1.3.2 / March 4, 2021
(4.3/5) (234841)


Fill all the buckets with balls to complete a level. Use yourfinger to move various objects to change the direction of the ballsyou shoot. Aim smart! Complete levels to unlocks new cannons. Canyou find the rare one?

App Information Cannon Shot!

  • App Name
    Cannon Shot!
  • اسم الحزمة
  • Updated
    March 4, 2021
  • الحجم
  • إصدار الأندرويد المطلوب
    Android 4.4 and up
  • الإصدار
  • المطور
  • عدد مرات التثبيت
  • Price
  • الفئة
  • المطور
    220088, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Antonovskaya 14b, office 300
  • Google Play Link

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Sushi Roll 3D - Cooking ASMR Game 1.6.1 APK
Slice, chop, and roll your way to sushi success in this satisfyingcooking game. The more sushi you roll, the happier your customerswill be and the more money your restaurant will make! 😁 NOW YOU’RECOOKING! Sharpen your knife skills on all sorts of Japanese dishes.🍣 But the cooking fun doesn’t stop there! You can keep unlockingnew actions as you advance to add tons of captivating newmini-games to your gameplay experience. Satisfy customers by makingquality food fast with a variety of fixings, and watch them reactwith lots of likes and a big cash tip 🤑 — or anger at poorly madefood 😡. When making sushi, be sure to pick up the right ingredientsand avoid obstacles to deliver the most delicious meals. Becareful: no guest wants too much seaweed and too little fish — orworse, thumbtacks and moldy cheese in their sushi! 😱🤢 SUSHI ANDCHILL As you slash through fun levels in the game, you’ll cutthrough your worries in real life! Feast your eyes and ears onanti-stress ASMR vibes while you work your way to master sushichef. With its charming graphics and optional vibration, thisrelaxing game will have you dreaming of sushi! 😴 GAME FEATURES: ★Beat increasingly challenging levels to earn more cash and unlocknew fillings and toppings. This cooking and restaurant managementgame is sure to keep you coming back for seconds! ★ Level up yoursushi skills to earn better Surprise Box rewards 🎁, including newingredients, cutting tools, and actions. You can also earn moreskins to customize your gameplay! ★ Roll and chop sushi, scale andslice fish, grate cheese, make rice, weigh out noodles in take-outboxes, and more in different mini-games that never get old. 🍤🍚🍜 ★Work with the classic ingredients of fish, rice, and seaweed, andearn special toppings as you progress, including chili peppers,durian fruit, and caviar. Combine your options to make differenttypes of dishes, including maki, sashimi, nigiri, noodles, andmore. ★ Upgrade your restaurant with new furniture, dishware,decorations, and accessories to increase your revenue per minute.🍽️ The more levels you complete, the more options you’ll have forchopping: why slice with a plain old knife 🔪 when you could hackwith an ax 🪓 or gnaw with a chainsaw? ★ Test your skills inentertaining bonus levels with wild and unexpected ingredients.Roll out the red carpet for VIP guests by making sushi and otherdishes with fun objects like cash, gold, bling, gadgets, computerchips, honeycomb and more. Don’t forget to top it off with diamondsand rubies! ★ Relax and enjoy this ASMR game with anti-stresssounds, visuals, and tasty virtual treats. Who knew sushi could beso soothing? ★ Check out the in-game store to buy special bonusesand upgrades. ★ The user-friendly and easy-to-learn interface makesit easy to jump in and get rolling. What other game can serve youtasty sushi, engaging and satisfying gameplay, a chill ASMRatmosphere, and the opportunity to run your own restaurant? Onceyou find yourself on a roll, you won’t be able to put this gamedown! Well, what are you waiting for? Step up to the cutting boardand start cooking! Chop-chop! Download the game now and get yoursushi on! 😄🍣
DOP 2: Delete One Part 1.1.5 APK
