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Call Blocker function, which is also called call blocker, isbasedon a huge data base, we block numbers or unwanted calls fromyourcalls blacklist. The reserve phone number lookup functionallowsyou search any number or name, track phone number.CallBlocker& Caller ID does not upload your phonebook to make yourcontactnames searchable. We also do not sell, share data with anythirdparty application and/or organization."Calls Blacklist" caneasilyblock calls and messages from unwanted, private (hidden,anonymous)or unknown numbers.Block Caller ID – Know who’s callingyou usingthe best true Caller ID, Call Blocker, Phone NumberLookup, CallerApp! CallApp true callerid is a top CommunicationsApps always knowwho called me with free true callerid in our truecaller ID,blocking calls & dialer app!AVOID ANNOYING SPAMCALLS:- CallDefender : block spam calls, Phone blockertelemarketing calls-Safe : Protect yourself from spam and anonymousphone calls withour caller ID.- Blacklist numbers : add spam calls,block numbers& contacts from your address book/ phone book-Blocks callsfrom hidden numbers, Calls Blacklist - Call Blocker-Blocks callsto premium rate numbers- Blocks calls to foreigncountries- Blockscalls from/to negative rated numbers- Blocks callsfrom numbersdefined on private block listCaller Name Id and Findnumber ofcaller- Caller Identity : Lookup phone numbers and Anynumber tolookup name- Number Tracker : Caller ID & Dialer,Flashmessaging - Share location- Who is calling me : Mr number iswho iscalling to show caller name idShould I Answer? Caller ID,ContactsPhone Book & Calls- Identify unknown calls : Pick upImportantcalls only- Block the spam calls : void annoying calls(robotcall,telemarketing, scam...etc) by one touch- Phonebooksearch : Controlwho to call- Offline database : Identify numberwithout internetaccessCalls Blacklist - Call Blockerand know who'scalling- TrueCaller ID – Know the true caller ID from each calllog!- PhoneNumber Lookup – The best phone number lookup &reverse phonenumber search!- T9 Dialer & Contacts app – CallAppis a dialerapp with a T9 dialer.- CallApp+ - Identify unknownnumbers, blockcalls & callers from IM Social Media Apps-Contacts– See thetruecaller’s ID, name, photo, number lookup,number locator,birthday, social media, email address book &phone book.If youare tired of annoying calls or messages:telemarketing, spam androbocalls, then "Calls Blacklist" is yoursolution. It is very easyand lightweight, yet powerful callblocker.

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    Caller ID, Blocker
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    June 18, 2018
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Caller Name Id
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Emoji Name 1.0 APK
Caller Name Id
😘 Emoji Name Contact is the world’s contacts (phone book)app,powered with Emoji Contacts, emoji name & Emoji name - allinone place with customize keyboard.With 500+ Emoji, emoticons,GIFs,stickers, sports emojis on this Emoji Contacts, Smart Emojihelpsyou to spice up add in Contacts Facebook, Twitter,Instagram,Messenger, WhatsApp, etc..Access the contacts in yourGoogleAccount from any device, use different emoji to mark them,forexample: use heart emojis to identify your lover, such asHoney💗💕❤👉Dial, text, record calls or reach anyone on your contactlist,using Emoji Name Contact app! 👈 Features• Add emoji contacts,emojiname world, Emoji contact, emoji name art, emoji namecontact,emoji name, animated GIFs to your outgoing calls!