Background in messages.- Displayed contact pictures.- Contact font.- Contact font color.- Time and message fonts.- Or restet this setting as to default.Sweet pink, crimson, red, sanguine color surely captivate you! Itdoes not matter whether you are a man or a woman! Just try thisnice theme, download and colorize your device with sweety pink,cherry, flowers and hearts. This sweetie and romantic theme helpsyou to remember always about your honey, baby, or darling,sweetheart!To change apperance settings about conversation style1. Press Menu2. Press Adwanced3. Press Appearance Settings.4. Press Conversation customizationAnd now You can adjusted for each other, you can change:Conversation style ( bubble setting or list style)- Background- Incoming font- Outgoing font- Hyperlink color in textIf you want to use avatar icon for any contact simply change it andthe new image for each contacts are visible on conversation listand messages sms list.Disclaimer: this application uses interstitial ads andbanners.Check other our GOSMSPro, GO Locker and GO Launcher EX, freethemes.Themes are published all the time, so remember to check ourdeveloper account regularly.Style was created by WorkshopTheme
Wallpapers for Note 9
CheraM Apps
Note 9 Wallpapers, contains Full HD highquality wallpapers and even more! All the wallpapers note 9 areavailable in the perfect resolution and some of them at 4kresolution, supported by almost every device out there.Galaxy Note 9 Wallpapers, contains an impressive collection of 700free HD wallpapers note 9.>Features of Note 9 stock wallpapers:- Contain latest Android M stock wallpapers!- Contain latest Android N wallpapers.- 4k abstract wallpapers and much more!* Easy to save on your device from the right corner* Easy to use and friendly interface* Every stock contain 20 HD Wallpaper.NOTE!! Our app MUST HAVE intenet connection!It meant a lot choosing our app! Enjoy using it for free!
Pimp My Rom (Beta)
----------- TWEAKS -----------***Network & Internet***- Wifi Scan interval- TCP Congestion Algorithm- Media streaming tweaks- Use Google DNS- Enable/Disable HSUPA- Protect against SYN attacks- Avoid Time-Wait state- Block all redirects & source-routing- Various IPv4 tweaks***Multitasking***- 3 presets of OOM Groupings & Minfree- 2 presets of zRam compression- Adjust Dalvik & kernel to new values- Renice low priority processes***Dalvik VM***- Heap Size selection- Heap Growth-limit selection- Heap Start Size selection- Optimization Flags selection- Enable/Disable JIT- Enable/Disable JNI Error Checking- Enable/Disable bytecode verification for Dalvik***Kernel***- Governor tweaks- I/O Scheduler tweaks- Disabling I/O stats- Enable/Disable Vsync- Disable Normalized/NewFair/GentleFair Sleepers***Toggle Android Features***- Hardware Acceleration- Force GPU rendering- Surface Dithering- Purgeable Assets- 16bit Transparency- Kernel JNI Error Checking- Android Logger- Locking launcher in memory***Telephony***- Call Ring Delay- Proximity Sensor delay- In-Call amount of volume steps- SMS & MMS retry timer if failed sending- SMS & MMS amount of retries if failed sending- Enable/Disable AMR Wideband***Touchscreen & Display***- Amount of fingers recognized by the screen (multitouch)- Minimum amount of time between 2 touch events (PointerDuration)- Maximum amount of events per second WindowsManager canhandle- SurfaceFlinger's minimum velocity- SurfaceFlinger's maximum velocity- Enable/Disable FPS Capping***Miscellaneous***- Optimize sqlite3 databases at each boot- I/O Tweaks for ext4 file-systems- Internal & External sdcard tweaks- Zipalign all apks at each boot- Various battery saving tweaks- Various camera quality tweaks- Raising jpg quality to 100%- Enable quickpoweron----------- TOOLS -----------***Rescue Package***This tool allows you to completely safely pimp your rom.It will backup all your original system files and create aflashable zip containing them. This way, if some tweak causeproblems, simply flash your Rescue Package to remove allmodifications made by Pimp My Rom***Universal Init.d Support***Enable init.d support with absolutely ANY kernel.This tool is the first completely universal method for grantinginit.d support, for the simple reason that [B]everything[/B]happens on the app side.