Hoodoo التطبيقات

Haze Invasion 1.0
The aliens are pissed-off at us. Get themhighto help them forget about whatever the hell is causing therage...Save the world with weed!Swiping the marijuana field lights it on fire. If andalieninhales the smoke, it will get high, calm down and eventuallypassout.Double tap the field to use an asteroid to wipe out a groupofaliens.
Flight Fight Free 1.0
**Most addicting game you will ever play!**Battle the Fuzbats while making your way to Kill Zorr thegreatisland monster. Only a select few have made it, will you beone ofthem?Maneuver your plane by tilting your phone left and rightanddestroy the Fuzbats as they come at you from every directionwhiletrying to collect coins and power ups. You then have theoption forupgrades in the store like: extra lives, better guns, newplanes,and longer powerups. Save your coins and pick wisely.Email [email protected] bugs or just to tell us your thoughts.