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Routine Generator 2.1.2
Faiqa Studio
It is made for United International University.Every trimesterstudents have to select section. Here they face problem likeoverlapping classes, exam conflict(Having exam in same time. Inthis case, students have to contact with department and need todrop any course for that), and having a long break between twoclasses.This app can be a solution for above criteria.If studentsgive their course choice, it will check exam time conflicts, andshow it to students.Then it asks some requirement like if he/shewant to class at 8:30 AM or 5:00 PM (This two time slots createsproblem for most of the students),then is asks if he/she wantsclass at 2/3/4 days in week, then is asks he/she want maximum breakbetween two classes.Then just press show routine button, and youwill have all possible routine in your hand. You can also filterall routine by any section.Now choose a routine and save it to yourphone.It also generate Exam Routine for you. Go to academiccalendar from UIU website and see when exam start(Mid/Final), thengive that date to this app, it will generate exam routine for yourcourses.
Alpha School of Life 2.6
Faiqa Studio
Alpha School of Life provide the opportunity to their studentsthat, every students can check their results through this app.Every guardian will notified by SMS if their child goes regularlyto the academy or not.
Grade Expert (CGPA, GPA) 4.0.9
Faiqa Studio
Features:- Applicable for all schools and Universities- Createowncustom GPA scale- Edit GPA, CGPA- Too easy to access- Showmarksrequirement for desire grade- Much more...