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Jesus Life Together Journal 1.3
The Jesus of the Bible is wonderfully different than most religionsthat use His Name. Jesus had no ritual, no mind games, noattendance-based entertainment and speech shows, no dress-up, nohierarchy, no money-begging. The real Jesus, The Eternal Life, isamazing and life-altering. Jesus walks on water, raises the dead,and dazzles the heart and mind. Y'shua changes, empowers andenlivens all who cross His path. Jesus and His Life Together as"church" with "one another" is likely beyond anything you've everimagined. Embark on the limitless journey Father has Designed foryour Destiny!Features: • Prayer Journal: Set up email alerts toremind you throughout the day of specific or random entries in yourprayer list • Free Music • Free Books, Electronic and Hard Copy(upon request) • Free Audio Teachings • View Videos and MusicVideos • View Artwork and Read Correspondence, Teachings andEncouragements From Around the World • Thought of the Day • "WithYou Now" allows you to see where others around the world are usingthe app and what they are viewing Topics Include Biblical Truthson: • Raising Children • Loving Families and Marriages • Evangelism• Worship • End Times • Love • Community • Church • Wisdom • DailyLife • Holiness • Leadership • Relationships • Plus many othertopics and encouragements If you ponder and wonder at what Jesus"looks like" living TODAY as Head of His Church, and what He canlook like in your daily life and church, and are willing to pay thePrice for the Pearl of Great Price in your life, family, andrelationships, enter in. Join the millions and the fiftygenerations of those throughout the world in every language andnation who WILL have this Man Jesus to be their King. Of coursethere will be people who want to defend the religion of greed,hierarchy, control, entertainment, book, and music money-machines.Some enjoy the make-believe world of emotional or superstitiousmental pacifiers. Some will hate truths that don't conform to thecultural religion of self. If you elevate the Jesus of the Bibleand all of His life and church-transforming Words and example, Hepromised you'd be called names. Bad names. :) But read about thechurch that knew Him well, and see what even new baby Christianslived like (Acts 2:42-47). Certainly, anyone is free to join anyreligion in this world that they want to. But, to expect Jesus'results while neglecting the clarity of what He taught and livedhas never worked. Just sayin'. :) :)