APPLJUICE التطبيقات

Free Followers 1
Get and Earn Credits and play the wheeloffortune and get the chance to request followers in real life.Real Followers, which will follow you around everywhere!No Snapchat, No Facebook, No Periscope Followers!
Rage Quiz Lite 1.2.1
Rage Quiz will not only change the wayyouthink, but also challenge your patience and self control. Youwillgrow more and more paranoid, because nothing really is as itseems.You will fail countless times before making it past the first20questions.Once you know all the answers, this is an incredibly easygame,but you can still drive your friends and family intodesperationand watch them rage - It's fun!Rage Quiz on Facebook will keep you up to date withupdates Media
Tap To The Top Lite 1.9.4
Tap To The Top is a new way of CasualGamingand bring Mobile Gaming to the next Level.This Game will bring your fingers to glow and your brain to burn.How to play this innovative game?The Number shown on the display represents the needed amountoffingers you should push to earn points.After a push the next random number appears.If you push with more or less fingers you are going tolosepoints.In this Lite Version you can choose between several QuickGamesand 6 Missions.
Free Followers Plus 1.0
You can fast-track your way to Fame bygettingfree Followers without following anyone back!You can get the first 10 Free Followers within a few minutes,soyou can see that it works right away!Let us know what you think and how we can improveourservice.