1.1.17 / September 16, 2016
(3.8/5) (10744)


From the creator of Rapstronaut : SpaceJourneyGame.
Drive over 30 different types of vehicles and run away fromtheambulance, police, and even army of tank vehicles!

Explore the big city of Jakarta and discover variousfamouslandmarks! How long can you survive?

NOTICE: The game will check whether you are eligible forourKadosaku Loyalty Rewards platform,
it will ask for Permission to access your Location when you openitfor the first time.


▶ Over 30 VEHICLES to be unlocked , plus many more plannedforthe future !
▶ Explore the city of JAKARTA and discover various famouslandmarks!
▶ Simple Tap controls !
▶ Face and escape various LAW ENFORCEMENT vehicles includingpolicecars and tank vehicles !
▶ Full 3D graphic !
▶ Tons of Achievements !

App Information Crazy Cars Chase

  • App Name
    Crazy Cars Chase
  • اسم الحزمة
  • Updated
    September 16, 2016
  • الحجم
  • إصدار الأندرويد المطلوب
    Android 4.1 and up
  • الإصدار
  • المطور
  • عدد مرات التثبيت
    500,000 - 1,000,000
  • Price
  • الفئة
  • المطور
    Visit website Email [email protected] Privacy Policy
    Thamrin City Cosmo Mansion 9th Floor #KL9/7 Jl. Thamrin Boulevard Jakarta 10230 Indonesia
  • Google Play Link

Touchten عرض المزيد...

