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Flying LARVA 1.3.8
Introducing an addictive one touch jumping game! Compete with yourfriends to see who can reach higher using the globally popularLarva character. ★ Feel the thrills by avoiding various obstacleswith one touch jumps. ★ Consume sausages, obtain coins andchallenge for higher floors. Become invincible to destroy alloncoming obstacles! ★ Don’t be sad if you fail your mission early!Various perks are available to help you continue with your mission!★ Various type of game modes and new larva characters will beavailable continuously on future updates! [ 1.2 Update ] New PointSystem - Stop stressing to get to high floor! Compete with higherscore from now on. - Your every action will affect your score. -YES Combo is activated when you evade an obstacle just before youget hit. - Get higher score by completing challenges. Your pointsare multiplied! New Mode - Play the Larva Episodes. - Get StarPoints and experience various stages. - Play various events and getgreat rewards! New Characters and Skills - RED: Floor Point Bonusis newly added! - RAINBOW: Fever Gauge is filled by certain amountevery second. - MAYFLY: Resurrect up to 3 times! - CPT. PIRATE:Destroy obstacles after every certain period! - IVORY: Bonus YESCombo points! - VIOLET: Start the game with Ultra Fly! - COCOA :Convert obstacles into coins after every certain period! Mission& Quest - Get reward for satisfying certain mission or questrequirements. Miscellaneous - Minor bugs fixed - MiscellaneousUX/UI fixed ■■Permission Request■■ For better game play experience,Flying Larva may request permission to: ■ Access Photos, Media,Files : For the purpose of gameplay data storage and access. ■Access current Location : For the purpose of customzing noticesbased on country location. ■ Access Address book : For the purposeof Facebook and Google play service functions (Achievements andLeaderboard)
Real-time multiplayer game with simple controls! Win bycombiningunique characters and weapons. Enter the top rankings andbecomethe best Like Squad. ■■Game Introduction■■ ■ Real-timeMultiplayerPlay against other players in real time. ■ VariousGameplay ModesTeam Battle : Defend your base station with teammatesand send'Likes’ Battle School : Stay alive until the end in anarrowing map■ Combination of Characters and Weapons Characters andweapons havetheir own traits. Play strategically with your ownuniquecombination. ■ Costume There are unique costumes foreachcharacter. Show off your personality with various costumes.■Friends Make the best team with your friends. ■■RequiredAccess■■For smooth game play, we ask for your permission to accessthefollowing data ■ Access to pictures, media, and files onyourdevice : Used to save and load the gameplay data. ■ Access tothelocation data of your device : Used to send other noticesbycountry. ---- Developer's contact : Teheran-ro 70-gil14-10,Namyang Building 9th Floor, Gangnam-gu, Seoul +8202-3453-9631