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Computer Software Dictionary Computer software dictionary includeall the words used for software and their description is alsoavailable with search option. Main Features: 1. Equipped with quickdynamic search function – The dictionary will start searching forthe words while you type. 2. > 10,000 words – Included all thepopular and daily use terms in the dictionary. 3. FREE – It iscompletely free. Download at no cost. 4. Work Offline – It workoffline, no active internet connection is required. Perfect foryour trips or when no data connection is available. 5. Small Size(few MB) – The dictionary will only take a small portion of yourAndroid devices. 6. Android version compatibility – The Apps canwork perfectly fine on all Android version either on latestGingerbread Honeycomb Ice Cream Sandwich Jelly Bean KitKat LollipopMarshmallow Nougat or older version. 7. Simple and easy to UI. Theapp come with an user friendly function, allowing you to use withease. 8.Material Design In addition, all the terms are listedalphabetically with faster search facility, easy to navigatethrough entire app.

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Gujarati Geet 3.1.1 APK
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Gujarati Geet The Geets by the greatest artists still linger in ourmemory fresh even after several years This App can be the perfectplaylist with 50s of songs for music lovers Gujarati's are mostpopular for their art and their Sanskruti. There are so many thingsare famous for that but from that "Lagna Geet " are most popularand proudly dedicate our sanskruti. Using this app you can easilycarry number of marriage songs in your pocket and you can easilyread Gujarati Marriage Songs in Gujarati anywhere anytime. We willprovide our next update as soon as possible with more new GujaratiMarriage Song Lyrics, more new features and more Sharing Options.Watch and Sing Lagna Geet Lyrics in Gujarati Language In Lagna,Marriage, Wedding there is a culture, rituals or sanskruti to singsthe songs. In this android app there is huge collection of MarriageSongs, Gujarati Lagna Geet or Wedding Songs Lyrics in GujaratiLanguage. Lagna Geet is sung on the Shubh or Good Marriage Occasionin Indian Culture. Lagna Geet Wedding Aankho Luchi Le Ne Beni LagnaGeet Lagna Geet Gujarati Fatana Lagna Geet Lyrics in GujaratiGujarati Lagna Geet Lyrics in Gujarati Language Gujarati Lagna GeetLyrics Varna To Vanma Mindhod Lagna Geet Lagan Songs GujaratiLagaan Songs Lyrics Lagna Geet Lyrics Gujarati Lagna Geet FatanaLyrics Lagna Geet for Boy Shubh Lagna Geet Lyrics Gujarati Lagna NaGeet Lyrics All Gujarati Lagna Geet Gujarati Lagna Geet in WritingLagna Geet Panetar Lagna Geet for Groom Gujarati Lagna Vidai GeetGujarati Lagna Geet & Chants Gujarati Lagna Geet Pelu PeluMangaliyu Gujarati Lagna Geet for Boy Lagna Geet Fatana GujaratiLagna Geet Gujarati Song Lyrics Gujarati Lagna Geet Vidai JunaLagna Geet Chak Vadhavanu Geet Fatana Fuleku Geet Hast Melap GeetJaan Kanya Viday Geet Kuldevi Nimantran Mandap Pithi GeetPrabhatiyu Sanji Fatanu Sanji Geet Lagna Na Geet Gujarati LagnaGeet New Lagna Geet in Gujarati Lagna Geet in Gujarati Lyrics HaldiLagna Songs Lyrics Lagna Geet Lyrics Lagna Geet New Lagna VidaiGeet Lagna Geet Wedding Vedic Marriage Songs Gujarati Lagna GeetWritten Tulsi Vivah Song Aashirvadah Aavi Rudi Ambiya Ni Lagna GeetAbhishek Anna Praashanam Anvar Thodu Thodu Fatana Lagna GeetAshmarohanam Chedo Chodo Re Fatana Lagna Geet Chhodya Dadane ChhodiDeliyo Lagna Geet Dhol Dhamakya Re Lagna Geet