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Unpark Me - Puzzle Game 1.0.012
Kanda Games
Story:You are in a car that is parked inside a parking lot. You'rein a rush to go home but you don't seem to find your way out ofparking lot because of irresponsible parking by some drivers aroundyou. You find yourself in such puzzling situation, now its your jobto solve the puzzle around you and get out ofthere.Description:Unpark me is logical puzzle game similar tounblock me to find your way out of the puzzle. The vehicles parkinginside the parking lot can be moved around to clear the way foryour yellow car.Features:- Two themes to choose(Cars and Ships) andcounting- 5000 + puzzles- 10 awesome worlds(basic toexpert)Creditshttps://www.freepik.com/
Two Falcons 1.0.8
Kanda Games
Lets control the two space ships with your left and right brainsand see which side of the brain will perform better.If you are afan of space shooter game and also like to do multitasking, thenyou are in for a treat. The best space shooter arcade game of 2018is here.Earth is being attacked from evil asteroids. As a commanderof space shooting agency its your task to save the earth bydestroying the asteroids. You will have control over two spaceshooter falcons. The space shooter falcons will have limited fuelbut luckily, space falcons fuel are randomly distributed in spacefrom unknown sources. Consume those fuels to charge your bullet. Inthis space shooting game, you will be facing an increasingly largenumber of enemies in hazardous environments. As the gameprogresses, you will your agility and multitasking ability will betested. Control the Black and White Falcons and Destroy theasteroids and Consume the Fuel.