Bubboe التطبيقات

Bubboe Audio Guide 0.2.3
Create self-guided tours in minutes – gatheryour photos, add voice, and you instantly have a magical tour ofyour place. It’s perfect for stores, museums, destinations, or anyplaces worthy of a good story:+ Combine photos and voice for a never before experienced virtualtour.+ Your stories are shareable via all major social networks.+ Perfect tool for virtual museum tours.+ Awesome way to introduce your restaurant.+ Great way to share what’s special about your retail store.+ Quick and powerful way to create a shareable story about yourfavorite places in town.
Roll Call 0.2.5
Roll Call is designed for group leaders being notified if any ofthe members leaving with distance. It requires group members tocarry the specific Roll Call bluetooth beacon, to be detected bygroup leader.
Bubboe Tour 3.3
Enjoy your trip, live, twice.Bubboe Tour enhances your travelexperience with real time travel updates and information about theactivities planned on your trip.Everyone has once experienced beingout of touch with the activities you participate in wether on acompany tour or travel agency tour. Bubboe Tour reminds you whichactivity you are in, what the next one is and provide youcomplementary information about the full itinerary.After a long daytouring around, you can revisit what you did and discuss with yourtravel companions how interesting today is. It is perfect fortrips, museums, destinations, or any places worthy of a good story.Bubboe Tour for Travel Agency and Tour GuideBubboe Tour is the mostcost effective way to elevate the tourist experience for small tomidsize museums or visitor centers. Without the traditionalinvestments, logistics, and hassle of electronic tour guideequipment, unlimited visitors can use Bubboe Tour on theirsmartphones to get the full story about all the exhibits.
Bubboe Tour Leader 3.3
Give your tour members a magical experience. Bubboe Tour Leaderinjects a touch of magic into group travel. It provides the rightinformation just when you want it, reminds everyone on the assemblytime, and makes getting lost a thing of the past. You can createand participate in self-guided tours in minutes with photos anddescriptions, before and on the trip you. As you move from placesto place, you check-in and check-out at each activities, to allowyour tour members experience additional information about thecurrent activity and the next. Bubboe Leader is perfect to createtrip to visits museums, destinations, or any places one shouldexperience. Bubboe Leader For Travel Agencies and Tour Guide BubboeLeader is the most cost effective way to elevate the visitorexperience for small to midsize museums or visitor centers. Withoutthe traditional investments, logistics, and hassle of electronictour guide equipment, unlimited visitors can use Bubboe Leader ontheir smartphones to get the full story about all the things youintend them to experience.
Bubboe 3.3.0
Bubboe is a real time chat room for backpackers, you can askanything about the city, share your favorite restaurants, hotels,traveling tips or even find people to travel together. DownloadBubboe to start chatting with backpackers in your next destination!
Tokyo Bubboe 3.0.1
Thinking about traveling to Tokyo? Talk to travelers whoarecurrently there. Learn from travelers who have been there.Discoverthe best places to eat, spots to see, activitiestoexperience.Tokyo Bubboe has advancedmulti-languageauto-translation that allows travelers from everycorner of theworld to mingle, regardless of their language. Youdon’t need toknow foreign languages, yet you can meet people fromdifferentparts of the world and get advice from local experts. Askanythingand get real answers, not carefully craftedadvertisements.TokyoBubboe shortens the distance between travelers.It offers a hangoutfor exchanging stories, a crossroad forunforgettableencounters.Social travel is the next big thing. And,thismulti-language auto-translating “town chat” makes the nextbigthing truly ama...