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Apptivo Follow Ups 6.0
Follow up feature makes it simple to keeptrack the future dates where you’ll need to perform an activity foryour customer. This description could be a quick sales call or anemail to check in on the status of the project. All follow ups aretracked in your follow up calendar which makes it simple to managefollow up across all the apps. It also allows you to track followups via SMS and Call logs.Follow ups scheduling can be done in CRM apps like Contacts,Customers, Leads and Opportunities. Created follow ups will beshown in the home dashboard “My follow ups” calendar to the paidusers only.Get an alert pop up that can remind you about important follow upagainst customers or any other objects. The reminder setting allowsyou to remind you through the notification banner.Follow ups can be created and viewed quickly from Calendar view andList view.New Features*Quick Create*Create from SMS*Create from Call Log*Associating Existing Contacts Records*Reminder Notifications*Views (Calendar and List)*Global Search
Apptivo Work Orders 6.0.4
A work order is an order of maintenance orrepair request received by an organization from a client orcustomer.Apptivo Work Orders (WO) application allows you to easily manageand dispatch resources to address customer problems on-site, andproviding a method for the employees to track the hours andproducts used to resolve it.A work order can be created manually by entering the details of theorder according to your business requirements. While it seemsconvoluted initially, creating and managing work orders is quitesimple. Configuring the app before entering your information isalways a good idea, so it's great, you configure it first!Enhances your customers by providing them with various features,allowing for immediate processing and customization. One of thefeatures is Collaboration, which comes with the standard basicfunctions - Newsfeed, Calendar, Follow ups, Tasks, Call Logs,Emails, Notes and Documents. You can also restrict users fromaccessing any particular functionality.Quick Links in the work orders homepage, contain several linkswhich guides you to different apps that are frequently used by aperson, enabling him to directly get to the page, saving the usertime. This will help a user, who often visits a site forreference.Custom Views are used for showing client particular information, bydefining criteria according to your requirements. These Views arelike filters that are easily accessible in the left navigationmenu. They can be configured and set as per your needs in the leftside navigation of the work orders dashboard.Customizing also allows you to add additional attributes in thecreation page according to your needs and also ensures securityprivileges.Dispatch Calendar - With a special consideration of an Employee orby a Team, the work orders can be viewed conventionally underDispatch Calendar. Now, if an employee is added to a team, thenthat dispatches the work orders assigned to that team and also tothe employee.Once a work order is resolved, it has to be submitted for theapproval. There are two approval options present in the work ordersapp.Employee Manager - The Manager of the employee.Customer Contact - The contact associated with the selectedcustomer.On submitting the work order, the approver will receive an emailwith the work order attached, from where he can approve or rejectthe work order.You can easily print your work order information using print PDFand send to your customers within seconds.Features:Create WorkorderQuick ActionsCollaborationLeft Menu ViewsMy ViewsQuick LinksRemindersCapture ImagesRight side MenuInternational Currency Support
Apptivo 6.3.6
The Apptivo app brings everything your business needs fromcustomermanagement and project management to invoicing intoonecustomizable and integrated solution. Effortlessly manageyoursales pipeline and track your projects from your mobile,on-the-go.No more juggling apps and paying multiple subscriptions.The mobileapp is an addition to our web-based Apptivoapplication( The Apptivo app comprises thefollowingtools: * CRM - manage your customers and sales pipeline. *Invoices- send invoices and manage payments online. * Work Orders -manageand dispatch resources to customer problems on-site, trackthe timeand resources used. * Timesheets - log employee’s workingor workedhours on each task. * Estimates - send estimates and closemoredeals. * Help Desk - manage your support tickets andresolvecustomer issues ASAP. * Expenses Reports - record yourbusinessexpenses on-the-go. * Projects - manage tasks andmilestones. *Orders - manage customers orders and inventoryintricately. *Suppliers - manage your suppliers. * Custom app -access yourcustom apps directly from your mobile. * InventoryManagement-Track the current available and on-hand quantity for anyitems youchoose to enable inventory tracking for. * MoveTransaction -manage inventory between warehouses. This app is freeto download,customizable, and easy to use. Install it and startmanaging yourbusiness remotely. Sign up for a 30-day free trial inless than aminute. For any questions, touch base with or +1-855-345-2777