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TBmCure 1.12
A mobile application designed for Health Care Officers to track,monitor and help patients suffering from tuberculosis to be regularon their scheduled Directly Observed Treatment, Short-Course (DOTS)and medicine intake on block level, thus making it possible fortuberculosis patients to get relieved and retain their health byensuring scheduled medicinal usage within a prescribed duration.One of the core features of this mobile application is that theapplication alerts and reminds patients if a dosage is missed, andalso confirms the prescribed dosage taken by the patient.
My Trip 1.0
My Trip is a mobile application that isofgreat utility when you want to keep a record of all the tripsyoutake. My Trip simply keeps a record of your trips with all thetriprelated details and expenses.One can record a trip by adding details like dates,placevisited, purpose, fellow travelers, stay and remarks(ifnecessary). You can add expense details by filling in the typeofexpense, amount and relevant comments.Your recorded trips will appear in ‘view trips’ section whereallyour trips can be viewed by selecting year and specific month.Onecan also view the complete report of recorded trips and sortthem byplaces and date.
Ada Chikan Lucknow Revision
Ada chikan are the pioneer manufacturers,wholesalers, retailers and online sellers of Designer Chikanproducts. Our superior embroidered chikankari embraces with itselfthe traditions and culture of Lucknow. We present expert prizedcollections at our store in the UP high street Hazratganj ofLucknow as well as at our online store. We endow you with thebeauty of chikan embroidery that will give you a perfect look. Wehave a team of expert designers and workers who are focused towardstheir work to give their best in the form of magnificentchikankari.Apart from all this our each garment is superior in terms of fabricas well as the embroidery it gives a very rich look because of ourquality and design our client list include top celebrities and thequeue of illustrious individuals is increasing at a very fastpace.
RadioSaifai 0.0.5
Radio Saifai is the classic internetradiobuilt for use on smartphones. The application boasts awonderfulsplash screen that engages anyone who installs it. Therebeing justone station to tune in to, the application is very simpleandelegant. Two buttons on the top corners, give you access tothewebsite of Radio Saifai and provide you the option of turningtheapplication off. Return button on the phone minimizestheapplication which runs in the background allowing the user touseother applications on the phone. The station plays songs from8:00AM to 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM providingqualityentertainment.
Banega Swachh India 1.0
Banega Swachh India (BSI) is part ofPrimeMinister Mr. Narendra Modi's initiative Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.Thisapp is for assessment of toilets and sanitation facilitieswhich isdone by taking pictures of the location and submitting themforreview and further cleanliness assessment. BSI app usesgeo-taggingfor location recording of sites assessed forcleanliness.Dettol - Banega Swachh India (BSI), is an initiative byReckittBenckiser in partnership with NDTV is a 5 year ambitiousprogram toaddress the rising need of hygiene and sanitation inIndia. Thecampaign aims at creating awareness about the importanceof hygieneand sanitation, and Progressive Foundation has partneredto supportwith assessment of toilets and sanitation facilities inrural andurban areas.
ExamsFunda 1.0.3
Examsfunda is exclusively created to find-out and elaborate newways for you to clear bank PO Exams or Bank Exams, SSC CGL, CLAT,Insurance Exams or other government exams. You may browse throughour study materials particularly created by professional of theabove fields themselves. So, come and explore everything related toexams and keep-up for more features and updates regarding the same.Welcome to our world, where the mantra to deal with CompetitiveExaminations is just a few mouse clicks away... Yes, those whoaspire to serve the Banking, Law, Central or State Government jobsmay take benefit out of expertise that we had gained over theyears. At Examsfunda, you will come across all the essentialtactics and smart-ways to crack the entrance exams. Now, we wouldlike to take this opportunity further for all aspirants to come andlearn the art of cracking these examinations. Cracking Banking, SSC, CLAT or any other Government sector examinations have always beena hard nut to crack. It has always been a challenge to study andprepare for such competitive exams. With all the competitive examsslowly moving towards online examinations/ Computer Based Test itbecomes necessary to have a feel of the real environment before theD-Day.
NF SVSurvey 1.4
NF Survey, a social accountability appdeveloped to conduct a large scale survey that records life ofstreet vendors and is focused on their lives, education, lifestyle,work and family. NF Survey aims to record the social indicatorsthat will in turn used for planning and implementation of effectiveschemes and programs for human welfare and betterment of poorstreet vendors in the state of Jharkhand. NF Survey operates underthe human welfare initiative led by the government ofJharkhand.