Dhruva DhyaanamDarshanam Va Ganesh Gundada Ne Lagna Geet Gor Karo Re Ukel LagnaGeet Griha Pravesam Haath Milap Lagna Geet Hriday sparsh JayadiHomamam Kadja Kero Katko Maro Lagna Geet Kanku Chhanti Lagna GeetKanya Daan Kanyaa Daanam Kori Gagardi Ma Soparino Lagna Geet KoyalBethi Ambaliya Ni Dad Lagna Geet Laaja Homam Lado ladi Jame ReKansar Lagna Geet Laja Homah Maangalya Dhaaranam Madhuparkaceremony Mangal Phera Mangala Snaanam Manglashtak Lagna Geet MaraNakhna Parwada Jevi Lagna Geet Mayrama Mangaliyu Lagna Geet MorTari Sonani Chanch Lagna Geet Nanavati Re Sajan Lagna Geet NishekamPaani Grahanam Parikrama Pelu Re Pelu Mangaliyu Lagna GeetPraavisya Homam Pradakshina Pradhaana Homam Pratigna Karanam SaptaPadi Saptapadi Songs Shilarohanam Sumskara Suraj Ugyo Re Lagna GeetSurya Darshanam Dhyaanam Va Vaak Daanam Vara Prekshanam Vivaah HomaNew Gujarati Marriage Song Lyrics in wide range for the Lagna. Youcan easily read and sing the Gujarati Marriage Songs at anywhereanytime. Gujarati Lagna Geet for all in different category to singsin marriage of your family, friends, relative, daughter, son,children, Uncle, Aunty, Mama, Mami, Bother, Sister, Masi, Masa,Bhai, Bhabhi, In Laws, Cousins, Ben, Kaka, Kaki, Fuva, Fai, Derani,Jethani, Sasu, Sasra, Jmai, Nanand, etc. Lagna Geet Lyrics Song inGujarati language. Lagna Geet in Gujarati for Sagai, Sanji, Pithi,Fuleku, Raas, Jaan, Mandap, Mehndi, Lagan, Mangal Fera, Vidai,Kankotri, etc. Download now this app and enjoy the Marriagefunction by singing old, new, latest songs in the Lagna or Vivah.
God Mantra 3.1.1 APK
Apps Artist
God Mantra This app is for all religious people who want all godsmantras at a single place Mantra of all God with animation andunlimited counter.!!! As per the demand of all users we also makethe application for all god Mantra & meditation. You can hearthe mantra in every morning . It gives you peace. In that also aunique HD Wallpaper and Ringtone of All Different God.Enjoy GODBLESS YOU !!! You can Enjoy the Mantras of Different God: ShreeGanesh Mantra Hanuman Dada Ringtones Guru Mantra, Maha MrityunjayaMantra Om Sai Namo Namah Hey Ram Lord Vishnu Mantra Gayatri MantraOM Namahshivay Mantra वक्रतुण्ड महाकाय सूर्यकोटि समप्रभ ॐ नमःहनुमते गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णुर्गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः महामृत्युंजय मंत्र एक ओंकार सतनाम राधे कृष्णा की ज्योति आलोकिक श्रीओमसाई नामो नमः तू ही माता तू ही पिता है शान्ताकारम भुजागा - शयानाँज़ै श्री स्वामीनारायण श्री गणेश केश्वराए मंत् गायत्री मंत्र श्रीकृष्ण मंत् श्रीॐ नमः शिवाय जै गणेश देवा श्री गणपति बप्पा मोरया श्रीलक्ष्मी जी मंत्र श्री सरस्वती जी मंत्र श्री राम रक्षा मंत्र हनुमानबीज मंत्र महा लक्ष्मी मंत्र महावीर स्वामी मंत्र श्री कृष्णा यमुनामंत्र शनि देव मंत्र मा दुर्गा शक्ति मंत्र मा सरस्वती मंत्रज्योतिर्लिंग मंत्र A great app for using mantra in your daily lifeto solve your problems. Mantr or Mantra are like formula and thereis certain frequency in each mantra, this frequency can create apositive environment for you. Try to master the mantra and getpositive results. This app is in Hindi Language. This app is basedon Hindu religion and belief. Mantra for a successful life, knowhow to siddh a mantra and make your life prosperous. Win in everyaspect and achieve your ultimate goals in life. Have peach in yourmind and smile on your face, this app will guide you to extremelevel of meditation using mantra. It will help in getting maximumbenefit from each word of your favorite mantra
Dada Ki Khetibadi 3.1.1 APK
Apps Artist