***Pimp My CPU***Take full control over your processor :- Minimum & maximum CPU frequencies management- Overclocking if your kernel supports it- Governors management- Schedulers management- Voltage control***Density Changer***Safely modify your display's density in 3 easy steps.***Entropy Generator***A graphical user interface for the Random Number Generator Daemon(RNGD) binary.Independently set :- Feed Interval- Feed Timeout- Amount of Random bytes- Fill-watermark- Kernel random read/write wakeup threshold***Dual Bootanimations***Allows you to have 2 different bootanimations which willalternatively be displayed, one boot each.***Lock Apps in Memory***Bypass Android's built-in task killer by locking any installedapplication in memory, including system apps!***Navigation Bar Toggle***Self-explanatory, toggle the navigation bar on & off***Gps Configuration***Choose between 79 countries + 5 continents of gps.conf files:***Device Hidden Menu***Access your device's hidden settings without having to dial weirdand hard to remember codes----------- APPS & MODS -----------Download & install some popular mods without flashinganything!***Pimp My Beats***A full-blown audio mod containing :- Modified DSPManager- Beats Audio binaries, libs, framework & other assets- Dolby Mobile binaries, libs, framework & other assets- SRS binaries, libs, framework & other assets# Bravia Engine 2# xLoud & ClearAudio+# Sony Album# OpenVPN Support
Steampunk Live Wallpaper
Interactive Steampunk skull Live wallpaper-Touch the skull to make the the bio-mechanical clockwork skullmove, jaws open and gears rotate. NO ADS! Now with real steam andGear sounds!!Steampunk refers to a subgenre of science fiction and sometimesfantasy that incorporates technology and clothing designs inspiredby 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.If Jules Verne or H.G. Wells were writing their science fictiontoday, it would be considered “steampunk.”Classic Poker "Death Card" theme for fans of Steampunk, Cyberpunk,Science fiction, Sci-Fi and retro tech goth.• Press the center of the skull to activate gears and steam on thebackground live wall paper• You can turn Steampunk sounds ON or Off in settings (defaults toOff)• Classic steampunk design theme for fans of Steampunk, Steam punkgears, Cyberpunk, Science fiction, Sci-Fi and retro techgoth.• Also perfect accessory for Star Poker Players with it's Ace ofSpades Theme- especially card sharks who rely on having this Ace intheir pocket!• If you like this, you will also like my Steampunk Gears LiveWallpaper• TO INSTALL: Home -> Menu -> Wallpaper -> LiveWallpapers- Steampunk Live Wallpaper Skull
PowerAmp New Style
We present you a new skin for PowerampThis beautiful skin that will make you happy for a long timeInside the application is 2 skinsSubscribe to my page in Google+, so always be aware of new skins to apply:After installation, open-click> Click Start PoweAmp-> SelectNew Blue skin or New GryKey: OR poweramp skin
Poweramp Skin Red Metal
Andrew G.
***** READ ME ***** LEER ANTES DE INSTALAR*****In order to apply this skin, you must have the app "Poweramp MusicPlayer" installed.Para aplicar este diseño debes tener instalada la aplicacion"Poweramp Music Player"****************************************************************Follow for more themes:Check all my themes:****************************************************************INSTALL:1-Download Red Metal Skin from google play.2-Install Red Metal and open it.3-Follow instructionsINSTALACION:1-Descargar Red Metal de google play.2-Instalar Red Metal y abrirlo.3-Seguir instruccionesIf you have any problems with installation or you find any bug,please contact me so that I can help you Thankyou!
