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Lucky Camera: Face Swap and Astrology 1.1.6
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⭐DOWNLOAD FOR FREE NOW ⭐ Based on the latest ai techniques andtoread your facial features, this app analyzes your facialfeaturesto tell you some secrets about yourself. ⭐ What ANSWER willyouget?⭐ Love, Relationship, Family, Money, Career,Education,Business - all aspects of your life are affected byongoing changesin celestial objects of the Universe. It's easy! •••PERSONALIZEDAGING••• Isn't it interesting that you can see yourfuture lookingright in a minute? You can swap your current self foran old onesimply by taking and uploading a photo of you, and evenyourfamilies. ••• CARTOONIZE YOUR SELFIE••• Cartoon art filter islive!Take one second to cartoon your photo with stylish artfilters. Artfilters is kept updating. ••• LOVE, CAREER, AND FORTUNETELLER•••Check detailed predictions and forecasts for the upcomingday,week, month and the whole year. We had provided you within-depthhoroscope insight to help you get through your day. Whetheryou'regoing through hard times or need an extra push to get stuffdone,this horoscope guidance has you covered. ••• PALM READING•••Revealwhat your palm says about you. Future Camera offers you achance toobtain guidance in many way. If you've always wanted tolearn moreabout your palm sign, now is your chance to get insightinto yourfortune. ••• ANIMAL ATTRIBUTE••• Want to know what animalattributeyou have? Your animal feature analysis is provided here.Let yourinner self out! ••• GENDER SWITCH••• It is so easy to swapface ina photo into a different gender that anyone can do it in aminute.By providing the photos of yourself, you can easily seewhich oneof you is more attractive. Come and take a face scanningto havesome fun! ••• BABY PREDICT••• Want to see your future baby'slook?The new feature will match you and your partner and generateyourfuture baby! Expect for the baby's report! In case you've runintoany problem, feel free to reach out to