•Contacts, SMSand Call log backup• Over 150+ customizable EmojiThemes to moji oramoji and emoticon keyboard 2018• All new FREEemoji name contactare now available on emoji contact maker & mycontact manager•Speed dial face emoji screen with one touch tocall• Fast dialersearch on cute emoji app• Emoji Creator makeCaller id with emojicontact• Put Emoji on Contact for phone, PutEmoji for sms contact•The best Emoji Contact App, let my addressbook easily different•Put face emoji on Birthday reminders• Viewyour contacto with emojiname contacts• Easily add Emoji contactsand edit information withemoji name world or emoji name contact•Easy to type Emojis in textmessages• Emoji Name Contact app givesyou Smiley and Special emojicombos like “I love you” 👀❤️• Type fastand accurately on EmojiContacts Name with our super smart,autocorrect, emoji predictionand next word suggestion tech.💎 EmojiName WorldEasy to find 150+Emoji, Emoticons, Free GIF, Symbol,Emoji Stickers for EmojiContacts!You look at the user's addressbook using the charm ofEmoji, quite fantastic, right? Use thedifferent types of emojilike- Home😘, Big Family🏠, 🎧Makor🎤, Jody🃏,Tang Shuai👓, YOLO🤒,🐔Jiji_pi🐔, Letter Boy💌, 🍭CT🍭, Joker Fan🀄, Fish👊,🌾Lea❄, FruitShop🍉🍇, Dad👨, Mom👩,, Grand Pa👴, Grand Ma👵, Boy👦, Baby👶,Store💍,Casino🎲, Cake🎂, Peter🐯, Mall👠💄, Darling💗, Sun Shine ☀️. It'saEmoji World For Emoji Name Contact 😂😛😜😝🤢🤔💩😝 Emoji ContactEmojiNameContact is a true all-in-one emoji contacts, emoji dialer,emojisms and call log app that makes it easy to connect withfriends andblock unwanted people, telemarketers with the new styleofcontact+. Whether it’s a call or sms - you’re alwaysincontrol.Emoji Name Contact is the best Emoji app, let myaddressbook easily different with emoji name or emoji contacts!ContactsManager supports automatic emoji contact sync to allcontacts, suchas SIM Contacts, WhatsApp Contacts, Google Contacts,Phone localContacts.☀️🌟 It's World🌎 of 😝Emojis!
Call Manage 1.0 APK
Caller Name Id
Caller Id Name & Location tracks the name and location ofthecaller at the time of incoming call.Caller Id Name &Locationis a very simple and unique application that helps you totrackyour own live locations on GPS Map.✆ This application willgive yourich look of style and it is light weight so you cannavigate your•Keypad with Super fast T9 Photo Dialer.• callerscreen themeFavorite list.• caller screen dialer Contact list.•Speed Dial.•caller screen dialer Recent calls.• Call Blocker /Unblocker.•Privacy Hide Caller ID.• Send and receive SMS.Features:-Simple,Easy to use, anyone can easily find caller location usingthisapplication.- All your contacts location sorted by CallerName.-All Calls details by Locations in those locations aredisplayedsorted by City or State. - Call logs displayed by CallTimeincluding Call Location.- Searching can be more easily and findthelocation of mobile phone by City or State.- Easily Search ISDandSTD Number Code for various countries.- Caller Id Name&Location application is totally free and very useful too.-MobileNumber Tracker service will enable you to search for numberof anycountry, details of caller may vary from country to country.-Bestand helpful mobile address tracker for everyone to must haveinandroid device.Key Features★ Caller IDFind out who’s callingyouusing the most advanced Caller ID app, it can identify anyunknowncalls with true caller name, location, icon, ect… You couldknowwho is calling immediately as well as decide whether to answerthecall.★ Call BlockerIt helps you block the numbers and textsyouwant to avoid like telemarketers, scammers, billcollectors,robocalls, etc. Just add a number to the blacklist andwe’ll do therest..★ Smart Call LogShows in detail the caller nameand callerlocation in recent call history. Including the missedcalls,completed incoming and outgoing calls, no answer calls. Nounknownnumbers anymore.Dalily is the best Arabic caller ID andsearchengine for identifying real and true caller. It hasmoreintelligence than other search engine. Dalily caller letsyousearch beyond your existing phone book list, identifyunknownincoming calls and names.