Weapon Wallpapers
Thor Apps Android
Guns and weapons HD Wallpaperscollection quality images of guns and weaponscomment, it will allow us to improve the app for you!Pistol (French pistolet ← Fr. Pistole from Czech. Píšťala -«musket, fife") - manual short-barreled semi-automatic ornon-automatic (less automatic) firearms. Usually designed to fireat short range (up to 25-50 meters), both with one hand, and withthe two. It can be used both for attack and for protection. Thefirst guns were smoothbore and singly. Modern, as a rule, arethreaded and have a bulk store, which is located usually in the armand can accommodate 7 or less (the Colt M1911) to 17 or more(Beretta Px4 Storm, APB) rounds.First there were guns in the XV century. They were fitted on awooden block with a short barrel wick castle. Leonardo da Vinciinvented the wheel lock for the gun (the factory key) - the onlything his invention, which was recognized during his lifetime. Gunsof the time were quite different on the device and its intendedpurpose. Short guns (Puffer) were used to fire at close range. Longcavalry pistols had enough killing power at a distance of 30-40meters over the unprotected goal. Heavy armor (such as Maximilian),however, they rarely break through even when fired at close rangeand velocity rarely exceed 150-160 m / s (in pocket "Puffer" couldbe less than 100 m / s).Weapon - the general name of devices, objects and tools,structurally designed for killing or rendering harmless of peopleand animals, and / or disabling equipment and facilities of theparties, wittingly or unwittingly involved in any conflict. Afterthe invention of gunpowder became widely used artillery androckets, and small arms. Before the invention of the same mass andthe introduction of the latter, the basis of army troops were armedwith a cold hand and thrown weapons.To arms include devices and items physically designed to hit a livetarget, signaling, subject to attack or defense. Also - a set oftools for hunting and warfare. In a figurative sense weapons - somemeans to fight with anyone and anything to achieve theirgoals.-- Features --* The app is a very simple application! This app has a very clearinterface. It is really easy to find and set an exactly thatwallpaper what you want.* Offline access to the images* You can set any image as wallpaper* You can save wallpapers on SD card* You can share the image via email, Facebook, Twitter, MMS andother apps* Tablet support* There is an opportunity to set up the app on SD cardPhotos in the app are licensed under Creative Commons’ license.Authors are credited inside the app.
Break the Bank Pool Ball LWP
Lucas Wallpapers
What happens if you throw in a glass jarfilled with small colored ballsiron fork? - She smashed, and thousands of small balls soar intothe air,These balls are not simple. Want to know how it happens? - Downloadand watch!We are a team of professional web developers. We work to create avariety of live wallpapers,video and animated. Pictures and video of the best quality. Ourwallpapers are 95%devices, and it's all new items developed in 2015. Everything worksquickly and smoothly.See our other wallpaper you pressing the name developer locatedinwallpaper or name in the "Similar" below. All wallpapers areabsolutely free, seton their devices, enjoy the beauty of the live wallpaper.Our features:- All wallpapers are fast and smoothly- Maximum quality video images- All wallpapers are new products developed in 2015 and the cornerof modern technologies- Improved optimization of various devices- Work on 95% of devices- Is the ability to control the speed
Krishna Playing Flute Live WP
Super Kool Apps
Beautiful Live wallpaper of Lord KrishnaPlaying His Flute. Download this Wallpaper and Share with yourfriends
Wallpapers, Icons - LINE DECO
LINE & Camp Mobile