Mera Saarthi 1.0
Mera Saarthi App is your vigilant partnerinthe drive to keep your school going children safe from any harmbydrivers. The app carries an inbuilt database that hasdriverinformation from a variety of sources. Each driver isallotted aunique UID that facilitates the user to providefeedback,information and make complaints against the driver.Parentscansearch for information about the driver from this app bysimplyentering the driver UID or vehicle registration number alongwithdistrict and school name.New drivers can also be added inthedatabase by school authorities or contractors. Parents canalsoview all the complaints submitted by them.
Event (IIGF) 2015 0.1.5
India International Garment Fair is one oftheleading Apparel Sourcing Destination in India. Organized and runbyApparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC). The 55th IIGF isamuch-awaited​ event that will host over 300 Exhibitors andshowcasethe latest designs and trends in the Apparel industry.A total of over US$47 million worth of orders were receivedandnegotiated in the January edition and in July, we areexpectingthis to go much higher. This is indicative of a highdemand ofIndian apparels among the buyer community. If you are abuyer, youdo not want to miss attending this event.
#GoGreenSelfie-UPgoesGreen 1.0
#goGreenSelfie is an app developed to taketheselfie trend on the green level, started under the#UPgoesGreeninitiative led by hon’ble Chief Minister of UttarPradesh, Shri.AkhileshYadav. Just get it on your device, launch itup, tell us abit about yourself and you are all set to be an iconicpart of theGo Green Drive by snapping up a selfie of yourselfplanting a treeat college, home, office, garden, farm, shrine orany vacant fieldyou find right. goGreenSelfie app takes yourselfies online tofeature them on www.upgoesgreen.in.If you are one of the billion green planet-caring beings,jointhe Go Green drive by clicking a selfie of you planting a treewithgoGreenSelfie app.
SV Survey 1.3
SV Survey app has been developed to conductasurvey on records life of local street vendors ofJharkhandaccounting on their lives, education, lifestyle, work andfamily.SV Survey aims to record the social indicators that will inturnused for human welfare and betterment of local street vendorsinthe state of Jharkhand. SV Survey operates under the GovernmentofJharkhand.
AwkWorld 1.0.0
A mobile application designed forProfessionalsto track, Meet and create meeting bunch-ups so thatpeople can fixtheir meetings online using mobile technology. andcan save the timein and can overcome other inconvenience aspeoples faceregularly.there are interactive features like people can chose themeetingsand seminars of their own interests.
Meal59 1.3
Healthy and delicious food is no more a dreamnow. Meal59 is a fresh homemade food delivery services in Lucknowthat provides nutritious and fresh meal at your door-step. Meal59is the most affordable way to get healthy homemade food in Lucknow.We provide daily, weekly and monthly basis regular Tiffin services.Meal59 is an excellent option for students, working people andindividual who is looking fresh homemade food at theirdoor-step.Download our app and login to experience the best ever Tiffinservices in Lucknow. Meal59 serves six different menus for all sixworking days of week for lunch and dinner both. Mouth wateringrecipes are the specialty of our food. We take lunch order till 11a.m. in the morning and dinner order till 5 p.m. in theevening.Give us a chance to serve you. Order fresh and homemade food fromMeal59 and stay healthy.
CSJMU Exam Report 1.5
CSJM Exam Report mobile application is developed for Nodal Centersand Exam Centers to track status of the bundles in circulation,submit bundles from exam center end, accept bundles at nodal centerand get status updates to help the circulation of bundles in moresystematic way.
MakeMyRO 1.1
MakeMyRO is an app for people looking for low-cost door stepROservices at un-matched convenience. Just download the app andstartavailing RO services at your door with attractive offers andgreatcustomer support.
APEX HR Buddy 1.8
Get HR Buddy to manage your profile, view payslips, apply forleavesand reimbursements, access resources, punch-in attendances,raisegrievance, provide feedback, apply against available openingsandmoreover refer and earn using buddy wallet. RMs canmanageattendances, appraisals, incentives and leave requests fortheemployees assigned to them. Screeners can now screenapplicationsand resumes for applied openings on-the-go. That's notall, publicusers can apply to available openings, refer and earnwith ourbuddy wallet system. Download HR Buddy today and startexploring anall new unified employee experience.