Emoji Contacts 1.2 APK
Caller Name Id
Smart Emoji Contacts is smart tools to generating names makeemojiwallpaper maker, emoji background, generating colour by nameusingLove emoticons, emoji background, adding emoji on photo fromemojilist. Turn your selfie Emoji contacts into an emoji and watchyourmessaging come alive.With 500+ Emoji, emoticons, GIFs,stickers,sports emojis on this Emoji Contacts, Smart Emoji helpsyou tospice up add in Contacts Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Messenger,WhatsApp, etc. Feature:- Emoji Contacts, maker yourcontact emojiand text. Emoji style fun, sad, crazy for contact lockfunny.-Using emojis is a popular way to express your emotionsFace.- UseEmoji Contacts Manager, add emoji to your WhatsAppcontacts.Similar to our perfect emoji contacts book.- Contacts +emoji is atrue all-in-one emoji contacts app add funny smiles,samsungemoticons, free emojis, gif keyboard, meme keyboard.- Addmoji fromemoji list to Contact in emoji maker and add a contactemoji namelike emoji text, sad emojis, text emoji.- Editing contactwith textand emoji in list contact with theme contact emoji.- EmojiCreatormake Caller id with emoji contact.- Customize friend emojissupportall contact.- Put Emoji on Contact for phone, Put Emoji forsmscontact.- Emoji Contacts likes an Emoji Photo editor, you canaddall your favorite emojis- Add Emoji to my Contacts Name.Shop🍉🍇-Put Emojis on Contacts For Galaxy. Casino🎲- Put Emojis onAndroidContacts. Store💍- Birthday reminders to your friends AddCake🎂EmojiContact Manager:Emoji Contacts Manager supports automaticemojicontact sync to all contacts, such as Phone Contacts, SIMContacts,WhatsApp Contacts, Google Contacts, Messenger Contact….Create yourAddress book with lovely emojis!!! Change names withtext,characters and emojis. Share your contacts to your loved oneswithemoji in names.Contact Emoji Maker:You can business contactmanagerwith emoji name: your friend's name, use different Animojito markthem using - Alien 👽, Cat Face 🐱, Chicken 🐔, Dog Face 🐶, FoxFace🦊, Monkey Face 🐵, Panda Face 🐼, Pig Face 🐷, Pile of Poo 💩,RabbitFace 🐰, Robot Face 🤖Family Emoji Contacts Manager :EmojiCreatorcreate Family group using family members emoji likeHome😘,Dad👨,Mom👩, Grand Pa👴, Grand Ma👵, Boy👦, Baby👶, Big Family🏠,LetterBoy💌, Darling💗, 😝 Emoji your life and 😂😛😜😝🤢🤔💩Emoji ContactMaker -Decorate Contact Name Emoji:Change Name with emoji, EmojiContactMaker - Decorate Contact Name Emoji app lets you quicklylocateyour friends through Emoji Photo. Change a funnier look foryouremojis! Emoji One free for Emoji Contacts is available onKeyboardnow!Elite Emoji - Personalized EmojiPut your emotion inmotion.Emoji Maker emoji app makes all your messengers more fun!EmojiContact Manager offers smileys for Android: Messengerstickers.Over 130 popular themes in our cute emoticons app: holidaystickers(Christmas, Chinese new Year, love emoticons andValentinestickers, Easter, Halloween etc.), flowers, happybirthdayemoticons, animal emoticons (cats and dogs, unicorn),sports(football, basketball, yoga), religious stickers (incl.Christianemoticons and Bible), celebrities (incl. Justin Bieber,Supermanand Star Wars caricatures) and naughty emoticons free.Wordscan’tsay what your emoji can :You'll also find these smiley facesfortexting: get well and romantic stickers, heart emoticons(incl.black heart emoji), zombie stickers, dirty smileys for adultsandthe popular middle finger emoji.You can manage your friend'sname,use different emoji from emoticons list to mark them inemojicontacts, for example: use Heart emojis, Heart emoticons tocolorname detector your lover, such as Honey💗💕❤.Download EmojiContactsto your Android Phone now to enjoy your own specializedemojikeyboard💖. Best ideas for new stickers and emoticons willbecreated!