Think you’re smart? Then delete one part! 🤯 Download this popularbrain game and use logic to solve fun and clever puzzles! 🧠EFFORTLESS GAMEPLAY, CHALLENGING BRAIN TEASERS Playing is easy!Just touch the screen and drag your finger to erase part of thedrawing and see what lies behind it. The game may seem simple, butlooks can be deceiving... Like a detective’s magnifying glass, youreraser is the key to unraveling the hidden mysteries of thisthinking game. You will have to become a shrewd sleuth andinvestigate the pictures carefully to locate clues. But you cannever be sure what kind of surprises you’re going to find under thesurface! 😮 CREATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING Let your imagination run wild!Will the criminal succeed in robbing a bank, or will the policecatch him first? What is the wife hiding from her husband? 🙎‍♀️ Andthat’s just the tip of the iceberg! Free a genie from an ancientforgotten lamp, sculpt pottery, and catch a villainous murderer —and that’s all just in the first 30 levels! Make the most of yourfree time by playing an engaging brain game that will sharpen yourwit. With DOP 2, you can chill out and get smarter at the sametime! Level up your brain while you level up in the game! GAMEFEATURES ★ Jump right into the simple and straightforward gameplayof this thinking game: just swipe your finger across your phonescreen to erase parts of the drawing and reveal what’s underneath.The mechanics may be easy, but the puzzles will keep your brain 🧩guessing! ★ Investigate hundreds of entertaining levels chock-fullof tricky brain teasers. No two puzzles are the same! Each levelstimulates your brain to approach a problem in a new way. ★Discover the unexpected twists hiding behind every image! Eachstroke of your eraser will uncover a new, deeper layer to the storydepicted in the drawing. Only you can make the invisible 🔍 visible!★ Enjoy the delightful graphics with their unique cartoon style andcute animations. ★ Provides hours of fun for teens, seniors, andanyone in between who wants to keep their brain sharp! ★ Theoptional music, sound effects, and vibration settings give you morecontrol over your gameplay experience. Strengthen your reasoningskills and put your mind to the test with a relaxing and amusingthinking game. The best part is that there is no way to mess up orfail: if you erase the wrong thing, the picture will just reset!The point is to make you think, not make you cry! 😭 But you’llstill have to think outside the box to master this brain game! Whoknew solving logic puzzles could be so enjoyable and satisfying?!Install DOP 2: Delete One Part now!
Johnny Trigger - Action Shooting Game 1.12.9 APK
Johnny Trigger – International Man of Mayhem! Stylish, deadly andsmooth as a billiard ball, Johnny Trigger is a man on a mission inthis non-stop platform shooter game where the action never ends. Doyou have what it takes to bring down the underground world of themafia? “Less talk, more bullets” – that’s Johnny’s motto as heruns, jumps, spins, slides and keeps on shooting till every badguy’s bitten the dust. 🔥 Trigger warning – Johnny’s on his way! 🔥 ⚈Thousands of levels of murderous mayhem to fight through, eachdemanding a unique tactical solution and speedy trigger fingers!Johnny never stops moving, so when the bad guys line up in yoursights, you’ve got just once chance to get shooting. ⚈ Be carefulnot to hit hostages, though. After all you’re the hero of thisgame, not some crazed killer! Should you accidentally end the lifeof an innocent civilian, it’s back to square one. ⚈ Hit thosehard-to-reach scumbags with the power of physics! Trick shots,ricochets, explosions and gravity are all part of Johnny’scrime-fighting arsenal… ⚈ ...along with guns galore! Cause serioushavoc with 57 unique weapons to collect – 11 pistols, 12 SMGs, 9automatic rifles, 10 superguns 🔫 and 4 Ultimate guns with fearsomecapabilities guaranteed to give the bad guys a nasty shock. For thecompletist, there’s also 5 base guns, 3 bundle guns and 3 VIP guns.Basically, a shedload of guns to collect, cherish and slaughtergangsters with. ⚈ On the subject of sheds, collect keys to unlockJohnny’s 10 awesome base rooms and get hammering to turn them intoluxurious hideaways. Turns out our action hero’s quite the handymanin his free time. ⚈ Sweet graphics and a banging soundtrack –Johnny’s world would be a great place to chill if it weren’t forall those pesky gangsters lurking round every corner. Just thinkhow nice it’ll be once you’ve massacred every last one of them! ⚈More than 20 different stylish skins to help Johnny go undercoverin the murky underworld of organized crime, and then blast theliving hell out of it! ⚈ Boss battles demand all of Johnny’s witsand sharp shooting as you take down the lords of the underworld ina leaping, spinning storm of bullets. 💣 Looking for action? Here’sJohnny! 💣 Dive straight in and get shooting! Johnny Trigger’s shortbut immensely satisfying levels make it the perfect action game tofill a short break between meetings, lectures or lessons. And ifyou’ve got a little more time, there’s so much to collect and a newchallenge round every corner. So what are you waiting for? Thosebad guys aren’t going to beat themselves, you know.
