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Weather & Clock Widget for Android Ad Free
Stay updated with the latest weather observations and the mostaccurate future weather forecast. Personalize your phone/tabletwith the most elegant and customizable widgets, showing currentweather, hourly/daily forecast, moon phase, time and date, yourcalendar events, next alarm, battery level. Features: - Automaticlocation detection - Locate by network and GPS (Global PositioningSystem). - Manually search for location by name or zip code. -Weather notification alerts. - Multiple weather providers. -Current weather condition. - Hourly weather forecast. - 10-dayweather forecast. - Temperature. - Celsius and Fahrenheittemperature unit. - Relative humidity percentage. - Atmosphericpressure. - Visibility distance. - Precipitation. - UV-Index. - Dewpoint. - Wind speed and direction with different units. - Sunriseand Sunset times. - Display temperature in status bar (Notificationbar). - Share weather and location information with friends. -Elegant home screen widgets. - Customize font for clock and date. -Moon phase. - Update on WiFi only and stop while roaming. -Automatic update intervals: 15, 30 min, 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 hours orManual update. - Follow weather and forecast for multiplelocations. - Weather map. - Android Wear support. - Themes. - Chartgraphs. - Localized to many world languages. FAQ page: For more information: Like us on Facebook:
Battery Tools & Widget for Android (Battery Saver) 2.0.9
Battery Tools & Widget for Android, a powerful battery saverapp for monitoring and optimizing your battery, it provides batteryinformation which allow you to control your power consumption, itcomes with three widgets that can be set to your home screen, thewidget background can be set to full transparent or adjustabletransparent color, the app allows you to display battery level onstatus bar with an option to hide it. The app also estimates timeleft for charging or discharging modes, the time is estimatedaccording to your power consumption; therefore, it will keepvarying based on current power consumption. The estimated time willnot appear immediately, the app needs some time to monitor yourpower consumption to be able to estimate the time left. And nowwith the latest version, you can enable your own power saving modeand optimize your power consumption with the optimization feature.both features are adjustable from settings Features: The appdisplays the following information: - Battery level with number andbattery icon. - Battery status. - Battery temperature in both“Celsius” and “Fahrenheit”. - The estimated time left for chargingor discharging modes. - Battery technology. - Battery health. -Battery voltage. - Power profile with graph. - Charging electriccurrent for wide range of mobile phones. - Button takes you tosystem battery usage screen. - Customizable Power Saving Mode -Battery saver with optimization feature, you can adjustoptimization options from settings - Controls state of Wi-Fi,Bluetooth, Data connection, GPS provider, Brightness, Screentimeout, Personal hotspot, Rotation, Auto sync and Air plane mode.* Note: In the first use, the app needs to analyze 2% of batteryconsumption in order to estimate wisely.