Contact Backup 1.0 APK
Caller Name Id
My Contact Backup helps you to backup, restore and save allyourprecious contacts! Also, you can easily transfer all yourcontactsfrom one phone (Android / feature phones) to another phonewithjust one tap! It’s an easy app that keeps your contacts safeandsecure! Contact Backup is the easiest way to backup andrestoreyour contacts directly from your phone.You can backup allyourcontacts with a single touch and send yourself a .vcfattachmentvia email.All your contacts can easily be restored at anytime bysimply opening .vcard file through your mailbox.ContactBackupfeatures◆ Backup New - SMS and Call Log into a new filefromselected storage (Dropbox, Google Drive or Phone externalstorage)◆Backup Archive - keep adding SMS and Call Log to anexistingarchive file from selected storage (Dropbox, Google Driveor Phoneexternal storage)◆ Backups created in XML Format andarchived to azip file to minimize the space/data transfer◆ Backupformat isindependent of the Android version so the messages/calllogs can beeasily moved from one phone to anotherRestore features◆Restore theSMS and/or Call Log with keeping (merging) the existingdata fromphone◆ Support to restore SMS on Android 4.4+ devices◆Restore SMSon Android 6.0+ (please accept the app as default textmessagingapp when prompted)◆ Manage the backups created (restore,delete,export)◆ View and manage the backup contents◆ quicksearchable SMSby text, contact or phone number◆ quick searchablecall log bycontact or phone number◆ groups the call log or SMSentries bycontact, date, or type (incoming, outgoing)◆ restoreindividual SMSor the SMS from a specified contact◆ restoreindividual Call Log orthe Call Logs from a specified contactViewand manage the currentcall logs from phone- groups the call logentries by contact, date,or type (incoming, outgoing)- collapsiblegroups by contact helpsyou easily identify and delete calls fromspecific contact or phonenumber- quick searchable call history bycontact or phone number-two steps deleting ("select one by one" or"select all" plus"delete button") saves time for you- displaystatistics based oncontact’s call logsView and manage the currentSMS from phone-groups the SMS entries by contact, date, or type(incoming,outgoing)- collapsible groups by contact helps you easilyidentifyand delete SMS from specific contact or phone number-quicksearchable SMS by text, contact or phone number- two stepsdeleting("select one by one" or "select all" plus "delete button")savestime for you - copy message textMy Contact backup is tack backupcontacts, backing up contact info share, contact informationshare,phonebook backup, backup contacts, back-up gmail contactsync.Smart backup is super backup & restore to backupdata,sms&contact, backup and restore,backup contacts, phonebackupalso contacts easy backup transfer, addressbook backup.Mycontactsbackup is uesed for back up contacts, contacts backuptransfer,phonebook backup, send contacts, vcards backupcontacts,vcf backupcontacts. My contacts phonebook backup is contact backup,syn backup contacts.My contacts backup is last contact phonebookbackup,cloud backup, cm backup, contacts backup transfer, sync withgooglecontacts, full google contacts, export contacts frombackupcontacts and recent contacts.Smart contacts will tack backupcontacts, contacts feed, phonebook backup, smart backup&restore and my contacts backup. My contacts backup is backuponlinephonebook, google contacts, google contacts app and contactsbackuptransfer in Google Drive or Dropbox.CONTACT US○ We would lovetohear your feedback
Emoji on Contacts 1.0 APK
Caller Name Id
