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Kill Guy - 360 Shooting 1.1
Are you set to go on the journey with theSniper 360 Assassin Gun Shooter "Kill Guy" and his beloved sniper?Kill guy is all about a sniper and lots of sniping. If you lovesniper games, you will love Kill Guy - 360 Shooting!The story begins with you as Kill Guy eliminating a target. Thestory ends with you eliminating, lots of targets. Nothing exceptpure action awaits you. Even though being an assassin may soundlike it is easy, you will have to work really hard to get to yourtargets. You may need to think out of the box and get a littlecreative sometimes.You have to master the art of sniping to get a good score. You willhave to keep the forces of nature in mind, like gravity and airspeed. Don’t expect to land every shot you that comes out of yoursniper.How to Play- Select a Mission- Read Mission carefully- Focus target properly & shoot- Mission time is criticalKEY FEATURES- Sniper and sniping is the main focus- Easy sniper mechanics- 10 completely unique levels- Interesting locations