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Aquarium Free Live Wallpaper 4.4
Aquarium live wallpaper with animated fish andair bubbles.In wallpaper animation is high quality, creatingvery realistic fishes floating on a background of sea coral.
Aquarium Max Live Wallpaper 1.4
Aquarium MaxThis is a fully updated version of the app Aquarium.The main feature Max Aquarium is the implementation of neweffectsusing low-level OpenGL ES 2.0 library.A partial list of the new:- Added new backgrounds.- Implemented the distortion effect of the background.- Algae.- Improved the behavior of fish.- Improved the bubbles are now two types can be enabled at the sametime.- Particles adds to the realism.
Aquarium Old Live Wallpaper 1.2
DescriptionAquarium Old - Live WallpaperAquarium Live Wallpaper with animated fish and airbubbles.The wallpaper uses high-quality animation, creatingvery realistic fishes floating on a background of sea coral.Also, there are settings that you can useset the number of fish, fish size, and speed.All of this will make a real aquarium in the screen ofyourdevice.FeaturesThis modified the old version of the application worksnot on the OpenGL ES 2.0If you are not running version Aquarium, Aquarium 3Dtry this version.