Emoji on Contacts is the First 2018 Cute Emoticon.EmojikeyboardWith 3500+ Emoji, emoticons, GIFs, stickers on thisEmoji Contacts,emoji name helps you to spice up chats in Facebook,Twitter,Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.Color emoji toContacts+ is atrue all-in-one emoji contacts app that makes it easyto connectwith friends and know unwanted people via add emojis. AddanimatedGIFs to your outgoing calls!😉 Emojis Me🤡 From now on, mycontactlist will be specific and interesting, just like a fairytale!😝Emoji your life★ Easy to set 150+ Emoji, Emoticons, FreeGIF,Symbol, Emoji Stickers On Emoji ContactWith custom keyboardandemoji keyboard android and sticker keyboard for android foremojiname contact. Emoticon keyboard android, sticker keyboardforandroid, custom keyboard and gif keyboard for android,customkeyboard for emoji keyboard, face emoji for androidkeyboard,smiley faces for android keyboard, emoji keyboard withsmiley.. 😘 ★Emoji Contacts ManagerEmoji Maker emoji app makes allyourmessengers more fun! Change Name with emoji, my Contacts applet'syou quickly locate your friends through Emoji Photo, or knowyourfriends' hobbies. Emoji Contacts Manager supports automaticemojicontact sync to all contacts, such as SIM Contacts,WhatsAppContacts, Google Contacts, Phone local Contacts.★ EmojiContactsYoucan use this Emoji Contact Maker application to contactmanagementwith lite emoji features and capabilities within theemoji name.such as, contact merger, duplicate contacts, mergecontact, deleteduplicates animoji contact and emotion contactremover. All of thiscan be done with just all-in-one manage emojiname contactapplication.★ Personalize your own contacts with emojisoremoticons🤔 WhatsApp Contacts + Emoji, USE it!😜 Google Contacts+Emoji, USE it!😛 Contacts manager Emojis, USE it!Emoji ContactMakerprovides true protection to your phone moji contacts withanintegrated backup service for your amoji contacts, sms andcalllogs, so if you switch or lose your phone - they will alwaysstaywith you! Safely back up the contacts in your Google Account.Backup your contacts and sync them across all your androiddevices.View your Emoji contacts by account. Emoji Name World's theonlyone emoji contacts app with full animoji contact managementsupportavailable for Android! Emoji Contacts Manager With EmojiPhoto.Emoji Contacts Manager With Own Photo!Emoji Creator createFamilygroup using family members emoji like Home😘, Dad👨,Mom👩, GrandPa👴,Grand Ma👵, Boy👦, Baby👶, Big Family🏠, Letter Boy💌, Darling💗, 😝Emojiyour life and 😂😛😜😝🤢🤔💩Smart Emoji Contacts supportsmultiplelanguages and provides thousands of emojis, emotions,GIFs,stickers and themes. You can express your smiley emotions 😄💋😘withemoji name contact.👉 Emoji on Contacts will NEVER collectanypersonal information without your explicit permission.
True Mobile Caller ID & Call Blocker 1.0 APK
Caller Name Id
True Mobile Caller ID & Call Blocker – Know who’s callingyouusing the best true Caller ID, Call Blocker, Phone NumberLookup,True Mobile Caller ID & Call Blocker!True Mobile CallerID& Call Blocker Security identifies the calls you want totakeand blocks the numbers and texts you want to avoid. TrueMobileCaller ID & Call Blocker also allows you to make phonecalls inthe app, just like a dialer. The call log shows your recentcalls,like who called you, the missed calls and no answer calls.What’simportant is Call Blocker & Caller ID is the best freeandroidphone app. From now on, you will have the most delightfulfindingTrueCaller.The advantages of our True Mobile Caller ID &CallBlocker app:- Caller ID: Each time you receive a call youwillinstantly see who is calling- Call block: You will be abletoeasily block calls or block numbers. Escape the scams,sales,frauds, telemarketing, surveys and similar- Blacklist: Youcan addany unwanted numbers to your personal “Blacklist”. You canalsoblock a range of numbers with certain first digits.- You willalsobe able to add the caller to your contacts list or send themareply SMS directly from the caller ID screen- Log: Call logwhereyou can view callers who were blocked- Instantly customized:easyaccess to settings if you want to customize the app- Quick andeasyto use: Just download this light free call blocker app and haveallthe functions added right away.Calls Blacklist - CallBlockerandknow who's calling- True Caller ID – Know the true callerID fromeach call log!- Phone Number Lookup – The best phone numberlookup& reverse phone number search!