Teka Teki Saku 2.3.2 APK
======================================================DENGANTAMPILAN BARU, PUZZLE BARU DAN REWARDSBARU======================================================Main Game>> Dapat Touchten Point >> TukarHadiah!*******************************************************GAMEPUZZLE TTS TERBAIK DENGAN 2 JUTA DOWNLOAD*******************************************************▶ Kumpulkancukup KadoPoin dan 'redeem' hadiah-hadiah menarik lainnya dariKadoSaku▶ Jadi tunggu apa lagi? Mainkan sekarang juga dan menangkanhadiahnya disini★ YANG BARU PADA 2nd EDITION ★▶ 6 chapter barudengan 54 stage baru yang bisa kalian mainkan▶ Tampilan desain barudiseluruh game yang lebih kekinian▶ 3 Tampilan baru Tini yang lebihfresh!▶ Soal kuis Trivia baru yang lebih beragamBantu Kartiniseorang pustakawati yang cantik tapi cerewet untuk mengatur bukudengan menyingkap kata-kata yang tersembunyi.Kamu dapatberinteraksi dengan Tini di dalam game, ambil hatinya dan buat diamenyukai kepintaran kamu, tapi awas jangan salah... kamu juga bisabikin dia kesal lo!Teka Teki Saku mengajak pemain mengasah otakdengan gameplay yang fluid, dan seru dengan animasi yang indah!★FITUR ★▶ Permainan Teka Teki silang yang Inovatif dan Seru▶Interaksi dengan karakter Tini ▶ Puzzle yang menantang dan mengasahotak▶ Gunakan STAR PowerUp agar permainan kamu tidak mentok▶ Desaindan Tema yang sesuai selera▶ Minta bantuan teman kamu via Facebook▶Real Rewards dari Touchten platform berupa hadiah langsung pilihankamu★ FREE PUZZLE ★▶ Gratis update weekly puzzle setiap minggu▶Nikmati puzzle special dari merchant kami ★ MINIGAME ★▶ Trivia quizuntuk menguji pengetahuan kamu▶ Dapatkan STAR Powerup denganmenjawab benar★ KADO SAKU ★▶ Leaderboards, lihat siapa yang palingpintar diantara teman kamu▶ Kumpulkan KadoPoin untuk dibelanjakan▶Real Rewards, banyak pilihan hadiah yang bisa kamu tukarkan▶ Sharescore kamu di social mediaCrosswords: (- teka~teki~saku:/) adalahpermainan teka teki silang / TTS yang dikemas dalam kemasan lebihmenarik untuk semua umur dan dapat dimainkan dimanapun anda beradajuga dapat dibawa dalam saku anda.PENTING : Game ini dianjurkanuntuk Android Device 4.1 keatas.================================================== ====DISPLAYWITH NEW, NEW PUZZLE AND REWARDSNEW================================================== ====Main Game>> Can Touchten Point >> SwapGift!************************************************** *****TTSBEST PUZZLE GAME WITH 2 MILLIONDOWNLOAD************************************************** *****▶Collect enough KadoPoin and 'redeem' prizes more KadoSaku▶ So whatare you waiting? Play now and win here★ NEW ON THE 2nd EDITION ★▶ 6new chapter with 54 new stages that you can play▶ display newdesign throughout the game a more contemporary▶ 3 New look morefresh Tini!▶ Problem Trivia quiz new, more diverseHelp Kartinilibrarian pretty but chatty to organize the book uncovers thehidden words.You can interact with Tini in the game, grab him andmake him loved ingenuity you, but be careful not wrong ... you canalso make him upset lo!Puzzles Saku invites players sharpen thebrain with fluid gameplay, and better with beautiful animation!★FEATURES ★▶ Games Puzzles cross Innovative and Fun▶ Interactionwith characters Tini▶ Puzzle challenging and sharpen the brain▶ UseSTAR PowerUp game that you're not stuck▶ The design and theme totaste▶ Ask for help from your friends via Facebook▶ Real Rewards ofTouchten platform in the form of direct reward your choice★ FREEPUZZLE ★▶ Free updates weekly puzzle every week▶ Enjoy a specialpuzzle of our merchant★ minigame ★▶ Trivia quiz to test yourknowledge▶ Get STAR powerup by answering correctly★ GIFTS POCKET ★▶Leaderboards, see who is the most intelligent among your friends▶Collect KadoPoin to spend▶ Real Rewards, many choices that you canredeem prizes▶ Share your score on social mediaCrosswords: (-crossword puzzle ~ ~ pocket: /) is a game of puzzle / TTS arepackedin the packaging more attractive for all ages and can beplayed wherever youis also can be carried in your pocket. Important: This game is recommended for Android 4.1 and above Device.
Dazzle - Dagelan Puzzle 1.3.0 APK
:Dazzle (:Dagelan Puzzle) mengambil kisahkarakter :Dagelan selagi mereka menjalani tahap pendidikanmereka.Ada 5 karakter yang bisa dimainkan dari Infia Galaxy seperti Dudu,Bimo, Sisi, Mike, dan Demi. Dapatkan mereka dengan skorterbaikmuGabungkan kotak dengan gambar karakter yang sama dan jadilahsukses!Geser untuk memindahkan setiap kotak. Ketika dua kotak dengangambar karakter yang sama bertemu, mereka bergabung menjadi gambaryang baru.Capai ke karakter kelulusan, dan raih skor tinggi!Bersaing dengan temanmu di leaderboard, dan berbagi prestasi mu keMedia Sosial seperti Facebook, Twitter, dan Instagram dengan satutombol yang mudahCatatan: App ini menggunakan akses untuk membaca aplikasi-aplikasiyang ter-instal dalam device yang digunakan.: Dazzle (: slapstickPuzzle) took the story of the characters: slapstick while theyundergo stages of their education.There are 5 playable characters from Galaxy Infia like Dudu, Bimo,Sisi, Mike, and Demi. Get them with your best scoresCombine the box with a picture of the same character and besuccessful!Scroll to move each box. When two box with a picture of the samecharacters meet, they combine to form a new image.Reach to the character of graduation, and get the high score!Compete with your friends in the leaderboard, and share yourachievements to Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, andInstagram with an easy buttonNote: This App uses access to read applications that are installedon the device used.
Dagelan Cerdas 1.0.6 APK
Dudu dan kawan-kawan kembali lagi nih!Kali ini Dudu minta bantuan untuk menjawab rentetan pertanyaan yangmereka hadapi!Ternyata pertanyaannya berasal dari fakta-fakta umum disekitarmu! Kamu pasti tahu jawabannya :DDudu and his friends backagain ya!This time Dudu asked for help to answer a barrage of questions theyfaced!It turns out the question comes from the general facts aroundyou! You know the answer: D
Ramen Chain 1.7.1 APK