Comics Bob 1.1.6 APK
🗿 Comics Bob – Mind-bending puzzles and classic cartoon fun! ComicsBob caveman! Comics Bob not clever man. Comic Bob love ❤ cave lady.Cave lady in danger. Comics Bob confused. Comics Bob need friendwith big brain! 🧠 🔥 Yabadaba-doh! Help lovable doofus Bob and hisbeautiful lady 👩 friend overcome the trials and tribulations ofpaleolithic romance in this wacky cartoon puzzle game where youmake the choices for the hapless prehistoric heroes. Choose rightor choose wrong, the answer’s always guaranteed to be a blast assituations unfold with the humor and ingenuity of classic cartooncapers. Sneaky saber-toothed tigers 🐯, manic monkeys, tricksypterodactyls and even inquisitive aliens are all conspiring to rendour star-crossed stone-age lovers asunder, so you’ll need all yourlateral thinking and puzzle-solving skills to save them, get themback together and ensure the future of the human race doesn’t gotumbling over a cliff into oblivion. 🪨 Stone-age technology! ★Endless prehistoric puzzle fun – enjoy dozens of unique levels oflogic adventures with Comics Bob and his stone-age queen. Eachsituation has two possible outcomes: disaster or delight for poorbewildered Bob, but so much fun for you that you won’t mind tryingagain if you can’t get it right first time. 🤯 ★ A Paleo diet foryour brain – attune your sophisticated 21st century brain to thewild primitive thinking of the stone age, where the tools aresimple but the uses they can be put to are ingenious. You’ll needall your guile and imagination to choose the right answers and getBob and his missus past the obstacles that stand in the way of truelove. ★ Cave art, cave music, cave party! – the setting may beprimitive and the gameplay couldn’t be simpler, but the graphicsand music in Comics Bob are gorgeous, recalling over a century ofclassic cartoons and comics, and ensuring a joyful experience forplayers of all ages. ★ You can’t stop progress! – regular updatesand new episodes ensure the fun keeps on coming. What’s Bob got uphis loin cloth this time? You’ll never guess in this zanypuzzle-solving adventure where the surprises never end. Getprimitive! Tired of the complexities and stresses of hi-tech modernlife? This is the game for you! Get back to a simpler and evensillier time when women were real women, men were really dumb, andromance somehow flourished nonetheless! Download Comics Bob todayto explore a wild and wacky ancient world filled with colorfulcreatures and crazy situations, save humanity from its ownstupidity, and enjoy innocent, endlessly entertaining pre-historicpuzzle fun!
Sand Balls - Puzzle Game 2.3.1 APK
Catch a ball! Turn right, now a little to the left, and rightagain, than free up more space so the ball can move, and finally…Yes! Catch it! Make sure you're careful and really payattention—this is no simple football or volleyball. It's still agame, but with a sand ball! Have you ever seen anything like itbefore? Even though it's made of sand, it's not yellow like you'dexpect. Guess what color a sand ball can be? 🧶 Orange, green, pink,purple, blue, and many other vibrant colors of the rainbow andbeyond! Your imagination will truly take flight! Why do you need tocollect these sand balls? The first reason is "just for fun", andit's completely true. Why not? Everyone deserves to relax after thea hectic pace of a work day, and this game knows how to help withthat! Simple actions, а fresh and cool design, a wide variety oftasks - this game has hundreds of levels so you can have lots offun in your spare time. The second reason is for strategy. The appfeatures a tricky puzzle where you have to think carefully to beatthe level: put colorful balls into the truck and transfer 🚚 them toa wonderful island located in the middle of nowhere. What's thepoint? Now we come to the third reason. The game is well-organizedin terms of plot. This means that while you play, you will beprovided with challenging goals and inspiring missions likerepairing buildings and advancing the overall infrastructure of thebeautiful island. 🏖️ To sum up, collecting the balls is a good wayto relax after a long day and improve your logical thinking at thesame time. Press the button and download! A bubble of additionalinterest is gained through ⚈ Golden keys. They open boxes withdifferent surprises or even money inside. ⚈ Sticks and otherobstacles in the way. This is no walk in the park! ⚈ A secretweapon that can destroy all balls. (You can restart the level.) ⚈Long and varied routes. They look like a real puzzle. What roadwill you choose? Try to avoid getting lost! ⚈ A special whitebubble. It turns into…..you'll find out on your own. Make sure thatyou discover all the WOW effects…and hurry up! Your first truck iscoming! Don't miss your chance to build an island! P.S. or maybenot just one incredible island, but several…
The Cook - 3D Cooking Game 1.2.1 APK
Start your cooking adventure today! Imagine you have a food truckof your own, what would you do? - Travel across the world! -Discover new recipes! - Make dishes you never heard of before! -Get your every single customer happy! And of course, have lots offun!