- T9 Dialer & Contactsapp –CallApp is a dialer app with a T9 dialer.- CallApp+ -Identifyunknown numbers, block calls & callers from IM SocialMediaApps- Contacts– See the truecaller’s ID, name, photo,numberlookup, number locator, birthday, social media, email addressbook& phone book.Powerful Features:- Block caller id of CallerIDFaker, spoof call- Use our true caller ID to identify calls andseephotos and names of unknown caller and contacts in yourphonebook.- Phonebook search Control who to call and calls identifyinCalls Blacklist - Call Blocker- Avoid spam calls & junkSMS,Spam call blocker- See unknown callers and contact photos whenyouare dialing or receiving calls. - We sync with Facebook andothersocial media channels to identify your contact’s true photos-Mrnumber like a Call protect- Enable Spam Identification andBlockingrobokillerFeature :Find the True Caller - Calleridentification& number identification- Real time identify who’scalling,regardless of the reserve phone numbers or from unknownnumber. TheBlock numbers function & Caller ID mobile numberlocatorfunction shows the caller name and caller location and actsasMobile Number Tracker.Caller Identifier: To identification ofeveryincoming call, outgoing calls, missed calls & dial callswithproper as mobile number name, mobile number, State (Provence)Name,City Name Country Name, & many more. So you can see namesandnumbers of peoples who are calling you.Call Block / SpamBlocker:Blacklist robocalls and spam, and block telemarketers orscammersby sending them straight to voicemail. Control your privacywith anautomatic call blocker that lets you blacklist unwantednumbers.Anintegrated call blocker Trace, discover and block anycaller ornumber whether unknown, spam, scams, robocalls ortelemarketers,expose their name and details & immediately moveon to blockingthem! Call Blocker & Caller ID does not uploadyour phonebookto make your contact names searchable. We also do notsell, sharedata with any third party application and/ororganization.
Caller ID, spam Call blocking 1.0 APK
Caller Name Id
Caller ID, spam Call blocking used By Millions to Phone CallBlock& Know who the True Caller ID Is. Replace your dialer&address book with Call blocker!Call Blocker & Caller ID isthebest app for identifying and blocking numbers, unknowncallers.Call Blocker & Caller ID works like a mobile phonenumbertracker, number locator and caller number identificationtool.Caller ID, spam Call blocking is free call blocker app forAndroidhelps you identify and block calls – apply call block toallunwanted calls you receive. The caller does not have to be inyourcontact list. Using our huge database of over one billionnumbers,our call block app’s caller ID precisely identifies callersfromall over the world. You will instantly receive detailedinformationabout any call you receive and will be able to use thecall blockerfunction to block the number and protect your phoneimmediately.Feature :- Block calls and SMS using blacklist.- Blockunknownnumbers.- Block private/hidden numbers.- Block a range ofnumbersusing the "Begins with" option.- Block SMS fromalphanumericnumbers.- Block all numbers.- Save/load blacklist.-Turn on/offblacklist.- Robust call blocker and SMS blocker.Whocalled me?Block caller ID app that identify unknown caller ID &unknownnumbers. Block Caller ID & Spam Call blocker in our truecallblocking app! Don’t forget the call blocker to block calls&unknown numbers! Know the true caller ID & when theblockcaller ID is on the spam call blocker list! Know whos callingmewhile blocking calls & spam block SMS!Real Call BlockAppCallblocker is a real call block app that will block calls fromknownspy dialers, spammers & unwanted calls easily. It alsoprovidesupdated database of real call block number. Real callblockerrejects the telemarketing callsautomatically.BlacklistCallsBlacklist - Block numbers, unwantedcalls and contacts, by addingthem to calls blacklist. When thenumbers from this calls blacklistcalls you, we identify unknowncallers, unknown numbers, unwantedcalls and block numbers for youautomatically, that is