Dada Ki Khetiwadi Most popular & Number 1 app of FarmingCommunity. Kishan App This app is an only & exclusive of itskind dedicated to farmers. Our App can help farmers to converttheir chemical farming to Organic Farming, make informed decisionsto improve their livelihoods and connect them to consumers to gainbigger pie of the supply chain. The arrival and prices of differentagricultural commodities is for information purposeonly.Users/visitors have to make their own decisions based on theirown judgments, wisdom and risks. I shall not be liable orresponsible for any loss or cost or any action whatsoever arisingout of use this app. Dada Ki Khetiwadi (खेती-बाड़ी) is a socialinitiative App, aims to promote and support ‘Organic Farming’ andprovide important information/issues related to farmers in India.Practicing Natural farming is the need of the hour. यह एप किसानोंको नवीन तकनीकों का प्रयोग कर कृषि में अधिक से अधिक उत्पादन वृद्धिमें सहायता करता है। And many more to come in future. Sincetechnology has been on the edges of advancements, not everyone isaware about what exactly organic farming, its benefits is and howto adopt this type of farming and so we bring out to you an app“Organic Farming” to facilitate you with all the relevantinformation about organic farming.
Vrat Katha 3.1.1 APK
Apps Artist
Vrat Katha Hindi Vrat Katha is a collection of all vratstories(कथा) With Aarti in hindi. Hinduism is often described as areligion of fasts, feasts and festivals. Fasting a Hindu traditionto please God, by controlling and curbing one's desires. Fasts mostcommonly known as Upvaas or Vrat are the days when devotees refrainthemselves from food or water. Fasts of different Gods or Goddessesare observed on particular days. These stories have given solace tomillions of people from time immemorial. Hindi Vrat Katha Sangrahis a beautiful collection of famous and popular fast (vrat / upvas)and their stories (katha). Vrat Katha Sangrah is the onlyapplication which has complete collection of hindu fast and theirstories (vrat and katha). Hindi Vrat Katha app has following vratkatha's . एकादशी व्रतकथा करवा चोथ व्रतकथा सोलह सोमवार व्रतकथानवरात्री व्रतकथा छठ पूजा व्रतकथा सोमवार व्रतकथा मंगलवार व्रतकथा,बुधवार व्रतकथा, गुरुवार व्रतकथा, शुक्रवार व्रतकथा, शनिवार व्रतकथा,रविवार व्रतकथा छठ व्रत कथा . गणेश चतुर्थी व्रत कथा . हरतालिका तीजव्रत कथा . कार्तिक पूर्णिमा व्रत कथा . करवा चौथ व्रत कथा . कृष्णजन्माष्टमी व्रत कथा . प्रदोष व्रत कथा . महाशिवरात्रि व्रत कथा. शरदपूर्णिमा व्रत कथा . Main Advantages of this app - 1. All PopularVrat Katha's are available in this application like Satyanarayan,Holi, Karva Chauth, Savan somvar, Hartalika Teej, Santoshi Mata,Sharad Purnima, Shivratri, Mahalaxmi, Mangala Gauri, Pradosh, BhaiDooj, All Ekadashi Katha's, Govardhan Pooja, Vat Savitri etc......2. Completely Free like my all other apps (Hindi Aarti Sangrah andHindi Chalisa Sangrah) Hinduism is often described as a religion offasts, feasts and festivals. Hindi Vrat Katha is a collection ofall vrat stories With Aarti in hindi. Fasting a Hindu tradition toplease God, by controlling and curbing one's desires. Fasts mostcommonly known as Upvaas or Vrat are the days when devotees refrainthemselves from food or water. Fasts of different Gods or Goddessesare observed on particular days. These stories have given solace tomillions of people from time immemorial. Hindu is the religion oftrust and faith in god. Upwas (Fast) is our way to show our belovedgod. During fast we need to read/hear that day related mythologicalstory. In this app we tried to include each and every importantvrat of Hindus in one calendar year.