★ Reached over 20 million downloads worldwide★★ Reached over 800 million content downloads ★★ Wallpapers, iconpacks, and widgets updated daily ★Wallpapers, Icons and Widgets – LINE DECOLINE DECO is an official phone-decorating app from LINE.★ PRIDE OF LINE DECO# The world-famous “LINE Friends”Adorable LINE Friends contents are exclusively distributed!Don’t miss out on the popular LINE Friends wallpapers, icons, andwidgets.# New “Wallpapers” updated day after dayFrom emo wallpapers to high-quality HD wallpapers,Find wallpapers that best represent you.# High-class contents provided by Global ArtistsTry unique wallpapers and icons made out of their artworks.Turn your phone into a beautiful masterpiece.★ FUNCTIONS OF LINE DECO# Apply wallpapers and icons all at once with “ICONPACKS”Icons and wallpapers in perfect harmony!Each pack contains matching wallpapers and icons. It’s the easy,convenient, and fast way to decorate your phone.# “Widgets”, The coolest items for phone-decoration.The incomparable stylish clock, calendar and battery widgets areonly available on LINE DECO!In addition, it’s more fun to find the hidden features ofwidgets!# Find what you’re looking for with “Search-bar” function.Search for keywords to find wallpapers, icons, iconpacks or widgetseasily and quickly.# Wallpapers “Categories”Wallpapers are divided into various categories. You can easilybrowse for wallpapers that best suit’s your taste.★★★★★* Ranked 1st among all free apps in Japan, Ranked 1st in‘Decoration’ category in 6 countries including Japan, Taiwan andThailand. – ET News* LINE DECO : The easiest way to decorate your phone. – Google PlayReview* I recommend LINE DECO to those who are looking for profile picsand wallpapers. – Google Play Review* All illustrations, widgets, and iconpacks are adorable andlovely<3 – Google Play Review* Everything suits my taste! – Google Play Review★★★★★★ Social Networks- Facebook : Instagram : LINE DECO Studio :★ Supported OS VersionAndroid 4.0.3 and up (Ice Cream Sandwich)★ Customer Supportsupport_linedeco@campmobile.comFor better assistance, please send us screenshots, deviceinformation, OS version, type of error and name of the launcher(ifyou are using one).
Next magic light livewallpaper
Next magic light live wallpaper, designed forNext Launcher 3D specially, is released now. Its majorfeatures include:--General--Magic light flowing on the map Dynamically--With Next Launcher--Glare will follow your fingers, while you are sliding on thescreenGlare will focus around the icon which you are PressingStyle of the live wallpaper and Next Launcher match perfectlyHow to use:General:Long press homescreen—>Wallpaper—>Livewallpaper—>Next magic lightWith Next Launcher:Long press homescreen(Click'Menu')—>Wallpaper—> Next live wallpaper—>Next magiclightGet the full version of Next magic light live wallpaper, search andinstall 'Next Launcher' in Google Play.Not all handsets support the live wallpaper feature, please checkfor a 'live wallpaper' category as the directions abovestate.If you encounter any problems or have any suggestions for our NextLauncher, please do not hesitate to tell us. Thank you verymuch!E-mail: nextlauncher@gmail.comFacebook:
KK Launcher -Cool,Top launcher
ZhangAn Inc.
★ KK Launcher is the TOP 1 KitKat &Nougat style launcher, TOP 3 launcher in all; Keep updating tolatest Android (Android 6.0 Marshmallow & Android 7.0 Nougat)style launcher; Most Fast, Cool, Powerful, and always up to daylauncher 👍★★★★★ KK Launcher 2 released ! New, Cool, Modern ★★★★★★ Who will love it?1. People who want latest Android experience and clean, cool moderndesign2. People who want a more smooth, more powerful and playfulexperience from their phone★ Why it rocks? What make KK Launcher outstanding comparing toother launcher?1. KK Launcher have 20+ unique,COOL and usefulfeatures: such as Sidebar, Super folder, Private folder, AppLock, Double tap to turn off screen2. Compare to other launcher, KK launcher base on KitKatAndroid 4.4 and keep updating to latest Android N (Android 7.0Nougat), having the latest Android UI and UE★ KK Launcher Main Features:1. Support icon theme:-- Find 5000+ of launcher icon pack from Google Play Store;compatible with themes of other launcher-- KK Launcher also support color theme2. Handy Sidebar:-- Include Memory cleaner; Quick