7804j التطبيقات

The Longest Game Ever 1.13.9
As suggested by its name, "The longest game ever" is... the longestgame ever! No human being has ever finished this game! Fight"7804j", the high performing artificial intelligence and push himto his limits until he gives up. So far, no mortal has ever managedto defeat him and all ended up abandoning, dying of exhaustion.Warning: according to recent researches, playing this gameincreases your chances of suicide by 72%! Will you accept thechallenge? How many hundred of hours will you withstand beforebreaking? To finish this game, your best weapon will be patience.There are very few difficulties: all you will need is perseverance,tenacity, some relentlessness and obstinacy ;) Warning: Highlyaddictive game... yet without any interest whatsoever. This gamecan be annoying, a bit of a pain in the neck, boring as hell andsomewhat clingy, relatively upsetting or tiring (both of themmaybe), as tedious as tame, a true nuisance, tiresome, monotonous,narcotic (yes!), sometimes painful, soporific and certainlyirritating (obviously a non-exhaustive list). Starting this gamewithout finishing it, it is adding your name to the long list ofpeople who failed. So don’t be a mere anthropoid ape among themillions of other primates, and show to all these fools who is thebest ! Because despite everything that is written here, you knowthat nothing is really infinite… and therefore that this game musthave an end. But how far will you have to go to find it? :D************************ Let your growing curiosity carry you tothe “Install” button, but don’t be disappointed later on if thegame doesn’t meet your expectations. And if, by the greatestmiracle of all, you REALLY manage to finish this game, then don’tcomplain on Google Play, instead take it as a real success andproof of your greatness. Best of luck, 7804j, the developer
Get a life 2.0
To every real geek has already somebodyadvised to "Get a life".As a good geek you are, you must have tried googling to know theprocedure to "buy a life". Unfortunately, no result: not even achinese website of illegal lives importations.The ultimate question then arises but the answer is this time not42: "How can you get a life?"For this reason, to fill this vital need of all the geeks ofthis planet, I elaborated the answer, the solution, to the ULTIMATEQUESTION.So, here is quite freshly brought out of our laboratories thismagnificent application which will guarantee that you PAID to get alife (and not with virtual money this time!!!).If you want, you can by-pass Play Google to get this applicationfree of charge but it would be useless because it would lose allits sense.WARNING: this application contains nothing else than acertificate giving evidence of the validity of the purchase of yourlife. No gigantic Mario Mushroom will appear, and you won't bellable to jump into an abyss by shouting "Mama Mia!" and respawning10 meters behind.Translated from French.
Useless 2.4.2
This app has absolutely no use. Test it and you'll see that it'stotally useless. Tens of scientists of worldwide reputation triedto find it a use, but all their attempts ended in failures so far.So don't expect anything particular. All its features (none, infact) are already mentioned in the description. This is the firstmulti-unfunctional application in the world. Just assume that foranything that any other app does... this app doesn't do it. Thefirst application really making what it promises: uselessness.
Calculatrice Anti-Scientifique 1.0
Cette formidable calculette est un modèle tout à fait unique etrévolutionnaire que vous ne trouverez nul part ailleurs surl'Android Market ou dans tout autre market alternatif.En effet, ils'agit de la première calculette Anti-Scientifique au monde!!!Changez vos habitudes. Pourquoi toujours devoir utiliser unecalculette pour éviter les erreurs ? Dès aujourd'hui, utilisezcette calculette pour faire PLUS d'erreurs !!! Effectivement, ellea été conçue dans le but de donner des résultats erronés maisproches de la réalités. Il arrive même parfois que le résultat soitcorrect...Un ami a besoin d'une calculette ? Passez-lui votresmartphone avec celle-ci en main et il ne comprendra pas ce qui luiarrive ! Ou mieux, dès que vous en avez l'occasion, remplacez sapropre calculette par celle-ci en douce...Certifié outil pourgeeks.This calculator is a great model quite unique andrevolutionary that you will not find anywhere else on the AndroidMarket or any alternative market.Indeed, it is the firstAnti-Scientific Calculator in the world!Change your habits. Why dowe always have to use a calculator to avoid mistakes? Today, usethis calculator to errors MORE! Indeed, it has been designed inorder to give erroneous results but close to the realities. Ithappens sometimes that the result is correct ...A friend needs acalculator? Give him your smartphone with it in hand and he willnot understand what is happening! Or better when you get thechance, replace its own calculator by it gently ...Certified toolfor geeks.
Astuces Dofus 2 2.0
Application officielle de www.dofus2.org !Retrouvez tous lesastuces sur Dofus, le MMORPG français d'Ankama. Résolutiondétaillée des donjons et des quêtes, tous les secrets dévoilés,tutoriels divers, encyclopédies des items, objets et monstres,calculateurs de dommages, optimisateurs de stuff, etc. : tout cedont le Dofusien a besoin !Soluces illustrées de plus de 5000screens, lues par plus d'un million de Dofusiens !Officialapplication of www.dofus2.org!Find all the tips on Dofus, FrenchMMORPG Ankama. Detailed resolution dungeons and quests, all secretsrevealed, various tutorials, encyclopedias items, objects andmonsters, calculators damage optimizers stuff, etc. : Everythingthe Dofusien needs!Walkthroughs illustrated more of screens 5000,read by more than one million Dofusiens!