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AppSheet 13.2
AppSheet is a business productivity solution, providing contentdisplay, note-taking, forms and workflow for simple businessscenarios. Appsheet will use data available in your Google Sheets,Excel, and Smartsheet spreadsheets and display it in an interactiveway through the AppSheet mobile app. AppSheet is a great solutionfor many business and education scenarios: WORKING WITH REMOTETEAMS AppSheets helps teams connect Spreadsheets saved in GoogleDrive, Box, and Drobpox with remote users through the AppSheet App.Remote users can access the data in rich and simplified ways andare able to edit an add new data for a complete workflow. PROJECTMANAGEMENT Millions of people manage projects using Google Sheets,Excel, and Smartsheet. AppSheet helps project managers display andshare project data through a mobile device with other team membersand stakeholders. Keep data centralized in a core spreadsheet andshare only the parts that their audience needs to see. No moremanaging dozens of files that go back and forth via email!EDUCATION Manage study plans, school rosters, grading, and groupwork with a single spreadsheet. See the data on a mobile deviceusing AppSheet through the interactive app that allows for formentry, charts, maps, text summaries and image galleries that can beshared with students and colleagues. CUSTOMER SUPPORT ANDENGAGEMENT: Keep track of your pipeline on a Google Sheet andaccess the data through AppSheet for an enhanced and streamlinedview. You can also interact with your spreadsheet data in new wayslike building maps from your data, calling to telephone numberslisted on the spreadsheet, sending emails to contacts listed inyour spreadsheet, and building catalogs using image galleries tokeep your customers updated in your most recent offerings.
DIY Gift List Organizer 10.3
Track your gifts and who you're giving them to. Your gift ideas,recipients and gift history are all maintained in spreadsheetssaved in _your_ cloud file system (Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBoxor Box). Because your data is in your spreadsheets, it is easy tocontrol.This is a DIY app. You can make a copy of this app with theAppSheet platform, and use simple "no-code" configuration to createyour own custom gift tracking app. You can even extend your copy ofthe app with new features and capabilities, without writing anycode.