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Marine Ways - Free Nautical Charts 1.15
Marine Ways Boating is the ultimate marine navigation and planningapplication! In this application you will gain access to: FREENAVIGATIONAL CHARTS - United States charts provided by NationalOceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) - New Zealand chartsprovided by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) Chart types: - NOAAElectronic Navigational Charts (ENC) (NOAA's newest and mostpowerful electronic charting product). - NOAA classic charts(including Day, Red, Dusk, Night, and Gray versions). - LINZ charts(available in Day, Dusk, and Night versions only currently) ROUTEPLANNING TOOLS -Route Plotting. Tap and hold on the map for onesecond to plot your waypoints. To form a route, continue to tap andhold on the map in different areas. Distance and bearing areconveniently calculated and displayed for each leg as you add,adjust, or remove waypoints. -Travel Mode. Automatically centersthe map on your current position as you move. Use travel mode tosee how closely you are following your plotted route in real time!-Route Leg Summary. A convenient view containing detailedinformation of each leg you have plotted, including start and endcoordinates, distance, and bearing. BUOY REPORTS AND OBSTRUCTIONINFORMATION Markers for buoys and obstructions are convenientlyplotted in their actual location on the map! Just click on themarker to view their information! - Buoy Reports: Get completecurrent conditions and wave reports for fixed and drifting buoys. -Obstructions: Get location and history information aboutpotentially dangerous, submerged hazards including rocks and sunkenvessels. NAVIGATION DASHBOARD The navigational dashboard showsvarious real-time information including: - Current location(latitude and longitude, with accuracy range) - Current Heading(includes a small directional compass as well!) - Current SpeedOver Ground - Current Bearing MARINE MAP OVERLAYS Toggle variousmarine overlay data right onto the map to get a better idea of thecurrent boating conditions! Overlays include: - Water SurfaceTemperature (Global) - Wind Speeds (US only) - Wind Gusts (US only)- Wave Heights (US only) LOCATION SHARING OVER WATER / VIEW OTHERBOATS - Display your last known location, speed, bearing, and boatname on the map for other Marine Ways boaters to view. - View thelast known location, speed, bearing, and boat name of other MarineWays boaters, as well as their distance and bearing from yourlocation. - Location sharing is turned off by default. When you areready to share, toggle it on within general settings. Tocontinuously update your location on the map, keep the app openedand focused. The app currently does not update your location in thebackground. WEATHER INFORMATION - Weather Precipitation Radar (US& Hawaii only). Detects any rain and snow in the area. -Weather Station. Reports the nearest observation station data.Current temperature, humidity, weather conditions, wind, and more!Station observation data is available globally. - Weather Alerts.Weather station also reports any active weather alerts issued bythe National Weather Service such as severe thunderstorm warningsor hurricane warnings. Weather alert information is available forUS, Alaska and Hawaii. - Land Surface Temperature overlay. Showsthe current surface temperature on land (US only). Before usingthis application, please read and agree to the following terms ofuse / service and privacy policy: Terms of Use / Service: Privacy policy: Navigational Charts Disclaimerfrom NOAA: NOAA ENC Online is not certified for navigation. Screencaptures of the ENCs displayed here do NOT fulfill chart carriagerequirements for regulated commercial vessels under Titles 33 and46 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Enjoy the app! Marine Waysis also available on the web at
Weather Detector 1.11
"Storm Guard" is a free application that provides real-time,early-warning notifications when rain or snow is detected near yourlocation. This application is the go-to app for weather detectionand storm cell analysis! In this application, you will gain accessto: RAIN AND SNOW PROXIMITY ALARM - Storm Guard sends promptnotifications when any precipitation such as rain or snow entersyour detection area. Open the app to refresh your location and toanalyze any incoming weather systems. You can also choose to leavethe app open and enable the "follow location" option, which willauto-center the map and update your location as you move! Closingor minimizing the app will lock your location in place. -Customizethe detection sensitivity by adjusting the detection area, minimumintensity threshold, and notification frequency within theapplication settings. You can always opt out of notifications insettings as well. Storm Guard currently provides rain and snowproximity detection for continental US locations and parts ofCanada. WEATHER SYSTEM