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Sniper Assassin Mission 3D 1.5
Beehive Game Actions
Sniper Assassin Mission 3D is a first personshooter (FPS) game. Destroy tanks, jet fighters and helicopters.The sabotage is challenging. Provided with a military rifle, SniperAssassin Mission 3D provide the user with enjoyable actionexperience. Multi levels, best frames, low resource usage, andaction packed background music make the gaming experiencefantastic.In a battle of a world war, the player commando sits in a hiddenspot in camouflage suit and plans an attack on the enemy fleet. Hisobjective is to sabotage the attacking rivals in the camp. Take theheadshots and kill them all. You are equipped with a long rangesuperb rifle to strike them. Time is limited and critical. Thecommando must make a strong strategy to strike and bring down therivals and get success in the mission. For that you need to stayfocused in Sniper Assassin Mission 3D. You can switch to heavymetal bazooka gun for shooting the helicopters.Your commando generals have sent you in a tactical team to abattle in a world war and you must return with glory. Surrender isnot an option. Enemy soldiers and choppers are equipped withadvanced sate of the art weapons and artillery systems. They willbe attacking you from various place once they have spotted you. Youmust survive and attack them before they harm you. You can use youradvanced radar navigation system to spot your rivals. Your survivalis important for the success. Make the army of your homeland proudwith your success.More levels will be unlocked once you complete the initialobjectives. In the higher levels of game, the enemy commander willsend fleets using air his crafts that will be coming down usingtheir parachutes. Do not miss them. Multiple choppers will be sendalong with the paratrooper fleets and the game becomes morechallenging and difficult to survive. But you must not lose thehope and strike hard in order to win the combat.Sniper Assassin Mission 3D aims to provide the best 3D and HDgraphics. It is built with the latest 3D technologies. It iscompletely free to download. You can start playing as a commandostriker, right away and use tactics to win this battle in worldwar. Infiltrate the enemy base and return with glory.
Commando Blackout Objective 1.0
Beehive Game Actions
Commando Blackout Hour attack on gunships andaircrafts in coasts. Killer attacks in blackout hour of war withaction shooting adventure. Brave commando in gunship. Attacked byenemy jet fighters and gunship helicopters to strike you. Youstrike back kill them. Defend your homeland with precise aimingshoot skills. Equipped with military machine gun in your gunshipyour defence is strong on coastal borders. Provided with unlimitedheavy metal ammunition for machine gun you strike with amazingfocus shoot skills.Commando Blackout Hour Game is coolest action. Fire unlimited shotsat enemy strike brutal. You are elite trained solder to strike inbattle and war. This air battle was is thrilling for you and youneed success. Do not get hit too many bullets on your helicopter oryou lose game. Fire shots at enemy. Killer instincts make you standout from rest. Take kill shots. Game is openfire entertainment.Enemy assassins are trained soldiers to shoot your down. You mustnot get hit. Their aircraft pilots will aim at you at harbour.Enemy ships are also seen during gameplay to make world wartheme.Take battleshots and win battles for success. Commando BlackoutHour Targets are on continues moments so Aim little forward fortargets to make sure they hit perfect. Use radar navigation systemfor to spot enemy location and complete objectives. Your duty callsfor this mission, return after completing objection in warfield.Your soldier is covered with bullet proof jacket and heavy strikemachine gun for aiming aircrafts.The battle in warfield is brutal. It is essential to end thisbattle and bring peace to world. You go out and finish thisbattlefield for peace. Make coasts borders secure. You are equippedwith heavy guns. Take shots hit targets and attack them to bringdown targets for peace.Commando blackout hour features awesome 3D immersive graphics, lowmemory requirements, compatible with low end smart phones andtables to give you amazing shooting experience. Shoot along enemycommander aircrafts to complete objectives missions. Return withglory.Commando blackout hour featuresRadar systemFirst person shooterUnlimited ammunitionThrilling background musicLow memory requirementsSmooth controls and gameplayHow to play Commando blackout hourUse left side your touch screen to start firingUse right side your touch screen to start aiming
Dinosaur Hunter Island 3D 1.1
Beehive Game Actions
Dinosaur Hunter Island 3D is defence game. Thesun is setting and landscape is beautiful. The tourists have comefor a picnic spot in the African jungles and are residing in theirhuts. The picnic have turned into a nightmare. They are attacked bythe deadly carnivores in the area which they were unaware. One ofthe girl got a sniper rifle and some bullets for self-defence andthat is you. You are the guardian now and you must save them fromharm and death.The Dinosaur Hunter Island 3D huts are surrounded by the deadlycarnivores. The girl is equipped with a sniper gun to shoot thesecarnivores. These carnivores are trying to attack her friends. Theweather is cold and the trees are tall and dense in thesurroundings. Her friends have nowhere to run. She is their onlyhope. She has picked up a gun and bullets and have to save them byshooting the incoming carnivores. A terror has spread that sheneeds to finish.Player in the Dinosaur Hunter Island 3D can use the scope of hissniper rifle to zoom, aim and shoot. The tourist friends must besaved and kept alive in order to go to the next level. Your friendscannot run or escape anywhere. The only way is to take down theattackers. These African jungles, forests, and the attackers aredeadly. In Dinosaur Hunter Island 3D, take headshots of theattackers and they will be dead by one bullet. If you hit them onthe body they will last a little longer and die with threebullets.Dinosaur Hunter Island 3D presents deadly carnivores in the Africanjungles with HD 3D immersive graphics. They are treat to humanbeings. They are enormous. They must be shot to death before theyharm anyone. The girl is brave. She, as a brave guardian have tobring them down. Make a strategy, aim fast and shoot them up.Dinosaur Hunter Island 3D features include-Multiple challenging levels-Sniper gun for shooting-Carnivores attacking tourists-African jungle environment-Coolest HD and 3D graphicsHow to play-Swipe controls to aim and zoom-Touch controls to shootReloading gun is automatic