toggle; Favorite apps; And Sidebarcan be launched from everywhere3. Highly customize:-- Have 300+ of launcher options to tune your devices:options for grid size, app folder, 4 UI size mode, dockpages ...4. Google Now on your home screen:-- From left-most screen, swipe right to access Google Now cardsthat give you just the right information5. Just say "Ok Google"-- When on KK Launcher screens(for Android 4.4+, KitKat+ ), justsay "Ok Google" to trigger voice input, then say your command6. Keep update to Android N (Android 7.0 Nougat):-- Bring you the latest Android experience: Marshmallow 6.0 themeand Nougat 7.0 theme, Android N card style drawer and animation,etc7. Launcher Desktop:-- Smooth animation; Wallpaper scrolling; 16 transition effect;5 live wallpaper effect; Color wallpaper8. Launcher Drawer:-- Create drawer folder; Hide app; 4 drawer sorting; QuickA-Z location bar; Quick app search; Change grid size-- 3 drawer style, including Android N horizontal drawerstyle9. Transparent status bar, larger viewing area:-- For Android 4.4+ devices; and for Galaxy S5, S6, S7 and GalaxyNote devices10. Many Convenient Gestures:-- 15 desktop gestures; Icon gestures; Folder gestures;Reachability Gesture(like feature in iOS)11. Unread Counts:-- Unread SMS; Missed Call; Notifier for Gmail and WhatsApp★ KK Launcher Prime Features:- Private folder; Super folder- App Lock- Double tap to turn off screen, triple tap to turn on- More Unread Counts/Notifier- More gestures; Icon gestures- More transition effect- Transparent status bar clone for Android 4.0-4.3★ Feedback:Facebook: kkappteam@gmail.comXDA: KK Launcher Setting -> Help (For permissions explanation;Instruction for launcher icon pack and theme creators)Translations:❤ We develop KK Launcher ACTIVELY to make it perfectIf you like KK Launcher, please rate us and press G+1 to spreadKK launcher;if you meet error, please email us with detailed info, thanks❤ Get and try KK Launcher, Make your mobile lifeperfect!
Pink Butterflies Keyboard
--- This theme is compatible with variouskeyboards ---After you download our theme, press the 'Open' button and afterthat 'Apply' and follow instructions.Please RATE our app!!!Winter is back, but you can not stop thinking about summer and thebeauty of nature. Be amazed by this great Pink Butterflies Keyboardtheme for your smartphone or tablet and download it for free.Pink color represents your feminism and gentle personality,expresses your emotions and gives you power. Butterflies representyour desire to seize the day, to leave the moment. Accessorize yourkeyboard with this awesome pink theme and your dreams about summerwill come true.Spread your energy to everyone and bring summer back with this PinkButterflies Keyboard theme. Enjoy it and go pink!--- To use the custom font included press long '? 123' key, go to'Advanced Settings', select 'Font settings', then 'Scan fonts' andselect the font that has Pink Butterflies Keyboard on it. For moredetails, see the last screenshot/presentation video.--- If you have any issues, bugs or errors, please contact us rate and/or send us your thoughts inthe comment section.--- The theme is high definition and tablet-friendly.--- Our applications are all translated in 48 differentlanguages.--- This is a premium yet free app made possible by the use ads andyour support.Thank you for using Best Themes!---- PLEASE RATE US ----
Sexy Lace Kika Keyboard Theme
★ Notice ★The theme supports Kika Keyboard only.Click here to download Kika Keyboard<> forFREE!<>★ About Kika Keyboard ★Kika Keyboard is a smart keyboard app for Android that makes typingfast, easy, and fun.★Kika Keyboard Features★•800+ Emoji & Emoticons•Colorful Themes•Search & Send Animated GIFs•Swipe-to-Type•Word Predictions & Suggestions•Smart Auto-correct•Support 60+ Languages/Dictionaries•Customized Fonts•Voice Input•Keyboard Click Sounds•Customized layouts including one-hand mode & splitscreen★ Contact Us ★Click here to download Kika Keyboard for FREE!<>Follow us onFacebook: website: http://kikakeyboard.comClick here to explore more themes!
