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Girls Wrestling Legends 2017: Super Women on FIRE 1.2
Final Punch
It is a wrestling revolution fighting game specially designedforfreestyle wrestling & boxing fighting lovers. First timeaunique 3d girls wrestling stars action game that will startaportable fighting revolution in your device. GirlsWrestlingLegends 2017 offers multi fighting experience to fans inthissingle game of wrestling & boxing action. Woman starswrestlingfights & real punch kick boxing is the most realisticfightingsimulation game. A wrestling super stars career challengeswilldrive you to take risky shots in the ring. Upgrade yourwrestlerstrength to enjoy the professional wrestling experiencewithunlimited fun. Knockout increase the power, intensity,andexcitement of royal wrestling fighting. Win the battle ofultimateunreal death match in world champion’s tournament. Fightusing avariety of revolutionary tricks such as pins to gain, jointlocks,close fighting, throws and take downs. Use differentfightingtechniques like Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Mix Martial Arts,Karate,Taekwondo and support a wrestling superstar position againstyourwrestling ring rivals. Girls Wrestling Legends 2017: Superwomen onFIRE game features: • Level mode to fight with 30+ girlswrestlerswith fighting techniques like boxing, muay thai, kung fu,mixmartial arts, karate and taekwondo. • Knockout mode to fightwith 8super stars wonder woman to be a wrestling champions. •DifferentGrappling tricks like clinch fighting, throws andtakedowns, jointlocks, pins. • 3d animations and realistic qualitysound to givefeel like a live wrestling match. • Ultimate actionpackedwrestlers in professional cage death matches • facedifferentwrestling & boxing rivals with different fightingtechniques •Realistic actions and genuine punch kick boxing movesJust InstallGirls Wrestling Legends 2017: Super women on FIRE Gamenow Free andenjoy hours of fun gameplay.
Men Wrestling Mania: PRO Wrestler Cheating Manager 1.1.0
Final Punch
Men wrestling mania & pro wrestler cheating manager gameoffersmulti fighting experience to fans in this single game ofwrestlingmania. Let’s excite the crowd with your real wrestlingrevolutionstyle to show your fighting skills and be the worldgreatestprofessional wrestler. Amazing new wrestling mode added inthegameplay "Infinite Battle Mode" to enjoy unlimited wrestlingfun.Easy gameplay and full wrestler control with new help buttontocall you’re wrestling manager to divert attention of youropponentwrestler & ultimately win the match. Use the touchgestures onthe screen, and for each gesture have a different blow,yourquickness and technique will make you a great champion. Defeattheopponents with face punch shots & move quickly in the ringlikelegend boxer and dodge your rival with your quick left,rightsudden robust punch attacks. World wrestling championscombineswith action fights & real adventure experience ofwrestlingsimulation in single 3d game. The men wrestling mania& prowrestler cheating manager 3d game is developed especiallyforwrestling & fighting lovers from all around the world towatch& play your favorite hero any time. A wrestlingsuperstarcareer challenges will drive you to take risky shots inthe ring.Men wrestling mania & pro wrestler cheating manager isthe mostrealistic fighting simulation game. It’s first wrestlinggame whereyou can get help & call your wrestling manager forhelp butactually its cheat fun in match. A wrestling super starscareerchallenges will drive you to take risky shots in the ring.Upgradeyour wrestler strength to enjoy the professionalwrestlingexperience with unlimited fun. Knockout increase thepower,intensity, and excitement of royal wrestling revolutionfighting.Win the battle of ultimate unreal match in worldchampion’stournament. Use help button to cheat your opponentfighter in ring.Fight using a variety of revolutionary tricks suchas pins to gain,joint locks, close fighting, throws and take downs.It is an action& adventure sports game so do not hesitate toface youropponents. Become universal champion of wrestling afterbeating alltag team champion wrestlers in the world. Worldwrestling champions& punch boxing hero delivers adventureschallenging role inthis addictive wrestling revolution game. Latestwrestling modeadded "Infinite Battle Mode" to enjoy unlimitedfights. Upgradeyou’re fighting expertise with power full &strong punches infree style wrestling 3d game. Men wrestling mania& prowrestler cheating manager will give you access to allsuperstarwrestlers & boxers fights in all events of worldwrestlingrevolution in HD quality game play. Test new strikingtechniques,like karate kicks and punches or even gymnastic dodgingand jumpingart of fighting. Beat all tag team champion wrestlers inthis worldwrestling competition game and become