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Mentalist 1.0.7
B-1st Games
Do you like magick? do you like cardtricks?...then the Mentalist will blow your mind with a simplecard trick!Just visualy pick a card and don't interract with itand let theMentalist to reveal your card!
Slash the Virus 1.0.4
B-1st Games
"Slash the Virus FREE" is a funnycartoonydesigned game for all ages where you can Slash\Cut\Slicetinypersonalized Viruses and help the Mr. Cell to have a longandpeaceful life.Play Arcade mode, score points, complete Challenges and win Cupsorplay Fun mode and beat High Scores.
Handy Flashlight 1.0.0
B-1st Games
Need a light...? then Handy Flashlight isherein only 3 steps without anoying ads.*Step 1: Install the application and open it.*Step 2: Swipe on left edge of screen.*Step 3: Choose desired light source (for devices with CameraFlashLed) and "let the light to do what the light can do".