Modern Military Strike 3D Free 1.4
Beehive Game Actions
A deadly battle has started in a border.Modern Military Strike 3D Free is action game in a village near theborder that is attacked by the enemies. The huts in the village arecovered in dense trees. Your army General have been residing in ahidden village that the enemies have spotted. Enemy commander hassent an air strike on this place. You have been assigned a missionto buy some time for your army General by shooting down theattacker enemies and let the General escape in peace.Modern Military Strike 3D Free features F16 air crafts andhelicopters that have been sent to your place. F16 jet fighters andchoppers will be targeting you. They want you and your commanderdead. You must keep yourself alive and shoot them down. In ModernMilitary Strike 3D Free the player is equipped with a heavy rocketlauncher to bring down enemy air crafts. The heavy metal rocketlauncher is also equipped with scope for zooming and convenientviewing. You radar navigation system will assist you in locatingand spotting your enemies and their movements.Modern Military Strike 3D Free offers multiple challenging levels.Each level with a different difficulty and action spot from whereyou have to shoot. We will place you in a hidden spot among thetrees with a rocket launcher from where you can start shooting youarmed military rivals and targets.The game offers a store for buying ammo and health packs with thehelp of the score you earn during your game. The more ammo andhealth pack you keep the better chances are of your success in thebattle. More sure you have enough of them before you start playingthe mission. Whenever your health fall down you can use the medkits.The game is challenging and graphics are cool. Action music isfabulous. Spot your rivals with great care and do not let them winthis battle. You are a brave soldier and glory is essential. Takeyour weapon, win this battle and make your army proud. We hope youwill like and enjoy this killer war of a commando. Thank you.Modern Military Strike 3D Free features-Heavy military weapon (Rocket launcher)-F16 jet fighters and choppers-Buy ammo and med kits-Easy to use controlsHow to play:-Swipe controls to aim-Shoot buttons to hit the targets
Modern Army Battle: World War 1.4
Beehive Game Actions
The first person shooter Modern ArmyBattle:World War is an incredible experience. The environment iswellsuited for the battle. The enemies are equipped with heavymealmilitary weapons and war tanks. Rival’s convoy have stopped inyourway and their soldiers are dispersed planning to attack on youandbring you down. They want your army commander dead.There are multiple targets in the game including helicopters,jetfighter and tanks along with on the ground soldiers. Therearemultiple levels in Modern Army Battle: World War eachhavedifferent objectives. The difficulty level increases inhigherlevels and the game becomes more challenging. First levelmissionincludes killing all attackers in the desert and occupyingan enemytank in the area to complete the mission.The second objective in Modern Army Battle: World War t istoreach to a checkpoint in the desert where advanced enemyweaponryand AK47 guns are placed. You are running out of ammo andyou needto get hold of that gun. Once you reach the AK47 gun, yourmissionis completed. You will be shown directions during themission withthe help of your radar navigation system.Once you get hold of AK47, enemy soldiers become alert andsendsan airstrike on you. The third mission in Modern Army Battle:WorldWar is you own self-defence. You have to survive and bringdown theattacking enemy soldiers, their tanks, and the incomingaircrafts.They will be hitting hard on you. Be careful. Stayfocused, make asharp strategy and win this warfare. Make your armyproud. Destroyall the tanks. Spot your targets, Attack all of them,Shoot themand leave none of them.Modern Army Battle: World War features- Desert environment- Shooting experience- Multiple objectives- Challenging missions
Dragon Attack Jurassic Village 1.3
Beehive Game Actions
Dragon Attack Jurassic Village is allaboutkilling dragons that are attacking a village. Monsters? Yes!Tapfast in magical tap mania, Rise legend dragon slayer indragonworld. Dragon Attack Jurassic Village battles full 3Dexperience.Beautiful village is attacked. Do not tap birds or people.Becomedragon slayer legend. Show them strengths in combat. Trainyourselfhard in monster TapMania of magical world. Difficulty ofgame inmagical world increases with time. Flying devils areattacking. Theyare brutal. The monsters are setting the beautifulvillage on fire.Do not let them succeed. Three are multiplechallenging levels ingame. Jump into the battles. There is panicin the village ofbeautiful jungle. Destroy them all and enjoy theTapMania.Dragon Attack Jurassic Village Incredible experience offlyingcarnivores. Jungle spot is precisely chosen for the slayer.Cameraeffects are great. Play an offensive game win battles inthevillage. Game world is beautiful and magical. Enjoy themagicalworld levels. We hope you love it and become fabulousgamechampion.Game is enriched with coolest HD graphics. Optimized forandroidphone and tablets with low memory consumption you can enjoyfullexperience with the best frames plus action music in thextremebeautiful world. We appreciate your kind feedback for bringup morequality games.Cool features of Dragon Attack Jurassic Village-Challenging beautiful levels-Smash and strike monsters-Gain battle victory-Win amazing battles-Dragon slayer combat-Magical world battles-Unleash strengths-Gain highest scoresHow to play-Tap screen with thumb to smash strike