BKOOL التطبيقات

BKOOL 1.9.4
Track and analyze your outdoor GPS data forRUNNING and CYCLING: profile, maps, duration, distance, speed,pace, power and burned calories.Exceptionally easy to use, track your sessions effortlessly.The recorded sessions will automatically be uploaded to thebkool.com community so you can access your data and track yourperformance and use BKOOL’s full functionality anytime. Shared itwith your friends!!Use it immediately without registering if you prefer to doso.You can also use your recorded data to repeat the session indoorat BKOOL and make it more fun and effective.----------------------------------------------------------OUTDOOR SESSIONS- Get detailed information on distance, duration, speed, paceand power- Check your route on the map and compare it with the profile- Record your outdoor sessions on your phone or other devices andupload them to your personal bkool.com historyHISTORY- Analysis and statistics of your activity sessions data.- Compare your activity periods and the fulfillment of yourimprovement planYOUR FRIENDS AND YOU- Personal profile data, with photos and videos about you,choose your level of privacy- Personal page with wall to communicate with your friends andgroups- Training calendar and diary- Find friends and groups of interest to your sport- Add activities to your favorite social networks includingFacebook and Twitter
Bkool Toolkit 2.1.0
With this new application you'll be able to easily updatethefirmware of your Bkool trainer.​ ​This way you will alwayshaveyour trainer all tuned up and ready to take advantage of allthenew features on Bkool's cycling simulator. Update yourtrainer'sfirmware to the latest version in just seconds, and getready foranother workout! ​
BKOOL Cycling 5.72
Discover the best training option for cyclists. You can competewith our thousands of users around the world in real time. Squeezeyour Smart roller with the BKOOL platform, designed by and forcyclists. REAL Feel the slope you face on each pedaling, takeadvantage of the other cyclists' rebuild and choose your terrain.Enjoy the brake of the wind against or sliding by the rain. BKOOLoffers you the closest experience to reality for your training.Choose to see your routes in real video uploaded by our users, themost advanced 3D or your position on the map. PROFESSIONALITY FORALL Each session in BKOOL can be different. Face yourself toimprove your times, choose users you want to challenge or dospecific training thanks to our workouts. You choose your goal.Ours is that you improve your results. INTEGRATED BKOOL iscompatible with the main training platforms. You can upload yourStrava, Training Peaks or Garmin sessions. Collect the best of theinterior and exterior and do not lose any data of your work. Youcan use our professional analysis tool to see your evolution anddetect what you want to enhance. COMPATIBLE BKOOL Cycling iscompatible with BKOOL and leading manufacturers rollers. Checkthose supported on our website. Enjoy BKOOL Cycling, train likenever before, have fun and improve with every ride.
BKOOL Fitness 3.3.2
You set the pace Bkool adapts to your level Our classes adapt toyour capabilities and objectives. Whether you are just starting outor have been doing indoor cycling for years, you will always find aclass to fit your needs. Your time, your rules The home gym Timewill not be a problem again for keeping fit. With Bkool you cantrain whenever you like. At home. No limits, no timetables. Youdecide how much and when. A compatible app With Strava (comingsoon) Connect BKOOL Fitness with other apps and monitor fitnesslevel in depth. All the information you need to improve everyday.If you have a Smart Bike The best indoor training experienceRegister and try BKOOL Fitness for free for a month. Enjoy indoorcycling at home and easily improve your fitness status. Discoverthe revolution of the world of fitness. If you don’t have a SmartBike You can train with other sensors Connect your heart ratemonitor, cadence sensor or power meter and enjoy BKOOL Fitnessclasses on your conventional static bike. Register at bkool.com andenjoy one month Premium for free.