Kaal Sarp Dosh 3.1.1 APK
Apps Artist
Kaal Sarp Dosh Some of Kundli has Kaalsarp dosh problem whichcreates so much issues in your life. It causes no results comingdespite of all efforts added, you do not get promotion, you do notget your goals in life and so much confusion in your life. We arepresenting complete details how to identify Kaalsarp dosh and thereare solution given to each Kaalsarp dosh problem. This applicationcontains the effects range from delayed marriage, loss of ancestralproperty, lack of self-confidence, financial problems, legallitigation and accidents to imprisonment.The effective result ofthis application gives a peace in your life. ‘Kaal Sarp Dosh’ is anastrological condition, which is formed when all the planets aresituated between Rahu and Ketu. Rahu is known as snack head andKetu is it’s tail. The person who takes birth in this yoga sufferfrom various problems. The Kaal Sarp Dosh is a dreaded yoga thatcan cause one's life to be miserable. People with Kaal Sarp Doshhave their life full of struggle. A person under the affliction ofthis yoga leads a life of pain and misfortune. It causes setbacksin life and creates obstacles in accomplishment of every job youinspire. People having Kaal Sarp Dosha shall perform Puja onNaag-Panchami as well as establish energized Kaal Sarp Dosh intheir house to protect themselves from the evil effect of thisyoga. Kaal Sarp Dosh reduces the ill effects of the Kaal Sarp Dosh,which causes setbacks in life and creates obstacles in theaccomplishment of every job.
Buri Nazar - Evil Eye 3.1.1 APK
Apps Artist
Buri Nazar Buri Nazar Utarne ke Totke content is in hindi language.This app Really helpful to all. In India, most of the peoplebelieve in zodiac signs. They believe that every incident ishappened according to zodiac signs. and this app containsastrological solutions and tips for common problems of life. Someof the common problems are: Marriage problems Normal healthproblems Some Features of This App * Offline App so does notrequire internet connection. * Share Tips with all social mediaapps * 100% free application * Beautiful user friendly interface *Copy to clipboard feature to set status where you want to update(paste). - Evil eye effects remedies - A complete guide to Blackmagic - Reasons of Black magic - Effects of Black Magic - PositiveEffect of Black Magic - Who are Affected mostly by Black magic -Common Symptoms of Black Magic - Black magic remedies Know theeasiest and most affordable remedial measures to rectify thehousehold problems related to all areas of your life likeEducation, Job, Business, Finance, Marriage, Love, Children &Property etc. then you must download this free app and try some ofout Buri Nazar,it will surely help you a lot. All Buri Nazar andMantra are taken from authentic sources and it gives you 100%guarantee of solution if used correctly. The app is in fully Hindilanguage aim to target Indian people. Gharelu Samasya Ke Totke,Babaji ke Jadu Tone Aur Totke, Kismat Badle Totke Se, Achook Totkein Hindi, Kast Nivrak Totke, Laxmi Mantra: Dhan Prapti Upay,Ghareloo Jadooi Upachar, Pandit ji Ke Totake, Jyotish Ke Totake,Mahila Vashikaran, Prem me Safalta, Dhanlabh ke Totke, Guruji keChamtakar Upay Totke, Jadu Tona ke Totka, Babaji ke ChamatkariIlaaj, Vashikaran Vidhya Sikhe, Sammohak Vidhya Hypnotism, ToneTotke aur Upay Jane, Gurudev Ke Totke ...