============================================== #1 TIME MANAGEMENTGAME GETS MAJORUPDATE!!============================================== PROUDLY MADEWITH LOVE IN INDONESIA!!SUPPORT LOCAL DEVELOPERS!! Top 1 Free Appin Singapore, Indonesia, The PhilippinesTop 3 Free App in Taiwan,Hongkong, Malaysia, Thailand Your Ramen Chain got an Investmentfrom someone!! Follow the story of our young ramen prodigy insearch of becoming the world’s best Ramen chef, go International inthe new update and take your ramen goodness to the World!!The BestTime-Management Game of The Year!Hungry and Bored? This is the gameyou will want to play. Get even hungrier while managing your ownramen restaurants! Have you heard about Sushi Chain? Ramen Chain isthe long awaited sequel of the fascinating restaurant managementgame. This is not just about cooking good food, but it takes thewell-loved time management game and bringing it up a notch with thesuperb graphics and story line.Learn to expand a ramen businessthrough games, and indulge in the colorful world of ramen. Whatdoes it take to succeed? Learn all the recipes, get to know yourcustomers, have a fast hand, and keep everyone happy!Features:-Authentic ramen shop experience - Play in 5 cities across Japan -Engaging Storyline - Complete your Recipe book and Photobookcollections - Test your Ramen making skill and share it to theworld - Buy and manage ramen restaurant - Over 100 upgrades dandecorations for your ramen restaurant - 50 challenging levels +mini games - Beautiful hand-drawn 2D art and animations - Greatsoundtrack that always makes you feel goodCome join us and buildyour own Ramen Chain and be the best Ramen chef ever!!
Cute Kill 1.2.4 APK
✭✭"I guarantee it’s unlike anything you’veever played"✭✭- http://Android-Games.com✭✭"Clearly a polished product.."✭✭✭✭"WELL worth my buck"✭✭♥♥"Why the heck I am playing this game at 4:30 am on myphone..should have been asleep 3 hours ago"♥♥The only negative review:✭✭"I Die in this game, I hate it!" Zombies✭✭Oh no! Mom is kidnapped again! Baby and Sis have to go to thesecret Island Base to rescue her!ZOMBIES BEWARE! THE CUTESY DUO IS ON THE RUN! THEY'D BE RUNNING,DODGING, AND KILLING YOU ALL AT ONCE!This is no ordinary zombie game! Well, maybe it is, but it isLOADED WITH FUN! It has to be one of the better zombie shooter fromall thousand others!Escape the zombie apocalypse by taking up arms and killing themone by one! Avoid obstacles, shoot the chasing zombies, activatetraps, and go find daddy and mummy. Discover different types ofzombies beyond your imagination. Upgrade your weapons to own theicky zombies, and unlock all power-ups to be the mightiest teenyheroes out there!Unlock the free-run mode to have an endless zombie massacregoodness.Have some jolly cute ass-kicking time!Features include:- Tilt or tap option to move- Automatic shooting- 40+ stages filled with killing fun- Countless zombies to destroy- Plenty of weapons to choose from- Upgrades that keeps upgrading- Power-ups to let you power up- Cuteness that kills- Hyper fun mini game!
Dagelan Cermat 1.0.4 APK
Dudu dan kawan-kawan kembali lagi nih!Kali ini Dudu minta bantuan untuk menjawab rentetan pertanyaanangka yang dilontarkan oleh guru,dosen dan bos mereka!Kamu pasti cepat berhitung kan, yuk bantu Dudu dan kawan kawanberhitung :DDudu and his friends backagain ya!This time Dudu asked for help to answer a barrage of questionsposed by the numbers of teachers, lecturers and their bosses!You must quickly count right, let's help Dudu and his friendscount: D
Target Acquired APK
TARGET ACQUIREDFuturistic Cat Girl Endless Platform Runner Shooting GameIMPORTANT NOTICE: The game requires a stable internetconnection to initialize.If you are having problems starting the game, please connect to amore reliable internet connection. We apologize for thisinconvenience.Bored of Match 3 Puzzle or slow paced Strategy Game? Get moreaction with the FUN NEW FREE ENDLESS 3D PLATFORM RUNNER SHOOTINGGAME!The Infamous Genius Super Villain Cammy Iyuka has struck again!And she's bringing her Army of Robots to invade the City ofNekomipolis!Help Yura Anders of the Nekomipolis Police Department in herquest to stop Cammy and her Robot Army!★ Features ★▶ Get thrilled by music composed by Legendary Composer MANAMIMATSUMAE▶ Experience the classic PLATFORM SHOOTING action with anENDLESS RUNNER twist on your mobile device!▶ Simple control, just Tap to JUMP or SHOOT!▶ Fight over a dozen of ENEMY ROBOT MINION that are tryingto stop you!▶ Clash against the Super Villain Cammy in explosive BOSSBATTLE!▶ Acquire and complete TARGET and become the number oneNekomipolis Officer!▶ TONS of UPGRADABLE ARMOR with SPECIAL WEAPON andUNIQUE ABILITY such as Explosion Bullet, Laser Blaster, andmore!▶ Run through various ZONE and TRAVEL around theworld in your quest to stop Cammy!▶ Upgradable Enhancer and Vehicle POWER UP to aid you inyour Pursuits!▶ Various TECH BOOSTS items to enhance your game!
Warung Chain: Go Food Express 1.1.0 APK
Try our delicious local food in Warung Chain. Warung Chain: Go FoodExpress is a fast paced cooking game from the makers of RamenChain. From the creator of Rapstronaut : Space Journey Game. Youwill play as a warung (small street food in Indonesian) ownertrying to share happiness through good delicious food. It's FREEand addictive! Have you ever heard of Indonesian food like bakso,martabak, ayam goreng, and nasi bali? Now you can experienced it inthis game. Cook and serve delicious foods ranging from snacks,breakfast, lunch, to dinner. Fast reflex, quick thinking and anappetite for famous Indonesian foods is what it takes to play thisgame! Loads of hungry customers craving for express service infront of your shop, make them happy! Experience local kindness andplay through various popular tourist destinations spots inIndonesia, Encounter diverse customers and obtain knowledge aboutdelicious Indonesian foods and culture. Various foods from warteg,martabak, to bakso malang and tahu bulat ready to be cooked andserved. Don't forget to share your delicious meals with yourfriends on Facebook! Now do you have what it takes to become afoodpreneur? test your skill in Go Food Express! make the customerhappy, beat your friends’ High score or help them to progress, thechoice is up to you! One thing for sure, Customer satisfactionsguaranteed!! Come on! play this super addictive game before thecustomer run! Features: Simple, Precise fast-paced Tap and Swipecontrol Compete with your friends Real Rewards with Kadosaku*Special stage and Challenges updated weekly *(only available inIndonesian Region) Notes regarding some permissions: - Externalstorage access is used for save game & caching video purpose.**************************************** Find out more aboutTouchten: http://www.touchten.com/ Follow Touchten on Twitter:https://twitter.com/TouchtenGames Follow Touchten on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Touchtengames Follow Touchten on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/user/touchtengames