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The Pirate king jamp Adventure 1.1
Everyone knows the pirate king game isuniversal for this age luffy Hadith techniquesYou have to fight to keep experience. In order to be strong defeat the pirate worldin this game you will play the pirate king his you have to eat meatto protect the planet from bad pirates To fight the enemy andsurvive from the enemy.his dream is to become the greatest pirate in the with your favorite pirate and avoids the traps ,kill enemiesand earn points .in this game you will play the pite king his name is luffy you haveto eat meat to protect the planet from bad pirates .FEATURES- Easy and Simple to play- amazing animations- Cool skill design and effect- Flexible moving and game play- A lot of challenges and stagesWorld Ranking Challenge!- Acquire high ranking admission ticket by achieving highscore.- All seven kinds of authorized ranks! Aim for the legendaryphoenix rank!- The authorized ranks you’ve acquired can be shared to LINE,Twitter or Facebook from the application!Easy to Play- While waiting for taxi, at the restaurant or karaoke.- On the trains, buses, airplanes and transit whentravelling.- While watching dragonball serie on tv .- While enjoying snacks, desserts, or any food.- To refresh from driving a car for sightseeing with a map orgetting tired from car navigation.Recommended for Those- Who are sick of boring and stupid prison school games.- Who are horrible at difficult puzzles and escape the roomgames.- Who failed crosswords and minesweeper.- Who aren’t good at online games.- Who love manga and animation and have a lot ofimaginations.- Who are looking for funny topic to talk about for chat orfortunetelling.- Who aren’t satisfied by horror movies or soap operas.- Girls who love stickers and discount coupons.- Who love onepiece( one piece serie ) and luffy .- Who likes to share interesting screenshots of games and picturesfrom smartphone cameras.- Who aren’t satisfied by photo hunt or card games.Other Features- Easy and simple. Fun way to kill time!- Your favorite music can be set as BGM to play the game!- Ideal for events like Halloween and Christmas!- Mental training for kids who likes cute cats and picturebooks!- Enjoyable for lovers and as a party game for birthdays and NewYear!- Good for New Year card and business talk topic when exchangingbusiness cards!- Presents happy recopies for all users!
youkai go adventure 1.1
an introduction to super yokai go watchadventure - yokai go watch adventure for child and young ... youcan enjoy with your friends alot of levels and challenge yokaiSkate free game for Android in This game yk watch you can helpyokai boy Nathan to avoid on the risk if You want you can share thegame yk with your friends are you ready to try a new adventureswith yokai waatch just press finger on the screen to move Nathanjump. yokai hero need your help to Collect the maximum watch ofdiamonds ykai in all levels in yo-kai skate Are you ready to try anew adventures with YK watch ? Are you ready to help Nathan in hismission to complete all 100 levels ? Super YoKai Jungle world is anew fun and addictive game which use character's youkai cartoonCome and challenge the best trivia run character world super boyadventure GAME NOW! FUNCTIONALITIES:and how to start playing★ Updated every 2 weeks (you make you chnage the background andsounds ...)★ + 100 levels fun and challenging.★ Incredible 2D graphics.★ Pleasant background music.★ Hidden bonus levels with many classic and modern pieces.★ Go to the end of the game to pass the level.★ pick up many yokai as you can.■ How to play1.Just tap the screen and let yokai jump2.Compile coins as many as you can.3.Run to the end of the Game to pass the level. This game apprecommended for kids, boys, girls, men, women and every member, Itlook like Halloween Games. So what are you waiting for.. Downloadfree game Yok‍ai Adventure now and enjoy!
goku saiyan super Batallas 1.2
Goku Global Fight 👊 Fun and addictive game. This is the perfect appto pass your time and will never let you get bored.The best gamefor dbz sagas fan and Super Goku Saiyan.Goku goes on the adventureof his lifetime. Most of the Super Goku Advanced story arcs arerepresented; the only one noticeably missing is the Piccolostoryline from the end of the series game.The plot of this game isa brand new story revolving around Majin Buu.The controls remainthe same Majin Buu, but there are some additional functions thatcan be used during gameplay. The story mode gameplay featuressomething similar.Welcome in another universe, there is a supersaiyan warrior legendary named guko.The best game for dbz sagas fanand Super Goku Saiyan.Saiyan Goku Fight Bo perfect game for allsaiyans lovers.Meet the super fighting game a new and uniquestyle.The battle of good against evil, based on the character andon the forms of super Saiyanloved by millions of people around theworldThe games pits on character guko against the green monsters inlarge environments, mostly fight in the ground.try new experiencewith goku super saiyan and live in dangerous world .[Features]-High-speed wireless multiplayer battles featuring the universe'sstrongest fighters- 18 playable characters, including prizefighter- Revamped version of the acclaimed Saiyan Overdrivefighting system- In-game transformations to more powerful forms-All-new stage base- Seven game modes, including a compelling storymode.Download Super Goku: Heroes Saiyan now!
princess moanaa adventure 1.0
Two thousand years ago, the great sailors crossed the Pacific Oceanand discovered a lot of the islands of Oceania. But once they havestopped traveling .. No one knows why. Brave girl Moana boldlylooks into the eyes of the dangers and decides to continue the workof their ancestors! She wants to find a fabulous island, hoping tolearn the secret of her family.Moa Sail is an Amazing sailing andjumping game adventures with a beautiful princess girl, Shenavigates all over the ocean to find the truth about her identityand to save people she live with.In this game, she teams up withthe hero and the legendary demigod Maui and her life friend ever,the sea waves that keep her safe from danger of the piratesKakamora by handling her all over the ocean.princess moana is inmission to beat caca mora and bring back maui from storks island.collect diamond and coins but dont get touched by dragon or ninjato get to moana amazing universe, this game is good for kids, itsteach them many things .Recommended for Those- Who are sick ofboring and stupid prison school games.- who love to sit in yourfavorite restaurant and watch disney movie on tv- Who are horribleat difficult puzzles and escape the room games.- Who love manga andanimation and have a lot of imaginations.- which adventure cartoondo you love ?- Who are looking for funny topic to talk about forchat or fortunetelling.- Who likes to share interesting screenshotsof games and pictures from smartphone anime cameras.- This easygame is easy and good for kids girls and boys .- Easy and simple.Fun way to kill time!- Your favorite music can be set as BGM toplay the game!- Ideal for events like Halloween dragon andChristmas!- Mental training for kids who likes cute cats andpicture books!- Enjoyable for lovers and as a party game forbirthdays and New Year!- Good for New Year card and business talktopic when exchanging business cards!- Presents happy recopies forall users!- Mental training for kids who likes cute cats andpicture wallpaper books!Other Features-FUNNY game to ALL KIND OFKIDS girls boys Even 2 Years Old Babys.-Easy to Play and Fullscreen control.-GREAT fun Adventure WITH MORE THAN +200 LEVEL.-Amazing Arcade games.-Lovely games with Awesome kidsinterface.-High quality of visual design that the kids willlove.-Guide to play With an helping button details.-Ambitious kidsmusic in background.-share your score with facebook friendsif youenjoyed please rate 5 stars What you why Download it and have funwith friends