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Wild City (Mafia RPG) 1.4.4
Be free and choose your destiny in Wild City,the city of vice where you can become a world tycoon, a mafiagodfather, the new Scarface or anything else you want to be! WildCity is an online multiplayer (MMORPG strategy) crime mafiagame.Unite and grow your family into a world-class criminal empire. Hitthe gym, ravage the downtown streets, conquer the urban underworld,and become the ultimate crime lord. Do you have what it takes to bea player? Leave your morals at the door, grab your gun and let’sget it done.Then go and create your financial empire! Travel around the world:buy, sell and trade properties, specialties, weapons, armor andequipment! Get business done and work your way to the top! It's allabout freedom!Wild City features:- Extremely free play in an online sandbox world with thousands ofplayers- Fight, rob and cripple other players online- Make fortunes of cash by investing or gamble in the casino- Create a family with friends and feud with your enemy to getrespect and turf- Build muscle and improve your weapons and armor to defeat yourenemies- Chat, make new friends, defeat your enemies and meet the love ofyour life- Indulge in criminal behavior to expand your empire- Enjoy exciting global activities and missions updatedfrequentlyJoin us online:- Facebook: Twitter: This is an ONLINE ONLY game. You must be connected to theInternet to play.
Дикий Город 1.1.1
Почувствуй свободу и выбери свою судьбу вДиком Городе, городе порока, где ты можешь стать мировым магнатом,крёстным отцом мафии, нео Скарфейсом или кем-угодно на твоёусмотрение! Дикий Город - многопользовательская онлайн (MMORPGстратегия) игра с элементами преступной мафии.Объединяй и расти свой клан в криминальную империю мирового класса.Посещай тренажерный зал, опустошай улицы в центре города,завоёвывай городской подземный мир, и стань наивысшим криминальнымавторитетом. Хватит ли у тебя смелости, чтобы стать игроком?Отбрось свою мораль, хватай оружие и вперёд.Ступай и создавай свою финансовую империю! Путешествуй по всемумиру: покупай, продавай и обменивай недвижимость, специальныетовары, оружие, броню и оборудование! Устрой свой бизнес ипрокладывай путь к вершине! Вот что значит свобода!Возможности Дикого Города:- Играть свободно в мире онлайн с тысячами игроков- Сражаться, грабить и калечить других игроков онлайн- Зарабатывать целые состояния, делая инвестиции или играя вазартные игры в казино- Создавать кланы с друзьями и бороться с врагами, чтобы получитьземли и уважение- Наращивать мышцы и улучшать своё оружие и броню для победы надврагами- Общаться, заводить новых друзей, повергнуть всех врагов ивстретить любовь всей своей жизни- Не отказывать себе в преступном поведении, чтобы расширить своюимперию- Наслаждаться часто обновляющимися глобальными мероприятиями имиссиямиПРИМЕЧАНИЕ:- Это ОНЛАЙН игра. Чтобы играть, вы должны быть подключены кИнтернету.Feel the freedom andchoose their own destiny in Savage city, a city of vice, where youcan become a world tycoon, the godfather of the Mafia, neo Scarfaceor by anyone at your discretion! Wild City - a massivelymultiplayer online (MMORPG strategy) game with elements of acriminal mafia.Unite and grow your clan criminal empire in world-class. Gym,ravaged streets in the city center, the city wins the underworldand become the highest crime boss. Will you have the courage tobecome a player? Throw your morals, grab guns and forward.Go and create a financial empire! Travel around the world: buy,sell and exchange real estate, special items, weapons, armor andequipment! Arrange your business and paves the way to the top!That's what freedom!Features Wild City:- Play free in the online world with thousands of players- To fight, rob and maim other players online- To earn a fortune making investments or gambling in acasino- Create a clan with friends and fight the enemies to get the landand respect- Build muscle and improve your weapons and armor to defeatenemies- To communicate, make new friends, to cast down all the enemiesand meet the love of your life- Do not indulge in criminal behavior to expand his empire- Enjoy updated frequently by global events and missions NOTE:- This is an online game. To play, you must be connected to theInternet.
Underworld Streets 1.0.4
Don't miss the hottest mobile mafiaexperience!Underworld Streets is a completely NEW and modernmultiplayer mafiasim. Experience life on the wild side of the lawthrough totallyunique strategy RPG fusion gameplay, grittydetailed settings, andsuper realistic weapons and gear.Train to grow strong, start your own gang, declare yourenemies,and let the street wars begin!Features:- Invite your friends, recruit companions, and build up apowerfulgang of your own.- Let the streets be your teacher: Fight and growdown-and-dirtyuntil you become the ultimate godfather.- Clash in intense multiplayer fights: gang battles, streetfights,all in real-time.- Wield a massive arsenal of weapons and gear, crafted andscrappedby you!- Hone your street skills in realistic gunfights andstrategicformation battles.- Upgrade buildings, build your manor, and stake out your veryownturf. Invade other players' turf and steal their loot!- Explore several unique city districts. Take the subway totravelaround instantly!- Max out your score with world events, tons of quests, andallkinds of medals.- Climb arena rankings and prove you're the toughest one onthestreets!- Make friends with fellow renegades worldwide in global chatandprivate messages.
人在天朝 1.1.8
Puzzle & Heroes 1.0-googleplay
Puzzle & Heroes is a fresh andexcitingcombination of card games and puzzle games!Enter the world of mythology and collect fantasy heroes to levelupyour team. Your mission is to defeat the mysterious evils whoarecreating chaos!STORY:One day, you fall into a dream. When you awake, there is nolight,only a voice: "We are waiting for you to lead us, warrior.I'm theson of Odin. You are the one!" With help from Athene, yourealizethat chaos has fallen upon this land. Heroes from differentperiodshave been summoned by the evil, and cannot be freed back totheirtime. They cannot defeat the evil alone, so they need someonetorally them. And you are the one! Battle onwards, defeat theevilsand destroy the source of chaos, to free all epic heroes.FEATURES:* INNOVATIVE NEW MATCHING PUZZLE - Free style line matching:easyto play, hard to master. Approachable puzzle gameplay taken tothenext level!* THE BEST OF THREE WORLDS - Line matching puzzle adventuregamewith RPG-like character development, full of strategy!* COLLECT & LEVEL UP - Collect all heroes and discovertheirspecial powers!* STRATEGY & TACTICS - Use different teams to handledifferentpuzzles and reach master level!* STAY UPDATED - More quests, more characters and lots ofsurprisesare on the way!PLEASE NOTE! Puzzle & Heroes is completely free to downloadandplay but some game items can be purchased with real money.Todisable this feature, turn off in-app purchases in yourdevice’ssettings.Like Puzzle & Heroes onFacebook: YOU!