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Cancer Distress Coach 1.0
If you or a loved one have ever been diagnosed with cancer and areexperiencing distress, join us today by downloading Cancer DistressCoach. Answer a few basic questions on a regular basis, learn newand interesting facts about symptoms that you may be experiencing,and gain skills to help manage your distress.Many survivors in theU.S. suffer from cancer-related posttraumatic stress. And whiletraditional office-based counseling treatments are available, westill know very little about the treatments delivered by mobileapps. To remedy this, we at Duke University have created a newResearchStack study for survivors with cancer-related distress.WhoCan Participate?This study is open to adults ages 18 and over whohave been diagnosed with or are caring for someone with cancer,regardless of when treated. At this time it is open only toresidents of the United States of America, and study participantswill need to read and understand English.How does the StudyWork?This app will collect information on your health through briefsurveys that will include questions such as:– How much distresshave you been experiencing in the past week, including today?– Howmuch have you had difficulty concentrating in the past month?Wewill send you occasional reminders to complete these in-appsurveys. You will receive reminders at 4 and 8 weeks to complete abrief survey that asks about any recent symptoms.Come join us in aneffort to learn whether Cancer Distress Coach is an effective,no-cost solution to help manage symptoms of cancer-relateddistress.Please review the Informed Consent document for this trialbefore installing this app. If you do not agree to these terms,please uninstall, or do not install, the app on your device.http://dukecancerinstitute.org/sites/default/files/cdc_consent_form_april_2017.pdf