Artem Chepurnoy
HeadsUp is a fork of AcDisplay mainly focusedon displaying notifications while your device is on. It will informyou about new notifications, while you're browsing/gaming/watchingmovies, by showing a minimal, beautiful popup, allowing you to openthem directly or perform an action.Features:- Great design and awesome performance;- Translated to all of the most popular languages;- Incredible level of stability;- Completely open source;- And more and more.
Capacitive Buttons
Sleepy Dragon
Control the brightness of the capacitivebuttons (the back, home, and recent tasks buttons) on severaldevices in the HTC One series. Root is required in order for thisapplication to work, but it works with any ROM.NOTE: The "Pro" version of this app is updated 2-4 weeks earlierthan the free version, and thus has some bug fixes and new featuresnot available in the free version. If you'd like to get the latestfixes and features earlier, the pro version is for you. Otherwise,you can live a full and happy life with the free version. See thedescription in the pro version for details about differencesbetween the free and pro versions.Officially Supported Devices:- HTC One X (evita, North American variant, dual-core)- HTC One X (endeavoru, International variant, quad-core)- HTC One X+ (evitareul)- HTC One- HTC One S- HTC SensationUnofficially Supported Devices:- HTC One V- HTC Desire HD- HTC Evo 3D- Droid MAXX- LG Optimus GThe "unofficially supported" devices have had at least one reportof working but no development effort has (yet) been focused onthem.This application is free and open source, released under the GNUGeneral Public License v3. The source code is available at, and furtherdevelopment information is available at the following thread onxda:
Icon Pack - Deer Dante (free)
FREE, clean and safe icon pack, redesign all of your appicons in one click!Icon pack made by GO themes designer, 5 years’ experience indesigning icons and themes.Compatible with:❤ GO Launcher icon❤ NOVA Launcher icon❤ ADW Launcher icon❤ Apex Launcher icon❤ More Launcher supported in the upcoming versions.Find more free icon pics or icon packs in >KittyPlayFor news, feedback or suggestions,Email:
iKeyboard - emoji, emoticons
iKeyboard Team
Enjoy typing and make your phone’s keyboardmore exciting and fun with iKeyboard! iKeyboard isfilled with over 100 creative themes with new ones beingadded every week! If you want, you can even customize yourown. You can search for and send GIFs, gain access toover 1200 emoji (including smileys and emoticons), utilizeswipe-to-type, get accurate word-prediction and smartauto-correction, and more!iKeyboard supports 60+ languages!Try our newest function ,hashtag search to get and shareanything you want from Contact, Youtube, Spotify, Foursqure andmore without changing paltform!iKeyboard Features• 100+ colorful and customizable themes, skins• 1200+ emoji, smileys, and emoticons• Smooth swipe-to-type feature• Search for and send animated GIFs, stickers• convenient hashtag search• Accurate auto-correct and word-prediction• Keyboard click sounds• Personalized cool fonts• Google Voice input• Supports 60+ languages• Provides QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY, Dvorak, Colemak, and PC• Supports split, one-handed, and tablet modes for peopleon-the-go• Night mode• send emoji, stickers among all social apps like facebook,snapchat, messenger, etc.• Try the latest Android 7.1 Image Keyboard NOW!Supported LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Arabic,Bashkir, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (UK), Finnish,Greek, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian,Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Serbian, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish,and more!Contact usLike us on FB: Email: ikeyboard2016@gmail.comBusiness Inquiries:
Tapet ® (An old word for "Wallpaper") is afirst of its kind app that automatically generates high-qualitybackgrounds.You can either select a random wallpaper or let the app generateone for you hourly or daily.New Features:* Free Trials!!!* Patterns Manager* Color Picker* App shortcuts* History of applied, liked and more* Muzei supportFeatures:* Wallpapers are created according to your device's screenresolution - making them the highest possible quality.* No images are being downloaded from the internet. Everything israpidly generated in your device.* Images fit your screen perfectly and even create a beautifulparallax effect, making the wallpaper even more pleasant.* New exciting patterns added in every version!* You can set the app to surprise you with a new wallpaper hourlyor daily. You will most likely never see the same wallpapertwice.