universal championofwrestling fight federation. Some wrestlers might be strongerthanthey look, so train yourself a lot to prove your strength as arealwrestling athlete. Now it’s time to participate in theworldwrestling championship fighting contest, defeat all youropponentsand win the universal championship, world best championsare inyour way to playing world wrestling tournament. Experiencethe realwrestling simulation game and enhance your fighting skills.MenWrestling Mania: PRO Wrestler Cheating Manager Game Features:-Latest wrestling mode added "Infinite Battle Mode" -Superstars& ultimate wrestling champion’s tournament -Interesting HelpButton added to get help in wrestling match - Heavyweightchampions to battle against you in ring - WrestlingmanagerCheating fun like real TV wrestling match - Ultimate actionpackedworld wrestlers & managers fighting game - Facedifferentwrestling rivals with different fighting techniques - 3Danimationsand realistic quality sound
Royal Karate Training Kings: Kung Fu Fighting 2018 1.1.0
Final Punch
Royal Karate Training Kings & kung fu fighting 2018 offersrealtraining game especially developed for fans who love to playprokarate action games. Let’s imagine yourself as a martialartchampion that is pro fighter in kung fu fighting styles. Playthetoughest of real kick fighting game against world profightingchamp ever. Are you expert enough to control a giantchampions inthis kick fighting match 2018. Control, punch, kick,super punch,super kick, flip kick and fight with all opponentfighters cleverlyand defeat them badly in this real kung fufighting games battle.Opponents are ready for hard punch and kickshow. Advancedanimation and stunning 3d graphics bring the realroyal karateexperience to your hand, while intuitive touchscreencontrols makejab, hook, and uppercut feel natural and fun. Gotoe-to-toe against30+ bone crushing fighters from Bangkok, Korea,Thailand, china,japan, and Singapore. Use quick reflexes andspecial moves, unleashfierce punches and combos, beat all opponentsand become the kingof royal karate now. Royal karate lovers willenjoy this amazingsports action game experience. Trophies are forwinners of royalkarate championship. Maintain the ranking for royalkarate championin this real royal karate fighter game. Quickness iskey to win thehand to hand fights. Royal Karate Training Kings& kung fufighting 2018 3d game is ready for real karateprofessionals. Let’sbecome the world greatest royal karate kickfighter like battleagainst ninja kung fu fighters gang in thisaction packed game.Fight against powerful opponents, win over themand earn points tounlock new ranks of your progression. Prove yourskills as thepowerful master ninja against kung fu street fighters.Your rivalsuse diverse training styles including taekwondo, muaythai, kungfu, boxing and other, show your top level training skillstoovercome all of opponents with the power of kung fu karatetigerclaw style. Upgrade your power, speed, and accuracy withnewstrikes and training styles getting points for each winningmatch.Ultimate royal karate kung fu fighting champion is anexcitingarcade fighting action game, it is the adventures arcade 3dgame toenjoy royal Karate Training Kings & kung fu fighting2018 3dgame-play, fighting animations, special 3d effects,thrillingsounds and real training styles. Earn points for eachwiningagainst opponent, fight against powerful rivals and level upyourpro karate training skills to get top level ranking. PlayroyalKarate Training Kings & kung fu fighting 2018 3d game andlearnhow to fight hand to hand, unarmed, with your punches andkicks howto use yourself with amazing skill to block the enemykicks andpunches is also essential part of martial arts. Usepunches andkicks with accuracy and quickly. Take timely decision,attack onenemy with punches and kicks on proper time and blockenemy attackusing accuracy and speed in your actions. Use enemypower againsthimself. In the sense of real self-defense &combat game.Fighting logical action is strong, you are presented avisual andsensory double enjoyment. Continued passion and blood atthe sametime. In royal Karate Training Kings & kung fu fighting2018 3dgame, there are lot of blockage techniques to defendyourself fromenemy attack. Keep an eye on every move of your enemythat isfighting with you. Royal Karate Training Kings: Kung FuFighting2018 Game Features Select trained royal karate fighter withkung futiger fighting styles Learn in karate training mode to testyourprofessional fighter skills Battle against toughest fighters towinworld royal karate tournament Quick fighting mode & careermodechallenges to become karate king Kung fu king prokaratetournaments with big rewards Win royal karate matches &getrewarded points to unlock next match Background music &soundeffects will increase your energy in royal karate ring