AND STORM CELL ANALYSIS -Storm Guard willscan and place a magenta circle over the most significant weatherwithin the detection area. Click this circle to view the completecell analysis including average precipitation intensity, maximumprecipitation intensity, storm area, and distance from yourlocation. -Analyze weather systems anywhere on the map by panningand zooming over any visible precipitation radar data. -Viewcomplete details of every cell within the detection area by usingthe weather details inspector (magnifying glass icon in thebottom-left of the map screen). Storm Guard currently providesweather cell analysis for continental US locations and parts ofCanada. SHORT TERM WEATHER FORECAST -The weather details inspectoralso provides a short term forecast for the area. This featurelists any possible weather phenomena that may be occurring withinthe next three hours. Pan and zoom around the map to get short termforecasts anywhere on the map. Storm Guard currently provides shortterm forecasts for continental US locations. WEATHER DATA OVERLAYSWITH LOOPING -Gain access to a variety of weather overlays to viewon the map. You can animate (loop) each overlay to get a time lapserepresentation of the data. -Overlays include: Weather RadarInfrared Satellite (Cloud Coverage) 24 Hour AccumulatedPrecipitation Surface Temperatures Wind Speeds Wind Gusts WEATHERSTATION OBSERVATIONS - Get the latest weather reports for theobservation station nearest to the map's center point, or pan andzoom around the map to get observations from any METAR reportingstation! Check the current temperature, dew point, humidity,weather conditions, wind, and more! Storm Guard provides stationobservation data globally! NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE ALERT BULLETINS- Get bulletins for any active weather alerts issued by theNational Weather Service such as severe thunderstorm warnings,winter storm warnings, hurricane warnings, and more. Pan and zoomaround the map to get bulletins for other locations (relative tothe map's center point). A red weather icon will appear on the mapwhen any alerts are detected. Click this icon to view a list ofalerts and their bulletin information. Storm Guard currentlyprovides weather alert information for US locations includingAlaska and Hawaii. Enjoy the app!
Traffic Reports 1.15
Traffic Spotter is the premier resource for providinginteractive,real-time traffic flow and incidents combined withweatherinformation for travelers across the world. Driving is notonlyabout beating the traffic - beating the weather is justasimportant.Whether you are preparing for your daily commute oraboutto head out on a road trip, Traffic Spotter gives you themostcomplete report of current traffic, road, and weatherconditions atyour current location as well as at yourdestination.In thisapplication, you will gain access to featuressuchas:-International Traffic Flow and Incidents: Avoid heavytrafficcongestion by knowing where the slowest parts of your routeare.Community spotters provide incident reports that can help youavoiddangerous road and weather conditions such as accidents, potholes,ponding roads, and more. If you travel during off-peakhours,non-community traffic providers also report variousincidentsincluding road closures, road construction, andmiscellaneousevents.-Community traffic spotters: Traffic Spotter isa communitydriven resource. You can become a spotter and help othertravelersplan their route around traffic or dangerous conditionsyou haveencountered. If you spot an event such as an accident orheavytraffic, you can report it for other travelers to see. Ifyouencounter an event that has already been spotted, or hasexpired,you can confirm or dismiss that event.-DrivingForecast:TrafficSpotter provides a driving conditions forecastbased on weatherthat may be occurring within the next three hoursin yourarea.-Road Conditions: Traffic Spotter provides a RoadConditionsfeature, which allows you to find which roads are likelyto be icy,foggy, snowy, windy, or ponding approximately within thenext threehours. Road Conditions currently covers the United StatesofAmerica.-Weather Radar:Know if severe weather will impactyourtravel. Weather Radar lets you know where rain or snow stormsmaybe looming in your vicinity. Weather Radar currently coverstheUnited States of America including Hawaii.-WeatherStation:WeatherStation allows you to get the current temperature,visibility, windspeeds, and more for the location you are viewing.Weather Stationis always on the lookout for active weather alertsas well. If anyalerts are issued, you will be able to get adetailed descriptionabout the alerts and their impact area. WeatherStation reports areavailable world-wide. Weather alerts arecurrently available forthe United States of America.Traffic Spotteris also available onthe web. Visit our website at for alive map overview of trafficflow, incidents, airport delays,weather, and more."Get there,safely"