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Learn shapes and forms Games for kids 1.1.1
App Learn shapes and forms help you kid to learn shapes and formsin different languages and little tiger Sam will take fun with you.Our games improves memory, logic and motor skills "Learn shapes forkids" have seven types of educational games for kids and toddlers -it is the most then all other apps have: - Learn shapes - showshape and say it name. Bright and funny pictures provide for easyshape learning for kids. The name of each object is pronouncedclearly and distinctly. - Find it - you must find one type offigures from table. This game help to consolidate knowledge fromfirst game. - Find pairs - collect pairs of shapes. Simple pairs tohelp learn shapes with one form. - Memory pairs - collect pairsfrom cards, simple memory cards game. This game is not only forlearning shapes, but best method for training memory skills. - Findshadow or shape match - find right shadow for shapes and learn itforms. Drag pictures of shapes to its shadows. It helps to learnforms without reference to colors. - Draw shapes and figures withyour finger connecting the dots. In this game babies will train todraw shapes. At first tiger Sam will show you order of dots andthen ask toddler to do it himself. This game is good method toimprove motor skills for babies and train mechanic memory. - Logicrow with shapes - your kid must check geometric figure from list tocomplete row. All games for kids have different dificult level. Ourapp contain simple, funny, but very attractive and addicting games,so children can play without help of parents. Little tiger Sam willhelp to learn for all games. Do exercises in games and Sam willpraise your kid. The main skill that gives the application isdifferentiating the shapes. Learn shapes it is smart educationalgame will teach your baby circle, square, rectangle, triangle,parallelogram, semicircle, rhombus, star and heart.
Learn Fruits and Vegetables - Games for kids 1.0.3
Learning fruits and vegetables is an educational game applicationfor children and toddlers.Your kid will learn a variety of fruitsand vegetables in different languages. A cheerful Tiger Sam willhelp him in this.Application contains 7 types of educational gamesfor your kid.- Learn fruits and vegetables- Guess what it is- Putthe object in the basket- Catch the objects- Find a Couple- Whatnext (logical series)- Find the right shadow (sorter)The games aresuitable for kids and toddlers from 1 to 5 years old. Games helpnot only to learn fruits and vegetables, but also help develop finemotor skills, memory and logical thinking.
Learn animals Games for kids 1.0.2
Hi! In this game you will find many cute little animals!Youcandiscover and learn their names in 8 different languages!Playfunand educational games together with tiger Sam. App contain5games:- Training - learn the names of animals, but beforeerasingthe protective layer- Find shadows - develops fine motorskills,abstract thinking- Find animal - fix the result of learning-Findpairs - develops short-term memory and logic- What's next -logicalseries, develops logical thinkingGames for toddlers and kids