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About Cyborg war machines have infiltrated our shelter , and thefinal world war against the machines has begun!! The robots andtransforming robots came from the sky with spaceship armada andstarted attacking the planet , you are one of few shelters that arestill standing.in this world war against the war machines simulator, we tried to simulate a war shelter under attack from dangerousarmy of Cyborg that shoots all kind of energy weapons anddestructive waves .So thumbs up , aim!! , shoot!! That is thesimple objective of this shooter simulation.do not let the enemyinvasion take over the shelter , these war robots are insanelypersistence , they will keep attacking wave after wave , but youcan not give up , fight the world war , defend the homeland, thatis what's important , so stand your ground and take aim at thecoming waves.ControlsThis game is easy to control :•Aim with leftthumb by dragging on screen.•Shoot with right thumb by pressing onthe button.FeaturesThis game features :•Many waves of cyborgsoldiers to fight.•Save progress to play again later .•Laserpistols and weapons.•Different types of attacking robots.•Smooth360 aiming.DownloadDownload this world war simulation today andenjoy the battle against the cyborg forces .Leave us some feedbackand join our gaming community :Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/tinylittleapps

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    Cyborg World War Machine
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    July 4, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Tiny Little Apps
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