Jelly Shift - Obstacle Course Game 1.8.8 APK
Jelly Shift – Can you slide through? Everybody loves jelly! Jellycan flow and jelly can crash. Empty your mind. Be formless,shapeless, like jelly! In this fast-moving and enormously funcasual platform game the aim is to guide your lovable jelly to theend of each obstacle course in the shortest possible time. Followthe treats and shift up and down to squeeze your jelly betweenbarriers, under bars, and over runners as smoothly and speedily asyou can. Only the slipperiest, slinkiest, slidingest jelly will getall the stars! 🔥 Be like jelly!🔥 ★ Jelly is infinite! This gameoffers a huge number of levels, each with an obstacle course tonavigate made of unique twists and turns, barriers of all sizes,and a variety of other super-sweet features. ★ Jelly just getsbetter! Great rewards—collect diamonds 💠 and complete levels tounlock a host of jelly characters including super-cute animals,colorful heroes, and absolute jelly legends. ★ Jelly is cool, butjelly is hot! Successfully pass enough obstacles without crashing,and you’ll get jelly fever, and intense burst of color and speed toget you to the end of the level 🏁 in half the time. ★ The nature ofjelly is irrepressible! Fast-moving game mechanics—your jelly willhave to adapt if it wants to survive out there. Shift up and downlike an F1 driver 🏎️ to save your jelly from bashing its jelly headand bruising its jelly sides, or just slipping away altogetherbetween the runners. ★ Jelly has great taste! Glorious colors, cutegraphics, fun music and satisfyingly squelchy sound facts makeJelly Shift a wonderful place to be. Slip away from it all into aworld of bright jelly joy! ★ Jelly is a happy place! Dozens ofdifferent environments and 200 obstacle course variations meanyou’ll be coming back to Jelly Shift for more and more jelly fun.Let the hours slip away in a riot of jelly joy! ★ Jelly just is!Jelly knows no stress or worry, it just slides on, adapting itselfto whatever life throws at it. Jelly may crash, but it never stops.It bounces right back and keeps on sliding. And this charmingcasual game can help teach you to be like jelly! Keep on sliding!Looking for a game that combines character, charm, excitement andchilled fun? Jelly Shift has all this and more in a uniquelysqueezy form, with the perfect balance of intuitive gameplay,super-cute environment, and gently challenging levels that keep onadapting and expanding. Download Jelly Shift now and enjoy hours offlexible flowing fun. Be like jelly, my friend!
Muscle Rush - Smash Running Game 1.1.1 APK
💪 MUSCLE RUSH – The running game that’s really ripped! 💪 Hey,feeling shrimpy? Instead of trying the latest miracle workout 🏋️ orchugging protein shakes, muscle up in MUSCLE RUSH, the fun newrunning game that can turn anyone into a perfect specimen ofbulging humanity in a whole lot less than seven days. Get buff, gettough, and strut your stuff as you run through challenging 🔥obstacle courses! Smash through barriers, swat aside hoodlums, graball the energy drinks and batteries you can, and get ready to poundat your screen in thrilling arm-wrestling boss battles to defeat anever-wilder array of muscle-bound bullies. Do you have what ittakes to become the beefiest runner in MUSCLE RUSH? Sprint, spin,and crash your way through wood, glass, brick, metal, and more inyour quest to get swole! Hope you didn’t skip leg day, pipsqueak!🏃‍♂️ Keep on running! 🏃🏿‍♂️ ★ Real dynamic tension! Fast andferocious gameplay with an endless variety of obstacle courses toblast your way through. Watch your muscles grow as you power up! ★The rewards are greater for every obstacle you power through, buteach of them also drains your strength. To get to the end, bruteforce won’t be enough—you’ll need a little strategy too! Show thatyou have the brains to match your brawn! ★ Upgrade your muscleheadwith tons of 🎽 fun skins! Collect a huge range of wacky charactersas you progress through levels, from traditional strong men to gymbros, athletes, wrestlers, superheroes and more. Customize yourmusculature to achieve maximum strength! ★ Smash the rightobstacles and collect keys to earn cash, and then upgrade yourpunch to ensure you’ve got the strength to swat aside bullies, goldbars, and even solid metal doors. ★ Face off in epic arm-wrestling🤝 boss fights to put your biceps to the test. Have you ever gonetoe-to-toe with a buff alien or a ripped granny? In MUSCLE RUSH,you can! ★ Ensure you’re really ripped when your workout ends, andfinish the obstacle course by breaking your way through a finalseries of brick walls—the further you get, the greater your rewardsand the wilder your celebratory dance moves! Break-dance and boogieon top of the wreckage! ★ Body building has never been so much fun!This game’s beautifully toned graphics and immensely satisfyingsound effects mean in this workout there’s no pain for plenty ofgain. 🏅The game that turns chumps into champs! 🏅 Power throughobstacle courses and leave a trail of destruction in your wake.Smash that install button and hit the ground running in MUSCLERUSH!