Rudraksha 3.1.1 APK
Apps Artist
Rudraksha Find Everything You Need to Know About Rudraksha. Arudraksha is the seed of the Eliocarpus ganitrus tree and plays animportant role in a spiritual seeker’s life. looks at the varioustypes of these beads and their benefits, including the panchmukhiand ek mukhi. Know Following Points From this app:- What isRudraksha ? Why it is so important ? What is its relevance ? Whatis Mukhi or Multifaceted Rudraksha? What is Mala or RudrakshaRosary ? Is it for me ? Its advantage for human ? Does it have anyZodiac significance or relation ? Is it spiritual or removes eviland negative effect ? Why it is considered as important for successin meditation ? Do the Rudraksha Really work ? Are there anydefinitive tests ? Do all the Rudraksha have the same power ? Howto get the maximum from my Rudraksha ? Why RUDRAKSHAM ? RudrakshaGuide application explain detail knowledge about Rudraksha. As perAncient tale Rudraksha emerged from the eye-drops of the MahadevRudra. So many types of Rudraksha available like Ek-Mukhi,Do-Mukhi, Panch-Mukhi, Asth-Mukhi and many more. The seed of theRudraksha tree (Elaeocarpus granitrus) holds a very special placein Hinduism, and is considered to possess mystical and divineproperties. Rudraksha beads are considered auspicious as well aspowerful, and are believed to have profound astrological and healthbenefits. It is believed that one who wears Rudraksha is untouchedby sins, and is protected from all impious deeds or thoughts.Rudrakshas serve as a shield against all negative energies. So getyour own rudraksha beads today. The rudraksha will be energized,blessed and certified before sending it to you. Rudraksha variousforms Rudraksha holds rules, Rudrakshjabalopanisd importanceGrbguri snake Mukhi Rudraksha Rudraksha Gauri text Rudraa GauriRudraksha gains womb, Gauri womb Rudraksha convalescence Gauri wombRudraksh mantra, Gauri text Rudraksha Trijugi or Trijuti Hawthornsnake Mukhi Rudraksha Rudraksh, twenty-Mukhi Rudraksha Twenty-oneadvantage Mukhi Rudraksha Twenty Mukhi Rudraksha recoveries TwentyMukhi Rudraksha mantra, Nineteen and twenty Mukhi Rudraksha MukhiRudraksha Nineteen Mukhi Rudraksha benefit, The health benefits ofnineteen Mukhi Rudraksha Nineteen Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra, TwentyMukhi Rudraksha Twenty Mukhi Rudraksha profit, Twenty MukhiRudraksha Mantra Twenty Mukhi Rudraksha convalescence Seventeen andeighteen Mukhi Rudraksha Mukhi Rudraksha Seventeen Mukhi Rudrakshabenefit,. The health benefits of seventeen Mukhi RudrakshaSeventeen Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra, Eighteen Mukhi Rudraksha EighteenMukhi Rudraksha benefits Eighteen Mukhi Rudraksha recoveriesEighteen Mukhi Rudraksha mantra, Fifteen and sixteen MukhiRudraksha Mukhi Rudraksha Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha benefit, FifteenMukhi Rudraksha recoveries. >What is mala ? -Mala is a set ofbeads commonly used by Hindus and Buddhis. -It also using mantra orgod name. -Malas are mainly used to count mantras. These mantrascan be recited for different purposes linked to working with mind.
Gussa Kam Karne Ke Upay 3.1.1 APK
Apps Artist
Gussa Kam Karna Anger is dangerous for health. How To Manage Angerthis free app that provides you with help and advise on how to dealwith anger issues that many of us are susceptible to from time totime. Keeping your temper in check can be challenging. Use simpleanger management tips — from taking a timeout to using "I"statements — to stay in control. Anger impacts every aspect of yourlife and if left unchecked could result in permanent damage to yourrelationships, not to mention the potential for physical violence.Everyone gets angry on occasion.If you're experiencingoverwhelming, it could be damaging your mental and physical health.