Cute Animals Live Wallpaper
Frisky Lab
♦Cute Animals Live Wallpaper♦ brings you yourdaily dose of cute completely free of charge! If you love animalsand you think that there is nothing cuter than charming pandas orbaby elephants, then ♦Cute Animals Live Wallpaper♦ is just perfectfor you! Download the best Android™ live wallpaper application forfree and have an amazing collection of HQ images for your newsmartphone display! Beautiful pictures of colorful exotic birds orlions, tigers and other wild animals will take your breath away!Whenever you feel like spending time with amazing animals from allover the world, take a look at your phone and cute puppies, kittensand baby dolphins will be there to make your day! Try it now!Main features:♦ The fascinating animal wallpaper is ideal for your newsmartphone!♦Cool 3D parallax effect!♦ These high definition landscape images will mesmerize you!♦ Refresh your screen with one of many cool natural backgroundimages!♦ Both landscape mode and home-screen switching are fullysupported!♦ Our free and girly pictures await you!♦Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers♦ Choose from lots of different desktop images.♦ HD graphics and open GL.♦ The full control over the speed and density of glitteringparticles.♦ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.♦ When you do not use your phone, this live wallpaper will sleepand it will not wear your battery out.♦ “Cute Animals Wallpaper'' fully supports horizontal orientationand looks fantastic on both mobile phones and tablet devices.Animals are really something, right? ♦Cute Animals Live Wallpaper♦is the best live wallpaper app for your Galaxy mobile phone and itwill bring animals closer to you than you can ever imagine! Be intouch with Nature every day as you spend some quality time withamazing giraffes, elephants, intelligent dolphins and whales andother wonderful animals. Maybe you are a fan of domestic animalsand you choose pictures of funny pigs, cows and goats. It’s all upto you! Download this amazing “Cute animals live wallpaper” nowtotally free of charge and enjoy the company of the cutest animalsyou have ever seen in your life! Spending time with animals has apowerful effect on us and boosts us with positive energy, so hurryup to your Android app store and get the most beautiful set of 10“free animal background images” now! Explore the wildlife and learneverything about animals! Download these amazing “wallpaper hd”pictures and enjoy the cutest images of your favorite animals!These “funny pictures” on your Galaxy phone display will make yourevery day! Try them now and you’ll see that these are your nextfavorite “free live wallpapers” for your new smartphone. Adorable“animals backgrounds” are just a click away from you, so don’twaste any more time and download them now for FREE! Have fun withcute dogs, cats, chipmunks, pandas and other amazing animals onyour phone display!*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.*This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung.* This app is ad supported
WP8 Demo Cm10 Cm10.1 theme.
********This app works Only on Devices running custom roms likeAOKP/CM10/CM10.1 only************Do Not Install if you not running above and give badreview********DEMO** Does not include all the features of the Paidversion.Themed-1)System2)Camera2)framework3)Settings5)More here and there.If you want all the goodies, Download the paid app and supportme.Hope you enjoy my theme.***Instruction***Install the theme. Open settings and select theme. Select Windows 8and hit apply. THEN REBOOT(*Important*).If you get this message "Theme is inproperly compiled error".Solution: Set system theme, reboot your phone, set Windows 8theme.***Requirements***Custom ROM like Cyanogenmod and othersX-hdpi and Hdpi devices supported.Thank you.