called CallBlock or call blacklist.PhoneNumber LookupThe best phone numberlookup & reverse phone numbersearch! Search or dial any phonenumber or place & phone numbertracker. Dial these phonenumbers from our Caller ID App’s dialer.The phone number lookup isa great feature of our truecaller ID,call blocker & recordingcalls app.Real Caller IDIdentificationCall blocker is not only anapp of stylish callingscreen but also can help you Identify who iscalling. You can seeCaller ID name & call location of unknownnumbers in callhistory. Call block works like a caller block IDapp, which tellswho is calling me private. T9 Dialer &Contacts appCall Block isa dialer app with a T9 dialer that helpscall your contacts phonenumbers from your address book &reverse phone numberlookup!ContactsSee the truecaller’s ID, name,photo, number lookup,number locator, birthday, social media, emailaddress book &phone book. Always know who called me with ourcontacts app.Contacts& Call Log ManagementThis favoritecontact widget enables you toedit & update contact list orblacklist easily. You may alsoview call log or search call historyfor quick dial.Call Blocker& Caller ID does not upload yourphonebook to make your contactnames searchable. We also do notsell, share data with any thirdparty application and/ororganization.Caller ID, spam Call blockingunwanted caller ID,blacklist numbers & scam calls. Unknownnumbers blocked withour Call Blocker in a tap!
Who Called Me? Block Spam Calls 1.0 APK
Caller Name Id
Who Called Me? Block Spam Calls is the best call blocker apptoblock calls and specific numbers, and to identify anyincomingcalls.Block Caller ID – Know who’s calling you using thebest trueCaller ID, Call Blocker, Phone Number Lookup, Who CalledMe? BlockSpam Calls!Who Called Me? Block Spam Calls function, whichis alsocalled call blocker, is based on a huge data base, we blocknumbersor unwanted calls from your calls blacklist. The reservephonenumber lookup function allows you search any number or name,trackphone number.Take control with this great app to block calls –stopspam, telemarketers, and other unwanted caller as soon as thephonerings.Call Blocker & Caller ID does not upload yourphonebookto make your contact names searchable. We also do notsell, sharedata with any third party application and/ororganization.AVOIDANNOYING SPAM CALLS:- Call Defender : block spamcalls, Phoneblocker telemarketing calls- Safe : Protect yourselffrom spam andanonymous phone calls with our caller ID.- Blacklistnumbers : addspam calls, block numbers & contacts from youraddress book/phone book- Blocks calls from hidden numbers, CallsBlacklist -Call Blocker- Blocks calls to premium rate numbers-Blocks calls toforeign countries- Blocks calls from/to negativerated numbers-Blocks calls from numbers defined on private blocklistCaller NameId and Find number of caller- Caller Identity :Lookup phonenumbers and Any number to lookup name- Number Tracker :Caller ID& Dialer, Flash messaging - Share location- Who iscalling me :Mr number is who is calling to show caller nameidShould I Answer?Caller ID, Contacts Phone Book & Calls-Identify unknown calls: Pick up Important calls only- Block thespam calls : voidannoying calls (robotcall, telemarketing,scam...etc) by one touch-Phonebook search : Control who to call-Offline database : Identifynumber without internet accessCallsBlacklist - Call Blockerandknow who's calling- True Caller ID –Know the true caller ID fromeach call log!- Phone Number Lookup –The best phone number lookup& reverse phone number search!- T9Dialer & Contacts app –CallApp is a dialer app with a T9dialer.- CallApp+ - Identifyunknown numbers, block calls &callers from IM Social MediaApps- Contacts– See the truecaller’sID, name, photo, numberlookup, number locator, birthday, socialmedia, email address book& phone book.Call blocker, robocalls& nuisance calls,blacklist numbers, identify phone calls w/true caller ID,contacts, address book, phone number search, blocknumbers, blockercaller, dialer & always know “who called me”with Call App’scaller id app!