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VR Alien Bots Shooter 1.7
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Virtual reality Games are the games in whichYou feel Yourself in the World of game. You will fight with theenemies, shoot them and enjoy.Why You Should Download this Game Right Now ?* Realistic Graphics.* Amazing Alien Bots.* Get Ready to Explore fully Different Virtual World of AlienBots.* Completely Different VR Experience.* Fully Sound Enabled Game.* GPU rendered particle effects* Best Shooting Game Experience Ever.* No Special Controller is Required.Minimum Requirements :* A Cardboard viewer ( VR headset).* Android Version Kitkat 4.4.4 or Higher.* Phone must have Gyroscope Sensor.* Ram - 1 gb* Processor - Dual CoreIn this Game, You will be on a Running Armored Truck with anautomatic gun fitted on it. You Just have to Aim the Cross-hairwhich is a White color Dot on the Enemy and the gun shoots theenemy Automatically and you will be scored according to that. youcan view the score simply by tilting your head. Enough Life hasbeen given to player to kill the enemies and finish the game thenCompete the Score with Your Friends.So guys what Are You WaitingFor ? Just Install the Game, Finish it and Give Your Reviews Here:)
VR Zombie Shoot (Cardboard Game) 9
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VR Zombies Shoot game is the most repulsive and amazing VRzombiesurvival shooting game with a great deal of exciting activityandextreme commando shooting experience in mid of zombie city. PlayVRzombie recreations mission with extraordinary riflemanshootingaptitudes so you can survive longer in the zombie endtimes. Inspite of the fact that you have effectively experiencednumerous VRzombie shooting recreations, yet this time, investigatesome savagezombie VR amusements missions in most reasonable virtualreality.Simply put on your 360 cardboard VR glasses and appreciatethemurdering zombie recreations missions for nothing. As agovernmentagent expert sharpshooter commando shooter, kill all thedangerouszombies and wicked creatures which are wandering all overcausingsubstantial gore. You need to prevent these coldbloodedzombiesfrom assaulting the honest natives by utilizing executionerheadshots. Simply take out the entirety of your strategic weaponsandprepare for the ruthless VR zombies survival shootingamusementsmissions in this VR creature game. The VR zombiesshooting gamewhich you can play by the Virtual Reality Headset isthe mostexceptional cardboard VR FPS diversion as it has doublehighlightsto engage you in uncommon VR condition. Gain anopportunity toexecute the wicked zombies VR and lethal creatures toenhance yourexpert rifleman shooting aptitudes in free VR Games.You are John,member of the Anti-Zombie Task Force, a privatemilitaryorganization designed to find, track, and eliminate thezombies andhuman enemies as well. Who dares to stop this crisisbefore itbecomes global. So demonstrate your outrageous gorillacommandoabilities while making due in many hazardous zombieshootingmissions and slaughter every last creature before it ispast thepoint of no return. Simply recall, you are the last seekafter yourcountry. So make yourself a genuine commando shooter andadapt tofatal zombie end of the world in Virtual Reality zombieshootamazing missions. If you are searching for good VR Games, thenVRZombie shoot is the game where you will get all the experienceyouever want in Virtual Reality Headset Gaming, without useofexternal joystick or any VR Controller. Utilize various weaponsandunlock missions to bring down the dangerous zombies in 360VRdiversions missions. Simply aim the zombies and gunwillautomatically shoot the enemies. What you are thinking? Thisiseasy one. VR Zombie Shoot has been awarded the Best 3D FPSVirtualReality Zombie Game. Play this VR zombie shoot withoutcontrollerand appreciate the different VR shooting amazingmissions.Appreciate the genuine 3D activities of zombie assaultswith nittygritty surfaces and turn into the world no.1 zombieexecutioner.How to Play: Game has a instructions screen already,but still ifyou didn't get it. Insert you phone in VR headset andthen If youtilt your head in downward direction, then you will moveforward,and if you tilt your head upward, then you will movebackward. Justpoint out the enemies and gun will automaticallyshoot them.Zombies will attack you from both the sides. So beware.You are notsafe ! ~Aim them And Bang them !! ~ * Get Ready toExplore fullyDifferent Virtual World of Zombies. * Unique enemies:SHERIFF,SOLDIERS, DOCTORS, MUTANTS and more! * Enough LifewithRegeneration system * Full HD 3D VR Graphics withAdvancedLightening. * Full Control on Player Walk but noControllerrequired. * GPU rendered particle effects. * DifferentEnvironmentand Reward System. * 3D Sound for awesome gamingexperience.Minimum Requirements : * A Cardboard viewer ( VRheadset) * AndroidVersion Kitkat 4.4.4 or Higher. * Phone must haveGyroscope Sensor.* Ram - 1 gb * Processor - Dual Core Take a lookon our other gamesbelow "More From Developer" if you like VR HorrorZombies Shootingor VR Bot shooting. No games need any VRcontroller. Just a VirtualReality Headset and a Android Phone.
VR -Horror Zombie (Cardboard Game) 1.13
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Survive the Horror Maze among zombies and mutants hungry forhumanflesh. * Get Ready to Explore Horror Mutants and Zombies inMaze. *Full Control on Player Walk but No Controller Required. *GPURendered Particle Effects. * Reward System. MinimumRequirements: *A Cardboard Viewer (VR Headset). * Android VersionKitkat 4.4.4 orhigher. * Phone Must Have Gyroscope Sensor. * Ram-1gb. *Processor- Dual Core,