Kittens Live Wallpaper
❤Kittens Live Wallpaper❤ is your new dailydose of adorable! Get ready for an amazing selection of cute babycats on your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone included in this freeAndroid™ application. Download the beautiful ❤Kittens LiveWallpaper❤ free of charge and enjoy adorable images of kittens ofall breeds and colors! Check out this amazing Android app now andget the pet you have always wanted to have! Download the cutest "HDwallpaper" on the market and have fun with little kittens as youlisten to them pur with love for you. Have a pet of your own!"Kitten Live Wallpaper" is your next favorite application!❤ Features:A huge collection of free pets “wallpapers hd”!Cute pictures, photos, images, and backgrounds!Specially designed for girls and ladies!Optimized Battery Usage!Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices!Landscape mode and home-screen switching!Kitten Live Wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientation andlooks amazing on tablet devices as well as on phones.Installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers Are you a dog person or you prefer being around cats? If you lovespending time with cute little kittens as they play with a yarn andother cat toys, this brand new ❤Kittens Live Wallpaper❤ is justperfect for you! Download this amazing "FREE Cat Live Wallpaper"now and you'll get an adorable pet for you to have fun with everyday! What's your favorite cat breed? Do you like Mongolian cats, orPersian cats? Maybe Ragdoll cats or even Bengal cats? Whateverbreed you choose, get ready for loads of fun because cats arereally something! If you have always wanted to own a cat but neverreally had time for it, "Kitten HD Backgrounds" is a perfectalternative! No need for you to buy cat food every week or visitthe vet-this cute Android application is pure fun!So, what do you know about cats? Here are some fun facts aboutcats! Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world and thereare around 500 million domestic cats. We have been associated withcats for nearly 10000 years! Impressive, right? Domestic cats loveto play and this is especially true with kittens who love to chasetoys and play fight. Play fighting among kittens may be a way forthem to practice and learn skills for hunting and fighting. Theylive for 12 to 15 years and have amazing physical characteristics.They have flexible bodies, see amazingly well in the dark and arereally good hunters! Cats really are amazing! “Kitten Wallpaper” isa refreshing new app which will beautify your phone display withamazing “kitten live images”. Customize your desktop with the mostbeautiful “FREE kitten wallpaper” available on the market! Having apet is a wonderful experience and it will make your day-every day!Cool, right? Download it now and share it with your friends andfamily. Everyone will surely love their own "Grumpy cat images" ontheir phones, too! They will be amazed when they see your Androidphone screen covered with magical “cats HD images”. Choose yourfavorite ♥Kitten Live Wallpaper♥ and set it as wallpaper or screensaver for your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone or tablet. Try awesome"free download" Kitten Wallpaper now and fall in love with theseamazing animals!*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.*This app is not affiliated with or endorsed bySamsung.  *This app is ad - supported.
Clean GO Launcher Theme
Brand new theme for GO Launcher EX!❤Brief Introduction:Specially designed for GO Launcher EX, provides delicate app icons,wallpapers, folder and app drawer interface. Get it right now andhave a completely new makeover of your Android smartphone.❤Notice:GO launcher theme is only available for phones with GO Launcher EXinstalled.Click here to install GO Launcher EX!❤How to Apply the Theme:- Directly open the theme after successful installation.- Or back to Menu>Theme, choose a theme you like and apply it toyour phone.© All illustrations and images are the copyright of Sungy MobileLimited.
Miu - MIUI 9 Style Icon Pack
Introducing MIU : A MIUI inspired iconpack with rounded square shape and vivid colors. The most completeone on the market.Features*3000+ HD Icons*Icon Masking for unthemed apps*35 Cloud Wallpapers*Muzei Support*Dynamic Calendars*Alternative Drawer & App icons*Supported Launchers: Action, ADW, Apex, Atom, Aviate, CMTheme Engine, GO, Holo, LG, Lucid, M, Mini, Next, Nougat, Nova,Smart, Solo, V, ZenUI, Zero, ABC, Evie and More...Widgets that appear in screenshots are from my PhoenixZooper app